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Ice sighed deeply as suddenly Selen leapt off her. She hopped up, then dropped to a crouch, and realized who the cat was heading for. "Eva! Meet my kitty!" she yelled, standing up straight and waving.
"Eva? Hi Eva!" Two hands shot up in the air to reach over the tall grass, waving cheerfully. "Careful, Eva, it's a fairly large little kitty!"

I'm sorry I haven't been around these last days. But it is good to see people arriving at the inn again. Happy Elf Smilie
"Hello, Icey, hi Amar- OOOF!" Eva suddenly found herself flat on the ground with what was indeed a "fairly large little kitty" on her chest. Once she got her breath back she glared a little at the cat and asked Ice, "Does he do this often?"
"She, Eva, she, and yes, she does. It's only cause she likes you. I'd only worry if she didn't like you," Ice said, smiling slightly, and gesturing towards the orc hand on the ground a few feet away. She laughed as Selen planted her two front paws on the ground on each side of Eva's head and started nuzzling her chest, while resounding purr-growl echoed around the clearing.
Ice grinned as she looked at the white and blue cat, and then sighed, as she suddenly seemed to remember where Selen came from.
Grondy slipped out the Inn's back door to the edge of the garden's border, where he snipped the stem of a clover leaf close to the ground. He then snipped the three leaves from the upper part of the stem leaving a hollow flexible tube. On returning to the Inn, he draped the resulting tiny clover-hose over the edge of Cloveress's thimble and wondered if the fairy could draw on it hard enough to obtain a mouthfull of tea?
Eva struggled briefly to sit up, then gave up. "Hey, kitty," she said, lying on the ground and rubbing Selen behind the ears. Looking up at Ice, she noticed that she was unusual somber. She lay there and petted Selen, wondering whether she should say something or leave it alone. She knew there were times when questions, however well meant, only made things worse...
Ice smiled at the sight of her cat being so happy, then she backed off a bit from Eva and Selen, and said, "Selen, babe, why don't you get off poor Eva?" She planted her feet firmly on the ground, because she knew what would happen next...
Selen leapt off Eva and ran at Icey; at the last second, the cat stood up, matching her paws with Ice's hand in the air between them. Now Ice and Selen were grappling, probably to help strengthen them both.
The tiny fairy flashed Grondy a look of annoyance, or at least, she tried to look annoyed, but she could not quite keep the reluctant admiration of such wit from her eyes. "Why thank you, Mr. Innkeeper." She took the clover straw and put her mouth to it. "Excellent tea, and excellent clovers you have outside as well, though I was the one who planted them, of course." She threw a casual glance at Eva and Icey, who were playing (most unsophisticatedly) with a cat! She shuddered. Cats...Nasty, clawing creatures they were...'Maybe I'll save my chat for later..."she thought.
Amari’ had made her way over to them, grinning at the whole scene. When Eva was free of the cat, she and reached down to help her up. "Good to see you again. Here, let me help you back on your feet. Now tell me, am I wrong to hope that it will be safe to eat the food here again or are you only passing through?"

Then she added with a whisper: "Were you inside just now? Did you happen to see Etharion?"
"What kind of friend would I be if I allowed you all to continue to suffer Grondy's cooking?" Eva said lightly, "I'll be here for a while. I'm taking the gardening job, too, unless and until someone better comes along."
"And no, I didn't see him," she continued more quietly, hoping Ice's efforts at wrestling the cat would override her sharp hearing. "He must have left just before I came in. Grondy said something about a spat, though."
The Cloveress had finished her tea and was bored. The open kitchen door was very tantalizing...She quietly sneaked over to it...
Iess asked for a combination of the Spicy Balrog Wings and the Deep Friend Watcher Rings and waited for Grondy to give him them.
"Well, I think they are mostly angry with themselves rather than the other. They are both pretty upset now, but I hope they can talk again when they have had some time to think. But I don't feel right whispering behind her back, maybe she will tell you herself."

She then clapped her hands to get attention and said in her normal voice. "Come now my dear ladies, two or four feet alike, drinks are on me. And maybe some fish as well."

She looked at Selen and Icey, and wondered if Etharion had someone to talk to.
Eva followed Amarie into the inn just in time to see a little glimmer of green slip into the kitchen. "Excuse me for just a minute," she said to her friends, "I think I better go prevent who knows what from happening to the food..." She took a couple of steps toward the kitchen and added under her breath, "If that fairy thinks that she's going to mess about in my kitchen..." She turned back toward Selen and looked at her speculatively. "You'd probably be a great help... Want to catch some fairy? You have to promise not to eat her, though; she wouldn't be good for your digestion."
"And here's your combo-plate Sir Iesseus, are you ready for a refill yet?

