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Thread: The Khazad-dumish Inn.. Please watch your head coming through the door.

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The Cloveress popped back into a more viewable form and sat down. She accepted what Grondy gave her with a slight nod and magicked a pile of mithril onto the counter. She smiled. That was the good thing about being a fairy. You could turn a pumpkin into a carraige and thin air into mithril. The Cloveress never worried about money.

But what had Grondy given her? There were some very ugly-looking fiery black things sticking out of her cup. She sniffed it. "Urrgh. What is this?"
All of a sudden the door of the inn opened with a loud sound and a young girl appeared in the dark of the threshold. The rain wet through her clothes and long chestnut hair, she was trembling with cold and weariness. An elvish bow was hanging down behind her back, but she was a human. She was looking at the inn's visitors, however the mist before the green eyes hindered her from seeing the faces. With her last ounce the girl tried to seize the handle of the door, stumbled and fainted away.
Eva had been looking at the door, concerned about Eruwen, when the stranger came in, and was the first to see her fall. She hurried over, trying to move the soaked woman to the fire where she could warm and dry. "Oof! She's heavy! Somebody help me move her to the fire."
Just as Eva said so the door of the inn opened and a stranger came in. It was an elf-maiden in a long dark-blue cloak with silver stars on it.No one has ever seen her here and as they all turned their faces to her,noone hurried to help Eva.
So the stranger rushed towards her and together they moved the girl to the fire, where she began breathing deeply and soon opened her eyes.
A new-comer has stood up and said in a low but clear voice: "My name is Elen. I've come from far away and I'm very tired after a long road, but if there is some wine for me, I will sing you a song that is sang where I live."
hear hear! heres my wine...wait i had ale...well heres someones wine anyhow. song!
Grondy hurried over with a small bottle of medicinal brandy and a blanket and handed them to Eva, "I'll fetch some hot coffee right away unless you think tea would be better. Room 3 is available, so you can put her to bed in there."

He yelled over his shoulder to the elven maiden as he headed to the kitchen, go ahead and start your song and I'll get your complimentary drink as soon as I can after we take care of this emergency."
ur giving her a free medical drink when she hasnt even sang? *Elrose snaps his fingers* yes im magick and yes she's healed...$5 please.
The Cloveress was unconcerned by the two strangers who burst in. She was concentrating on her drink and the wierd black things in it. She poked it again with her straw. It bubbled. "Ewwww..." The human girl had just fainted. Well, maybe this drink would be able to heal her. It certainly looked very reviving. And the Elf maiden was going to sing. That perked the fairy up a bit. The Cloveress loved a good song and Elves were known to have nice clear voices. But Elrose. She almost snorted when he performed his cheap five dollar trick. But she merely let her deep green eyes sparkle at him for a moment before turning their full attention to Elen.
So the new-comer took off her cloak and remained in a journey-costume which was plain but elegant although stained after a long road. Her hair was long and dark, she moved a strand from her forehead and said:
"I hope you won't judge me as my song is tristful, but my story is sad and if this is really the place I was looking for,I will tell my story to you...later."
Some kind man in the corner passed her a guitar, so she sat on a chair in the middle of the room and started singing softly:

I come out to the path, alone,
Night and wildness are referred to God,
Through the mist, the road gleams with stone,
Stars are speaking in the shinning lot.

There is grave and wonderful in heaven;
Earth is sleeping in a pale-blue light...
Why is then my heart such pined and heavy?
Is it waiting or regretting plight?

I expect that nothing more goes,
And for past I do not have regret,
I wish only freedom and repose,
I would fall asleep and all forget...

I would like to fall asleep forever,
But without cold sleep of death:
Let my breast be full of dozing fervor
For the life, and heave in gentle breath;

So that enchanting voice would ready
Day and night to sing to me of love,
And the oak, evergreen and shady,
Would decline to me and rustle above.

When the song ended she put the guitar down by her side and sat in silence drinking her wine.
"That was a fine, but sad song you sang there Miss, and here's your tankard of Gimli's Finest’ Ale. If you'd rather have some wine instead, I'm sure Elrose would get rid of this, and I'll get you another. Do you prefer red, white, or pink? And to snack on, would you like some Bar-B-Qued Worg Ribs, Spicy Hot Balrog Wings, or Deep Fried Watcher Rings or would you like a meal?"

