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Thread: The Khazad-dumish Inn.. Please watch your head coming through the door.

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The Cloveress clambered onto a table and started fanning her wings, trying to dry them.
Sorry, I just started my junior year in high school, and things have been a bit hectic
Ice sighed glumly and waved off the offer of more drinks. "I will say that is rather interesting piece of equipment you have there," she said to Grondy, motioning to the umbrella. "Eva, would you mind bringing me an EXTREMELY rare can just brown the edges a bit, dear. Thank you very much." she added, smiling slightly. Ice stood and whistled near-silently, and suddenly Selen came bounding out of the clean kitchen, where she had been napping under a countertop.
"Come on baby, you gotta go back outside," Ice said, while leading the kitten to the door. She kneeled near the cat's head, which was rather pointless, as the kitten had grown another few inches in a rather short amount of time, and Ice was not tall as it were. After whispering something to the cat, she nodded, and Selen nodded back, then walked out the door.
Returning to the table, Ice sat down and put her head down, after yawning. Suddenly her ears twitched as a familiar voice reached them. As Etharion walked inside, Ice glanced up, shrugged and put her head back down, pretending to be asleep... (don't ask, I can't explain Orc Grinning Smilie )
When Eva looked back, Ice appeared to be asleep. She's just ignoring Eth? or is she really asleep? Eva wondered. How long does she think an extremely rare steak will take?
A little later, Eva stuck her head out of the kitchen. "Grondy, do you think you could take Ice's steak to her? I don't want to leave the other things I've got going right now."
"Why Shirley, I can and will," said Grondy with a wink. "Well to be Frank, I know your name is Eva and surely is just an adverb, so I've just been playing around with homonyms," he continued hurrying back to the kitchen. There he grabbed the trencher with the lightly seared dragon steak and fully baked potato on it. He scooped up a steak-knife, silverware, a napkin, and the tater-toppings and he carried it all out to Ice's table. "Pardon me Miss Frosty Fangs," he said as he gently lifted her head to make room for her dinner, and finished with, "Soups on!" into one of her silver tipped blue ears.
Ice tilted her head up and shook it slightly, then smiled at Grondy and looked down at her plate. "Thank you Grondy," she said, and picked up her knife. Ice turned towards Etharion's table, waved and went back to her steak. Finally after a few fruitless attempts, she gave up and picked up the thing with her hands, ducked under the table, and bit deeply into the meat, her teeth momentarily growing sharper and longer, while she tore into the steak like a wolf. Getting a bite, she returned to her chair and acted like nothing had happened, while she chewed her food, and picked at her potatoes.
"You have a bit of...blood on your cheek..right there.." pointed Etharion just underneath Ice's eye. He was standing next to her table, and said " I see you still havent changed much in some ways." he said with a slight smile on his mouth, but his eyes gave away no emotion. "I wanted to apologize for leaving so hastily..i...had some urgent things to atend to.. If you want to know where you can find me. Im staying here at Grondy's for another...few days." he said before turning back to the bar where Grondy brought his dragon steak.
"Your steak Sir," said Grondy, placing the trencher before Etharion, "also the condiments for the baked potato and the implenents with which to eat it. Perhaps you'd like another tankard of Gimli's Finest’ to wash it down?"
"Sure thing master dwarf...thank you.." he said before digging in his dinner..
The smell and sight of food made Amari’ even more hungry and she cast several long glances towards the kitchen door.
Ice swallowed her bite and looked over at Etharion's table. "Anything in particular you would like to talk about, Sir Elf," Ice asked, her eyebrows raising as she took a towel and wiped the blood from beneath her eye.

Sorry guys, for future reference, I'm in a terrible mood, and it involves me, the snare drum, and my school's if I sound really mean or mad, I'm sorry in advance...
"One Gimli's Finest’ coming up," yelled Grondy as he grabbed a clean tankard from the shelf,....."here you go sir, enjoy."