"Amari’, unless someone has recently been fishing, I don't know if we have any fish in the larder. And the giant gold fish in the Inn's backyard pond are off limits; they are for looking at, not eating. Still, I think I did hear one time that there were some blind fish in one of the underground caverns that connect to the Inn's second sub-cellar. Of course if you've brought your own for your menagerie, that's a different kettle of..."
Fionw’ watched the two newcomers with a pang of regret. He strode over to the bar, and paying his fare said, "Elen sila lumenn' omentielvo, Eva. Grondy, I regret to inform you that I must leave. I don't think I shall be absent for long, several days most likely. It seems that goblins from the Misty Mountains have reformed their old alliance with the Wargs and are wreaking destruction on villages and homesteads. The Beornings are doing all they can, but not enough. Thranduil wants my help in repeling them from Carrock and Mirkwood and defeating them. So, namari’." With that he turned and walked out the door. Stepping back in, he said, "Give my regards to Cloveress and Amari’. Farewell." He ran out and swung himself onto his horse and set off at a gallop.
Ice hesitated, while glancing up at the sky, then she nodded her agreement to Amarie's suggestion they go inside. Selen suddenly adopted her mistress's somber mood; her ears drooped, and her tail dragged the floor, as they walked around and went in. Although, the cat's ears and tail immediately perked up at the mention of fish...
"That would be nice, Amarie. It's great to have friends like my girls." she said with a slight smile.
"Amari’, I sent the House Troll down below to catch a mess of those blind fish. I suggested he use smelly live bait rather than plugs, spoons, or spinners; but he said he was partial to fly fishing and would see how that worked before resorting to mere wiggleworms, so we'll just have to wait and see what he comes back with. I asked him to be back before breakfast."
"Grondy, can I get a refill?"asked Iesseus. After he got his refill he noticed three ladies who had just walked in.He thought himself quite a ladies man so he strode over smiled smoothly and said,"Well,hello ladies.Care for a drink on me?"
Eva paused in the act of coaxing Selen towards the kitchen and Cloveress at Iessus' invitation and looked sidelong at Icey. She wasn't sure exactly what had happend between her and Etharion, but she was not at all sure that Ice was in the mood for such an invitation, especially since Iessus obviously considered himself quite a "ladies' man." She waited for Ice's reaction.
Ice's ears perked up and she turned toward Lesseus, saying, "Have we met before? Because otherwise I am not quite sure why you are speaking to me. If you are just trying to flirt with me, or us, go right ahead, but remember this: I've recently had an unfortunate experience, that I care not to share, and I'd prefer it if all you wished to say to me was 'hello' or 'hi'. So yes, why not a drink on you, I'd like to drown past words and feelings in something that will make me go numb..."

She's not very happy, is she? Oh well, though I find it difficult to RP in a mood that I am currently not feeling, hopefully I can handle this...heh heh.
Eva looked back and forth between Ice and the kitchen door. She didn’t want to leave Ice if she was in that kind of mood, and Selen seemed unwilling to leave her mistress either. Whether that was Ice’s mood or the promise of fish, the result was the same. On the other hand, Cloveress could not be allowed to roam the kitchen, at least unsupervised. Amarie could take care of Ice, but she seemed distracted, and Eva wasn’t sure she could handle Cloveress by herself after so long away, either.
"That sounds lovely, Grondy. Both the troll and the cat will be happy." Amari’ smiled at Grondy, then her eyes started to search the room. She didn't see Fionw’ anywhere, she wanted to let him know why she had not returned. She had enjoyed talking to him, and was a bit disapointed to see he was gone.

She heard Icey accept the strangers invitation. Still moving her eyes over the room, she said:
"That sounds lovely, mister... um, yes. I shall join you in a while. I must go to my room and see to.. something."

She made her way upstairs, but went to Etharion's room instead of her own. The door was not properly closed and all was silent inside. She tapped on the door. "Etharion, are you there?" She knocked twice before she opened it a bit to look inside.

