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Thread: The Khazad-dumish Inn.. Please watch your head coming through the door.

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Break a leg Elrose!
lets hope thats my worst injury...
Eruwen looks down at the trusting soul beneath her sword, and suddenly, her murderess impulses are laid aside. She can’t believe that someone actually trusts her, and actually believes that she knows some magic as well. She raises her sword, which begins to glow with the furious fire that almost consumes Eruwen everyday. Glancing at all the drunken faces around her, she realizes that they may not even comprehend for quite some time if she actually did split Elrose in two. As she brings her sword down, teeth bared and eyes flashing, she manages to contain her fury, and the table beneath Elrose splits in two, whilst she miraculously avoids touching even a hair on his head.
The nearest Hobbit, utterly amazed by the magic act, jumps up and applauds Eruwen. He then says in a drunken tone of voice, "Okay, is it my turn now?" And he staggers closer to Elrose to see if he is truly still alive...
Grondy, noticing the change that came over Eruwen during her act, stepped to the stage and gently guiding Celebriannenharma to an empty chair, said, "Everybody, let's give them a big hand!." And while they did he whispered for only Eruwen to hear, "Better put the blade away my Lady, no sense adding to your troubles. As an old friend of mine once said, 'you should keep it safe and keep it hidden'." Then in a loud voice added, "AND FOR EVERYONE, ANOTHER ROUND OF DRINKS, IT'S ON THE HOUSE."

He motiond for the house troll to clean up the mess and went to the bar to make good on his anouncement.
The chubby little Hobbit, Celebrian, clapped loudly and quite drunkly. Then he said, "I'll take a pint of your finest mead!" as he sat on a nearby stool. "I suppose I have a performance to make, ay?"

( Yes, I know - Celebrian isn't a very manly name for a Hobbit... but it should do! ) Smile Smilie
While Ice greatly enjoyed the trick she also greatly enjoyed the terriyaki(I believe I've spelled this word three different ways now...) pork. Accidently letting her wolfish instincts take over, Ice devours the meat and nearly takes a bite out of the bar, but stops and notices a few people staring, she instead snatches up her mug of ale swigs about half of the remaining....

*pinches himself* I'M ALIVE
Eruwen looked at Grondy as he spoke to her, and forcibly slowed her breathing down to appear calm. The glow from her sword faded, and she slid it back into her scabbard. He was right, she needed to keep her feelings of anger hidden along with her sword’at least while she was in the Inn.

She started laughing to shake off her anger. She took a bow, and extended her hand out to Elrose to help him off of the floor. ’Of course you’re alive, silly. I told you I haven’t killed anyone for quite awhile.’

She moved to the bar and downed her drink in one. She then pulled a ring out of her pocket that was made from a rare green stone found on the banks of the Long Lake of Esgaroth. ’I hope this will help pay for some of the damages, Grondy,’ she said as she slid the ring over to him along the counter.
"Thanks Eruwen, but It isn't really necessary; our rates of tarif include a little extra for breakage this being a tavern and all. And the troll can mend that table with a few board feet from our wood pile; though it is a mighty pretty ring. I suspect it might be alexandrite, one of the chrysoberyl gems, for it isn't translocent like an emerald. I'll pay you 70 GP for it, if you really want to get rid of it."

"Aye Celebrian, you may have a drink as soon as you finish your little performance." So what'll it be a song, a dance, the recitation of the complete Lay of Leithian, or a comedy routine with may jokes and pratfalls?"
"I think it'll be an original Hobbit song. One we sometimes sing together back home at the Green Dragon..." He staggered a bit. "Here it goes," he said as he climbed up onto the bar.
As he sang this song, he did a little jig:
"You can search far and wide, you can drink the whole town dry!
But you'll never find a beer so brown, as the ones we drink in our home town!"
He gave three little stomps on the bar with his hairy foot.
"You can drink your fancy ales, you can drink them by the flagon,
But the only brew for the brave and true...." He looked around at the faces watching him.
"Comes from the Green Dragon!"
And with that, he took a large bow, almost toppling off of the bar. He jumped down, and then turned to Grondy. Celebrian tipped his head, which only came up to about Grondy's waist, and asked, "How was 'at?"
Eruwen thought about Grondy’s offer as she watched the Hobbit’s jig. When the song was over, she clapped with vigor, for she always envied their energy and affability. She then turned to Grondy, ’I believe I’ll take the offer, sir.’ The ring had caused her nothing but problems anyway; it was directly linked to one of the Maia, who gave it to her as a gift, but she no longer wanted the visions it granted her.
"That was fine entertainment Celebrian, much more enjoyable to some of those long winded orators," said Grondy as he handed the hobbit his tankard of Gimli's Finest’.

