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BECAUSE terrorists are holding up its release and they're holding PJ ransom for ten million chocolate chip cookies.

Why won't my parents buy me the boxed three volume set of the HOME series for $450? (150 pounds) It's sooooo cool. I said they could buy it for Christmas and ignore my next birthday and next Christmas and next birthday but they still won't!!! (I think everyone knows the answer to this one)
Why won't my parents buy me the boxed three volume set of the HOME series for $450? (150 pounds) It's sooooo cool. I said they could buy it for Christmas and ignore my next birthday and next Christmas and next birthday but they still won't!!!
The answer my friend, is blowing in the wind: Cheap! Chicken Smilie cheap! Chicken Smilie cheap! Chicken Smilie

Though the true answer is they probably have their priorities straight. You will have to wait another 10-15 years until you are financially independent and can be the one to forgo a month's worth of groceries in order to buy the boxed set.

In the meantime, I suggest you give your mother the list of the individual volumes in the order you'd like to receive them and be resolved to receive only a couple at a time over the next few years. Like you could have them all in three years at two each per birthday and Christmas. And besides, a little anticipation is better for us than all the instant gratification we think we need.

What's wrong with my Commodore 64 that it freezes when I now try to copy 5.25 floppies to 3.25 MS-DOS flippies as .d64 files so I can port my music to my PC? And just when I came up with better envelopes for my string's voices which last night I tried out on Pachelbel's Canon in D. Tonight I'll try and see if it will still make .d81 files. You don't suppose it has anything to with the fact that the basic computer is 19 years old do you, even though all the drives (1541II, 1571, HD-200, FD-4000, and a 4 Mb RAMLink) are much newer?
you did what now?

is $450 canadian dollars = to 150 pounds?
Who cares? All I can see is 1 US $ = 45 Rs. That makes me so broke....... *shakes head*

Why do we shake our head?
To say that 'No, I don't agree with this, this is not good.' However there are places where shaking your head means yes while nodding means no, so who knows why you are shaking your head. And then there are hand signals. A good rule when you are out travelling in the world is to do no hand signals at all. Might get messy...

Who, what, when and why?
Me, you, us, them... I wonder!

Why did I like the Silmarillion so much?
Because you read it upside down.

Why did Floyd read the Sil upside down?

Because he wanted to experience it from a different angle. (yes, I know, bad pun! bad pun!)

Where did the game, 7 Card Stud get its name? Why not 7 Slightly Virile?
These two penguins wanted to play cards. They invented there own game because all of the others required fingers. The said penguins did not have fingers. Just stub-wings. The game was played with 7 cards thus, 7 card....................then the penguins added stub after their wings, which they used to play the game with. So, it was originally called 7 card stub. Because of the cold weather in Anarctica, the explorer who brought playing cards to penguins and was the first human to see the game played, couldn't pronounce b's. This means instead of 7 card stub, he called it 7card stud and he never regained his pronunciation skills. When he (Bartholomew McKookooworthy) returned to his home in the Meditterranean Sea, the name of the island is under copyright, he spread the game as being called 7 card stud. Likewise, all the other early patrons of the game spread it as 7 card stud, instead of 7 card stub.It is not called 7 slightly virile because the Captain McKookooworthy (the only person,other than me, who could talk to penguins ever yet discovered)did not bring any dictionaries for him or the penguins to look up virile in.

What color is your beard(If you dont have a beard, guess what color my beard is).
Your beard is dark blonde? Show us your beard!!!

Almost everybody knows the colour of my hair, but what about my eyes?
Blue like the sky?

How do birds sing a song with no words?
One doesn't have to sing words to sing. It can be any form of voice, and hopefully it sounds good, but that not always the case. Haha.

Why did the Boston Celtics name their team Celtics, when Celtics is not even a word, nor is it pronounced like they say it: "Seltics?" (Someone help! This makes no sense to me!)
I suppose because so many Irish live in Boston, and then the Americans had to go and be original and change the true pronunciation.

Why do Americans (of which I am one) have to change the pronunciations of words?
because they probably forget the true way to pronounce them.

how do those little pieces of plastic, and other materials make a computer work?
Just the way the same materials make a television work!

What if the gravitational force decides to take a day off?
Wow! I'd be able to fly!

