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Thread: The Khazad-dumish Inn.. Please watch your head coming through the door.

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"Non taken friend, but as that hand holded a Silmarill once, it is a honour for it not being replaced... as for my song... well...I’ll wait here for the Squirrel while i drink some beer....ah, the song.. well, perhaps that would be a problem... you see... I am not very keen on singing on your language.. but i can make it up to you.. and sing a song as I did once, in the border of Taur-nu-fuin, before Anfauglith, while headed to Thangorodrim...when i still had both hands.. and my love was for one of the immortal race.. :

Adios dulce tierra y cielo del norte
benditos para siempre, pues aqui yaci’
y aqui corrio con miembros ligeros
bajo la Luna, bajo el Sol,
L’thien Tin’viel,
tan bella que ninguna lengua mortal
puede decirlo.
Aunque cayese en ruinas todo el mundo
y se deshiciera, arrojado de vuelta
desvanecido en el viejo abismo,
aun asi fue bueno que se hiciese
-el crepusculo, el alba, la tierra, el mar-
para que L’thien fuera por un tiempo....

Lightfoot glanced to the newcomer and watched him carefully. She sat up straight at his mention of the Silmarils. She looked and saw the missing hand, immediately making the connection..her cousin had told her so many tales of Beren...she smiled behind the hood of her cloak, placing her pipe to her lips.
Ahh, the song...hmm, ahh here's one you'll like Master Gimlie, it's an oldie but a goodie. Though I quite doubt it has anything to do with something going on now... Treasure hunt anyone!?

Oooo Far o'er the misty mountains cold
to dungeons deep and caverns old
We must away ere break of day,
to seek the pale enchanted gold.

The dwarves of yore made mighty spells,
while hammers fell like ringing bells
In places deep where dark things sleep,
In hollow halls beneath the fells.

For ancient king and elvish lord
There many a gleaming golden hoard
They shaped and wrought, and light they caught
To hide in gems on hilt of sword.

On silver necklaces they strung
The flowering stars, on crowns they hung
The dragon fire, in twisted wire
They meshed the light of moon and sun.

Far o'er the misty mountains cold
To dungeons deep and caverns old
We must away ere break of day,
To claim our long-forgotten gold.

Goblets they carried thre for themselves
And harps of gold;where no man delves
There they lay long,and many a song
Was sung unheard by man or elves.

The pines were roaring on the height,
The winds were moaning in the night.
The fire was red, it flaming spread;
The trees like torches blazed with light.

The bells were ringing in the dale
And men looked up with faces pale;
Then dragon's ire more fiece than fire
Laid low their towers and house frail.

The mountains smoked beneath the moon;
The dwarves, they heard the tramp of doom.
They fled their hall to dying fall
Beneath his feet, beneath the moon.

Far o'er the misty mountains cold
To dungeons deep and caverns old
We must away ere break of day,
To win our harps and gold from him!

"Cheers!" and Glory findel drank along with a couple men at the bar.
Rhapsody smiled at the mentioning of the Silmarils. She knew the person who last held them before they were cast away into the depths of the sea. Even so, she would soon meet him again to sing the songs from the past and catch up with the news of the current day. Surely he would be interested in the sudden return of Beren and Fingolfin. She noted it all and recited it in a tale over and over in her head.

