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Thread: The Khazad-dumish Inn.. Please watch your head coming through the door.

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Grondy placed the plate with Ice's snack before her and asked, 'And speaking of your lovely friend, where is she, or from that frog in your throat, shouldn't I ask?'
Ice smiled slowly then shook her head, saying, "S'alright Grondy, my lovely kitty friend is away...discovering herself, I suppose....she's found a mutated giant wolf she's become fascinated with, and the two seem to get along...Apparently my Selen has a thing for canines..lycans...whatever, heh heh."
OOC: Wow! Sorry about my absence and lack of attendance, but I've been really, really busy recently.

Fionw’ took a drink out of his tankard. "I'm not one to really pay attention to gossip, so I can't help you there. But it is amazing that we should not have met even once in Imladris, I was there on off frequently for thirty years near two hundred years ago," he said in reply to Meneldur. He then began to tell him of his own travels, of what he's done, and how he's traveled so far to the south to where the weather is cold, like the pass of Caradrhas, and so far to the east to where a mighty ocean lay that was cold and stormy. "There are very few dwarves in those regions to the east, and no elves. They have long been moving to the west, as all men also who seek something have eventually done. I saw something in a forest in those far places once, that looked like a tree. It was alive though, and it looked right into my eyes before vanishing into the woods. I desired to enter, but was forbidden by those I rode with. It seemed to me that it was an entwife, but I could not be sure. I hide the knowledge from my dear friend Treebeard, so that the ents do not march out to those plaes, for they would surely perish in the fields of lava on the way."
When Laurel came back over, Fionw’ got up and gave her a bow in acknowledgement and welcome. "It would be a pleasure if you would join us, a pleasure no doubt that Meneldur is eager for,' Fionw’ said, giving her a wink as he watched Meneldur's reaction.
'Yes Ice, I have noticed some animals are fickle, especially those of the female persuation, but not all; and she may get bored and come back to you'

'So Lord Fionw’, are you ready for a refill?'
"Yes, Grondy. Thank you!"
Fionw’ turned to Meneldur again, waiting to hear a reply as he drank from his newly replenished tankard.

OOC: The RPG Guild is dead it seems. Though I'm probably one of those who's temporarily killed it by being gone so long.
OOC: Don't worry about the lack of participation; it is vacation time and people can only get here once in a while. At least Grondy has his pention from the King for his service during the War, so he isn't dependent on the income provided by the Inn. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
OOC: Nah you didn't kill anything Fionw’. I've been busy myself lately, we're in the process of "selling Bag End" over here, but luckily not to Lobelia Sackville-Baggins. All the same, I think I'll take a little extra care with the silver spoons to make sure none of them disappear on moving day, LOL!
Meneldur listened in rapt fascination to Fionw’'s tales of far-off lands. "Forsooth, my brother, you have surely traveled the entire length and breadth of Arda! I am merely at the beginning of my journeys (to update our star-chart calculations, you may recall), so as chance may have it, I will likely be following in your very footsteps in these wild, untamed countries far south and east of here. I must make sure to get a list of taverns from you before I set out again."

"Oh Grondy, and a refill for me too please, when you get a chance," Meneldur said as he downed the lads sip of foam from his drink. "And another plate of those troll burritos, they were magnificent!"

Turning back to Fionw’, Meneldur continued, "So do you really think those trees were the Entwives? No, I wouldn't tell Treebeard either. At least not until those lands are safely passable again. Ahhh me, such a sad tale, the Ents and the Entwives," Meneldur sighed.
'Here's your burrito Meneldur, and I'll just leave this pitcher of Gimli's Finest’ for you and Fionw’ to partake as your throats become as dry as your tales,' said Grondy with a grin.
Ice glanced up at Grondy, then back at the two at the table, saying, "How long have they been here? I recognize Fionwe, but not the other..." She shrugged and sipped her drink, while her thoughts turned back to her missing friend.
"Say Ice, to help you take your mind off you know who, would you like to feed Claw and maybe play with him? He's out in the kitchen and Eva hasn't been around to care for him. He's probably grown a bit since you saw him, he's no longer a kitten and I'd guess he weighs nigh on twenty pounds."
Thus, I walk in through the door and "OUCH! Everyone was staring at me. And a thought came up in my head "dop! I should have paid more attention to the sign". I felt embarrased. I was afraid that people would laugh at me. But they didn't. "Hi everyone!" They stare at me again, then they go back to their usual talking.I walk up to the Bar. "Barman, may I have a drink."
"Sure,what would you like?"
-"I'll like some Bavarian Lager"
He quickly served me some Lager and I had a look around. I saw ome familiar people, and some unfamiliar. I could see by the Table nextdoor. Fionwe Urion and Meneldur were having a nice chat, same with Grondy and Icefangs. Yet they were other people some I did know, some I didn't. And then I forgot to do my trick. I went to the stage and told the Tale of The Children of Hurin, A new release book and the audience was enthralled. I sang a song, bye Tolkien, called The Lonely Isle.
To the sea, to the sea!The white gulls are crying,
The wind is blowing, the white foam is flying,
West, west away, the round sun is falling,
Grey ship, grey ship do you hear them calling,
The voice of mypeople that had gone before me?
I will leave, I will leave the woods that bore me,
For our days are ending and our years failing,
I will pass the wide waters lonely sailing,
Long are the waves on the Last Shore falling,
Sweet are the voices in the Lonely Isle calling,
In Eressea, in elvenhome that no man can discover,
Where the leaves fall not, the land of my people for ever!