"What's in your drink Cloveress, the snacks were on the tiny plate, or did Elrose sneak something into your cup when you weren't looking?"
The Cloveress looked at Grondy, and then at Elrose, muttering " OH Valar please don't let there be any other playful spirits about... Balrog Wings in my drink... only he would think of that..."
Elrose trys hard to stiffle manaic laughter and/or evil chuckling
I'd like some white wine,if you'll be so kind.And I could share my lembas with you,I have some left. It's made by a new recipe and I bet you've never tried anything like that.
Elrose,take my ale and stop playing jokes with Cloveress's drink.
y thank u! hey Cloveress! wot do u want to be for Halloween?and dont drink that ale before u tell me...well do actually, itll be entertaining!
"Here's your white wine Miss, I'm Grondy by the way, I run the Inn for Gimli_Axe_Bearer while he is away in the wars, or mines, or designing women's apparel in Minas Tirith. If you need anything just ask. We have showers, hot tubs, and saunas, as well as private rooms for sleeping. I think I might have just a small corner of your lembas, but I have found it grows on me worse than baked potatos smothered in sour cream or butter."
The Cloveress sniffed at Elrose. "I can be anything for Halloween." She sipped her drink unconsciously, watching Elrose's gleeful face. "What's the matter, troublemaker?"
I wasn't meaning any harm,Grondy and do not worry, you won't have any troubles of it. Maybe a disordered stomach for a while, but this bit will lengthen your life for a good 100 years,so it's up to you to decide whether to say thank you or not. It is a sign of respect.
By the way,thanks so much,the wine is perfect.
wait! u said u could be r u supposed to turn in to anything? hmmmm
The Cloveress was starting to feel that this Elrose would make a good novice in the arts of troublemaking. " tell me, impudent one." She chuckled to herself. "If you come up with a good idea I'll let you dress me up."
Eva had finished tending the young stranger, after bullying a random patron into helping her carry the woman into room 3. She had not woken up, so Eva had left the coffee by the bed, hoping the inviting smell would revive her.
Maydmarion hiccuped and lifted her head from the bar, wow, what was in my last drink. The last time I felt like this Grondy had given some of his special ale and I drank a lot then, but I think there's more to this than meets my eye. There WAS something in my drink - Maydmarion eyes the other patrons, now who..........
The Cloveress grinned to herself secretly. Now she'd show that Elrose how a real troublemaker does her job! She was a sprite through and through and now...well, Maydmarion was in for a surprise... The knowledge of magic herbs was strong in the Cloveress ever since she had been a young Cloverine. And now that bit of Dreamflower in Maydmarion's drink would just be enough to achieve the certain effect she desired...

OOC: I'll leave the actual effects up to you, Maydmarion!
OOC - lol Ha Ha Ha Smilie Ha Ha Ha Smilie I'll have to give it some thought - I'll be back........if I remember who and where I am - who said that....he he
Suddenly, a light blue mist drifted down form the ceiling. It swirled about the tavern, growing gradually darker and darker, until finally solidifying itself into a small elf, wrapped up tightly in a dark grey cloak. The elf stood, and the whites of her teeth were seen through the shadows of the hood, her mouth spread in a grin.

The hooded figure slipped up to the bar, her movements making not a sound. She coughed and threw back her hood. "Because I'm in such a good mood, and my birthday's next month, two rounds for everyone, on me!" Icey yelled, her lovely voice raised to make sure she was heard.

She put a jingling bag on the bar, and smiled at Grondy. "Sorry I was gone a bit, everyone; had a slight emergency back home," she said. The half-elf looked no different, except that her usually dark blue hair was now actually black and had light green streaks died in a random. She also wore a silver, crescent-moon shaped medallion around her neck. It was set with small emeralds and sapphires, outlining the shape of the moon.

"You're back!" cried the Cloveress, rushing over to hug Icey tightly. "I wouldn't want anything to drink, though. Elrose is absolutely incurable!"
"Now just a dog bone minute here Miss Cloveress," yelled Grondy. "This here Inn is also tavern and the hired help gets paid from the income from the drinks we sells, so don't you go queering our business. Please. Else someone might have to send a message to the Enforcers and they'd send one of the nine members of their guild out to do things to your wings, such as spray them with graffiti-like quotations from their old boss. And you wouldn't like that and neither would I." So here's you another thimbleful of white wine and lets hear no more of this off putting of me stock."

