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Thread: The Khazad-dumish Inn.. Please watch your head coming through the door.

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Oerath was so confused. He didn't know what room it was, what he had drank, but he knew one thing..

'Damn the wooden floor of Khazad-Dumish Inn!' And with that, he was awake, and as he looked around, he realized that people were actually staring at him. He noticed Fornard and Fjorgyn among others, and as he arose back to his feet, he sighed and said to the bartender: 'I think my head needs a break, ye see, I'm going out for a pipe of fine leaf tobacco.'

And so he opened the heavy doors once more, and stepped out into that darkness, and being surrounded by a thick and terrifying mist, he began to feel uneasy and lighted up the firebox of his pipe, and said to himself: 'Right, this darkness feels so unnatural, I wonder..'

And then he heard a strange noise from nearby bushes, and without even realizing what happened, two small figures ran past him to the inn, while the door was still open, and even as drunk as Oerath was, he couldn't help himself, he had to say it out loud: 'Did I just see a dwarf and a hobbit? Or am I just too drunk *coughs*.'

He was anxious to know more about those two, but then again, it could wait for a while. He began to feel way too sober, but luckily the chillness of wind somehow managed to ease his heart and his thoughts, and with taking a mysterious flask from the secret pocket of his robe, he took a large gulp, grinned and spoke to himself one more time:

'By the spirits and Lords of West, nothin' to beat my own homemade moonshine!'

PS. Take this as unnecessary post, but I'm sorry for being inactive for so long, that post went up to those times with Fornad and Fjorgyn, and as a fine welcome to our newest tolkienheads, Sprodo and Mim, I wanted to include them in some way, so, that's the result. Smile Smilie

I want to stay involved from now on.

Fornad smiled to himself at the sight of Fjorgyn's switch of affection, and at the bewilderment of the elf whose wrist she still held. Noticing what he had thought to be a bundle of clothes lift itself from the floor with a groan and walk outside, he stood and followed him into the night, avoiding the two shorter folk by the door. 'A chill evening, is it not?' he asked, moving to the stranger's side. The smell of newly-turned earth was carried in the cool breeze. 'I fear winter's grip on spring may be with us for some weeks more.'

Oerath stood still. Cold winds blew past him, and as he looked at the moon, he thought to himself: 'For the first time in centuries, I can sense something evil.. Something approaches from the cold lands of north, I just wonder what it might..'

But he suddenly returned from his own thoughts to notice that someone spoke to him, and with answering the question, he said to the man: 'Yes.. It is very cold indeed, and I may never get used to this darkness, and you're right about that.. Winter is coming, and with it comes many more or less desired things.'

And with blowing a few smoke rings and then sighing, he spoke to the man again: 'Oh, forgive me, you look familiar, but my memory isn't what it used to be in my days of youth. I guess I'm just getting too old.. Anyway.. My name is..

He seemed to doubt it for a while, but then he thought that it'd be impossible, if someone knew him only by the first name, so he continued what he was about to say.

'My name is Oerath. What do they call you?'

Fjorgyn frowned at her friends' sudden departure and hastily excused herself from the - still very bewildered - elf's company to follow them outside. She pulled her cloak more tightly around herself against the chill and raised an eyebrow at the grim look on Oerath's face before he realized he had company.

"Aye, it's cold," she said as she eyed the sky nervously, not liking this talk of evil things coming with winter, "And very dark. Let us go in, friends, this open sky makes me nervous."


Rain was pouring heavily and the wind was howling. Thorin approached the once familiar building and 

was surprised to see that it was dark. Pushing the familiar door open, he walked into the familiar room 

where there were so many great memories of days bygone and the many people who had once sat here, shared stories, joked and laughed together.


Putting on an apron he set about to cleaning and getting the inn back to business. "Gimli must be on 

another one of his journeys," he thought. "I will look after the inn until he gets back!."


It was a very busy hour which followed! All the tables and chairs were dusted, cobwebs were removed, the chimney cleaned and built up with a warm and cheering fire! The many lanterns of the inn were lit! Then Thorin descended into the basement and brought back a barrel of Gimli's Finest (TM)! 

Afterwards he moved into the kitchen and set about preparing the famous snacks of this great establishment:  platters of Petite Sandwiches (no crusts); plates with piles of Cinnamon French Crusts with butter and Vermont maple syrup; trays filled with Bar-B-Cued Warg Ribs, Deep Fried Watcher Rings, and Spicy Hot Balrog Wings; a platter of Rabbit-food and Ranch-cheese Dip for our herbivore-only friends; and oodles of frosted cupcakes decorated with axes. 


"We're all set now," Thorin thought. "All we need is for our weary travelers to come back!"

"Oh, and while there isn't anybody around I might as well prepare some rooms for weary travelers wishing to spend the night here!

He was so tired, more than he had been for years. Leaning to his magic staff, the wanderer pushed himself forward. For how long he had wandered in the misty woods, he did not know, but his last three months included countless of swamps, dark and gloomy forests, numerous encounters with orcs, trolls, giants, goblins, the list went on and on.

And finally, after all that time, a common road now lay in front of his eyes, and behind some trees and bushes, he saw a sign and something he had not expected to see. It was a building. And not any kind of building. The Khazad-Dumish Inn awaited for him. Almost whispering to his ears: 'Come and take a drink, sing and swing. Dance 'till the morning, having fun is not a sin.'

Long ago, he had spent two splendid nights in that particular tavern, and he didn't see any reason why to pass this unique chance. He was thirsty after all, and certainly in need of some rest.

So, by clothing himself in long traveler robes, he took a firm grasp of his staff and walked to the front doors of the inn. And as the wind kept throwing his long and grey hair from one side to another, he silently said to himself: 'Once again.. Here I am. Standing in front of these heavy doors with no possible idea of what lies on the other side of these doors. Friends, enemies, drinks, food? I don't know, but I shall enter.'