She watched how the Grondmaster pointed to the sign over and over again, was the service that poor or was her tankard kept empty for a hidden purpose?
No, it's because the dwarf keeps clearing out the ale. This time she was trying to stir up an elf-tossing competition.
"Who wants to volunteer for the elf-tossing competition?" she yelled. "Come on, dwarf-tossing competitions are boring, we only have one dwarf in here anyway! Tell you what, I'll toss you all, and whoever gets tossed the furtherrest wins!! It means you're less fat."
SHe was surprised that there weren't any contestants.
Elf tossing compition...I think I should toss back a couple more drinks before I get into that sort of thing.
The door of the bar opened again...this time.. there were no darkness outside, but a kind of light that could not be described briefly... IT was a man... or it could also pass as an elf... tall he was.. and of an immortal beauty... Earendil his name.. blessed they say he was.. but with a smile on his face... he approached the bar..... Now now mr. Dwarf, let's talk about that elf-tossing competition... i would say that it could be a hobbit-tossing instead... turning towards Beren, raising his beer, he said "glorious this moment is, my friend, joyfull the meeting, precious the time... cheers"
while all this had been goin on Fingolfin had been on a covert mission to steal some whiskey from the now almost comatose dwarf, he had succedeed and was now making a hasty getaway before he was seen......
Glory findel is the only one who notices Fingolfin, he slips quietly off his stool not to catch him but to share in Fingolfin's plunder.
Fingolfin is quite happy to share, and grabs a couple of glasses, chuckling.
Gory findel walks back through the door a couple minutes later with some of his glory lost and a bit of nausia and dizziness gained. Whoa! ahh! Who let the pink bunnies in here, o hahaha much to drink think have I, augh,'burp'.

He then continues to pass out on the floor.
'Ah the sailor has joined us at well... interesting,' Rhapsody leaned back with a smile and started to gauge if she sould put her money on the dwarf Loni or on the elf Glory findel....
Grondy passes out tankards of Gimli's Finest to the recent singers and hustles around the place with replacement drinks for the rest of the paying customers as well as refilling the various plates and bowls of nibbles.

"Oh, by the by, Gimli is Gimli_axe_wielder, our absentee innkeeper; I'm just filling in for him until he returns. And If you want to play 'Toss the Other', I'll suggest you include our drunken Dwarf in your game as the guest of honor, but not by her beard and pease do it outside, so as not to disturb our rafter hanging customers."
Glory findel, waking on the floor, looks around the room slowly. What's in that ale. Shaking his head he stands up and sits at a near-by table. I feel like I've been mashed up by an orc ram, ugh.
Would it be asking to much for a cup of strong coffee?
"ALE!!!!" Ham came running out of the restroom, awakened from his slumber, with axe above his head. "ALE!!!!" He realized he was holding his axe out and put it in the sheath on his back. "Grondy, sir, may I have another of Gimli's Finest?" He looked around, and he noticed the other Dwarf that is usually passed out running around asking Elves if they want to participate in an Elf-throwing contest....sounded fun to Ham. He liked throwing Elves...maybe it had something to do with being a dwarf...
"I don't know if we have any of that, but I have heard that willow bark tea is good for headaches... I think we might be more likely to have some of that. Do we, Grondy? If so, Laurel might want some too..."
"I only drink ale! Tea is for elves and hobbits!" said Ham the clumsy dwarf.
Holding her ear to the door, Eruwen heard Laurel getting sick as well as her pleas for water. She couldn’t help but smile with sympathy. She had been there many times herself. ’Hold on, Laurel. I’ll be right back with some water and some rags, as well as a swig of pulverized marsh grass, a remedy that Thranduil used to cook up for elf hangovers. Oh, and don’t worry, I won’t tell Grondy.’ Eruwen turned to walk back down the hallway, but in her speed to help out Laurel, she forgot to duck, hitting her head on one of the low ceiling beams. She fell unconscious to the floor.
LOL, Eruwen-I've actually done that before! Not on a beam, but on an open door...

Laurel stayed safely inside her quarters for what felt like eternity; Eruwen had stopped making noise outside of her room and she remained on her bed recovering until nearly evening. When she finally had the strength and her motor skills back, she opened her door and walked into the hall, and just as she did so, she tripped over Eruwen and toppled down to the floor herself. "Lady Eruwen! I'm so sorry-didn't see ya there! Lady Eruwen? Are you alright? Hey!" Laurel nudged her gently and looked at the huge bump on her forehead."Ouch! Okay, I'll get help!" Laurel was still clumsy from her hangover, but she made her way out into the bar area of the tavern and yelled out,"HELP!" Seeing all of the newly-arrived male elves, she said, "You-all of you strong elven types, follow me! Lady Eruwen has been knocked out cold with a nasty bump on her head!"
"Sorry, Mr. Ham, I was talking to Glory findel, who has a headache. I'm sure Grondy will hand you your ale in a moment. Oh, Fin, you're supposed to talk to Grondy, you know, the one who gave you the ale and Watcher rings? And Laurel, who..." Suddenly, Eva was interrupted by Laurel herself, shouting that Eruwen was unconcious. Since Laurel herself looked none too steady, Eva hurried toward her, caught her as she stumbled over a barstool, and asked hurriedly, "What happened?"
Glory findel though not knowing Eruwen that well decides to help and fetches a damp cloth for Eruwen's head, and also some willow bark tea since he figured she would have a headache as well as a massive bruise.

