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Thread: The Khazad-dumish Inn.. Please watch your head coming through the door.

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We could do that and the previous. I've looked over the first few pages of the thread, and it shouldn't be too hard to summarise succinctly.
i.e: Bob walked in and sung a song by the Beatles, then Grondy congratulated him and gave him a mug of beer. Halo_Black jumped down from the ceiling, snarled at the newcomer, and turned into a sheep.
That sort of thing Smile Smilie.
OOC: 7 Regulars atm, 70 pages of Khazad Dumish, 10 Pages each, possibly do them in a way that the people who've been here longer do earlier pages, like when GM returns, he gets the first 10, then Ar-edain, Eva Lillith for 20-29, then Icefangs, (30-39), Then Thorin (40-49), Fornac (50-59) then me, then we restart that cycle.

I doubt old Gimli will ever return, now; especially if we want to start the KDI Histories any time soon.
I'll begin that thread tomorrow. On with the story!
Don't post with the story yet, i'm editing my above one with it. I mean Grondy, not Gimli btw.
Do you think I meant ADTFTN? Or are you editing something on this thread? I meant carry on with the story in the KDI.
I meant the KDI. Its here, I just couldn't be bothered editing my post;

Eruheran looked up in shock at the mention of the eggs being from Grondys pet spider, and swoops up the egg he had found, running to the stables. Minutes later, the door slammed open, and 25 soldiers walked in, without Eruheran. Swords were raised,
"We are the Guard of Ch’sor, here on Eruherans orders, where is our master?" One of them muttered, examining the place, grinning at the large statue, before noticing there was still a pool of wine around it, a broken glass, some moldy ruined dinner and a splodge of blood on one of the corners, and it was in between 2 halves of a table. The door reopened, Eruheran ran in, and the man who spoke turned.
"Master." He muttered, "We came, however we saw a decently sized gang of thugs, around 30 of them, a few miles back, raiding a building, saying stuff about preparing for the fight tomorrow." The guard muttered,
"Arthion, there is a spider in the cellar, DO NOT Harm it, we may need it to help us when Ebrond and his thugs arrive, trap it in the first room you find. I Carved my signature into it..." Eruheran began, as Fornac scowled at what Eruheran called a signature, "... and Should be big enough for the Spider. After that, you find us a room further down, which is fully empty, and the Women and Cowards hide in there. Then, when the Thugs arrive, you and the warriors of this inn shall hold them back, and you will make a temporary barricade next to the first door of the cellar. We shall lock ourselves upstairs, and open the cellar door. The Spider shall sort out the surviving 'Bailiffs' and thugs." Eruheran muttered, drawing his plan up on the darts scoreboard.
"Yes sir," Arthion muttered, "Dab your arrows in temporary black-out poison, and use that time to get the Spider to the first wine cellar. Then clear the nearest room, and evacuate the cowards and women to it. If the legends about this place are true, Dwarf, you stay with them, in-case the inn falls, so you can lead the survivors through the long tunnels to Khazad-D’m." Arthion added, pointing to Thorin. "Then barricade off the tunnels, just after the first door, but make it weak, enough to fool spiders and thugs. Another person shall stay by the barricade, someone familiar with the Spider, and shall wait our signal to release it. We shall hold them back then head to the top floor, and barricade it. When they search the cellar, release the spider." Arthion finished, explaining what Eruheran said.
Fornad shook his head.
'Your plans are flawed, Eruheran,' he said. 'That monster is far more dangerous than any of those thugs could hope to be. Releasing it would be a mistake. I doubt even that Captainduck will return to this inn, but if you feel them still to be a threat, you can leave the inn and go further along the Road with your guard. Set up an ambush.'

You could do it with a Journal Entry, if you wished. By the way, what's that other one you posted? A beginning of a story?
It messed up, I was going to delete it when I realised it was too short and rubbish xD

"Are we sure the 30 thugs down the road were not talking abut us? I Checked the stables a moment ago, and there was a horses head in place of a horse. Don't know whos." Eruheran replied to Fornac. "He promised to return by the end of the month, with bailiffs to take down the inn. How do you know he won't." Arthion added, from what Eruheran had told him.
The Windows suddenly smash in, and Ebrond breaks down the door. Thugs jump in through the window, and round the regulurs into the center, around the statue of the owner.

Yar herd our red h'ring, Stay wear yar sitting, No funny bisness, let us do our job.

Ebrond laughs, signulling his thugs to find the remaning customers and all expensive items. The Inn would then be destroyed.

