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Thread: The Khazad-dumish Inn.. Please watch your head coming through the door.

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* at that point a falcon fluttered through the door and landed on the table next to ice a note bound to his leg. " ice-fang if you get this my self and another are runing an earend for the inn keeper frrl free to join us is your health alows you too if you wish we will return as soon as we can my falcon gli'kin will keep you compiney untill we return
Grondy was busy wiping down the bar when he saw the bird land on Ice's table. 'Hey Ice, you want to check that eaglette-mail for me?'
Fionw’ walked outside and went into the stable. A few minutes later, when he walked back in, the warglings were following him. "I hope you don't mind, Grondy, my bringing them in here. It's getting too cold for them to be out there," he said, watching them chase each other around the room.
Ice glanced at Grondy as she tried to stifle her laughter at poor Laure's fall. She smiled to herself and said, "Grondy-friend, where have the guys gone?" she asked, glancing around. Soon the falcon lighted near her and she noticed the letter. Grinning at the bird, Ice made some whistling sounds through her teeth. She read the letter and jumped up, dashing to her room.
Soon she returned back downstairs clothed in her trademark dark grey cloak, with its darker cowl, and hole in back for her tail. Ice grinned and waved to everyone, then sprinted outside, choosing simply to run after the guys, knowing she would catch them eventually, aided by her elvish and wolfish speed and stamina. As she ran away from the inn, she heard Selen's roar and realized that the cat wanted to race. She grinned, and was soon side-by-side with her cat companion, as the two raced to catch up the rest of their company.
Laure blinked owlishly at the smaller bird on the table, now about eye level as she extricated herself from the tangle. Trilling at it, she got its attention, and asked where everone had dashed off too, and the bird offered to show her. ’Do you think they would mind me tagging along, Grondy? I think that a good flight is about the only thing that will wake me properly after that’hrm’yes.’ She stood fully now and shook her feathers straight, glancing towards the door and potential short adventure. The eagle held out a wing for the hawk to ride on, before heading out the door. She tossed the hawk into the air and leaped up after it, careful not to toss the hawk about in her downdraft, and they sped off together. Laure soon spotted Icey and Selen far before and below them, racing, and Laure whistled a thanx to the hawk before speeding ahead to catch up.
the Cloveress peeped from her spot high up on the planks of the roof. The people down there looked rather far away. She yawned. "Oh well, I'm not ready for another party yet...and besides, there's a bird there! I can't risk getting my wings worn out..." She popped back into her hiding place.
Laure sees the shop up ahead, and getting closer fast. It looks like the malefolk have already gotten there, and are coming out with the loads of supplies that Grondy requested. Laure swoops down just as Icey arrives, and looks for any way she might help (but mostly gets horrendously in the way...she ends up standing off to the side, lightly dusted in flour, watching everything with a disgruntled air) She does, however, eventually find something she can carry back, and waits for it all to be loaded into a bag.
Meanwhile, Grondy is back in the Inn's kitchen perparing a large pot of navy bean and warg soup. 'I hope my friends get back with the groceries soon; I'm just about out of flour,' and he wipes his brow and has another swig of Gimli's Finest’ Ale.
thorin after 2 months absent pops back in the inn one fine summer day and moves to the bar.
"a jug of ale please," he asks grondy.
'things have changed a lot here during my absence. i barely found myself here again. What happened in these parts he asked?"
'Well,' says Grondy, handing Thorin a tankard of Gimli's Finest’ Ale, 'we have been sitting in a kind of stasis-field, where time slowed down and nothing has happened for quite a while. What have you been up to?'
"i went to visit some of my relatives at the iron mountains"
"things have changed much there"

"Well," he countinued looking abround' "where are the regulars? can't find them"
'Possiby they are all snowed in; haven't seen anyone but you this spring. As the snow melts in the high pass, we may get a few new visitors.