"I do not wish to intrude, I thought maybe you wanted someone to talk..." The room was empty, and it looked like the owner had left in quite a hurry. Not even a sock was left. She looked at the number on the door again, sighed and closed the door. "Two friends vanishing in one day." she said with an ironic tone. "I can't help to feel a littled rejected." She went to her room, cleaned herself up a bit and put on a new dress. Not too fancy, but it was a nice change from her everyday work clothes. Then she hurried downstairs again to rejoin the others and to find out who that new man was.
Eva looked after Amarie with some dismay as she went upstairs. With one final look at Ice, she sighed and murmured to Selen "Would you go get the fairy if I stayed with Ice? Just shoo her out of the kitchen, it shouldn't be too hard..."
Great, she thought, There's a fairy in my kitchen, I still have no idea what state the yard is in, Ice is really upset, Amarie's gone wandering off, and I'm talking to a cat. I guess things are back to normal...
Out loud, she said, "Thank you for the offer. I too will join you."
"Great!"exclaimed Iess as he motioned for Grondy to give him 3 drinks."So what do you ladies do for work these days.I do odd jobs such as orc extermination and little things like that."
Grondy brought the round of drinks to Iess's table and restocked its plate with fresh nibbles. Then he went out to the kitchen to see a cat about a fairy.
"Thanks Grond!"exclaimed Iess as he took a swig of his drink.
As Grondy arrived in the kitchen he was unsure what to expect. Maybe Selene would be jumping around the kitchen and leaping high in the air trying to bat down the good fairy, who would be staying just out of the cat's reach amongst the rafters and having much fun giving the great cat a bit of exercise. Then again he might find the cat curled up in a corner contentedly purring in a loud rumble, with the good fairy sound asleep atop its head next to one of its ears. He hoped for the latter, as there would probably be little or no mess to clean up after them.

And he opened the door...
Eva relaxed a little as she saw Grondy go into the kitchen. She realized a little belatedly that Iesseus had asked a question. "Oh... Um, well, I work here at the Khazad-Dumish now."
The Cloveress was having a lot of fun. "Ah, the kitchen," she chuckled like an old troll who'd just fallen into a pile of gold. The fairy was spinning through midair, scattering fairy dust everywhere, and doing fancy ballet moves on pots and pans and using the eggbeater as a ballet partner. "hmmm-hnnn...' she hummed as she dropped the eggbeater to sashey across the floor with a watermelon rind. "Hi Grondy!" She smiled brightly, now using the watermelon rind as a skateboard and sliding down the steps out of the kitchen. "Oh, and you can dance the kitchen back to its proper shape, I'm sure..." she yelled after Grondy. Apparently Grondy had not yet noticed the state of the kitchen... or of the cat...
Sorry, I was grounded for a few days, so I haven't been checkin in...Sad Smilie and I got grounded from the PHONE, MSN MESSENGER, and EMAIL! I can't talk to my BEST FRIEND until next tuesday...So I'm kinda sad...really sad, and when I told him he was sad and like pouting, and it was SOOO cute!!!!
Out of the corner of her eye, Eva saw a tell-tale glitter of green. Looking over, she saw Cloveress surfing on what appeared to be a watermelon rind. Smiling as sweetly as she could under the circumstances, she turned to Iesseus and asked, "Orc extermination, hmm? Do you do anything with fairies?"
What Eva felt next was probably a cold slimy awkwardly sliding down her slender backside, leaving a trail of watermelon juice and seeds on her skin. Of course, the Cloveress worked hard not to let her sense the little flutter of wings on the back of her neck, or the tiny tickle of the little fingers pulling the back of her neckline. But the fairy did make sure that Eva heard the little snicker of maniacal glee, right before she puffed out the window to try and find Fionwe the Orc Hunter.
Eva sat straight up as something wet and cold and slightly sticky trickled down her back. "That fairy..." she growled. She looked over at Ice, who still had not said anything, then turned to Iesseus. "I'll be right back," she assured him, then hurried toward the kitchen, shaking watermelon bits out of her clothing as she went.
Taking only one look at the kitchen, Grondy bellowed, "That demndable fairy!," and spinning around in place, he reentered the barroom.

Grondy went behind the bar and from the far reaches of the lower shelf, he retrieved a long black leather case which had nice friendly words written on it in pink letters that spelled out WARNING: ONLY FOR USE IN CASE OF EMERGANCY. He opened the lid and removed an old tattered pink umbrella. "I think this constitutes one of those times," he muttered to no one in particular and headed back to the kitchen.
The Cloveress could not see any sign of Fionwe. "Pity," she sighed." That was sure one good-looking elf." Her wings drooped with rain as she sludged back to the Inn. "Oh great," she thought. "Now I have to enter that nest of fairy-hunting lunatics witha handicap..." She glared irritably at her wings. "Load of help you guys will be now..."
Eva saw Grondy heading into the kitchen ahead of her with a tattered pink umbrella. An umbrella? she thought, Did Cloveress mess with Grondy's head as well as the kitchen?

