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Thread: How random can you be?

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It depends whether someone is holding my mouth shut

Would you be sooo poor to pick up 10cents from the ground?
Yes money, is money no matter how you look at it

whta would happen if you gave a dog a laxative
What do you think?! Puppy Smilie!!!

Why do people tend to waste money on junk food if it only really gives them mass pimples?
Only JuJuBees and Sugar Daddies give you acne...all the other junk food merely gives you flying abilities.

How do you like your eggs?
kind of goopy in the middle, but kind of hard too.

Is there an "Outer Earth", as opposed to Middle Earth?
WEll, there's the Universe, and then there's heaven. So I guess there is.

What's the time?
Are you obsessed with time lately, Loni? "The time! The time! Who's got the time!?" -- as the White Rabbit said.

How many licks does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie Roll Pop?
Beats the heck out of me-I always bite them!

What time of day were you born(to keep with Loni's time theme)?
around 3-4 am

What is the actual point of going on about time? Boring Smilie
Because you can bore people by going on about it. Even ask my brother. I bore him all the time. And annoy. Don't tell him. Oh yeah, he's standing right behin dme...

Why does my brother have 'Mind the gap' on his T-shirt? WHy is he paying to advertise London REgional Transport? And do you have any idea what mind the gap means?
I'm afraid I am confused as I do not know your brother at all, but I would assume that it's because he's from NZ (kidding)

Because you can bore people by going on about it.

Have you read Catch-22? This guy reckons if you live your life being bored than you will live longer. Is that you theory, e.g. are you trying to bore us into living for 350 yrs?

Why are there two threads called "What times is it"?
Because of this -> I'm sorry, but this thread doesn't belong under the Tolkien Section and has been moved to What times is it ? under the Prancing Pony. - Grondy

Why are Ferris wheels so much fun?
They are?

Why do folks swoon over Quenya, while Sindarin is more down to earth?
Because Quenya is the more romantic of the two languages and is older and more ornate. So I guess Quenya can be related to modern-day French or Italian, where I see Sindarin's closest linguistic neighbor to be Dutch or, in answer to your question Rhaps, I have no idea!

What is a circumflex?
Dunno, Quenya is harder to learn, in my opinion!! Smile Smilie

As to the last post, I dunno that either. Circular something?

Why is Quake 3 Arena such a good game?
(P.S. I play Quake at about 7:30 in the morning, US Western Time.)
i don't know.... I've never played quake arena....

who is your favourite painter?
A circumflex is this ^ or any other sign put above letters to indicate a difference in pronunciation

I tend to just look at the painting and not pay attention as much to who painted it, but I like Monet and the other Impressionists.

Why do so many people like role-playing games (of any sort)?
I'd have to say Degas.

Where's Waldo?
Eruwen-I have far he is being good... Very Evil Smilie

Eva-because all of us secretly long to be something other than what we really are at some point in our lives-mostly in childhood, but for those with more imagination and an understanding of abstract concepts in general, periodically throughout the span of our lives. Our searching out another, better, version of ourselves as we would like to be seen is a very healthy thing. If we are able to release these longings into something that is not harmful to ourselves, we can grow and evolve into our destined selves without the binds of regret, which can keep us from happiness by always looking back, rather than forward. Boring Smilie

Is that a rhetorical question? Smile Smilie

I have a question...where's my avatar?!
I don't know, but I'll ask her.

And do you have any idea what mind the gap means?
Loni: The Gap is a monster that frequents tube (subway) stations and hides under the platform and picks off unsuspecting commuters who stand too close to the moving cars. I learned this from Neil Gaimen's book and mini-series Neverwhere.

If it could be so, should it be, or might it not be, unless it wasn't?
Hey Grondy, If you want you should start a thread called "Confuse everyone else"

What makes someone have a phobia (e.g. is it inherited from parents?)
I'd say you could very easily pick up your parents fears, also beng frightened badly as a child could do it, but there's others ways obviously, as my two biggest fears are sharks and Big ugly hairy spiders, but as far as I can remember I've never had any RL experiances with either.

Did you really?
Yes, of course.