At the end they gave a big aplauase, they made me feel welcome in this new place. But who do I have to talk with in here, who?

Grondy excused himself from Ice's table and went and drew a tankard of Gimli's Finest ’ Ale and prepared a combo plate of the Inn's snacks for the singer. These he took to the new comer's table and said as he presented them, "Welcome to the Inn, I'm Grondy and I'm the Inn's chief cook and bottle washer and I'm minding the Inn while Gimli's away in the mines, or checking his trap lines, . or whatever he's doing. Anyway, for your heart wrenching song, here's your complimentary drink and also complimentary snacks: consisting of Spicy Hot Balrog Wings, Deep Fried Watcher Rings and Bar-B-Qed Worg.

If you don't mind my asking, who are you, and will you be staying long or just passing through? Will you require a room? From where do you hale and to where are you going? Or if you'd rather, we can just talk about the weather, or I can leave you alone with your food and drink. Still, I must warn you that we sometimes have an infestation of pixie tricks provided by one Miss Cloveress; though she isn't on the premises at the moment, I don't think," he concluded by suddenly looking over his shoulder just in case.
Grondy, those Balrog Wings taste nice!Big Smile Smilie You can talk to me whenever you like. I'll probably going to stay in the Khazad Dumish inn for a long time, but I'll be coming to the Khazad Dumish for many months to come.
Laurel had gone about airing out the musty old rooms of the inn, particularly the unused guest rooms, and doing various chores about the place. She enjoyed helping Grondy out, after all, he was only one dwarf and this place was huge. She occasionally popped back into the front tavern, passing by Meneldur and Fionwe's table now and again, carefully eyeing the forlorn-looking Icey from afar, afraid to disturb her reverie, and going to and fro doing miscellaneous jobs. She passed by the boarded-up shaft that used to be the dumbwaiter and smiled at the memory of adventures had down there, seemingly long ago. It seemed to Laurel that as the long days and years dragged on, less adventure and intrigue was waiting for her around each corner. She had traveled plenty in her time, had seen the wild sights of almost all Middle Earth and had traded stories with even the best of its inhabitants, but something was missing. She felt incomplete. Not wanting to dwell on it, she wandered back out into the tavern in time to hear a melancholy song being finished by a newcomer, the sound of which swelled her heart near bursting. "Oh! That was lovely!" She said to the stranger and introduced herself meekly. Then, feeling rather blue herself, she quietly slipped back into the enveloping shadows of the rear of the inn, busying herself to keep the negativity out of her mind. She was organizing the kitchen when she found a small vial marked "Extremely Potent" on one of the supply shelves, the glass colored lapis and embedded in its lip were tiny flecks of glittering mithril. "Enchanting little bottle." Laurel said to herself, and she gingerly pulled the cork out. She smelled the contents, which proved odorless, and wondered what would happen if she took the smallest little sip...
Lady L was about to drink that potent juice then I said "Lady L., I wouldn't take that Jar of extremely potent juice there, you don't know what could happen." and then turned my head around an started eating the Watcher rings and Barbequed worg. They were very unique in flavour, but I like the Balrog wings the most.Big Smile Smilie
I then turned to Grondy, a very entusiastic person when it comes to the weather and I said "what's the weather like in Seattle, capital of the flying fish, Grondy?"
Quietly, I hope, I make my way into the room. I hope not to draw too much attention to myself as I am shy and nervous and intimidated by those who already belong.
So reluctant to sing without knowing what to sing and yet I am drawn to the warmth and happiness that radiates from this place. I look around, searching for some answers but still so anxious.
Grondy smiled at Cariadlily, the new comer who obviously desired to be alone while she, got her bearings about the place and its clientel.