Would you be feeling peckish? I've got a nice mess of bean and warg soup in the pot.'
Suddenly Etharion appeared at the door, leading a package laden mule! "Sorry Grondy!! There was this freak blizzard, and we all got separeted! I tried to find them..but alas.." he said with a sad expresion. But then he smiled "But no worries..they'r hardy folk, they will be here any minute. In the meantime, where shall i put the stuff off the mule?"
A while after the donkey had been unloaded and sent gratefully off to the stables and pasture out back, there was a slight whumpf outside the door and a slightly frazzled Eagle stumps into the room with a bag of slightly battered foodstuffs.
"Oi! The blizzard was bad enough, but then the spring winds kicked in as it blew out...I've just come from halfway down the Mistys! Got to visit some kin roosting there, though, which was interesting. Has it really been as quiet as it looks all this time?? Any patrons still here are fast asleep, and the resident spiders are having a hayday!"
The wind blew in frantically with the smallish figure coming in the door, leaves hurrying in as if they, too wanted a pint.
"Well, well, this place hasn't changed a bit! Grondy, Sir, is there room at the bar for an old face? And who's this Laure bird? She has a very familiar name, somehow!" It was Laurel, the old tavern maid who had mysteriously disappeared, gone on one too many adventures and sorely needed a stiff drink and a warm place to come to her senses.
'Welcome back everyone, you look like you need a hot chocolate or a hot buttered rum to warm you up. So please just put the groceries and stuff in the kitchen and I'll put it away after I fix your drinks and thanks for your help. Now what's your pleasure in libation?'

'What you been up to Laurel? Since you and Eva have been away I've been on my own, still it hasn't been bad because most of our customers have been off doing their thing. Laurelome, our Great Eagle friend, and Etharion have just come back with stock for the larder which had been running low. Some of the other warriors that accompanied them have still to make it back. I don't know if the Cloveress and Ice Fangs are still sleeping in the rafters or if they are out doing their thing.'
"yes grondy. i'll have the warg soup and beans please."
'Here you go Thorin, a bowl of soup, a freshly baked loaf of whole wheat bread, and a crock of butter, said Grondy as he placed the repast and pewter utinsils before his fellow Dwarf. 'Would you like something to drink while you're enjoying that?'
"I would love a buttered rum, Grondy. I ran into a whole troop of dwarves the other day and they told me to give you their regards, though I don't see how I can, being as I didn't catch any of their names. Ah, well, somewhere out there is a troop of stout fellows with you in their thoughts! How is this old place?" Laurel said as she removed the putrid boots from off of her aching feet.
"So you've met our kinsmen," thorin says turning to illmaren. "How were they?"

"and some water for me grondy, please"
"walks in the door hood conseeling his face sits at the bar and removes his hood looking around for his old friends."
ooc just to let you all know theres a rpg i started that has seem to have died if theres any one who wants to play plez post on it soon or ill get rid of it.
"Indeed I came across your kinsmen." Laurel said to Thorin, noting the distinguished dwarf's prosperous appearance. "Like you, they, too seem to be thriving, though I will say that most of them were pretty...well, chubby, let's say and they almost seem like they're doing too well, if you catch my drift. They are a very happy bunch, though; I wish I'd had more time to travel with them. Dwarves are such hearty folk. Like take our Grondy, here. Not a nicer fellow you'll meet in all of Middle Earth, I'll tell ya!" She put her boots, which were eminating a stinky kind of steam, outside of the inn door, so as not to drive anyone away and sat down on a tall barstool, looking at her fellow tavern patrons. "Not too lively in here, ay? What happened, did Icey eat everyone again?"
Etharion heard the conversation Laurel started about the dwarves, so he interjected "Laurel..this bunch of dwarves..were there 7 of them?" he smiled mischiveously. "If so..were they singing a popular tune? It goes something liiiike...hi ho hi ho..of to work we go.." he smiled even more, on the brink of laughter. "No sorry, im just kidding folks. How is everyone? I havent seen you in ages.."
Laurel looked increduluosly at Etharion. "How in the world did you know there were seven of them? Do you know these dwarves?" She could hardly keep from laughing. She knew Snow White and her dwarves hadn't been around these parts for a long while. "I'm bruised and dirty, but how are you, Ethy? You look well!"
'Okay here's a tumbler of water for Thorin and a mug of hot buttered rum for Laurel, Anyone else need anything?'

