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Ice smiled slightly wistfully, and shook her head, saying, "Eth, I do not know." She winced as he poured the alcohol over the wound, and resisted pulling her arm back. Reaching up with her other arm, she tucked a stray hair behind one ear. She sighed and looked at Eth, her voice only a whisper, "We used to be so close, what happened? Are things any different now?"

Her cheeks flushed slightly and Ice and looked away, "Nevermind, forget I said that," she added slightly louder.
Fionw’ sat back down at his table, and said to Amari’, "Do you know if any athelas grows around here? I have one shoot left of it, and when I start travelling again, I'm going to need some more." He started musing on it, trying to remember what athelas needs to grow.
"It has been a bad year for Athelas. I have stumbled upon them now and then, but the only place I know for sure they grow big and strong are in the King's Healing Garden and in Sam Gardener's garden. But I noticed that the fair Laurelindhe occationally put some in the water when she cleaned the rooms upastairs. Very refreshing! Maybe Grondy would know where she found it?"

It was Laurelindhe who was the bar maiden, wasn't it?
Yes, Laurel used to help-out about the Inn during a period when she and her purse were decimated; we got her and her purse fattened up a bit and she moved on. Though she still drops in as a paying customer now and again.
Its kinda hard to RP with one other person when they're not there, heh heh. Just waitin on Eth, ^_^
Heh, yeah, I am waiting for Fionw’. Maybe Selen got their tongues?
After Grondy finished cleaning the washrooms and toilets, he took a hot bath and then wrestled a new keg of Gimli's Finest behind the bar, tapped it, drew himself a tankard full, and took a deep drink, "Ahhhh! That's some mighty good ale; anyone else want to try some from this new batch?"
Fionw’ seemed to be deep in thought, so Amari’ figured that a quick stroll over to the bar would be ok.

"Pour me a kag, will you Grondy? Say, my good dwarf, Fionw’ and I were talking about Athelas. You wouldn't happen to know where we could find some?"

The red dragon had woken from the movements and started to crawl around. He had now ended up as a combined scarf and turban, wrapped around Amari’'s head and neck. His eyes followed the dwarf's every move with great interest.
"Athelas you say," says Grondy as he's drawing a tankard of Gimli's Finest, "yes, I think there are still a few leaves left in our first aid kit." He hands the drink to Amari’ and continues, "I'll fetch you a leaf in a minute." He goes to the other end of the bar, rummages around under it, "Ah, here's the case." He opens the first aid case, picks up a zip-lock sandwich baggy from which he removes one of the three remaining Kingsfoil leaves, and repacks and replaces the case under the bar. "Yes, we still had three leaves, I'll have to keep my eyes open for a visiting ranger and ask her to gather me a few more leaves on her rounds about the area. Anyway here you go Amari’, you may have this one, and would you now like a pot of hot tea sans the tea leaves?"
Amari’ lifted the leaf under her nose and inhaled the sweet sent. "Mmmm... no thank you, the water will not be needed. I was asking for my new friend Finow’ over there. He was worried about setting out on a long journy without athelas. But he is clearly thinking hard about where he might find some, so maybe he won't need my help at all. You never know..."

She smiled and gave the athelas back to Grondy. "I think it is best that you keep this. For now at least. You can charge it to my tab if he comes asking for athelas. I have to go feed my animals now or they will get restless."

But before she left she added with a wink. "You know, if something happens to him, Eru forbid, Clover will have to find a new favorite to play her little pranks on. And Eru help us then."
Sorry for being away for so long...
What wizard?

