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Thread: How random can you be?

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Sure, as of about thirty seconds ago.

And jam isn't jelly; jam is easier to spread, which is why that's what I buy.

Why does my dog need constant attention?
It probably has a short attention span... uh, what was I saying? Oh yes...

Why is it that when young a child gets hurt, they always look at you for a second before they start to cry?
Because they also have short attention spans and need to remember that they were hurt.

How come termites dont get splinters from all of the wood they eat?
They do, but because they have an exoskeleton, the splinters are all internal and because their blood has a high ph reading, it's acidic in nature, it disolves the splinters before they start to fester.

Why can't we breath underwater without an external breathing device?
Well, because even though I would have loved to have been a mermaid when I was growing up, I'm just not, and never was able to grow gills. Sad Smilie

To go along with this -- Does the Little Mermaid wear an algebra? (Deep Thoughts by Jack Handy) Tongue Smilie
Ha Ha that's a funny one.

How come it feels like our stomachs are in heads when we ride a roller coaster?
That's because there are times when riding a roller coaster, when our head actually takes the place of our stomach and vice versa. And when that happens, I guess its quite normal that our stomach is in our head because it actually is.

Why doesn't every question have an answer?
Those are stupid questions. Most people say there aren't any stupid questions, like teachers... go figure. ( not to offend if anyone here is one! Smile Smilie )

Why was Vanilla Ice only a one hit wonder? ( I kind of like Ice, Ice, Baby! )
Maybe because he kinda thawed after that song became a hit.

Why is it not good to be gullible and worse to be cunning?
because every thing is good with moderation.

Why is Off represented by 1 and On represented by 0...or maybe it is visa versa?
Because computers are binary (like everything really is.) And because 1 is, and 0 is not.

This isn't really random, but

While Freddy Mercury was, of course, dead, why didn't David Bowie and/or the surviving members of Queen sue Vanilla Ice for ripping off Under Pressure and calling it a "new" song as Ice, Ice Baby?
it was a government conspericy....they payed off the people who could sue or something so that Vanilla Ice could help them.....with what i dont know but the plot might thicken yet....

why is there American football, Gaelic football and the more common football? why doesn't the Americans go with Throwball, the Gaelics go with football (so what if i'm biased?) and everyone else goes with legball?
Because the running game is actually far important in football than the passing game. If you can't run, or, more to the point, if your offensive line can't run block, you're toast. Your only other option is the pass, and the defense knows it. Worse yet, coaches have begun realizing what I knew all along: a team that blitzes on every other down can be beaten soundly with lots of screen passes (itself really more of a run, since the ball is thrown to a receiver behind the line and you can block down field,) but a really first class secondary means your quarterback throws more TDs to them than to you.

So how do you beat a good defensive secondary? The same way you beat any team: with a good running game. An incomplete pass forces a stoppage of the clock, because the refs need time to respot the ball, so it's not a good way to ice a win; further, I've never heard of an "incomplete run" and fumbles are less common than interceptions. Until recently, few good teams threw more than they ran, and the balance of them still don't. A team that passes on every down is akin to a team that starts the game with an onside kick: they don't have a prayer, and they know it. Put it this way: I've seen more teams win games with a kneel down than with a hail Mary.

And association football is not football, that's why we call it soccer. Elf Rolling Eyes Smilie It does furnish some good kickers, and the Chargers had an ex-rugby player as a punter a few years back, a good punter at that. I could give you an extended discussion of Why I Love Football, and even explain the rules pretty well so you'd be left going "Oh" but I think the mods would have a conniption fit. Suffice it to say we don't do it the rugby way becuase folks were getting hurt -- badly and TR threatened to end the game forever, so now you have to have seven men on the offensive line, with only the two on either end able to catch passes. You also can't watch a guy go out for a pass and take his knees out while he's watching the ball, not you. You can't have your guard block a nose tackle high (stand him up) while your center takes his knees out because you only have two knees and one spine; when they're gone, they're gone. If you really wanna WHY and HOW it all makes sense Google the NFLs online rulebook, or have them send you a complete one for this season (three more weeks, just three more weeks.)

Why would I want to play a game with the pace of basketball on a football field? or

How many times can you sprint a hundred (or hundred and ten) yards in an hour without dying?
I'll answer the first question: Because in that game the score keeper never has to change the score board more than a couple times per hour. Okay, I suppose some people get a kick out of watching a bunch of grown men wearing shorts, just running around up and down a field, but I'm not one of them.

How can any game that ends with a score of one to zip be exciting.
Baseball's exciting! And it can have a score of 1-0. Soccer is extremely exciting as well!!! I love fast-paced games.

Why are glaciers blue?
Because as light refracts of the ice only the blue passes. God made it that way to match the sky.

How many smilies are avaliable? And does any one else think that they are increasing in number? I keep discoving new ones. Maybe it's a plot to take over the world with smilies. There could be a mad genius Genius Smilie smilie, who is commanding all the other soldier smilies Wiggle Smilie to slowly corrupt our communication to babbaling smilies. And all the human race fall into illiteracy. So they can dominate. Very Evil Smilie
An infinitesimal number and surely they are for they think they are wabbits.

Do you think?
Many people have debated that question for ages...