"Glad you like the Balrog Wings Glorifindel, had the sauce recipie made up special by a little old hobbit grammer who didn't look a day under a hunderd. She had a hairy wart on her crooked nose too," he said grinning. Where is this Seattle place you spoke of, don't believe I've heard of it, is it on the farside of the Tower Hills or down in Southern Gondor?"

OOC: The weather here has been beautiful this past week, Current temp: 77 ’F, Humidity 41%, Pressure 30.08 in, Sky is Clear, and wind from NNE at 15 mph, at 3:35 PM PDT. However, I've seen bluer skies than today's, smidge of haze over Seattle.
Mellie bounces in to the tavern, and looks around for some one she recognizes. But at a first quick glance she sees Grondy and her face lights up with utter delight. Mellie runs over to him and give him a great bit Texas Size Hug and asks " if Grondy or any one had visited my area of Texas lately, because we sure have been having the same weather here, and ton and tons of rain. We are not going to have a water rashining this summmer, in fact our lakes, rivers and streams are all over flowing some by about 15 feet. (I think that is what i heard. but don't quote me on it)" Mellie pulls away from Grondy a bit, and looks really hard and him and then asks "how are ya, really? I have missed you alot and I am going to Seattle at the end of July"
Then Mellie sits down and orders a drink of LOki "it is my new fave."
OOC:The famed Melliot Sandybanks had finally returned! You don't know me, I don't believe, but I have read very many of your posts and always thought you were a first-rate person, so welcome back to your PT home! Smile Smilie
"Hi Mellie, welcome back, I just happen to have the recipe for 'Loki's Revenge' , but I have never brewed up a batch not having access to Everclear and I understands it needs a month or three to age. How about some wine or ale, though I do have some of the smoother rotgut set aside for friends."

OOC: The Inn is located in Middle-earth, on the Greenway probably between Norbury (Fornost) and Bree after the King's return. We are Roll Playing here and we should try not to bring our non-character's mundane lives into the tavern. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
"What a lovely weather report Grondy of Seattle!Big Smile Smilie You just sound like those proffesional weather reporters, I can never be that good at memorizng the weather. I'll just say what's the weather's like in my home town.
"Cool and overcast today with a minumum of -2degrees and a maximum of 9 degrees. North-westerlies blow from 20-30kmp/h and afternoon showers expected. Heavy frost and in some areas snow, and the Lakes' surfaces covered with ice"
"Was that a good enough weather report Grondy? I hope it is and just today, cold, moist wind and wet, warm winds have met overland near The cities of Pelagir and Dol-Amroth forming and anti-Cyclone, or in other words an hurricane and is growing larger by the minute and heading northwards. Great Blizzards had already started blowing from the north and we may that this summer is yet our shortest summer ever. In northen Mirkwood the forest is starting to turn into reds and golds, and it is alredy snowing in Erebor and parts of the Misty Moutains. I hope they have central heating in the Khazad-Dumish inn today. I think that this could be the start of a great winter, where's Manwe when you need him. Then I turned around and order a drink and guess who I saw, Cariadily, a new member of P.T. Then I said "Hi Cariadily, how are you doing today, for I know that you're a bit nervous today and that you're new to this place and I can help you settle in the Khazad-Dumish inn and I can either find someone for you to talk with or you can talk with me." Big Smile Smilie