We herd ya talk of a chronicle of this inn, this is the epilog!
Eruheran whips out his scimitar, and advances on the elf.
"So you are a fraud, making money from being thieves and thugs, taking expensive items and heirlooms, and selling them in other inns, which are then destroyed, for some reason. And, I am sure we don't have insurance." Eruheran shouted, passing his recently made staff to Arthion.
Hey, you know what? Nobody messes with a Ranger So Angry Smilie

Fornad twisted around, drawing his razor-sharp longsword from its scabbard and stabbing a thug through his stomach in a heartbeat. He ducked under a mace swing from another and sliced his throat, blood spraying as the two bodies thumped to the floor.
As he leaped onto a table, drawing his bow and an arrow from his back, he shouted:
'To me, Thorin, Eruheran, Icefangs and the guards! This inn will not fall to brigands and thugs!'
He nocked an arrow, drew the string to his eye, and shot another thug in the neck.
'Bloody insurance,' he muttered, as five more came towards him. 'They never give up.'
2 of Arthions mean ran out of the cellars, pulling out there bows as they watched Fornac begin the attack.
"Fornac, Don't... oh fine, I'll join in." Eruheran muttered, signalling for Arthion and his men to attack.
"Hey, Ebrond, We surrender." Arthion shouted, stopping. He raised his arm in a signal, and all the soldiers, thugs and Fornac stopped.
"Search the cellars, there is a room, the first one along, Grondmasters office, there is a scroll, if you can sign the contract, you have full ownership of the inn." Arthion explained, opening the Cellar doors.
"It Needs 25 Witnesses to confirm it. Take your men." Eruheran added, from his knowledge of contracts.
'Hand over the ownership papers?' exclaimed Fornad, jumping down from the table and moving to block the entrance of the corridor. 'Would you really...' He then saw a glint in the Chasorian's eye, and stopped. He knew what they were going to do.
'I'm going to kill you, Chasorian!' he lied, running towards Eruheran and gripping him by the collar. 'Act like you're betraying me,' he whispered in Eruheran's ear, before Arthion grabbed him.
Eruheran and Arthion drag Fornac to the corner.
"I'll explain later." Arthion muttered, and winked at Fornac. Fornac stepped backwards from Arthion, then the 3 Warriors ran to the cellar door, opening it.
Ebrond and his soldiers charged into the tunnels, and ran straight into the first room. They saw a scroll on the table, and Ebrond grabbed it.

OOC: Where is this ending up?
Fornad followed Ebrond and the thugs into the dark room, seeing that he had found the scroll. Which Eruheran had just told him was blank, and that they had the real one.
'I'm sorry about that outburst, friend,' he said, patting Ebrond's back. 'Now if you'll just sign here...'
Then he saw something twice as big as a horse shift slightly in the far side of the room. It clicked, sounding like very large mandibles.
'Ha... uh, I'll just go and see how Eruheran's getting on,' he said, sidling back out the door. With a desicive turn, he locked it.
Let's see how they get on against a descendant of Ungoliant, he thought with glee.
'I am sorry about calling you traitors,' he said, turning to Eruheran and Arthion, who were both grinning. 'That was a masterstroke, leading him in like that.'
High-pitched growls and clicks began to come from inside, followed by a man's scream abruptly cut off and a few loud crashes.

OOC: Your thugs will get killed, but we'll allow you to live. Even though we'll tie you up. You shouldn't mess with the Inn, nor it's inhabitants.Very Evil Smilie
CD, You actually did it? xD.

Arthion grabbed a rock from the half built barricade, and placed 3 of them infront of the door, weakly blocking it so it would take strong force to break it down from the inside. He walked down the corridor to Fornac, and pulled out an egg.
"So, Ranger. When they searched the tunnels before, they got the inns contract, and found another egg. They broke the egg, stuffed inside the Contract and put it inside their bag. At the same time, 2 other soldiers briefly knocked out Grondmasters spider, and hit it behind a extremely bookcase in that room, so when it revived, It would smash through the bookcase, and deal with the threat." Arthion explained, dropping the egg. The Inns contract fell out.
"Arthion, if Captain Duck continues to stir stuff up, I will call you back. Fetch 5 Weeks worth of Ch’sorian Wine from my winery in the ruins of Mithingal, and more cows, as a present to this inn." Eruheran asked, opening the door for Arthion. The 24 survivors walked out.

Captain Duck, There is a secret tunnel behind the smashed bookcase. Go through it, and if you come back like this again the spider of grondmaster will be lethal.
Fornac, our 2 posts just cancelled each others out...