And with that said, he opened the doors and the wind blew some snow inside. And by cleaning his boots off snow, he looked around. Everything seemed to be intact. It was almost like he had never left the inn at all. And then he noticed a few dwarves and other traveler's, sitting at their tables or at the desk, looking at him doubtfully.

Smiling sharply, the wanderer simply declared: 'Greetings, traveler's. It's good to be here, I say. 'Ey bartender, give me a beer and keys to my usual room.'

'Sure deal, Oerath.' answered the barkeeper, and threw in both keys and one cold beer.

By taking a large gulp, the wanderer started to laugh madly and shouted at the others: 'Let me sing a song, and we shall drink to our health and youth. Oerath, A Bard from the North has returned!'

Thorin was frying some fresh spicpy Balrog Wings when the newcomer came in. A few moment later, and wilt a pint of Gimli's Finest (TM) he walked to the Bard's name and set the drink on his table.


"Welcome Master," he said looking the stranger over and smiling. "It is long since we have had a bard around here! Maybe you could sing us a nice song from the foreign lands once you've quenched your thirst?"


"Also I have some fresh and spicy hot Balrog Wings, bar-B-Cued Warg Ribs and Deep Fried Watcher Rings. Would Master like anything to accompany his drink?"


"If you're after a traditional supper than can be arranged too. And once you've ready to get some sleep please look me up at the counter and I will provide the keys to your room."


Giving the traveler a few moments of though he continued, "Have you decided what you would like as snacks?"

I was in no mood to sing, but it was a must. All I wanted was a fire to sit by, a bit to eat, and something warm down my throat. However, I was supposed to sing for these.

I looked sternly at the dwarf behind the counter. He looked amiable enough.

"Would it be possible to have a drink before the song?" I asked him.

He replied that that would be attainable, but it had better be a great song indeed! On asking my name, I answered that I was called Wenlesael Isil though I was most often just known as Wen.

"In that case, to make the song all the better, I might need an instrumental accompaniment. Have you a lute in this inn?" The dwarf smiled, went into another room and brought out an ancient instrument. A mug of hot ale was brought and on finishing it I sat down on the floor near the fire, strumming the lute, and singing. It was enjoyed by all who were in the little inn and it pleased me very much to once again be among such people.

By lighting firebox of his old wooden pipe, the wanderer blew a few smoke rings out of his mouth, and then he looked at the dwarf and said: 'Hmm, I'd like to have some fresh balrog wings, since hearing the name: 'balrog' - always reminds me about my encounter with one, back in the ancient days of Beleriand.'

And suddenly everyone were staring at the bard, and his grin grew even wider. Suddenly his mind raced with strange thoughts, such as: 'Oh yes, A BALROG!' 'Hah! I'm Oerath, um, oh yes, Oerath Windsoul. A wizard, yes.' - But then he managed to put himself back together, and so he shouted at the barkeeper: 'Ey, lad. Give me a new cold one along with those balrog wings. I shall now sing a song to spirit up this windy evening.'

And so he arose to his feet, put his pipe aside and took a flute off his bag, saying: 'Krhöm.. This song is about nature. I wrote it during my latest journey, and it's called: 'Roots of Our Trees.'


Long they are, far they reach

Water is their power, it is what they need

Strong enough to withstand any cuts and hits

So mighty are the roots of our trees


Every forest is full of sunlight

Everyday is joyful and new in their eyes

We share so much in common, and just like us, trees do rest and sleep

Believe it or not, even rest is good for the roots of our trees


A wanderer climbs up the cliifs

Then he looks down, as far as his eyes can see

And then he wonders: I've never seen such long trees even in my daydreams..'

And it's all thanks to those strong and long roots of our trees


And after that, folks clapped their hands together, and bowed, put his flute away and sat down on his chair. Now feeling joyful and full of spirit, he started to laugh madly once again and yelled at the barkeeper: 'Hrahaha! Oy, lad, give me two large pints of beer! Tis' shall be one damn drunky night for Ol' Oerath to remember!'


'Roots of Our Trees - Written by: Otto 'Oerath Windsoul' Timonen


PS. Absolutely great to see that even you, Wen, decided to pass by and post something. Come on, folks, gather around the table to drink and sing! Do some posts, darn it! Smile Smilie

Thorin, who had just filled a plate, with spicy Balrog wings listened in amazement to the Bard's song! At the end he clapped loudly along with the others! It was indeed a marvelous song!


"Here you are Sir," he said laying out the food which really looked appetising! "That was a marvelous song and as a reward for fulfilling the long tradition of this Inn, this pint of ale is free! Enjoy!"


Excusing himself he turned and went to the other new comer! "Welcome to the famous Khazad Dummish Inn Sir! As per the tradition of this place, you must sing a  song for us! That will entail you to a free pint of the World Famous Gimli's Finest (TM)!"


OOC: Wen you have to post the song in full like Oerath! Also I would request not speaking for my character as it limits my following posts! Thanks guys! Big Smile Smilie

For me, you're the barkeeper, Master Thorin! Smile Smilie

By the way, care to take a look at my: 'Journeyman' song? It's old and full of.. me. Smile Smilie

Thanks for the beer, by the way. I hope the song was worth it. I wrote it in a very, very short time.

I shall post something new by tomorrow. If I remember correctly, you once told me to pass by and post something on occasions, so let us say that I'm merely answering to a request! =)

By the way, Thorin. It's a splendid day to drink, so let us all listen to a superb finnish band!

LONG LIVE KORPIKLAANI! (Korpiklaani - Väkirauta) - type that to youtube, and I'll assure you that it will be one hell of a song.

- Oerath.

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