How come a car's right rearview mirror is distorted so objects are closer than they appear.?Shouldn't they make it the other way around so the objects would be farther than they appear? So it would be safer preventing sideswippings.
A vehicles' rear view mirror is convex glass so that the area reflected from the mirror ispretty large and can thus allow the person who is using the mirror to see a larger area behind him. But unfortunately, such a mirror has the disadvantage of showing objects being viewed through it "closer than they appear". Now to have a rear-view mirror which shows objects viewed through it "farther than they appear" will need a convcave mirror which unfortunately doesn't allow much of the area behind to be viewed. Hence, its better to have a clear view of a larger area behind the vehicle and hence we have to put up with the "closer than they appear" sign.

Why are some things so uninteresting?
Because who ever is telling you it just wants to annoy the heck out of you by boring Boring Smilie you to death Exploding Head Smilie.

Why do some guys not like to sing (unless they are singers) and most girls like to sing?
They have ugly voices.

How do they get the little boats in the bottles?
Piece by piece, or so I understand.

Don't the Simpsons rock?
Yes and they are perfect role models for the perfect family.

Is there a Man in the Moon and if so what is his name?
There is a man on the moon and he's called Bob.

Why is the Earth so huge?
It depends what you are comparing it with. It's not huge if you compare it with Saturn, Jupiter, The Sun, The Universe....

Why does it always rain when I hang washing outside?
Well, the meteorologist always try to trick people into doing that. Never listen to them, or you'll end up with laundry that's never dry!

Why is it that whenever I try to find The Adventures of Tom Bombadil on Ebay, the one I want to buy is always in the UK?! (grrr - too much money!)
Because the people in the UK have already read it and don't like it so they try to sell it on Ebay. (good thing im not from the UK!)

Why is it that whenever you are at school and have to go to your locker, which is located on the second floor, and your next class on the first floor, that everyone in front of you decides to walk EXTREMELY slow?
It is one of the great conspiracies of the world: Everyone is against you and is determined to make sure you are late for class, or work, or a date. They are hell-bent on your tardiness!!!

Why is pizza called pizza?

Because It came from the Leaning Tower of Pizza.

How come Gas prices are so high?
I can't give you the answer to that question here, but we all know what it is.

Meanwhile, of course there's not a Man in the Moon. There's a Maia in the Moon, and his name is Tilion.
And what question am I supposed to answer?
Well the answer to that question is: there wasn't a question, so ask your own. And you did, so here's a new one:

Why is it that it is easier to get History teachers off topic, than one of any other subject?
Because nobody really knows what history entails -- it's as much fiction as fact, so people can basically discuss whatever they want to in regards to it.

How is rubber made from a rubber tree plant?
Using the services of an ant having 'high hopes'.

Why are the erasers always worn away on all my wooden pencils?
because you make to many mistakes!

why do some peole say poetato and others potaeto?
Simply to get people curious and thus ask questions.

Why is it easier to go down the slope and up it?
Because the wheels on my rollerskates haven't been designed to rotate in the uphill direction.

Why aren't noses innies instead of outies Question Smilie (Consider this terminology similar to that of the belly-button.)
because then people wouldnt be able to smell or they would look very weird!

Who was the first person to say, "See that chicken over there ... I'm gonna eat the first thing that comes out if its butt"?
Rivendellelf1977 was the first; I hope it was an egg that he had to eat as a result of his rash vow.

Reminds me of a birthday party I attended , where holding a very low-power b-b-gun, I vowed to shoot the next thing that came around the corner. At least I hit his belt buckle, because he was much bigger than me and could have pounded me to a pulp. I was never again foolish enough to do either of those things: make a rash vow or shoot at people (or domestic animals even).

At least I didn't have to kill my daughter like that ancient Grecian King.

Which came first, chicken fried steak or egg-foo-yong?
Has to be egg-foo-yung, but chicken fried steak is definitely better.

Which came first: Agamemnon and Iphigenia or Japheth and his daughter?
Japheth and his daughter, of course.

What if virtual reality (aka "cyberspace") could be physically accessed?
I'd Pull a Wilson.

Why is it Tolkien can cram the history of an entire world into four books, but Robert Jordan can't cover the events of two years in less than twelve?
Who or what's to say we aren't actually living in a virtual reality and don't realize we get unplugged back into the real world sometime during our periods of sleep? Reminds me of a movie about aliens who were studying prople in a virtual city and would stop the clock to reprogram the people and the city. Then the hero suddenly woke up and went looking for a beach that didn't exist and ruined the experiment with his revolution.

How many books can you pile, one on top of another without their toppling over?
Apparently eight, but excepting LT 1&2 they're all WoT, so it's really more like a dozen.

What's a good random question, since I'm out of any.
Who or what's to say we aren't actually living in a virtual reality and don't realize we get unplugged back into the real world sometime during our periods of sleep?

Because life is too full and beautiful to be a virtual reality. 'Twould be a pity, indeed, if all this was only pretend.

Random question: what are you? (Sorry, that is the best I can do on spur of the moment.)

Where are you going?
Tescos, to get my weekly shopping.... just as soon as I get done here.

What did you do yesterday?
unpacked from florida slept had a 14 hour car ride and lots of other boring stuff

What is the meaning of dictionary
It is a refrence book where you can find the definitions, pronunciations, etc.

How come you play at a recital, but recite at a play?
because people like circles.

Why is it hard to answer some questions
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