Did I really what?
Ewwwww, how could you!!??!!??......actually, I have no idea

Who was the first country to win the Rubgy world cup, and in what year was this first game held, and in what country?
This thread is meant to be random, not a trivia section. Please keep it random or else it will make me look smaller by showing my pathetic intelligence. Only kidding, but I do not know the answer.

Which is better, Rugby Union or League or even Aussie Rules (which I hate)
P.S. Rugby League is the best
Ok, you're right about it not being Trivia, so why did you ask a trivia question? I'm sure more people know the differences in Rugby rules than about the first Rugby cup, but I have no idea.

Do the people who say there is no absolute truth believe that absolutely?
Yes Eva, except on Tuesdays..then its anything goes! Big Smile Smilie

If you could re-do some moment in your life, what would it be?
Being Born.

A right, which one a ya dun it?
I am doing the right thing now by telling you that abbreviations and slang are against the website rules. Wink Smilie

I know it is a long way to Tipperary, but how long way is it really?

Longer than Findarato's ability to create threads that do not become locked. Big Smile Smilie

Why is every one so enthusiastic about this site? It's no better than most... (tries hard to control snicker)

And Amari’, is what Findarato said really slang? It reads more like a false accent to me.
**Ducks quickly and avoids Amarie at all costs**
Oh Lord, I know you didn't just say that, D-Rob...

On a lighter note,

So how are you doing?(In best Brooklyn-Italian accent)
Wellll... I currently am in a splint because I dislocated me knee and I have to go around school on crutches. P.S. I did it playing cricket, so I should post that one in stupid stories

Do you believe in ghosts/spectres, that sort of thing?
Only on Tuesdays; at other times I believe in six other impossible things.

When I read my newspaper this morning, which section did I skip? (I was going to ask about your's, but we all know you don't ever read the newspaper.) Elf Winking Smilie
Business and Finance?

Why is my son so squirmy?
He is on drugs...

How deep is the deepest part of the ocean?
deep enough to drown in!

Why do people get given Nitrous Oxide wen it is also used in cars (NOS)?
Because the doctors think of us as machines.

Why are some people just so very curious?
Because they want to know about people Paranoid Smilie

Why are men stronger than women?
That's because we now we are....its known as positive thinking or something like it!

Why do the newbies seem to be sooooo juicy and fresh?
I dunno... maybe you should ask Vee...

When in times of peril, who are you going to call?

What do you think of Bill Murray?

P.S. Earendil...I doubt my two-year-old son is on drugs...
I think Bill Murray is a good comedian. He has a quick wit and the ability to use sarcasm in a way that is self-depreciating rather than demeaning to others.

What color is your favorite and why?

P.S. I think Grondy skipped the Ann Landers advice column of his newspaper the other day. And I would imagine Laurelindhe's 2 year old son is squirmy for the same reason my amost-two-year-old son is....they wake up running full-tilt trying to explore life and hate to miss a single moment! Big Smile Smilie
Really dark purple - almost black, because I want a car that colour. With white leather interior... Big subs... Massive NOS tanks...

Why do some people get really touchy on certain subjects?
because humans has this useless things called feelings which veils their reason and make unconcious and mindless actions to occur to regularly normal situations...

why are shrinks soooo useless?

About your 2 year old son, well, i said it as part of the game, no harm intended
They get paid so much they don't NEED to be good. And they're got to be mad - who would volunteer to hear teenagers whinging about their lost boyfriends all day? That's what the poor counsellors at our school have to put up with.

What do YOU like to whinge about?
Meaningless threads that have to be read in case they have some not so hidden meaning. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

Where in Carman's San Deigo is India Street?
I have no idea. France?

No worries, Earendil! Big Smile Smilie

Why would you not want to put salt in your eye?(Anyone ever see the episode of Kids in the Hall where the guy says,"Don't put salt in your eye. Don't put salt in your eye. Put salt in your eye." to himself, then he does it? It is so hilarious! Good old Canadian humor!)
So i can see you better?

Why is my pizza so cold and hard to bite?
Well, you probably left it for a while so it aint hot anymore

Why am I sitting here while I am supposed to be doing an English assignment?
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