"And Elrose, don't you go puttin' any more mickys in anyone's beverages cause we all needs our knees and those guys sometimes play rougher than the old Oakland Raiders. And here's you a refill of your ale and a couple more Balrog Wings."
hmmpf, u cloveress may be a better trickster but lets see whos a better drinker eh? ho ho ho, Grondy, me and cloveress will be needing some ale, alot....on Icey.
"I'll take your challenge, you little snip!" the Cloveress said with a glint in her eye, though she knew she was not a good drinker. "And Grondy, nothing's gonna happen to my wings, or your inn, in case you haven't noticed, I have not been in pixie form for four hours now and nobody knows I have wings, so they will be quite safe, thank you. While your inn has me the master trickster here it'll be quite safe, because those Enforcers simply can't stand me. I slipped a pretty bunch of scorpions in their helmets when I passed by them a few years ago. They've been making it a point to avoid me ever since."
Icey sighed and grinned at everyone. "I hope you all enjoy your free drinks, 'cause that's all you're gettin' off me," she said and joined the Cloveress and Elrose. "So, how've you guys been?" she asked and tucked one of her green strands of hair behind one wolfy-ear.

Grondy,I can't hear anything in all this hubbub here, but I've heard you mention white wine, so I'd like to ask: was your remark about the Enforcers addressed to Cloveress or to me?
If the latter,then you as the innkeeper can do whatever you want and call all the nine of them, as I don't fear a fight.
All I fear is insulting a good person. And if by any means I've done so, just say that. Due to the code of honour which I was taught by my mighty teachers - Elves of Far-Far Rhun - in that case I will immediately make a hara-kiri.
But I still insist that my lembas is the best.
hara-kiri? u mean hara kari? Wink Smilie
to youre health Cloveress *empties mug* i love *these* Cat Smilie
"I probably committed the innkeepers worst folly and got the drinks and their drinkers confused Elen. My comments weren't meant for you; your honor remains intact. And here's a refill for you."

"You other guys may have your drinking bout here as long as you don't get too rowdy. And here's a pitcher of ale so I don't have to hustle over to tour table every minute or two."

"I like your hairstyle Icey, is that color natural, on purpose, or the result of an accident? Whatever, it goes well with your eyes."
another pitcher Grondy! *finishes pitcher* Wink Smilie
"And this time to everyone's health!" the Cloveress slammed her pitcher down, her voice already a bit slurred. Fairies were NOT known for drinking enormous amounts of alcohol. But she still raised the pitcher to her lips as soon as Grondy refilled it. "Hey Icey, the colour of your hair, looks like you've been rolling around in my clovers, or maybe you've gotten yourself into some other mess, as I'm sure you're capable of?"
"Well you guys know I like to be a little different," Icey began and shook her head vigorously, her eyes following the green strands as they fell in her face. "For a little while, parts of it were kind of red, or do you all remember that? Anyway, while I was gone, I had to change my look; there were these things looking for me, so I changed my hairstyle and my clothes, to keep them from finding me," she said, fiddling with the crescent medallion absently while she talked. "To make a long story short, they're not chasing me anymore, but I like my hair like this anyway, its unique," she added with a grin.

"So I see the drinking contest has begun once more; I don't know if dear Grondy wants to see me drunk again...." she said, smiling over at the innkeeper. She glanced at Elrose and the Cloveress and said, "I'm not placing bets on who wins, but I say it'll be Clover."

I changed Ice's hair because in real life my looks like that... well, it was dark brown and I died it black, anyway....

Duck Smilie
wow...I've got another glass of wine...and still alive to drink it...and getting a bit tipsy already...
those two don't stop drinking!...
...I definately like this inn!
Grondy tells the House Troll not to let either of the two contestants out on the street where they might hurt someone, at least not until they sober up; and then he pours two more pitchers and takes them to their table.