Why am I beginning to hate cell phones?
Because they lack simple everyday manners, such as not bothering their owners with intimate and emotional phone calls while walking through their local shopping center. Or they bother their owners by ringing at the most inconvenient the movies, in a meeting, or during church services. Perhaps if the cell phones had more manners, their owners wouldn't look so rude to others!

Would you be able to survive if you found yourself thrown back in time a thousand years?
Depends, doesn't it? Depends on where you were a thousand years ago. If it was in the middle of a desert I would most likely die.

Why is grass green?
Because it want's to be...

Why can't animals(excluding birds) talk?

You know Toto, something tells me we are no longer in Oz. Oh well, that darn chicken was getting on my nerves; another day listening to her go on about her latest brood and I think she might have found herself in a big boiling pot, amongst the potatoes and onions and carrotsOh My! At least they don't talk your leg off.

Wherefore art thou?
(My new name (dramatic pause) is TOTO!)

I art be right here, master of Gronds.

Whyfore are thou?
Because I was meant to be!

What if there were 12 moons for Earth instead of one?
Then more territorial wars would begin.

Why does chocolate melt in your mouth?
Because otherwise it would melt in your hands

Why is it so grey, dull, cold and wet outside?
Because you sneezed.

Can it be?

Of course it can...anything is possible Stoney.

Why does rain and snow fall down from the sky rather than up?
Because the clouds would have a hard time hanging around on the ground with all the stuff we've put down here!?

Did you know that a single bubble on the face of the sun is the size of the state of Texas, roughly?
Because we don't live in Australia.

How many handkerchiefs does a kangaroo carry around in its pocket Question Smilie
How would I know? I'm not from Australia either!

Does Kangaroo have pockets?
Only when they wear jeans.

Is this today...or is it tomorrow?

Actually its yesterday. Really, Stoney you must get a new watch. Put that on your list to Santa this year.

Why does my toddler insist on poking every button he can get his finger on?
Because there is a magnet in your toddlers finger and the button. Aliens planted planted it there. As they do.

Why do schools not provide inkwells like they used to? THEN I COULD USE MY DIP PEN!!!! WAAAA!!!!!!
Because they outlawed desk inkwells after I used the girl in front of me's pigtail to do Chinese caligraphy.

If you could, would you want to?
If it is something I had wanted to do all the time, I definitely will!

If You come to know that the Earth was about to be destroyed within 1 hour, What would be the first thing you would do?

I'd call everyone I have ever loved and tell them so.

What would be the last thing you would do in that same instance?
Em....go to sleep?

How is the weather in your neck of the woods?

Dark, damp, cold, and all around beautiful.

What would you do for a klondike bar?
Go out and get it!

What if the Sun had been orbiting the Earth?
It does.

how do you spell kalopadolkilk. (i mispelled it on purpose)
Erm-c a t???

Are there really such things as aliens?
aliens may exist according to the movie "X-Files"... and i believe that somewehere far far away there might be some green little men...

if a man sees the star falling, will his wish come true?
That depends if the sky is clouded or not Wink Smilie

Have you been good this year?
About as good at being bad as bad at being good.

Wiggle Smilie

Do you use a pen and paper diary or a computer based one?

I haven't touched a pen and paper for about 6 months or so now.... *shakes head* And my fountain pen is broken Sad Smilie ....... The only pen I had.

Do you use a fountain (ink) pen or a ballpen?
nothing but ballpoint!
HOW COULD YOU!!!!! I myself own three calligraphy cartridge pens and thirty differnet coloured cartridges. I also have a dip pen, and I have gold, white, blue and black ink for it. BUT ALAS!!!! MY FIRST FOUNTAIN PEN BROKE!!!! Do you know how hard it is to find a two dollar fountain pen these days? And then I managed, after months and months, to get another at an antiques show. AND I LEFT IT IN THE TECHNOLOGY CLASSROOM!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOOOOO!!!!!! *hits herself repeatedly* And I"m going on a calligraphy camp next week, by the way.

Why is my Music exam on my second day of camp? Why are they making me miss the fun?
Because they obviously don't like you!

Why do some people get on my nerves?
Because they obvously don't like you!!!

Why am I being a copycat?
Because you really can't be a copy dog?

Why is it so much fun to do something you know you're not supposed to? Very Evil Smilie
Because from time to time we all need a break from serious things.

Why does Loni shout all the time????
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