Icey: Take the drum out into a field and beat the hell out of it. Just make sure you don't put a stick through the head with all those flamadiddles and paradiddles. I got a mean bruise from a marching snare until I got an attachment that spread it's bounce over a larger area. Of course I'm just blowing smoke here trying to comiserate with you. Cheer up, a hundred years from now you won't even remember your problem. Elf Winking Smilie
Eva popped her head out of the kitchen. "The roast is ready," she called, "Who wants to help set up plates and serving stuff?"
"Dunno..i thought you had something in mind.." he said to Ice. Then continued to eat, keeping his head low.
Ice nodded and looked away from him, saying, "Yes, but I'd prefer not to discuss it out here in front of everyone..." She glanced back at him, then stood and walked over to his table, lifting his head by placing one hand under his chin, to make him look at her, into her eyes, when her icy gaze grabbed him.
The Cloveress' wings were dry. And she breathed a sigh of relief. "Thank Manwe for drying them and Lorien for concealing me form the eyes of the others!" She was quite apprehended by the prospect of facing Eva and Grondy and Selen. So she silently fluttered back up to her shelf and prepared for hibernation.
"I guess seeing as how they're not all answering at once, that job falls to me Eva, but I'll do it happily. Mmmmmnnn! The smell of your pot roast makes my mouth water; I can hardly wait to dig in," said Grondy as he picked up a stack of plates and utensils.
"Thank you, Grondy," Eva said. She took as much as she could and moved very carefully so as not to end up in her usual clumsy position of sitting on the floor with dishes broken/food spilled/both...

OOC: Helloooo?
OOC: She tripped; broken dishes flew everwhere. One of the shards hit something, causing enough friction heat to ignite someone's order of Gimli's Finest, and there was a minor explosion.

Where is everyone? I've never seen the Khazad-Dumish this quiet. One or two more days and I might consider posting that for real...

If for some reason I've gone crazy or there have been posts that I can't see for some reason, someone PM me please, as I know my PM works. The last post I see is my post saying I picked up plates and stuff to help serve pot roast.
I was just waiting for Etharion to reply to my last post...^_^ but as far as I know, there aren't any posts you aren't seeing, cause if you're not, then I'm not either.... Orc Grinning Smilie
OOC: I haven't had time...

"I'll eh... be there shortly, Eva!" Amari’ shouted after turning as much towards Eva as she could without having to let Icey and Etharion out of her sight. This could get pretty interesting...
OOC: Looks like we don't have enough players often enough to keep it interesting. We can't serve them if they don't come through the doors or if they leave their players comatose at the tables.

Grondy put his stack of plates and utensils on one end of the bar and added to them a pile of linen napkins. (That's a hand-wipe, not a diaper!) Elf With a Big Grin Smilie As the customer base was low he decided to try out the pot-roast himself before the place got too boisterous, so he grabbed the top plate from the stack, picked up a knife and fork, added a napkin and headed back to the kitchen.

"Might I please have a sample of that delightful smelling cuisine you have been so hard at work at all day Eva?"
O.C.C. Hey folks, sorry for not posting, you can read my last journal post and you'll understand why. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

Etharion looked into her eyes and was taken aback..he still had feeligns for her..feelings he couldnt ignore.. He returend her stare with a equaly strong one..and moved closer to her.. "Ice.."
OOC: Sure, when I leave for the weekend, people post... Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

"Of course, Grondy," Eva replied, having made it safely, if only barely, to a table where she could set the flatware she had been carrying down and returned to the kitchen. She served Grondy quickly and slipped back out, hearing the distraction in Amarie's voice and wondering if it had anything to do with Ice and Eth.
Amari’ raised an eyebrow, what was he doing? She got the urge to take Icey's uneaten cold baked potatoe and throw it at Etharion's head. But she thougth it was best that Icey and Ethy sorted this themselves.
Suddenly Etharion stoped.. "I...forgive me.." and he droped her hand and rushed up the stairs towards his room..
Amari’ raised her second eyebrow as well, in surprice this time. Then she shook her head slowly. Poor confused wizard... maybe he should play in the back yard with Selen for a while too, to clear his head. Perhaps she should try to talk to him again, hopefully he wouldn't vanish again. But first she had to eat!

She gave Icey a pat on the shoulder. "Are you ok, Ice? For a moment there I thought you were going to give him the same treatment you gave your steak. I'm getting myself some food, shall I bring you something while I'm on my feet? A drink, some Balrog Wings...?"
A western wind blew gently on his face, he looked up at the sky and smelt the air, then he caught a smell of roast, and lowered his head and saw a few lights and smoke rising in the distance. Jumping slightly, he lifted his bag up from sagging, and walked towards to smell.

Holding the strap of his bag over his shoulder, he walked over a lsight hill and saw that it was an Inn of some sort, so he continued to walk towards it, he was tired from his long journey, and sorely wished for a rest and vacancy.