OOC: woops my mistake,edited.
OOC: Eruwen has a bump and is unconcious, not Laurel... although I'm sure she has a headache.
Eva gets Laurel to a table as Glory findel comes over with willow bark tea that she did not remember brewing, but probably had. This place could do that to a girl... "Now, Laurel, why is Eruwen unconcious? What happened?"
Lightfoot was watching all this from her corner in the main room. So far, she had gone unnoticed, for the most part...she rather enjoyed it. Her pipe was her company, as it had been many times before. She scanned the area, shaking her head slightly. Too little ale would make you like Lightfoot.
As Glory lays the damp cloth on Eruwen's now rather large forehead she begins to fall in and out of conciousness. "Good sign Laurel she's begining to come around, ooo that bump does't look to good though, if there's any around somebody might want to get a steak, it'll help to bring the swelling down."
Eruwen started to wake up when she heard that someone wanted to put a slab of meat on her forehead. ’No, no, no’steak belongs in my mouth, not on my face,’ said Eruwen weakly. She attempted to sit up, but her head started spinning again, and she fell back to the floor. She placed her hand on her head and wincing from the touch, felt a large bump.

’What in the world happened?’ she said as she slowly opened her eyes to a sea of faces staring down at her. Quickly covering her own face, she cried, ’No! Don’t hurt me! Haven't I gone through enough? I swear I didn't mean to do it. I swear.’

But just as she did this, she recognized one friendly face and slowly peeked out from behind her hands, ’Ah, Laurel’I was going to get you water. Wasn’t I? Did I ever make it?’ She suddenly felt silly by her reaction, and with her head throbbing, begged Grondy for a shot of Warg Whiskey to lessen the pain, all the pain.

OOC: Hi Glory! Just as a small sidenote, you can't determine when I am coming in and out of consciousness, k? Wink Smilie
what does "OOC" mean?

and glory what Eruwen meant was you can't controll what other people do, without their permission first.
OOC:sorry, i didn't know, it means out of character i think
Grondy brews some more tea, places a few tankards of Gimli's Finest on the bar, and adds a couple shot glasses of whiskey there too. "I've done lost track of who ordered what, so you'll have to fetch yer own drinks from the rows there on the bar, at least 'til the hired help sorts itself out." Then he picks up Loni and ties her in a chair so she can't abscond with the other customers' drinks, especially as they aren't yet paid for.

When he has her all shipshape, he pours himself out some tea into a fine white bone china teacup that used to be the prized posession of his mum, and he takes a breather as he sips his tea. "Ahh, that do hit the spot."
Amari’ returns from feeding her creatures, humming happily as she comes through the door. She looks around the inn and at Loni tied up on the chair and Grondy looksing unusually relaxed. "So empty in here. Oh look, a long line of drinks! Goody!"

As she bends down to get a glass, something red with big eyes stick its head out of at the back of her jacket and sniffs into the air and starts to squirm.

"Ouch, ay, will you be still? He smells the tea, he is a chineese dragon." The long, slender dragon climbes out, jumps down and sits down infront of Grondy, watching the cup. "He won't burn anything, but he is nice and warm and works well as a scarf when it is cold."

Amari’ looks up at the ceiling wich bends from the weight from the crowd of people upstairs. "Ok, what is going on and how many people are up there?" She whistles for the troll guarding the door to come and help hold the ceiling untill they had finished up there. She sits down, scratches the dragon behind the ears and sips to her drink. There was enough people up there, she could wait.
Eth entered the pub, and plopped himself down at the bar. He looked tired as heck.
"Hello everyone. Grondy, gimme one of your finest."
OOC: Yep, OOC does mean "Out of Character."