Etharion continued to tend Ice's wounds..but when she asked him and then said to forget it he stoped, and anwsered anyway, not looking directly at her "Yes i remember Ice...i do. Its just...its been a long time and..well, i didnt think you really felt anything for me... All in all..since our traveles together we havent meet in quite some time..and well..i meet someone. Someone who i really care for.. I dont know how else to tell you.." he said thoughtfully.
Hmm... I see Fionw’ said he was a warrior, but he was doing wizardlike stuff, so I forgot he said he was a warrior and thought he was a wizard. Elf Sticking Tounge Out Smilie Fixed it now.
Sorry for my absence, been kinda busy. Fionw’ is a warrior, but he has certain abilities or powers, some that he has learned, a few are given to him by a minor ring of power that he wears on his right middle finger. It has nothing to do though with his long life, that is in his blood. The ring has certain qualities: it eases burdens and weariness, making them lighter, in dark places the blue stone set in it will light up at his wish, it enhances even further his already keen senses, and it aids him in locating herbs. His forsight is his own, the ring just enhances it.

"Thanks Amari’, but dried herbs won't work for what I'm thinking of," he said smiling at her as he fumbled through his satchel. "Grondy, how would you like to have," pulling an herb out, "an athelas garden? I have one fresh shoot left that can be planted, and I think this inn would be a good place."
"Just trying to help." said Amari’ as she passed the table. "I won't be gone long, just have to walk and feed my wargs and the dragons and the orcs, the trolls walk themselves of cource, and the..." the list continued as she walked through the inn about out the door.
"You know Fionw’, I'd love to have an Athelas plant growing here at the Inn, but we Dwarves aren't known for our agricultural abilities. If I can find an Elf with a green thumb who can get it planted, I can ensure it is watered and weeded, but were I to do the planting its roots would curl up or turn black. I know this speaking from experience. Any suggestions? Ahh, I know," and Grondy posted the following sign on the front door.
WHERE: Khazad-Dumish Inn
HOURS: Two hours per day, Five days per week
WAGES: Two silver penny per week plus room and board (including one pint of Gimli's Finest per work day)
DUTIES: Plant and maintain a vegetable and herb garden to supplement the needs of the Inn's kitchen
Icey sighed and with her hand, turned Eth's face back towards her, saying, "Eth, I understand. I just wanted you to know that I DO care for you, I always did. I thought you knew that, but, I guess I was wrong. Sorry if my being here upsets you."

Ice gently removed her half-bandaged arm from his grasp, and finished wrapping it with her other arm and teeth. She picked up her bag, slung it over her shoulder, and left the room. "I'll be outside with Selen for awhile, guys," she said as she came back to main room. "So if anyone needs me, that's where I'll be."

She opened the tavern door, stepped outside, and closed it behind her. She put her fingers to her lips and whistled, and soon the big kitten came bounding up, a bit of blood around its maw. "I see you've found something to eat, kitty," she said.
Etharion nodded, and said "But Ice.." too late, she already left the room. He through the rag he was holding accros the room.. "Always i must let someone down!!" he said felling guilty before storming out of the room.
'Ahhh, another misunderstanding between might-be lovers. Tis sad, but tis the way of life: finding a soul-mate is a difficult task."
Amari’ came walking from the stables, wiping her hands on the apron. She smiled as she saw Icey and Selen. "Hi Icey, Selen has been keeping me company. She nicked a orc hand from the wargs, she just loves that they are chained and she is not. "

She laughed. "She was so cute, playing with the hand. Gives a new meaning to the saying 'to bite the hand that feeds you'. But you don't look quite as cheerfull. What's the matter? And don't say you are fine, I know a sad wolfie when I see one."
Ice smiled slightly and and rubbed Selen's head. "Ah, you know me too well Amarie, my friend," she said. Looking back at the kitten, Ice did her baby voice again, "AWW! Did my wittle baby find a new TOY? Huh? Yes she did, yes she did."

Realizing that Amarie was waiting for answer to her question, and that changing the subject back to Selen would not work, Ice sighed and said, "I guess that either I don't know how to show someone I care about them, or...I was...wrong...about them in the first place." She put her head down to hide her face, and so as to not show the slight wetness around her ice blue eyes.
Amari’ sighed sadly. "Men.. You think all is well, then you return home, and find you have been replaced with a blond girl who likes horses." She kicked a stone hard and sent if flying. When it landed it was thouroghly 'killed' by Selen. "Good girl, Selen. Let him have it..." she mumbled and sighed again. "Maybe that is why we two get along so well, Icey. We are not so different you and I. If you don't love the wolf, you can't love the girl. And we both find that animals understand us better than people does..."
Etharion stomped down the stairs and planted himself at the bar near Grondy. "Grondy..give me something to liquidate some of my brain cells..and make it quick." he said grumpily, throwing a couple of gold pieaces on the bar in front of him..
This guy is just coming in, delivering a message, and leaving.