'I remember those oldtimers, Grumpy was my favorite. Actually once you got to know him he was a pussycat. And that Dopey, while he looked the part, he could find a seam of gold or mithril with his eyes closed just by the smell of it. Speaking of which, you want to use the ladies shower room Laurel? There are some fluffy clean towels on its warming shelf,' said Grondy as he olpened the window to draw in some fresh air even though it was cold outside.
'Hey Laurelome, if Owls like birthday cake I've got one ready for you, because it's your birthday today, said Grondy as he brought out a large two layer chocolate cake with fuffy white frosting on it. Happy Birthday to you!
Fionw’ walked in the door, and came up to the bar. "Hello again. It's become rather lively now," he said, looking around.
"Oh yes, indeed I like cake! Thank you very kindly! Would you happen to also have some cold milk on hand? Who else likes cake?" The Eagle looks eagerly about from her seat near the end of the bar. (my friends pulled a surprise party on me last night...late...I'm still kind of in party mode. Dunce Smilie I really have to get the leftover cupcakes somewhere...far...away)
"And hello! Laurel, I beleive? There was some confusion about what to call me when I first entered. I suppose you are the one they referred to then? Pleased to meet you!"
Grondy brought out the large devils food cake, two glasses, and a pitcher of ice cold milk which he set before Laurelome and as he was pouring full the two glasses said, "This looks so goos I think I'll join you, milk and cake can't be beat.

(OOC: My father used to like his cake in a bowl with milk poured a top and then eaten with a spoon. I guess that beats waiting for the ice cream to melt into the cake.)
"Happy birthday Laurelome!!!!" yelled Etharion hearing the happy news. "I know its not nice to ask a lady old are you now??!" he asked with a smile. " can whisper it to me.. By the way Grondy..can you pour me a mug of that cold milk? I just loooove cold milk." smiled Etharion, also eying the cake with huge hungry eyes..
I've made it to 19! Yay! Now there's a feat for you...I'd thought that with how clumsy I can be, I'd be well off crippled by now!! Dunce Smilie heh, life surprises us all, once in a while...

Having eaten a quantity of lovely chocolate cake and drunk a large bowl of milk, Laure blinked slightly dazedly about...Eagles are not used to large amounts of sugar, and she was beginning to experience one of those rare, strange things known as a sugar buzz...
Laurel had taken Grondy's advice and showered up, pleased that she could shake off the smell and not offend anyone. Sauntering up to the bar, she noticed fragments of cake and half-drank cups of milk everywhere, with the beautiful Laure eagle in the midst of it all. "Ah, a birthday, eh? Congratulations. I believe we haven't formally met yet. I am Laurel." She bowed slightly. "And I know your name. It is a pleasure. So I thought I overheard that you are now nineteen, is that correct? That is a miraculuos feat these days, what with the Purple Plague going around and all...I think it's often referred to as the Grape Ape and it's contracted by drinking a batch of wine made by none other than his royal grumpiness, Saruman. Glad to see you haven't caught it. So has anyone been on any adventures worthy of telling of late?" Laurel said, turning to face the present company. The small-statured woman towel-dryed her dark hair so that she'd stop dripping all over the tavern and no one would slip.
'Here is a hunk of cake and a mug of milk for each of you Laurel and Etharion; we have ample for seconds if anyone desires them.'
Etharion finally managed to voice a few words in between forkfulls of chocolate and gulps of milk. "Gwondey...pwease id wike sekondzz!!.." with bits of cake and drops of milk falling on the table..
I don't know Ethy, I think you've had enough and I'm going to have to cut you off, for:

Oh, can you imagine a sorrier sight,
than a man eating choco cake until he gets tight?

