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Thread: How random can you be?

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the night would be very bright.... Cool Smilie

what would you do if you had magic powers?
I'd be santa clause, and give ice cream to everyone and...

Inie, Minie, Miny, Mo...
... and somebody else got kicked off the island.

How high can a flutter-by fly, if a flutter-by could fly by?
As high as that person flew when you kicked him off the island.

Why do we need to wash towels? Aren't we clean enough when we use them?
Arrrr, (puts on glasses and tries to look entelijent hehe) when you dry yourself you rub some of your skin off, the dead cells - imagine what your towel would be like after a week without washing it. I would be full of your dead skin cells...aarrgh Wary Smilie

Why would anyone want to peel a grape
Because they're bored and don't know what else to do. Can't see any other reasons... Animated Wink Smilie

What are you wearing on your feet right now?
Nothing. I'm barefeet!

I would be full of your dead skin cells...aarrgh

Why would Maydmarion be full of my dead skin cells?
Because he stole a strand of your hair, cloned you, swapped his brain to the clone. And so that is my crazy theory for your question. Or he got the sentence wrong.

Who would you choose to be your companion, Socrates the intellectually smart? Or Einstein the academically smart? And why?
Einstein! Then he can invent something useful and I can sell it and thus make money!

Why are there so few doctors in the world?
Because it takes so much time and money to train doctors and once they get trained they are so far in debt that they form associations to limit the number of new doctors to keep their income up so they can pay off their debt. In countries without socialized medicine the governments often reimburses the doctors with less than it costs them to treat the poor. In countries where there is socialized medicine I doubt if the doctors can do much more than hold their own, they'll never get rich. Most doctors can't afford to go out to the Third World where their skills are really needed. IMHO

How many nails does it take to build a house?
It takes as many nails as the person building it wants to use because they could build a house out of a billion nails or the could use no nails but use bolds brads glue screas etc. etc. etc.
Yeah this was m two paragraph post in two sentences because it closed on me earlier :P

Would you like a house made up of all nails?
All I can say to that is OUCH!! Whenever you lean against a wall OUCH!! Whenever you touch the floor OUCH!!

Why would anyone lie on a bed of nails?
Laying on a bed of nails wouldn't be that bad if there were enough of them and they were closely spaced, so that ones weight was evenly distributed over so many of them that they would fail to puncture your skin or even bruise. One good reason for doing this would be so that one would remember never to ever do it again. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

Would broken glass or hot coals be a better resting place?
Well, depends. If you're wearing puncture resistant clothes (bullet-proof stuff) then broken glass is better and if yu're wearing heat-resistant clothes, hot coals are better. But if you're wearing both, broken glass is better since it is easily available.

What is the best way of commiting suicide?
diving in a giant pool of jello. ( this is thanks to my friend and only her worst enemies deserve this treatment besides the same person i add at least 5 times a day)

Would you like to swim in a pool of jello?
Well I would get a better workout if it was a bit runny. I think watching someone try to walk or run on non-runny jello would be hilarious.

How many pages are in your favorite copy of The Hobbit?
292 pages in all (including the cover pages). Its the illustrated version by Harper Collins Publishers.

What difference would it make if everyone was a vegetarian?
We'd be over run with animals !? Wink Smilie

Why are there so many programmes on TV about familes or people in dispute with each other. We now have Jerry Springer on UK TV - why do people want to carry on like that on TV?????
To fill up all the slots on air time.

What if the temperature was uniform all over the Earth?
Sorry about the triple posts - don't know what happened!!! Very Mad Smilie

Well where would we all go on holiday - we wouldn't have to we'd all stay at home coz there would be no difference!!! Plus would we have iceburgs or deserts ??? or desburgs - sorry couldn't resist that!

When on PT the 'Member on-line' at the top states (at the moment 122) who are all these people I only know a handful through their threads - don't the others post?? Wink Smilie

hopefully this will only post once Big Laugh Smilie
Maydmarion: Don't appogize for your multiple posts, which occur when the server is slow and we press the 'save post' button another time trying to speed it up. Instead look at the lower right of each of your posts, where you will find an 'edit post' and a 'delete post' button. Use the 'delete post' button, then I won't have to, for I have already deleted two of your extra posts in two other threads today and I have yet to do so for the above posts, though I will do that when I finish this post, not that I mind doing this for you, but you should learn how to do it yourself. Elk Grinning Smilie

There are now 296 @2330 UTC (GMT) and most of our members are readers who have yet to build up their courage to add their two pence worth about some of the tripe we have fun spouting here in the taverns. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

I heard today on the radio that there are EU regulatations pertaining to the straightness of bananas, cucumbers, and zuchinni.
Nice to know your ears are in the perfect condition Grondy! So is that a question or what? Is so, its a very unusual type of question!