She hurried to catch up to Grondy and entered the kitchen on his heels.
Amari’ had arrived back downstairs in time to see Grondy and Eva go into the kitchen.

"Was that...the pink umbrella?" she said to herself. "This will be interesting..."

She made her way to the table where Icey and the new fellow were sitting. "I appolgize for my quick retreat earlier." She gave Iessus a polite bow. "Good evening sir, I am Amari’. Thank you for your invitation. Tell me now, what brings you to this little inn I like to call home?"
Icey sighed and watched as Selen obediantly went into the kitchen. The ruckus following seemed to cause the fairy to come surfing out on a watermelon rind. She gave a slight smile and glanced at the sky. When she noticed others were looking at her, she sighed deeply and shrugged, saying, "My apologies, friends, I am a bit...distracted....and I'm sorry."

Grondy waved the pink umbrella around the kitchen and the garbage on the counters and floor disappeared and they sparkled with cleanliness; the pots and pans were polished and hung back on their respective pegs; and the various pantry items were sorted and placed back in their proper containers. Smiling to Eva as she entered, but saying nary a word, he returned to the bar room and placed the umbrella back in its case and drew himself a tankard of Gimli's Finest, which he sipped as he started polishing the top of the oaken bar until he could see his reflection in it.
Eva stands in the doorway to the kitchen and stares for several minutes.
Finally, she shrugs and thinks to herself, Well, if this place wasn't as weird as it is, I wouldn't like it as much as I do. So, I deserve whatever I get. Even if it be pink umbrellas.
She walked back out of the kitchen and returned to the table with Ice, Amarie, and Iesseus.
Iess just sat and watched as these strange events happened and then he saw Grody clean up everything with the pink umbrella.'I gotta get me one of those',thought Iess.
"How you folks doing," Grondy asked the patrons sitting at the tables, "ready for a refill yet? An old wizard aquaintence of mine said he inherited it off some half-giant friend of his. At the time he told me to 'keep it safe and keep it hidden', but later said I could now use it safely as long as it was infrequently, so as not to draw dragons to its resting place. I hate using that magical item and that's why, but sometimes a Dwarf has got to do what a Dwarf has got to do. And the kitchen was quite a mess," he added with a twinkle in his eyes.
"Well, thank you for saving me me so much work, Grondy," Eva replied. "I'm not interested in a refill right now, but I am getting a bit peckish... I should go whip up something special to celebrate the return of decent food to this inn." She grins at her employer, then turns to her tablemates. "Any requests?"
Grondy wanders over to Eva's table, "How about a beef pot roast with taters, an' onions, and carrots? We haven't had one of those for ages and I'm getting rather tired of our three snacks, our corned-warg sandwitches, and my oliphaunt stew (with or sans rabbit)."
At least im under the impression that time flows at a diffrent rate in and outside of the Inn, probably much slower in the Inn (somethin like Lothlorien), so i guess Etharion was gone for a longer time on his trip. And now after a nostalgic pang he returns to the Inn! Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

"And a marinated dragon steak for me please!" called Etharion from the door as he strided in. "Some stormy weather we'r havin out there today!" he said tipping his pointy hat over and pouring a few gallons of water out of it. But other than that, he seemed completly dry. "And just recently someone stole my special pink umbrella... What luck eh?"
Or maybe Ethy has a really fast horse, so he can go there and back again in a flash. Wink Smilie Time does flow rather oddly in here, or maybe the common tongue is Entish in this part of the world. Elf Sticking Tounge Out Smilie

Amari’ felt that she had worked up quite an apetite from playing with Selen and Icey outside. "Oh, I am so hungry that I could eat just about anything, but beef pot roast does sound lovely!"
"A beef pot roast (with taters, an' onions, and carrots) it is, then. Plus Etharion's dragon steak, of course. Hello, Eth, you'd left before I got back. Glad to have a real cook back at the inn? Oh, and how would you like your steak done?"

OOC:The disadvantage to being the cook here is that my conversations tend to make me desperately hungry. My mom makes a beef pot roast with just those things in it... Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
"Hy there." said Etharion. "Of course..always good to have a good cook around. You know.. i dable a bit into cooking now and like to look at some of your recepies when you have the spare time.. My steak? I like it medium to well done.. Its been a long and tiring trip.." he said sitting down with a sigh.
"Um, of course you can look at my recipies sometime! I'll just go do that steak and start the pot roast. I hope we have enough onions..." Eva turned and headed for the kitchen. Just as she got to the door, she turned back and looked at Ice, unsure how she might react to Eth's sudden return.
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