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Thread: The Khazad-dumish Inn.. Please watch your head coming through the door.

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A elf came in the tavern, in the way of a old and acustomed guest.
"Greetings master Grondy. How fare ye? I was passing by through the land and i thought about droping by at the greatest pub east of Valinor. Now how about a nice bottle of wine for me? And a ale for you to drink with me, of course."
Elrose hands Etharion the mug of Orcan Firerum that he recently steped in, raises up his glass and says "cheers matey" *sluuurp*
Hooray, I'm back!


Icey blinks and sees the orc fingers in front of her; sadly, now is when her animal instincts set in and in a matter of seconds the fingers are devoured and more than a little got thrown on whoever was sitting next to her.

She gulps down half of her ale and leans back on the stool, letting out a loud and very unladylike belch (imagine a really big burping sound...). Immediately she covers her mouth and glances around; realizing that she was among (mostly) friends, she grinned and finished off her ale, ending the situation with a small *hic-cup*...
good evening to you Ice! *eats remnants of orc fingers of his cloak* thank you for those fingers.
She stands and bows, "Why thank you, Elrose," she says with a grin.

Calin looks over to where the disturbance is coming from and realizes that it is to be expected. He then mumbles about how an uruk hai camp is probably more civilized then the two making the rucous.
Grondy serves everyone another round at Tommies expense; grabs and serves an order of Balrog Wings for Calin; fetches a bottle of Old Vinyards for Etharion and says, "Thanks for the ale," which he slowly nurses; and finishes with a hearty, "Welcome back to all you oldtimers, both young and old alike."
so nice that the site is fixed!!

hmm ale...
Ice's ears perk up slightly at the uruk hai comment and she looks over at Calin. "I suppose you would rather I eat like a normal person, right?" She shakes her head and says, "Well, I'm half-wolf and that's not normal; wolves don't have the nicest table manners, ya know."

She pauses, then laughs when she realizes what she just said.

eh, when you grow up with wolves youre nice and polite but when you are wolf (or part) you eat like one?
It looks like someone has slipped into the inn without anyone noticing. Grondy should be around shortly so he will welcome you and just to prepare you... if you would like a drink and food you have to sing for the first one.
the occupants of the inn start to chant "SONG SONG SONG SONG" YAY FOR MASTERSMITH
Yes, please Mastersmith, read and heed Gimli's sign it the first post of this thread, so I can pour you a complimentary tankard of Gimli's Finest’ and a plate of something to sink your teeth into.
Oh please Grondy a drink for me it's been ages since I've had one of Gimli's finest says Maymarion as she walks into the bar grinning but make sure you've got some of that hang up cure you gave me last time.

Well how are things it seems such a long while since I've been in here, anything interesting happening??

Oh and hello to anyone I don't know Waving Hello Smilie
Grondy sets up a tankard of Gimli's Finest for Maydmarion, "Here you go my lady, and I'm off to stir you up the morning after concoction," he adds with a wink.
Hello marion, The only things that have happened is Ice and Elrose are being their usual selves and we are curently waiting for a song from a new person in the inn.
Hi Robbin, have a drink on me, you've been gone for a while, welcome back.

Well I've got a date with a band or orcs who have been raiding the area lately, I think they need to be taught a lesson in manners, says Maydmarion as she straps her bracer to her arm, carefully picks up her bow and checks her arrows - Maydmarion bows low and encompasses the rest of the Inn, she turns and starts to walk from the Inn - at the door she calls back to Grondy 'have a tankard of ale and some of those balrog wings ready for me when I get back - hope I won't be long - bye' - with that the door closes.....

My turn to be absent for a while, going to hospital tomorrow so will be gone for a few months
OOC: Take care, Maydmarion! Get well and come back soon! Waving Hello Smilie
i feel horrible...must have been that old orcan firerum i found...
"Hey Elrose," Grondy whispered rather loudly, "I stirred up some extra of the morning-after tonic, so you may have a glassful, if you wish. I did try to strain out the big pieces, though tiny bits of the snail shells sometimes get through."
Elrose slowly turns his head towards Grondy as to avoid further head-ache, "well, if you dont need it all i guess i could have some..."
Eruwen stood up rather abruptly and said, "Alright, to liven things up here, I'm going to do a magic trick. Can I have a volunteer?"
Elrose waves arms, violently hitting someone in the head "ME, pick ME"
"See, it's mind over matter. One minute Elrose has got a pounding headache, and the next after the call for magic trick stooges, he forgets all about his poor head and starts bouncing around like a jack-in-the-box," says Grondy, decanting the glass of nasty goop back into its bottle.