Hoofs sound outside as an elf rides up to the Inn. He walks in the door, and looks around him. Seeing Fionw’, he walks over to him, and pulls a scroll out of his cloak. "From King Thranduil," he says, handing Fionw’ the scroll. He turns and leaves without another word.
Fionw’ waited until the horse and rider had gone before opening the scroll. Breaking the seal, he read. His face, which had been happy and smiling, became worried and troubled as he read. "There's no end to the fighting," he muttered, opening the scroll some more. When he finished, he leaned back in his chair and pondered the letter...
Ice smiled at Amarie, and said, "Yes, we do connect well, don't we? And I know for a fact that Selen knows me better than anyone at this moment." At the mention of the kitten's name, she turned her head from the rock, and looked up, one of her ears cocked to the side, while the other remained straight up. Ice laughed and turned back toward the inn. Her sensitive ears had caugh Eth's words and he went to the bar, and she looked at Amarie, saying, "Should I go back in there?"
"Okay Etharion, here is a shot-glass of 151 proof Hardbottle Rum, I got a bottle of it direct from the hobbit distillery in the Southfarthing bypassing the revenuers, else I wouldn't be able to afford even the one. Two or three shots will put down the strongest warrior. Becareful of any open flames around it; you notice the flame arrester on the bottle."
"Mmh.." he grumbled approvingly, as he poured his first shot. Etharion usually didnt drink much..nearly nothing really. So this would probably knock him senseless.. But he didnt care..he just wanted to forget everything and escape..
Amari’ looked inside and over to the bar. Through the mist of pipeweed her elf sight quickly found Etharion by the bar. "I don't know, Icey. Maybe he needs a little time on his own to think. And to drink apparently. His thoughts might be clearer in the morning, or at least sometime during the afternoon..."

"Besides, I think Selen wants to show you how much fun you can have in the wilderness that Grondy calls a back yard. I can keep you company if you like?"

She suddenly remembered that she had told Fionw’ that she wouldn't be long, but some things are more imoprtant than others. She was sure he would understand.
Ice shrugged and nodded, and then smiled at Amarie. "I feel honored to have a friend like you, Amarie," she said and then looked at Selen, the kitten having bounded to the side of the inn and was looking back at the two women. "Have you something you'd like me to see, darling?" she said and laughed as the blue-striped kitten nodded.

"Well, I guess let's go, then!" She grabbed Amarie's arm and ran after the cat.
After the two left, Grondy turned to perhaps refill Etharion's mug, but the mug lay on its side, and Etharion was nowhere in sight...
Simply because she could, Ice ran back into the inn. She had no idea what she was going to say, or do, but she just wanted to see if Eth was still there. After glancing around and not seeing the elf, Ice sighed loudly, and put her head down, slowly walking back outside.

She returned to where she left Amarie and Selen, while the only sign of her passing through the inn's doorway once more was a small teardrop-wet spot on the ground...
(OOC: Orc Sad Smilie Oh how sad, but in the above post, who or what was this "her" that Ice put down? )Elf Confused Smilie
(OOC: OH! Heh heh...I forgot to put in one word, Grondy..and it makes LOTS of difference, ^_^, thanks for catchin that for meh...)
Amari’ was laughing at Selen, who quite liked to pretend she was a fierce tiger in the high grass. Then she looked up, and wondered why her instincts told her that Icey was gone. "Where's Mommy, Selen? ...Oh, there she is, sneaking in the grass. Go to mom, Selen!" She smiled as the cat crept towards Icey. Her face sadend a bit as her thoughts drifted. Though hundreds of years had passed now, it was still painfull to remember. Maybe because she had never found someone to replace him, as he had replaced her.