Oh and Laurel...I meant to say, "OUCH!" You really have done that before? Hit your head on a door and knocked yourself out, I mean!? Man, I've come close to running into poles while reading, but have never actually done it. And I'm too short to hit my head on actual ceiling beams Smile Smilie
*Steps inside*

"Hello everyone! Been a bit busy lately, back at the ole mines if ya know what I mean!

Let's have a pint of old Mountain Grog and hear the latest news, don't be keepin' Stoney in the dark now!"

Yes, really, when my daughter was first born, one night I was having a nightmare, and she woke up crying, so I was running to her because in my dream, she was in danger somehow(don't remember) and I ran smack dab into our open bedroom door and passed out for a few minutes! Luckily, I didn't have a concussion or anything, just a nasty headache and matching egg on my forehead! That's what you get when you are clumsy and half-asleep, I guess...

Laurel noticed the amount of good-intentioned folks in the hallway, crowding over the waking Eruwen, and shouted out,"Alright, I think she'll live! Now everyone go back to your drinks and enjoy what's left of the day, or evening, which is it? I've no idea even what day it is! Thank you for your help with Miss Eruwen here. Eva! Good lord, I'm sorry. This was supposed to be your day off, was it not? I drank too much...anyway. There are a lot o' customers, I'll help you out this evenin' and tomorrow you can have your day. Miss Eruwen, are you alright? I was so worried when I saw you...then everyone came running to your aide, and I..." She trailed off blankly. "Let's get you some grub Eruwen, eh Eva, what do you think, Troll-Sausage Stew or Mumak Lasagna?"

Hi Stoney! Long time no see! Good to have you. Smile Smilie
"Yep, thank you Laurel, didn't like being away.....just have been to tired to get the ole fingers typing!"

"Actually, I think there may still be some barley beef soup left... otherwise, we should probably go for the lasagna, since soup and stew are kind of similar..."
Good old Eearendil just barelly noticed all the stuff, since he was now drinking his beer with that old mate of his, Beren, and discussing about the rules of the tossing competitions, as Ear argued it had to be dwarves that were tossed, and Beren said Hobbits... So Ear told him to remember the old record holder on dwarf tossing, great Legolas, when he invented the dwarf tossing, at Helm’s Deep battle... What a nice record had that been!!! no elf or man had ever got a dwarf tossed so far!!! They wondered how the dwarf tossing ever became elf-tossing..a topic in which neither agreed.... "It is a matter of size.." said Earendil... "nope, it is in fact the weight that provides more kinetic energy mate.." argued Beren back.....And that was the topic for the conversation.. as both were specting the official announce of the beginning of the tossing game.. would it be elf tossin? of warf tossing? who knows..
of warf tossing?

"I think I've heard of Worf. Big fellow with head ridges, isn't he? I don't think that you would be able to toss him- he'd probably get you with his bat'leth if you tried. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie But you'll have to talk to Loni about tossing competitions- and I think Mr. Grondy prefers it if you get their consent first, or at least maneuver them into signing a waiver, so he isn't held responsible..."
"Wait." said Glory findel over hearing Earendil and Beren's convorsation, "I think dwarf-tossing and elf-tossin compititions are the same game, just different levels of difficulty, thats the way I've always played if you want to start one I'd say start with the elves then move on to the dwarves."
"Here you go Etharion, a tankard of Gimli's Finest; and for you old Rock Hat, a pint of Old Mountain Grog. Where you guys been keeping yourselves?