OOC --- WARNING: Kids, do not try this at home or anywhere else. Drinking in excess is bad for your health, the people around you, and your reputation. Do your drinking here and leave the driving to us!
The Cloveress giggled when she heard Icey's remark. "You think I'll win? Just you wait and look really funny....your hairsallgrreen..." She once more raised a pitcher to her lips and drank deeply. Then she let the pitcher fall into Elrose's lap while she smiled foolishly at Grondy. "Niccccce drinks, innkeeper. My little present." She tried to snap her fingers but couldn't because she suddenly felt as if there was no more strength in her hands. "Oh well...take this instead." She reached into the deep folds of her cloak and produced a phial of clover juice. She giggled harder. "Grondsy, this is a my secret for troublemaking!" She chuckled again drunkenly. "Take it, and use it in any one of your drinks and this Inn will be booming..."
OCC: i hate beer, theoreticly, i havent tried it, no worth it
*to end the "drinkining bout" early Elrose sneaks some sleeping powder in Drunk Cloveress's lates mug*
*The door of the in slams open and a familiar figure staggers in. It makes its way across the room, flopping down on a barstool and slumping over the bar.*
"Damn, its been too long Grondy. Gimme the strongest drink ya got, and I don't mean a pint of prune juice!"
*Halo grins before slumping back over the bar*
A figure came down from the stairs leading to the rooms above the Inn. As some of the smoke, that you always get in pubs and inns and tends to hang close to the ceiling even after no one has smoked anything for hours, cleared the figure proved to be Etharion the elf! He ducked to avoid one of the low timber beams that suported the low ceiling (its probably because of the name. Khazad-dumish Inn..dwarfs tended to have low ceilings in their Inns. they simply think, if they are three foot something, no one else would mind .... bending down a bit. Now Etharion understood this, but still his back would make him pay for it later. Happy Elf Smilie ) "Yaaawn. Evnin Grondy. How long was i up there? A month? While your at it, pour me a cider will ya?"
He got to the bar and nodded to the others in their various activities. "Elrose, Cloverless, Halo." he nodded his head at each of them. " And of course, Icey! How are you lass? Changed your hair?" he said happily.
*Halo grunts in reply and reaches for the bowl of stale peanuts sitting on the bar* "Gaaaaaaaaaawd! I've been away for so long I think I've grown a beard or a mo..." *Halo tugs at the hairy object hanging from her chin, it turns out to be an Ewok* "Huh! These things really do get everywhere don't they."
Etharion nudgged the furry critter-like creature out of the peanut bowl and nodded at Halo's comment. " I know what you mean. That is, i understand...but in a diffrent way. I never saw a Ewok forming a symbiotic relationship with someones chin. another day, learn another thing. Thats what i always say. So...Where have you been lately? Somewhere dank and moist by the looks of your clothes and the Ewok." he said pointign at the little fuzzball that had just nicked a whole keg of ale and shot through the House trolls legs.
*Halo shudders at the horrible memorys from the last few months* Fell down the well at the back of the inn...called for help but nobody heard meeeee...I was stuck down there for nearly a year with only this creepy, CREEPY little girl for company!
And she kept trying to get me to watch some old video casset for some reason...doesn't she know everythings on DVD now?!
Here you go Ms. Halo, Hudsons Bay 151 proof Rum, keep it away from pipes, stogies, open flames and especially Balrogs, except our Spicy Hot Balrog Wings aren't quite hot enough to ignite it.

Good to see you back among the living Etharion, here's your tall cool glass of cidar, I can mull that for you if you'd rather have it that way.
The Cloveress only snorted in her sleep as a sign that she noticed the newcomers. "And the name's Cloveress, not Cloverless."
hmmm....y is Clorerlessstill standing? bloody which said itd nock a cow flat in no time....U COW! :-D
Oh fine then, *drops onto table* snore snore...
Icey grins and wraps her arm around Etharion's shoulders. "Aye, mate. I've changed my hair a bit... So, how've you been?" She tucks that same strand of green hair behind her eear and smiles once more. Moving her arm, she waves to Halo and says, "Ello! How've you-I'm glad glad that little fuzzy thing didn't drop in my ale, not that I don't like it, but I'd rather not drink after small hairy creatures." She pokes the Cloveress and then leans near her and whispers, "I wonder how long she'll be asleep this time.... Maybe I shouldn't placed my bet on her. Oi! Grondy, am I allowed to change my vote?" she backs and says the last part loudly.

We have a dog that looks just like an Ewok!
Glad to have to back Ethy!!!!
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