"Why I remember a couple decades back, we had an Elf in here who told us a very lengthy story about this Dwarven King what lost his wife to a neighboring Gnome King and launched a thousand war chariots towards getting her back. In this story there was this hero what was reluctant to fight cause he felt slighted by the Dwarven King, also there was this great wooden warg that had something to do with the ending of the war, but I dropped off asleep afore I heard the ending. The danged thing must of ran on and on for hours."

"It's a deal then Eruwen," he said as he counted out the fourteen stacks of five gold pieces each and slid them over to her. "Leather or cloth? Or did you bring your own?" And he picked up the ring and dropped it into a velvet bag hung by a chain around his neck, this he tucked back into his shirt.
i would like to here that story.
hello elrose im fellin very happi rite now i jus had the bes pipeweed in my whole life
as I'm here and Grony's talking....*points to the sign on page one* SONG!!
"Thanks, mate!" said the Hobbit gratefully, and he hurried off to a nearby table to see the next performance.
Song Song Song!
"Yes! Yes! Please sing a song, dear fellow! That would be most delightful!" exclaimed the chubby little Hobbit drunkly. He sat down by his Hobbit friend, who was still fast asleep, using his forearms as a pillow.
Grondy goes up to the new comer and says, "Welcome to the Khazad-D’mish Inn Iesseus reyndous. What those fellers is trying to tell you is that you must sing a song or something, before you may have your first drink and I'll tell you that, that one will be on the house. See the sign over the bar posted in the first post of this thread. We are all waiting with baited breath in anticipation of your performance."
The new-comer is a strange person... something between an elf and a chimney-sweeper. That is because of his colour. He`s black (not like Denzel Washington, but pretty close), or better say dark. His face brightens up as he puts his foot inside the inn. He carefully reads the sign above the bar, two or three times, and when finally thinks he understands how he can quench, he comes forward and sais: Since I`m not much of a poet, and I traded my guitar in another inn for a glass of wine, I will try to cheer up the atmosphere.
So: A cop goes to work one day with a penguin. His boss asks him: What are you doing with that penguin here? Take him to the Zoo! Right now!! The next day, the same policeman comes with the same penguin at the precint. His boss sees him and sais: I told you to take him to Zoo!!! The cop sais: I did! Now I`m taking him to a movie! ;-)

Modestly, the shadow takes a bow and then sits at a table, drinking from a jug with ale.
Celebrian stared at the newcomer for a second or two after the joke, not really getting it. Then he realized the humor, and laughed energetically, slapping his leg. "That was a good one!" he gasped between laughs, "Take the penguin.... hahaha... to a movie!" When he looked around the room and realized that no one else was laughing nearly as hard as he was, he made a straight face and went back to chugging his ale...

OOC: By the way, that was a good one! Smile Smilie
hmmm....I've been looking forward to a song.....oh well that jokes better than MY song....hahahaha hehehe hohohho!
"Yes, that joke will do, for it took more effort to learn than those few (present company excepted) who merely mouth the words to their favorite song. Anyway Shadow_of_mordor, here is your tankard of Gimli's Finest’ and a plate of Watcher Rings, enjoy."
Calin who had been in a daze this whole time applauds and then realizes that he needs to stop worrying about and forget about whats outside and what he saw with the magic trick and join in the merryment. He then asks for a pint of gimli's finest and then turns to the nearest patron and starts up a lively conversation.
"A pint of GF coming right up Calin." Sorry it took so long, but Grondy was watching the Seafair hydro races held on Lake Washington yesterday. A French-Canadian won the Chevrolet Cup. "Here you go. Enjoy!"
Ice grins at the joke from the newcomer and grins wider as she remembers her own entrance performance.... and the later ensuing water-war.... She smiles wistfully thinking of something and shoves her ale away from her at the bar and lays her head on her crossed arms.

"Shush eveyone," Grondy whispers, "old Frozen-tooth is having a nap. Let us be quiet and see how long she stays asleep. We could start a pool: I figure it will be for at least 48 hours.