As all this was going on, Ice was in the kitchen tending to Claw, who had grown quite a bit since she saw the cat. If anyone had walked into the kitchen at that time, they would've been party to to adorable scene of Ice, sitting on a counter top, while holding Claw and scratching the back of the cat's head, as is purred in delight, and she made a sound similar, just a whole lot louder, and more echoing.
Grondy popped his head into the kitchen and noticed the two enjoying themselves, he tip toed to the pantry and poured then a warm bowl of milk which he silently placed on the counter and crept back out to the bar gently closing the door behind him, thinking 'Now that was a picture to remember.'
I saw Ice and Claw having an nice time together, as well as seeing Grondy drinking some milk. I looked out of the window into the Greenway. It was rainy, a huge storm was overhead and a huge wind was rattling the glass. I saw some thatch getting blown of the roof. I say quietly to myself, " why isn't't anyone worried and how could the weather change so quickly, only yesterday it was warm, clear and sunny and today it's cold, wet and gloomy. I look at the rain gage. Exactly 45mm. How could that much rain fall in only a couple hours. I noticed sleet crashing into the window. Inside the Khazad Dumish the atmosphere was so relaxed and cosy, a far cry from outside. A new thought came to me. Could it be autumn coming soon because this summer is very cold compared to the last one. In this wind on the plain the Khazad-Dumish would have been severely damaged but it hadn't't. The trees around the Inn had acted as a windshield. And the hurricane had moved north to Minas Tirith and Osgiliath, and wrought great havoc there before moving towards Edoras. But the Hurricane had slowly been weakening. By the time it would reach here it would be nothing more than a small storm. I shouldn't be worrying about the weather. Since Grondy is busy drinking milk, I buried myself in an book named The Children of Hurin. That reminded me about my room in this inn, full of books with a bed, desk, parchment, quills, paper, candles and pastels with a view to the east where a large rushing stream with Willows and maples and to the south to a vast plain in the distance and a forest closer to the inn. " Maybe I should go in my room" I thought but I wasn't sure.

P.S Should the Khazad-Dumish inn be built of stone or wood. Is it a large complex? Does it have towers and halls? Was it built by the Numenoreans? Does it look impressive and buetiful? Is it in a forest or a wood? Is it in a forest? Does it have a Garden?I'm just asking the people in the Khazad-Dumish to see what would they agree on about this building's size, architecture, facilities and views.
Suddenly, in the most annoying fashion, Ar-37 leaps back into the room through a swirling, portally thing right by the door (show off). He collapses onto the floor and yells something about his knee. Once he realises he isn't drawing that much attention he immediately rises to greet everyone.
"Uhhh...," he begins,"I have returned and am now back here which is a direct contrast of my previous location which was there, which is where I no longer am. After all being here, by definition of the word "here", I can't be there, which was where I was, and by the definition of the word "was" I could still be there, but then "there" would "here." How is everybody?"
"Thank you, Grondy."
Fionw’ somewhat disinterestedly ate of the food Grondy had brought, and watched as the newcomers gradually came in. "If you will excuse me, Meneldur, I have some things to take care of," he said, getting up from the table.
He removed his blade from his belt, and placed it by the hearth. Paying his tab, he walked out of the inn, wandering off in the direction of the river. He had a musing look on his face, one that was seen often. Thoughts crowded his mind, tons of them all at once. He was confused and excited by recent events that had gone on around him.
I went back to the Tavern downstairs from my bedroom in time to see two people that were away for a little while. Ar-37 and Fionwe Urion came in very unexpectedly in the inn today. I really didn't think that they would come. But they did. I looked out of the window. It was clearing up now andand there was only a light breeze and temperatures had returned to normal. The sun was glaring ovwerhead. the roof had some tiles blown of the roof but luckily no trees fell down. The garden looked like it needed some gardening done to it for it was neglected and overrun with weeds. The stream and a large pond tangled with weeds too. I thought People "had forgotten it so what can you expect."And I felt thirsty and hungry so I asked Grondy "What's on the menu, Grondy?" For I neede some food and some drink before going to do gardening. I saw someone repairing the roof. I thought "well, that would be good." Fionwe was wondering where Meneldur was by the look of it, for in this inn he usually talked to him. That hurricane had reched Tharbad but it was only just a hurricane, a very weak one. I stepped outside. The end of the rainbow was next to the door ofthe inn and thefre was a pot of Mithril (even better than a pot of gold). I happilly took it and I thought "I should take this away to improve the Inn. I gave half of it to the Inn for the improvement of this place and some of the gold to everyone there and used the rest for the Garden and what was left to myself.