She shook her head. "Enough of this self pity." she thought to herself. "Let's play!" Then she silently followed the cat, trying to be as invisible as she could.
Ice crouched in the tall grass, allowing her self to go slightly translucent, to better blend in with her surroundings, though she knew the kitten did not use sight alone when it was looking for something. Suddenly, out of nowhere, it seemed, Selen materialized right beside her, and pounced. "OOF!" Ice yelled as her and the kitten rolled in the grass, ending up with Selen sitting on her chest, smirking.
"Selen, baby, you're a bit bigger than you were last time we did this..." Ice grunted. She struggled to get the cat off her, who she refused to move, and Ice coughed out, "Go get Amarie! She's a little more to fun to catch than someone you've already caught, darlin'."
Zephrah, a tall, dark skinned Elf, with Ebony eyes that shone as if with the reflection of the moon, made her way into the Inn. She looked up and saw the sign "There is just one requirement here. All first time visitors MUST sing a song!" She thought to herself "Somethings will never change."

As she looked around she saw both familier faces, and new younger faces. She noticed Grondmaster at the bar, and went over.
Hi all, I'm back, I think for good... Now that I see the thread, I realize how much I've missed it. How sad with Ice and Eth...
I'm going to act like I left (perhaps because I, too, had filled my pockets and wanted more adventuring) and came back... I don't think lurking in the kitchen is quite gonna cover it for this long gone...

Shortly after the previous returning guest walked in, another familiar face came through the door. "Hello, all, long time no see!" She walked over to the bar. "I saw your notice for a gardner, Grondy, and I must say that I am once again in need of a job. Perhaps I might apply?" She noticed the air of somberness in the room caused by Eth and Icy's misunderstanding. "Why is everyone so glum, Grondy? What's been happening while I've been away that has so dampened the inn's usually over-festive mood?"
"Oh, just the usual lovers spat Eva; that and our friendly sprite, the Cloveress hasn't made an apearance for a couple weeks, so nobodys been the butt of her friendly pranks; and of course the diners have all had to put up with my cooking, which would spoil the appetite of the hungriest troll.

Welcome back by the way. You may have that part time gardners job if you want, or you can take over the kitchen again, your soups were always ***souperb*** and your homemade bread was toothsome and tasty if I do say so. Or you could garden in the morning and then cook the evening meals for say, twice the pay. Would you like something to eat or drink while you're deciding, as of yet I haven't ruined the Bar-B-Qed Warg Ribs or Spicy Hot Balrog Wings, nor for that matter, the Deep Fried Watcher Rings, those are still quite tasty."

"Ah Ms Zephrah," said Grondy a scratching at his head, "I don't believe we've heard your song yet; sometimes it's easier when the house is mostly empty, like now," he added with a wink.
"Lovers spat? Between who?" Eva asked as she took a seat at the bar. "And I think I will take a pint of Gimli's Finest... It's been so long, and really, nothing else compares."
"Between Ice and Eth, but it may have been a one-sided affair, which caused the misunderstanding. But then I shouldn't gossip, because I may have the wrong end of the tale and cause trouble for them or me. Anyway Eva, here's your tankard of Gimli's Finest.

Oh. and Ice and Amari’ are out in the backyard playing with a kitten, a large one named Selen."
A tall hooded figure glided through the door and sat down at the bar."I see that I have to sng well I guess I'll give it a go.", he said as he took off his hood revealing his long platinum white hair with blood-red streaks.He had a pendant with a Skull and Crossbones on it and it had the letter R engraved on it.He got up to the mic and started belting out a song."This song is called Niki FM....
Let's go down now
into the darkness
of your thoughts
hurry up now
we're waiting for
us to fall
I fall to pieces now (I fall to pieces now)
a broken mirror (I fall to pieces)
in your life

Silence in black and white
falling forward as she walks toward the light

I'm outside of your window with my radio

I sleep with one eye open so I can
see you breathing (I sleep with one eye open)
I follow your chest home
Until I, (so I can see you breathing)
I can see you, I can hear you breathe in exhale