Arriving at the door of the Inn, he opened it and BANG! he hit his head on the frame, and let out a small 'eek' and rubbed his head, but tried not to look hurt or embarrassed and sat down on a chair near him and put his bag on the table next to him.
Eva sighed as Etharion ran up the stairs of the inn. She had so hoped they would work things out...

She was startled by a loud THUMP! as someone walked into the inn and hit their head on the lintel. As Elessar took a seat, she noticed that aside from the growing welt on his forehead he looked ravenously hungry. She hurried back into the kitchen to serve up more roast.
As Etharion stomped up the stairs, the sound of a door being slammed shut followed..and then a loud blast which shook some dust from the ceiling downstairs..and then silence..
Grondy approached the lump-headed newcomer's table. 'Sorry about your head kind sir, we don't usually see such tall visiters here at the Inn. Still your fez looks familiar, but for the life of me I can't recall your name; not that that is any different from normallity, I'm always forgetting names. Have you been here before? If not welcome to the Khazad-d’mish Inn; though then you will have to sing for your first drink,' and he pointed to the sign over the bar (in the first post of this thread.)

If you've already been here and done that perhaps you'd like to order? Or order now, sing next, and eat after? Eva has made worderful pot roast dinner, if I do say so myself, as I just did, having just eaten my fill of it. Wonderful! Or perhaps you'd care for a tankard of Gimli's Finest’ Ale?
The Cloveress sniffled, and snored, well, her snores were more like squeaks, but she was alseep and in her most vulnerable state of hibernation now.
Grondy wondered if Claw had let the population of mice get out of hand, probably not; maybe those tiny squeaks were bats in his belfry, seeing as how the Inn didn't have one of those.
Looking up, he expected to see some sort of creature flying around the room, but ignored and looked at the innkeeper and replyed, 'Thats quite alright', rubbed his head once more and chuckled, 'you see the thing is, is that i am no taller than most people in here, so i really dont know how i hit it. But your memory does serve you well, for i have not been here before, so i guess that if i want to stay here i have to sing??? Before though, i would like to know your name my good sir, for you did not mention it in your welcome. I shall answer your question now that i have given mine, i am Loss, i have no last name, no first name for that matter, but most people from the parts i hail from call me just that.'

Taking a good breath he again caught a whiff of that delectable scent, and said 'i should like to eat first, maybe drink and then i will sing.'
"Well, the point is that you sing for your first drink, which is then complementary," Eva said, coming out of the kitchen with fully loaded plates. "Maybe you could eat first, the sign is a bit ambiguous about that, but my advice is to just get it over with. It doesn't have to be terribly long."
"I'm Grondy, Loss, I run this establishment for Gimli_axe_wielder who is the actual proprietor and founder of this here Khazad-d’mish Inn, but he is out adventuring. Eva is our chief cook, so be nice to her, or she'll leave and then you'll be stuck with my cooking. Her food tastes delicious, mine is barely edible on a hungry day. And what she just said is correct; sing first, then drink, but if you need to eat to build up your strength first you may eat."
'Well then, i dont think i should like to be different to anyone else, but please, Sir Grondy, allow me to prepare, i have had a long trip' and slightly bowing to both Grondy and Eva, he looked through his bag for his pipe and his memory (seems to forget that sometimes)
From the blast upstairs, Amari’ figured that Etharion had left. With a shrug she helped herself to some food and strolled happily back to her table. On the way, she stopped and listed to some squeeky noises. Her experience told her that it was either the sound of a hybernating faerie or a Longtailed Purple Squeeker calling for a mate. Either way, the smartest thing was to stay away.
The Cloveress was having sweet dreams. She was flitting about the bushes of Nan-Neldoreth, and it was summertime. Oh and there was wine, of course. Thingol had always had some good flagons ready for guests, though he was quite a prig. At this, she squeaked again and emitted a noise sounding a lot like "prig!" And Luthien was still there, Beren had probably not even been born yet. Ah, the good old times...
"Certainly Loss, take your time. And if you want to rest and freshen up, room eight with a single bed is available upstairs and the wash-room is just across the hall from it. There's a stack of towels in that room."
MAAAAN!!!! I gotta try and keep up with everyone...last time I checked in, there were no new posts...and now there's like...a THOUSAND!!!!! Okay...yes that was an exaggeration..but I'll try to keep Ice up...Big Smile Smilie

Ice's grim expression paled slightly as Etharion finally looked up at her and took her hand. She felt herself leaning into him...when suddenly he left, dashing off upstairs...She just stood there in shock..."Wha....?" she muttered quietly, and seemed to not hear those who were talking to her, or much of anything around her, for that matter...
At a loss for what to do, Ice turned and started to follow Eth upstairs. Halfway to the landing, the explosion occurred, and Ice blinked away tears...she knew he had left again. She continued on anyway, and found the door of his room left half open...
Cautiously Ice crept up to the doorway, and kicked the door the rest of the way open....