P.S. May I become the Gardener of this place?
Ar-edain37 jumps up onto something and shouts,"I hereby vote Glorifindel gardener of the Khazad-Dumish inn for being the only person so far to comment on my return, which is a triumphant one as far as any of you are concerned!" Some racial slurs and I'm outta this Shamoo's slippers.
Fionw’ listened from the woods as he heard someone shouting about a gardener. Shaking his head at that, he continued walking towards the river. He liked to listen to the rippling of the water as it flowed by him. It was wonderful for thinking. "The Music of Ulmo flowing through the rivers is what makes it so calming for thought," he said to no one in particular.
After Fionw’ went outside, Meneldur waited a few minutes, finished the last sip of his beer and thanked Grondy profusely for his excellent service and even more excellent food and grog. "Here's a little extra mithril for you my good host, treat yourself to something nice, you deserve it. I'm stepping out for a bit, to go for a walk up that hill over yonder and gaze at my beloved stars. If you have a room available for me, I would love to stay the night when I get back from my walk."

With that, Meneldur stepped outside and followed a path that led to a tall hill near the inn. Near the top he came upon a cold spring, from which arose a small stream that happened to bubble down to meet the same river that Fionw’ was enjoying a few miles away. "Well this looks like as good a spot as any. Hopefully that beer hasn't dulled my senses so much that I see two of everything!"

Meneldur lay down on his back in the tall grass near the stream and listened to the quiet babble of the water flowing over stones. He cast his eyes across the skies and took in the vastness of the heavens. "Ahhhh, so relaxing... I have Aul’'s earth beneath me, Varda's skies above me, Manw’'s breeze in my hair, and Ulmo's voice whispering in my ear. What more could any Elf want?" As he relaxed, he allowed his mind to drift off into the strange "waking-dreams" of the Elves...
Well Glorifindel, might I suggest our beef pot roast with its onions, carrots, cellary, and of course tater. And also perhaps a nice light ale to help wash it down.

Yes Meneldur, I'll have a room ready for you on the third floor of this Tudor style wattle-and-daub, wood-beam structure build on a solid limestone rock housing many cellars and sub-cellars and a partially unexplored cave system beneath it.
You know, when I invented wattle-and-daub, I had no idea that it would be used for buildings. It was intended as a cheap way to pave the roads and close up the gaps in fences so that goats, small children, and other animals wouldn't get their heads stuck. This was of course before I began my arctic expedition to Mercury.
Ice's ears perked and she gently set Claw down near the bowl of the milk. Silently slinking her way across the kitchen, walking on her toes, Ice glanced out the door. She nearly howled with delight when she saw Ar-37. Ice took a running leap, over the bar and crashed into her friend, knocking them both to the ground. She grinned and her tail twitched in a mock wag. "Hiya buddy!!!!!" she screamed happily.
"Greetings to you as well,"replies a slightly disoriented Ar as he gets up off the ground. "Long time,no see. As a matter of fact, I thought you had left already. Hooray for remaining!"

This is where I, Ar-edain37, realize that I've been up all night and should collapse to the floor. However, I am not that intelligent.

The character and inn guest Ar-edain37 buys everyone in the inn a drink in his joy to see, and be remembered by, his old friend again Orc Grinning Smilie Orc Grinning Smilie Orc Grinning Smilie. Strangely enough, he loses all recollection of this generous act when Grondy approaches him with something that resembles a bill of some kind...

By the by I deleted the song I sang to gain admission to this inn after lokking back and realizing that my musical tastes have changed for the better. A new, better one is impending.
I came to the Inn late with many plants from Lothlorien with me. I had several Mallorn saplings and several Willow saplings and some Hydrangeas and Elanor. I gave everyone in the inn a mallorn seed each with instructions to grow it. The leaves glittered in the light. I also got two exotic palms from Harad and gave it to the inn and I placed these at either side of the door which lead into the rooms. I had Grondy's wonderful roast and some water before I went to do gardening. I was glad that I bought wonderful fertiliser from Lothlorien, for it proved quite useful. weeded out the nettles, thistles and brambles (lucky I got gloves.) and I cleaned the pond and repaired the stone bridge going across the stream. I planted the willows around the pond and I also planted Irises, water lillies and Papyrus, and in no time it looked like Monet's water garden.
Then I planted the Mallorn and Elanor in an avenue to the pond with many stone paths branching from the main pathand I moved some of the maple trees (very hard work) to another place to fit in the hydrangeas. In the middle of two large Lawns on either side of the avenue I put two fountains from Rivendell But I sadly had no plants left because I planted all the rest already. This whole Labour took three days, and then I will soon have to go to Bree to get some more plants and to Fornost to get benches, a wooden bridge and statues for the garden. The garden looked wonderful and my hard work well spent. I went into the Inn on the third day, weary and tired, ate some food and drink and went back to my room to have a good day's rest. Tommorrow I will have a rest and the day after that I'll be heading for Bree.
Grondy took a minute to peek out at the garden and saw it was coming along like a house afire, no more like a green thumber's best effort. He was glad Glorifindel had asked for the job and thought it would be a good place for the guests to contemplate the state of Middle-earth or just relax by getting away from it all.