Mines more clever Elf Sticking Tounge Out Smilie
Done it Happy Elf Smilie

As the guard of Ch’sor left the area, Eruheran slowly sealed the doorway with bricks. His soldiers had taken emerald Grondy outside, and Eruheran was sat on the bench in place of the center table, carving the Emerald shard into a dragons head, with a ruby orb in the mouth that glowed through the eyes.
"So, in the last few weeks, the inn has had its roof collapse, giant spider eggs and invasion from some weird blokes, how do we clean it?" Eruheran asked, placing the staff and Dragon head to one side and began to pick up plate and glass shards.
'Someone is going to have to chop up that broken table for firewood,' replied Fornad sitting in a chair nearby. 'It'll never be fixed. And when he comes back, Grondmaster will have to hire some professional hobbit builders and thatchers to fix that hole in the roof. A few planks of wood nailed on just doesn't hit the spot.' He glanced up at the boarded hole, from which occasional drops still plopped into a bucket of water beneath. The storm outside still hadn't abated.
He pulled himself up from his chair and slung his bag on to his back.
'If you'll excuse me, ladies and gentlemen,' he said, nodding to all, 'I'm going to my bed. I wish you all good night!'
With that he walked across the main room and went up the stairs to the right of the bar, disappearing from sight.
OOC: So, I may have missed this, but what exactly is this giant spider doing now that our unwanted guests are dealt with?

Eva, having heard some of the commotion, turned back to the inn, hoping that Ice would heed her words and turn back as well, or at least that Selen was nearby and would take care of her mistress.

She stared around at the mess. By the Havens, those two are as bad as Clover for making a mess. I bet that insurance fellow showed up again, but still. I leave for a few minutes, and this happens... She moved to a closet to grab a broom and dustpan to sweep up the glass. "I wasn't planning to ask for my old job back, but it looks like I'll have to at least fill in for a while," she muttered. "Which is good, because I'm not even sure who I'd give the money to if I were to try to pay tonight..."
OCC: This story has gotten really fascinating but I can't keep up, you all are too fast for me! Smile Smilie Sian has cleaned up the back pantries and made sure the freezers are well-stocked but then got a note from Butterbur requesting her presence at the Prancing Pony so saddled her hobbit-pony and gone out the back door. Keep the story going! And I like the idea of doing a history...
lol I'm new so this is a tad confusing but I suppose I'll just have to read through all 80 something posts! Oh well, it should be entertaining! Wink Smilie
Just come in and sing a song for everyone and you'll be fine Smile Smilie
OOC: Sian/Whoever it was who asked about the spider: It could be feasting on Ebronds body and thugs, or it could have escaped through the tunnel, I'll check on it now.

Eruheran ran down the stairs as soon as he woke, and notices a new person at the door.
"Have some of my wine! and a Tenner!" Eruheran shouted, throwing a 10 Mithrill piece across the room, and pulling some Ch’sorian wine out of his bag, pouring some for Ashwyn.
"She sang? Relations to the Insurance company which we had to deal with?" Eruheran asked, sliding it down the bar.
"I'll check on that spider." Eruheran announced, pulling out his scimitar and staff, heading to the cellar door.

He barged it open, jogging down the corridor, before finding the door to the wine chamber shattered. He walked in, finding 12 people wound up in spiders silk, and a trail of blood leading into the small hole behind a shattered bookcase. He walked towards the hole, and saw a trail of dead men. He hadn't realise they could escape this way. He lit his torch, and headed down the bloodstained tunnel.
OOC:Eruheran, Ashwyn hasn't actually come in yet. She has just enquired about it.
OOC: The Wine and Tenner will still be there when she enters and I get back.

Eruheran reached the end, seeing a collapsing man, who had got this far down the tunnels before getting attacked, but he didn't know what.
"Thug, Where is Ebrond, and the spider." Eruheran, offering the thug his hand.
"I was poisoned, I am weak..." The Man explained.
"The body is Weak when it understands its weakness. The body is Strong when it understands its strength. The Defence of an Elf and the Strength of a Warg march together within every man. So to call one man Weak and another Strong merely serves to indicate the possibilities of their achieving the opposite." Eruheran told the man, not making any sense, but being dramatic. The Man suddenly collapsed, going into a coma.
"You deserved this fate." Eruheran muttered, dragging the man out of the cave onto a large snow covered rock. He was in a snowing forest, and could see no trace of the spider.
Excuse to make a dramatic Yoda Speech. Soz