BTW....GREECE!!!! Eth that is SOOOO not fair!!!!! I wanna go!!!!!!!!!!!!!
As Ice opened the door some smoke escaped into the hallway.. The inside of the room was...slightly chared, and there was a still burning octogram embeded in the floor through which Etharion most likely teleported away..
i know that things are pretty dry at the moment, but ill try and get a song together within the next 2 days or so, im not a song writer!!!
Ice wiped tears from her eyes with her sleeve and stepped into the room. She glanced around, the walls blackened and the octogram on the floor in the center still glowing slightly with heat. Her ears and tail drooping very low; she resembled a puppy who had just been scolded; Ice turned and headed back towards the door of the room. In the process, she tripped over some blankets lying on the floor, and stumbled back, her balance totally lost.
Grondy hurried upstairs with a bottle of seltzer water which he preceeded to spray all over the chared wood and remaining burning embers. "Hoo Boy! when that lad makes an exit, he does it with style. You all right Icey? You look a little peaked."
The Cloveress felt autumn nearing, so she decided it was time to come out of hibernation. She popped her head out of the little jar she was sleeping in, and felt a cool wisp of wind blow across her face. " refreshing..." She stretched her wings lazily, and yawned. "I wonder what they've been up to." She peered down at the Inn below and smirked. "Grondy's business sure isn't improving..."
OOC: Loss, you don't have to write a song; you may simply type in the lyrics to a song you enjoy, as long as you credit the author of the song.This is what most people do. However, by the time you read this, you probably will already have written one... which is ok too, we enjoy original work. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
OOC: Thanks Eva, I meant to write that yesterday, but forgot what with one thing and another. Original is nice; second hand is fine. Happy Elf Smilie
OOC: well its a good thing i love originality, as ive pain stakingly written a poem/story/song, it is frightfully long but its a story that i fond amusing. I hope you like it, so i should have that little ’ sign at my name Orc Smiling Smilie

'Well i hope that everyone is ready, for i have managed to remember a song, i knew my memory was in their somewhere'. As he said that, Loss slowly stood and began his song;

'On Eastern Paths and Western Hills
A cruel North Wind blew South,
It came at last to Center Land
And found a humble house.

And on a chair, an old man slept
And heard adventure call,
He rubbed his eyes and sat up straight
Pink feet were on the floor.

So he grabbed his hat, his boots and stick
His heart was full of zest,
"So where indeed shall I go?
Indeed I shall go West".

So West he went among the Hills
And came across a stone,
And nothing could be heard except
This tiny little groan.

So he looked around, behind the stone
And to his disbelief,
Lay a little fluffy bunny
Who had broken both it's feet.

"Oh my, my friend, you are distraught"
With a tear right down his cheek,
"Take you to my home, I will,
If better health you seek?"

So he grabbed his hat, his boots and his stick
And carried this little beast,
"So where indeed shall I go?
Indeed I shall go East".

So East he went to Center Land
And nursed that bunny right,
It's feet had healed, and fat he grew
Until the dead of night.

The man had grabbed the bunnies neck
And threw it in the pot,
Closed and tight the heavy lid
Until the screams had stopped.

His stomach full, he was content
And went back to his chair,
He got his pipe and took a puff
He did not have a care.

So he took off his hat, his boots and stick
Adventure's end it seems
"So where indeed shall I go?
Indeed I shall go dream".

"Very good song Loss, and it makes a good adventure story too," said Grondy hurrying over to Loss's table with a large tankard of Gimli's Finest’ Ale, "and here is your comlimentary drink," setting the tankard before him.

You might wish to submit it to the Writers' Guild for possible inclusion in the poetry division of our Fan Fiction section, or for some minor suggestions to make it even better. It isn't quite up to the standard of Chatho-linn's poetry, but then whose is? Happy Elf Smilie
Eva made a face at the gruesome turn the song took, but decided it was a good song overall... she had a nasty feeling the morbid verse was going to get stuck in her head. "And your supper, too," she said to Loss, bringing over a plate of roast.

welcome to the elite group of original singers Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
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