"Yo, Glori, you are doing a fine job here, very artistic. When your improvements are complete we ought to have a garden party to open it to the public."
Upon hearing the news of a garden party, Ar crawled out of his makeshift "burrow" under a table in the corner. He had been hiding from Grondy there for three days after not so supposedly stiffing him for some drinks, and the table's occupants were rather alarmed to see him emerge, despite the fact that he had been narrowly dodging there feet nearly all day. He spoke excitedly, "A garden party would be excellent! I know some superb entertainers, Grondster, and we have gobs and gobs of talent around here to begin with." If he had a tail, it would we wagging hard enough to create the audio ilusion of a ceiling fan.
I came back from Bree and Fornost with some flowers, roses, benches and statues and I quickly went through the Inn and planted the floweres and roses around the fountains and put benches by the pond and stream and put some statues in the garden. The garden looked magnificent. The Mallorns already grew taller than the last time I saw them and same with the willows and hydrangeas. I came back to the Inn and found people talking about having a new garden and Grondy saying well done about the garden and how he was glad of hiring me. I couldn't of felt happier.I loved the idea of a party in the garden but I guess we need to get a table one the pagola ( I brought grapevines for it's shade and fruit.). I planned to put a fruit Orchad at the far bank of the stream so that we could grow fruit at the Khazad-Dumish which would be quite nice but for now I shall relax and enjoy the garden.

OOC: P.S. Do you know that I got a new Avatar thanks to Loss.
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Wandering about outside the inn, Ar-edain37 stumbles upon a rather large rock. He lifts the rock and out from underneath leaps...
"Oi! Jobo! Let's go inside, I'll buy you a pint, err, maybe a gallon.
Ar-edain 37 enters the inn and sees Jobo already waiting for him, he buys two pints, actually pays Grondy, and sits down at a table with his friend.
"How did you get in here so fast?"Ar-edain37 asks."Better sing, Grondys looking at you funny!"
"ah well funny thing."says jobo as his face brightens almost like he was about to burst into song.

Im sailing away, set an open course for the virgin sea
Ive got to be free, free to face the life that's ahead of me
On board, I'm the captain, so climb aboard
Well search for tomorrow on every shore
And Ill try, oh lord, Ill try to carry on

I look to the sea, reflections in the waves spark my memory
Some happy, some sad
I think of childhood friends and the dreams we had
We live happily forever, so the story goes
But somehow we missed out on that pot of gold
But well try best that we can to carry on

A gathering of angels appeared above my head
They sang to me this song of hope, and this is what they said
They said come sail away, come sail away
Come sail away with me
Come sail away, come sail away
Come sail away with me

I thought that they were angels, but to my surprise
They climbed aboard their star ship and headed for the skies
Singing come sail away, come sail away
Come sail away with me
Come sail away, come sail away
Come sail away with me

as jobo hits the final note he downs his drink and returns to his rock.
"Nice song Jobo, when you come back from under your rock, you're due a tankard of Gimli's Finest ’ Ale and a plate of our house horse-ovaries or how ever that French word is pronounced in Quenya."
I've been on holiday in the Grey Havens and when I found the most lovely Camelias I just had to buy them for the Inn. I came back on a horse-drawn wagon with these plants and decided to plant them in the front of the Inn as a nice roadside border. I came back to the Inn to find a new member of this Inn, Jobo the Hobo. He just hit his finest notes and then started eating some horse ovaries from Grondy and was drinking. I settled myself down on a table and I asked Grondy "Grondy, may I please have some Lager and a nice hot meal!" I went up to th counter to wait for my dinner.
The rock under which lives Jobo is rather nice. I believe I'll refer to it as "The Last Homely Rock". Unfortunately, it is not a Carrock, which is the only way it could be better.

Ar-edain37 says," Welcome back Glorifindel, hope you had a nice holiday?"
'Most certainly Glorifindel, here's a pot of Largely Lucy's Lager and a plate of pot roast with all the trimmings, enjoy! The Camelias smell nice too.'
jobo climbs in through the window and catches sight of Grondmaster
"ye said free booze, uh?"

jobo scratches his armpit nonchalantly.
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