Silence in black and white

I'm outside of your window with my radio
I'm outside of your window with my radio


I'm outside of your window
with my radio (so I can see you breathing)
I'm outside of your window
with my radio (so I can see you breathing)
I'm outside of your window (one eye open)
with my radio (so I can see you breathing)

I'm outside of your window with my radio
you are the only station
you play the song I know
you are the song I know."He stopped and everything was silent."Anybody for an encore?"he asked with a grin on his face.
Name:Iesseus Reyndous
Race: Dunedain
Currently living in:Osgiliath
Description:A young brave warrior and bartender.He inherited the Crouching Hobbit Inn after his father Reagous Reyndous died courageously fighting off orcs near Osgiliath.He has long flowing white hair with blood red streaks.His weapons are the sword his father gave him known as Alsouda Katana and some throwing daggers known as Lagosas.He will do anything for his friends and family.He never gives up.He is very recognizable with his black hooded robe with chain mail underneath and long hair.When he works in the bar he wears black jeans and any shirt he can find.

Zephrah looked at Grondmaster, with the sort of look that could pierce. "Alright you want a song?" She lifted her mug, and downed the last of the grog, before slaming it down on the barr.

"The light is gone

and darkness reigns

a dark that holds me by it's chains

There is no hope

in this dismall world.

There's nothing left worth fighting for.

Give up the fight

Just give up the fight

lay quietly down

and let the world pass you by.

Just close you eyes

and let yourself die.

Just let me die

Please let me die

Let me craw into my grave

Tell the world

That I am no more

There nothing here woth fighting for."

"Does that qualify?"

Iesseus was touched by her song and he vigerously clapped."That was amazing!",he said as he ordered another ale.
Now that their singing was completed, Grondy brought the two newcomers their complimentary tankards of Gimli's Finest’ Ale. "Mighty fine, that'll do quite nicely; here's your reward and welcome to the Khzad-d’mish Inn." And you also can each have a plate of your choice of Spicy Hot Balrog Wings, Bar-B-Qed Warg Ribs, or Deep Fried Watcher Rings or any combination of them, and at no charge.
"More cats," Eva muttered to Grondy's comment about Selen, "wonderful." She congratulated the new arrivals on their songs, then sat in thought for a while. "Clearly, Grondy, I cannot leave your patrons to suffer your cooking. I'll take back my old job, and tend the garden as well, at least unless and until someone more qualified comes along." She stood up. "I guess I'll just go out and see what can be done as far as a garden... what with fairies, cats, and Amarie's sundry beasties, who knows what the yard's gotten like while I've been gone."
The Cloveress sniffed a little from the tepot she'd been napping in (she had been pretending to be a dormouse). "Fairies? Huh, what's wrong with fairies, eh?" She shook her big fat mouse ears off and muttered,"Bloody visitors...can't they leave a pore Tinkerbell in peace..."
"Tinkerbell, Tinkerbell ..Do you want something else to drink maybe ?" Mellon said softly as she looked at Grondy ordering a new tea for her longlost friend."And may I order a qiuck meal too ? "she ask as she sat down beside Cloveress
"Here's your tea Mellon." setting an ornate teapot, a milky white china tea cup and saucer, a small jug of milk before Mellon and a thimble before Cloveress. One lump or two? Would you like a sandwich and or soup and salad? Sugar?"
"Thank you, Mellie," grinned the Cloveress, hoping "Mellie" might annoy Mellon. Adults generally don't like nicknames. "But tea will be just fine, thank you Grondy." She stared dubiously at the thimble. "Hmmmm... now how am I supposed to drink my tea? I can hardly jump into this thing, and it's about 0.8 of my height, so I can't drink it with my mouth." She sent a glare in Grondy's direction, but then decided that she would have much more fun bugging Mellon, so she left the poor dwarf in peace.
Eva heard shouting and meowing as she walked outside. That must be Icey and her cat, she thought. Suddenly, something came rushing through the grass...

Hey, I'm first on page 44...!
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