The Cellar door bursts open, and Eruheran runs in, pulling his cloak off and throwing it on a table.
"No Trace of the Spider. Or Ebrond, but there was a odd trail of bodies, they were slaughtered." Eruheran explains, pulling out a scroll, a map of the Cellars that he found.
"The Cellars are in a mess. Dead Thugs everywhere, a few spider eggs lying around, trails of blood, ruined by the fact we never use them. Anyone want to help set up wall-torches along the corridors, and clean the place up?" Eruheran asked, while secretly carving
'Eruheran Surivan 2K10' on the table.
Okay well I suppose I'll just do my bit and sing Big Smile Smilie

Ashwyn stands up, smiles and bows, "I'm afraid I was unsure of whether, with all that is happening, singing was still mandatory, but seeing as it is I shall sing you a song of my coming to fair Lothlorien!" So saying she stands and begins to sing in a melodious lilting voice:

"I've wandered long and travelled afar,
through many lands under moon and star,
Always wondering whether rest I should find,
Some day in a place that my heart it could bind,
And so one day to a forest I came,
Who had history long, and had great fame,
Lothlorien was the fair place I did see,
The great Golden valley of the Mallorn tree!"

having finished her song Ashwyn bowed and smiled and her deep blue eyes were grave,
"I hope that was suitable! And while I may not seem a warrior I have seen my own share of battles! So keep that in mind if you ever need help in the future!" Her eyes flashed once but soon had an easy going sparkle in them and so saying she sat down.
Eva had considered pausing in her cleaning to find a drink for the newcomer, but since Eruheran had already poured her some wine, she continued her efforts. She did, however, stop to applaud the song. "Well done! I assume you will take the Chasorian wine, but if you prefer the inn's signature brew, I can get some for you. I'm sorry it's such a mess, but I can't say it's too unusual... our patrons tend to be good at making messes."
Ashwyn smiled "The Chasorian sounds lovely thank-you"
Because Eruheran Is Still in the Cellars, tied up and stuff He continued to hum the Indy theme, getting louder each time, hoping he would be saved before the Spider of Grondy arrived.
"I'll have some Ch’sorian, thank you." A voice from miles down the tunnels echoed. Eruheran grinned, before humming the Indy theme.
Eva gestured to the wine that Eruheran had thrust toward the newcomer before vanishing. "Help yourself." She looked a the large pile of glass and ceramic she'd already swept up and sighed. "I'll get back to this. Really, the inn should just get tableware made of mithril. The fact that it doesn't break would more than make up for the cost, in the long run.
Ashwyn took the wine and downed it in a single gulp Big Smile Smilie "mmmm delicious! So what happened here anyway? Was there trouble? Anything I can do to help?"
OOC: Rescue me already!

Eruheran heard the conversation, and suddenly stops humming.
"The Roof fell in, then the insurance company arrived, and shut us down and tried to mug us because they were frauds, they got trapped in these tunnels, and I need help!" Eruheran roared, before humming Indiana Jones even louder. Within minutes, he was roaring it at the top of his voice. After a quick break, he begins to roar the badger song.
Ashwyn being an elf heard most of this (Or at least the part about needing help.) and so unsheathing her sword, which was a fine elvish blade, she sped down towards the cellars. Of course she noticed the blood and mess and was quite disappointed she hadn't been involved in whatever battle took place here. Finally she came to the room where Eruheran was and saw him covered in spider silk, singing an odd song about a badger. Unable to contain herself, for she found this incredibly humorous she laughed, "What on earth has happened here? And I must say you are an amusing sight!But have no fear I'll cut you loose." and so saying she carefully sliced away the webs careful not to cut him. "There, can you walk?" she inquired.
"SNAAKE! SNAAKE... Oh Hi..." Eruheran shouted, as he got cut down from behind, embarrassed.
"Of cause I can walk, but a few days ago the roof fell in, and almost broke my leg, but I need the Staff of Surivan to walk properly, but I can sprint fine without it. The Ch’sorian wine which you like is expensive, and I have secretly made a contract allowing all the profit from it going to me, King of Ch’sor, Eruheran Surivan." Eruheran explained, picking up the large plank of wood with the emerald dragon at the end, which was now a official family relic.
"Have a tenner." Eruheran muttered, pulling a coin out of his shoes. As they walked back to the Inn, he began to sing.