Away, away with rum by gum, with rum by gum, with rum by gum
Away, away with rum by gum, the song of the temperance union

Orc Grinning Smilie
the falcon flys from its perch next to icefang and flys out a window near the door a few seconds latter corgon walks in his bird on his arm he walks over and sits at the bar waiting for the keeper to come.
Laurel hopped down off of her barstool and strode over to Corgon. "Hello, there. New to these parts? I'm Laurel. I used to be one of the barmaids here, but I went off on a wild goosechase and was lost for quite awhile. Anyway, what brings you to the finest inn in Middle Earth? Nice bird." Laurel tried to pet the rather intimidating winged beauty.
Ladyoflegolas wanders on in...she is sure she has been here many, many moons ago. However...she decides to sing a song just in case this really is her first time.

"I'm a little teapot, short and stout,
Here is my handle, here is my spout,
When I get all steamed up,
Here me shout!
Just tip me over and pour me out!"

She finishes her song with feminine gusto and then skips over to bar.

"Have you any tea?" She asks Grondy.
That was fine Ladyoflegolas, but you had previously sang your song, but I did enjoy your rendition this time. Now about tea: Hot or Iced? Indian, Ceylonese, or Chinese? Red, Black, Green, or Herbal? I often have a pint of hot Honey Ginseng Mint herbal tea in the evening when I don't want any caffeine to keep me awake."

"And what's your pleasure Lord Corgon, did you have a safe trip?"

"Oh please give me a cup of hot Honey Ginseng Mint herbal tea!!!!! And fill me in on any gossip? And what song did I sing last time?"
"Here you go my Lady, your chosen pot of tea, a cup and saucer, and a seed cake to go with it. As to the song sung, I don't remember; I just checked the list of singers at the first of this thread and found your name written there. Sometimes I have forgotten to update the list, but I seem not to have forgotten, in your case or in Corgon's."
Ladyoflegolas blushes at forgetting to check the long sign by the door...she now remembers singing a song about Elbereth Gilthoniel...anyhoo...she munches happily on the seedcake and glances around to see if she recognizes anyone. She should very much like to get into a deep discussion about something...

happy returns m'lady and i see your mind is as sharp as ever master grond " he said to the keeper as he sat at a table your strongest ale if you plez feel free to join me m'lady if you wish.
Thorin pushes the dorr in and enters, and as usual does not even need to bow to enter, and moves toward the bar. Seeing his friend lady legolas he moves next to her.

"Hello," he says to both grondy and ladyoflegolas. "A berr for me, please grondy."

Then turning to lady legolas he says, "welcome friend. How do you find the best inn in town?"

"Thank you, I will, if you're speaking to me. I see your bird is quite accustomed to strangers. Grondy, sir, have you any seed left in your stores for this fine animal? The bird, of course, not Corgon." Laurel said with a grin. She turned back to her new acquaintance. "Are you on your way towards adventure, or are you returning from one?" She asked the man, sipping her hot buttered rum and feeling much more human now that she'd had a good drink, a shower and some pleasant company, which of course were all the ingredients needed to make one at peace.
"Aye Laurel, I have a bag of seed in the back room you are welcome to some; but you better ask Corgon if his raptor will eat anything other raw meat, including the fingers of overly friendly bird watchers." This last, Grondy added with a grin.

"One tandkard of Gimli's Finest’ Ale for Corgon and a Bucket of Suds for Thorin, drink deeply gents. And while I'm here I might as well refill those popcorn and pretzel bowls."
Fionw’ was off in the corner by the hearth, drinking his mug of ale. Restless from a lack of events, he stood musing, looking into his drink. Since he wasn't holding a conversation with anyone, he had allowed his mind to wander, and see what was happening in other places, hardly aware of what was going on around him.
LadyofLegolas nods in Corgon swiftblade's direction to return his greeting.

Then she turns to Thorin
"Hello!" she says delightedly. "I simply love this inn!!!! The tea is wonderful! You should try some. What brings you to these parts?"
Finnaly destroying the chocolate cake, Etharion let out a long sigh. "Ahhh...THAT Grondy..was supreme.. My compliments to the chef.." he said with a burp. And he still had a milkmustache. " really like something light to wash that down.."
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