Any one need a refill or want a cup or bowl of our cheesy-cauliflower soup?"
*at least 48 hours? I suppose I'll humor you ^_^*

"Stupid monkeys.......don' wanna tap dance......I don' like turkehs......." she grumbles.

Calin goes to enter the pool and states, I think she will be awake in less than 5 minutes, and then proceeds to finish his pint. He then goes outside and comes back in a minute later with a mug of water, which he then proceeds to dump on Ice's head and then hands the now empty mug to elrose. while he has a smug look on his face.
Grondy quickly closes the shutters over the liquor bottles and glassware in preparation for the bar brawl that may break out as a result of the retaliation for that rude reawakening. He then prods the House Troll wide awake and stands by with a cudgel as the deck, er bar, has now been cleared for action.
Peaking inside cautiously, Rhapsody wondered what she missed the past months. Absentmindedly her hand found the soft swelling of her belly, marvelling of the simply thought of carrying a little D’nadan with her. Grondmaster was preparing for something big, that much she could tell.

Instead of just barging in with a song or a laugh, she considered her options and found a bale of hay to sit on. Stretching her legs, she waited for the brawl to begin.

I've been indeed more offline the past months then I anticipated, the due date of my baby is end of January.
"What in the-!!!??" Ice shrieked, leaping into the air, in the process knocking over the bar stool. Land lightly on the bar, she shook her head hard, very much like a dog, and a slight growl echoed about her throat. She glanced around at the other people of the bar, noting at once Calin looking rather smug. She launched herself at him, turning in the air to land right in front of him; rather than on him. Though she was a bit shorter(I am, right?) her glare was no less imposing. Suddenly she snatched a mug of ale off a nearby table poured it on his head in one smooth, swift motion. Then she was the one grinning.

hmm even though you tried to fram me you got wet! hehe"
Elrose then fills his empty mug with ale and starts drinking
Grondy decides Icefangs has poured cold water, er...ale on the brawl, so it is now safe to come out from under the bar.

"Okay folks, your next drink is on the house in honor of Rhaposdy's soon to be wee bairn; what'll it be?" Icefangs, Elrose, Calin, Rhapsody, anybody else?"

something spicy! and more ale
"Just some of Gimli's finest for me, Grondy. That always suits me well," she said with another grin.

"Oh, me! Me!" Celebrian shouted from across the room. He scurried over to the bar and looked up, "If you don't mind, that is," and he held out his mug for a refill.
Grondy took the mug, topped it off, and said, "Here you go Celebrian, enjoy!", as he placed the refilled mug before the young hobbit.
where's mine?
Sorry Elrose and Ice Fangs, my mind was off lollygagging in Lothlorien, trying to picture it when Galadriel and Celeborn ruled there in its glorious springtime.

"Anyway, here's a another tankard of Gimli's Finest for Ice Fangs and for Elrose a refill as well as some Spicy Hot Balrog Wings. And also here's a huge bowl of hot buttered popcorn, you three can use these smaller bowls for your individual munchings."
Elrose quickly pores out his and Ice's popcorn so she doesnt spread it over Middle Earth before he has had his share.
"Hey! I'm only not-neat when I'm super hungry.. and right now I'm not," Ice says, sounding hurt. She grabs a handful of popcorn out of the bowl and sits down, munching on a piece now and then.

deeply sorry for hurting Iceys feelings Elrose hands her his bowl "here you go Icey"
She smiles and takes it, saying, "Thanks Elrose. But you don't have to give me your bowl." Ice stands and walks to a table near the bar, pulling out a chair and flopping down into it. She gestures for Elrose and Celebrian to take the two chairs on her left and right sides.

"Any of you three care for some Dragon Jerky? I just got a shipment in from Esgaroth," said Grondy holding up a two gallon jar containing what looked to the naked eye like redish-brown shiny strips of leather.
hmmm....sure I guess.....can i have a cup of tea to?
"Okay, though maybe I should warn you Elrose: Dragon does taste a lot more gamey than Chicken Smilie chicken," said Grondy using a spitoon to hide a wad of the aforementioned beastie.
OOC: I think we should get a dragon smilie.
"Can I get some of those wings?" said Celebrian, hoppingclimbing up into a chair beside Icey. "Word around here is they're pretty good." He took a chug of his ale and looked at Icey. "So, what's the deal, eh? Why have you been mopin' around lately?"
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