Why do we wear helmets when we are skydiving? Is it of any use if the chute doesn't open?
@ Grondy: well people have to discuss something in the slack season...

@ LA_86: do you think a helmet would matter if your shute didn't open? I think you would just be dead with a helmet on your head then.

Why is it that when I look for something I always find it in the last place I look?
It moves around to avoid you.

Why does my school end 18 days later than most schools in the USA?
Well, I doubt if it is because your school starts later or that you are slower learners, so it must be so you can learn more than the other guys and thus have a better chance of getting ahead in life. Teacher Smilie

Why do people have to wear there pants so low, their shirts so short, and show so much skin around their middles?
To show those six-packs and the flat stomachs they have been working so hard for in the gym or aerobic classes.

How does alcohol kill brain cells?
It pickles them, formaldehyde and vinevar can also be used to do this.

Once I climbed 60 feet up a rock face and couldn't climb back down.
It pickles them, formaldehyde and vinevar can also be used to do this.

But these don't taste as nice as wine Big Laugh Smilie

CAAAANNNNN YOOOOOUUUUU HHEEAARRRRRR MMMMEEEEEEEE (stuck up that rock face - where do you get the power for your pc Big Laugh Smilie Big Laugh Smilie Big Laugh Smilie )

Why is it that on the earliest threads the date is the same 1st January 1970???
Oh Tommie did you know it's the fairies that hide things and move them Very Mad Smilie Big Laugh Smilie
Big Laugh Smilie In a funny mood, aren't you, Maydmarion?

Well, when they decided to give the old posts a date, it was also decided they should all carry the same date for purposes of clearness and the first convenient date found was January 1, 1970.

Am I the only one who sometimes hears voices in their head? Paranoid Smilie
Well, I don't hear voices in my head. But I don't know about the others.

Why do clouds absorb light when they have too much water? (Rain clouds are black you know!)
Perhaps it's the same as having a biscuit with a cuppa - the tea's too wet with without a biscuit!

Why is it when you paint your nails and are waiting for them to dry you get an itch, the same with mascara, why do you also sneeze just after you've put it on ending with panda eyes!

Oh to be a woman - very high maintenance Wiggle Smilie
I'm not the right gender to answer that question correctly. But I guess its because your nerve endings are a bit too sensitive.

Why is jumping so fun?
Because of the sudden lack of gravity?

Why when eating ice cream it goes straight to your head giving you an ice cream headache
Because its so light, it goes up instead of down.

Why is the snowman so evil?
Well how would you feel if someone shoved a carrot up one of your nostrils? Not to mention shoving lumps of coal into your eyesockets? It'd be enough to turn a snow-angel yellow. Jumping Flame Smilie

Why will reformatting the new Iomega Hard Drive erase all existing data on the drive?
Isn't that what its supposed to do?
Only its hairdresser knows for sure.

What am I talking about?
If you don't know, that makes two of us. Elf Sticking Tounge Out Smilie

Take half an orange and swallow slowly.
*coughcough* I think it went down the wrong way.

Who has a cat called "the Lord"?
Maybe its some guy called "The Rings" so that when we have to refer to his cat we talk about "The Lord of the Rings".

Why does the Earth rotate?
Because when it skipped it made everyone spill their tea.

Why do we wish for the days to hurry by when we are young, then wonder where all the time went as we sit in our old age?
Because when we are young, we are stupid and carefree, and when we are old, we are too afraid to change anything.

Do people really die, or is there some strange form of reincarnation when ex-presidents become newborn cows, and dead policemen are now police dogs?

(one of best friends asked me this the other day, and I couldn't think of anything else right now....)

yes could be...that would be so funny.... Ha Ha Ha Smilie

how many stars are there in the Universe?and does the Universe have an end?
there are really only 5 stars...the rest are just reflected by billions of mirrors that the government has placed in the sky, making us think that there are a lot of them, when really, there isn't. and the universe does not go on forever, in fact, it ends at our moon.
Ha Ha Ha Smilie
If something is "the Ultimate ______" what happens to it if something better comes along?
It becomes the "penultimate _________". Teacher Smilie

How high the Moon?
However high we wish it to be; it seems to be the penacle of many things anyway. So the higher it is, the more we wish to accomplish....

What does your nose smell like?

(DUDE! 666 posts! W00t! Freaky!)
Like something Odourless.

Why are banks so popular?
Coz that's where all the money is.

Can you rub your tummy and pat you head at the same time (not with the same hand of course
yes and jump up and down

where do all my pens go?
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