Nice throat warmer Ms. Amarie, I assume its housebroken. What's it like to eat?" he adds giving it a couple scratches behind its horns. "That there commotion upstairs sounds like somebody had their head up in the clouds and tried to take out a lintel as they was passing by. I told Gimli he shouldn't allow the big folks in the Inn's hobbit wing, but no, he says we's got to put 'em where there's room."
I hear you Gloryfindel, and i agree..
Respectfully added Ear, and so did Beren afew moments later....
"but then again i am a Man, so i dont mind throwing either elf or dwarf... but i think we really should get to an agreement with the little fellows, i mean, the dwarves, so now, lets finish this pint, and lets talk with them.... but watch your heads.... tee hee..
I agree with you Grond, it is rather frightening that roof there, how much weight can it stand...I better go up there and tell them to spread out more before the roof cracks like an outside beer tank on a warm day in January!

And yes I do think we should include the dwarves in the talk bout the tossing comps now Earendil.
"What's this talk about dwarves?!" Ham yelled approaching. "If you have something to say about us dwarves, tell it to our faces!" Ham obviously walked in on a conversation of which he didn't know what was going on.
Well, my dear friend, to tell you the truth, we came here and someone was already orginizing this comp... about elf tossin, and we were arguing if it would be better to make a dward tossing rather than elf tossing... and that is it so far...Now, we have to come to an agreement with you and your mates, how shall we start, by tossing elves or dwarves" explained Beren... Earendil and Gloryfindel were around listening to what the dwarves would say...

OOC: I know my english i just not perfect, so you would excuse me on the matters or verbs and how are used. thanks.
O we ment no offence Ham, we were just saying that if we're going to have a talk of dwarf-tossing compitition then we should include the dwarves in it, so you can join us if you'ld like.
Don't worry, Earendil-we are thrilled to have so many different cultures and nationalities represented here on PT, so everyone should be very forgiving of any grammar mistakes-if they are not, send them my way... Very Evil Smilie
"What's all this?" said the dwarf, trying to pretend to be sober. "DWARF TOSSINg? What a bad idea!!" she staggered. "Elves are WAAAY better!!! They scream more and they don't kill you afterwards!!!!! And besides... I don't want to be tossed!!!" She staggered again. It didn't seem she would even notice if she was tossed. "ELF TOSSING!!! ELF TOSSING!!!" she called, and then wen tover to the other side of the room to try and persuade some elves to enter the elf-tossing competition.
Eruwen stood up very slowly, clutching on to anything and everyone around her. ’Ooohhh,’ she groaned, ’I don’t think my head will allow my stomach to handle food right now.’ She looked over at Laurel, ’Wasn’t I supposed to be helping you? Hmmm’funny how the tables have turned,’ she chuckled and then clutched her head in pain as the sound of her own voice echoed through her head.

After making her way down the stairs, lowering her head at all the crossbeams, she saw her Warg Whiskey sitting on the bar. ’Now that’s what I need!’ She carefully and deliberately threw back a few shots and felt instantly warm inside. ’Much better,’ she sighed, finding a seat at a table. She looked at the person next to her and realized it was Amarie, with...with a dragon around her neck?! She rubbed her eyes to make sure the bump on her head wasn't affecting her vision.

She then heard all the conversations about dwarf and elf tossing, and buried her head in arms. Ugh, what have I started?!
"Well, let's alternate! Dwarf then elf and so on. I nominate the drunken dwarf over there to be tossed first!" Ham said pointing at Loni.
"Okay!" Grondy says, "but take it outside to the courtyard, or better yet, to the stable yard where the ground is softer; though if you drop one there, you'll have to hose it off afore you can bring it back inside," he adds with a grin.
"I wanna be tossed, i wanna be tossed!!!" argued Beren..
"Nah, you are way to human to be tossed, that is just not funny you know Beren?"replied Earendill.. Besides.. you human live such short lives, if you get injured, you take too long to heal"

"I wanna be tossed, i wanna be tossed!!! Toss me Ham, or Gloryfindel, or Grondy! toss me toss me..." cried out Beren...
"Sorry pal, no can do.... you came way to late to this are too fragil..It is a strong NO, and end of discussion, wanna toss someone? go ahead, but noone here is gonna toss you, that is just not funny...." Replied back Earendill...

"so, are we gonna toss someone or not?" cried out Earendill...

Beren walked towards the bar with a bad mood face....
"to throw, or not to thow, that is the question...!" he muttered before emptiing his pint o beer
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