Here's a llama
there's a llama
and another little llama
fuzzy llama
funny llama
llama llama

llama llama
llama llama
llama llama

i was once a treehouse
i lived in a cake
but i never saw the way
the orange slayed the rake
i was only three years dead
but it told a tale
and now listen, little child
to the safety rail

did you ever see a llama
kiss a llama
on the llama
llama's llama
tastes of llama
llama llama

half a llama
twice the llama
not a llama
llama in a car
alarm a llama

is THIS how it's told now?
is it all so old?
is it made of lemon juice?
now my song is getting thin
i've run out of luck
time for me to retire now
and become a duck.

Ashwyn laughed "I haven't heard that song before! It's quite amusing! Though perhaps we should be quieter lest that spider come back and catch us both unaware."
"No, for one who says they like to fight so much... SPIDER! WE ARE LUNCH! Happy?" Eruheran roared, who had changed a lot over the 5 years he had spent in Ch’sor, pulling out his sword, roaring, pulling the spider towards it.
"Its caused too much trouble, flee, it is too strong for an elf, and a woman." Eruheran muttered, before roaring again.
Now Ashwyn was angry "You think it is to strong for me? Perhaps I should have left you in that silk web! No spider should best me and you are one to talk seeing how YOU were the one caught! I wish to fight yes, but I'd rather not have you to get in the way while I do so!" Her unsheathed sword glowed in the darkness and her eyes flashed dangerously as she turned seeking for the shape of the spider in the darkness. "Run away while YOU can and let me do the work, or stay and see the full wrath and prowess of an Elvish warrior at work!" she was deeply offended at the fact that he thought her incapable because she was a women and an elf but he would soon see.
"I Won the Tournaments of Umbar 12 Times in a row, and was Champion of Harad 5 Times*! But we are about to be attacked by a spider, so lets shut up and fight!" Eruheran muttered, staying calm/normal.
"You would be a good addition to my personal army, I hadn't expected a woman to be as good as you say you are. And I was attacked by 5 Spiders from behind, who seem to be children of the Spider of Grondy." Eruheran muttered, hearing a hiss from behind, and spun, hitting the first spider in the face with his scimitar, killing it from the shock and power of his swing.
"Nice to meet you," Eruheran added, grinning at the elf.

*=This was in the Second age
Ashwyn grinned for this was more to her liking "Well it's nice to meet you too, and I must say this battle is greatly to my liking! The odds being against us, small odds of survival, and in a dim cellar as well! What could be better?" She heard a hiss to her left and twirled striking down a spider with one fell slice. "And regarding." she paused slicing another spider "regarding your "personal army" I follow no ones orders but my own but thank-you anyways for the offer." She began to twirl and slice, but being light on her feet it looked more like she was dancing then anything, indeed she called this her "deadly dance"
Eruheran grinned at this, jumping straight over a spiders head, landing on its back, before swinging his arm backwards and stabbing the spider straight in the head, leaving 2 Spiders alive.
"Where are the last 2?" Eruheran muttered, standing back to back with Ashwyn, so they could watch their backs.
she glanced around worriedly "I'm not sure......What should we do? Wait and see if they come or slowly make our way up to the inn? Perhaps we'll bump into them" she said grinning now at the thought, "Oh by the way, what of the huge spider lurking here? Do you know what happened to it? Is it even here still?"
"Grondmasters Spider? It May be one of these, but I found a trail of webbed corpses along a tunnel, which led to a forest. It is unleashed." Eruheran muttered, throwing his sword into the air, pulling down a spider.
"Be Alert." Eruheran muttered, as he stabbed the spider in the face.
Ashwyn nodded "Good one less spider to worry about at least....." She twirled suddenly striking down a spider that had been creeping up on her. "Is this all of them then?" she asked relaxing slightly though still alert
"Should be." Eruheran nodded.

Ashwyn, I know you are too much of a coward to join my army Elf Sticking Tounge Out Smilie, but would you like to join in on this thread? Its Eruheran, Joe the Bard and some un-named guy [Thorin] travelling Middle-Earth, before single-handedly, or with a small force of elves, taking down the temple of Ch’sor, reclaiming it. Want to join in?
I'm not a coward, I just don't take kindly to orders Elf Sticking Tounge Out Smilie and would end up arguing the whole time. I think that it would be fun to do take down the temple and travel through Middle Earth, so sure I'd love to do that Big Smile Smilie

Edited by Amari’ to add end tags.
Cool Big Smile Smilie

Eruheran sprant back through the corridor and went to bed.
Ashwyn watched him go and then turned back to the main room of the inn wanting some more Chasorian wine Big Smile Smilie
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