"Show us how you can saw him in half Eruwen, and this time, try not to get blood all over my nice clean floor," he adds wickedly.
Elrose imediatley sits down on top of his hands. "oh, me head..."
Ice glances over at Grondy and grins; she looks to Elrose and says, "What a change of character!"

Calin stands up. I will volunteer for the magic trick.
yay! Calin the Brave, Calin the foll-hearty, Calin the dommed...
"No, no, you volunteered first, Elrose." Eruwen drew her sword and pretended to clean off the table in front of her. "Come on, lie down. It'll hurt less if you relax," she added with a slight curl of her lips and raise of her eyebrow.

OOC: Sorry to leave you all hanging, but I will be gone for a week or so. Don't get too fiesty without me. Wink Smilie
"Yes yes, Elrose. Do go ahead and relax, like Eruwen said," Icey says with a grin.

yes it is your turn to go to the magic table Elrose the unlucky. This will be very amusing to watch.
And Elrose, here's you a tankard of Gimli's Finest’ to buck-up your courage, while Eruwen plays with our eyes and minds.
The talk of a magic trick performed by Eruwen is enough even to roust Eva from her lair in the kitchen, where she had finally succeeded in subduing Claw, who had indeed been making mischief in the kitchen and not in the Balrog's cage.
"What? A magic trick? I could have used one of those a little while ago in the kitchen... you really ought to try to keep a better eye on Claw, Eruwen.

OOC: Don't know how often I'll be able to get on... If I'm gone for a long time, just assume I'm cooking something complicated and delicious... or dealing with Claw again...
OOC: No problem Eva lilith, enjoy your vacation and drop in when you can. This thread is meant to be really laid-back and it is okay if little or no action takes place for days on end until some one takes a mind to it. There are other RPG threads where the members can wear themselves out; then they can come here for a meal, a bath, a comfy bed, a drink or two and some light heated banter as well as some song.

I'm thinking of adding some terriakied pork tenderloin to the menu tomorrow, if anyone thinks it sounds good. Meanwhile, here's another platter of Deep Fried Watcher Rings. Anyone need a refill?
"Those terriaki things sound great, Grondy! Can I request first plate, when they are cooked of course..." Ice says with a grin. She goes to drink some of her ale and her eyes widen. It's empty. "Could I get a refill of Gimli's Finest, Grondy; I seem to have run out..."

Aye Icefangs, refill coming right up........okay, here you go. Enjoy! The pork tenderloin is still marinating in the teriyaki sauce. But I'll reserve some for you after it comes out of the oven.
Just as Grondy finished his sentence the door of the inn bursts wide open, and Caudimordax, the fun, loving, and playful hobbit, enters on a unicycle while juggling circus clubs. After noticing the sign, the hobbit jumps off his unicycle, drops his clubs (knocking over someone's drink), and stands on the stage preparing for his debut. After a few sour notes of warm up, the circus hobbit begins his song...
"Now sleeps the crimson petal, now the white;
Nor waves the cypress in the palace walk;
Nor winks the gold fin in the porphyry font:
The firefly wakens: waken thou with me.

Now folds the lily all her sweetness up,
And slips into the bosom of the lake:
So fold thyself, my dearest, thou, and slip
Into my bosom and be lost in me."

Alfred, Lord Tennyson

Just as Caudimordax finished his last note, he noticed that all the eyes of the inn appeared as though the dew of morning had come and watered all the listeners. Whether they were tears of sadness, happiness, or extreme anquish, he could not tell.

The funny looking hobbit in his circus attire picks up his clubs and unicycle and finds a seat next to a bewildered listener.

All in the inn curiously examine the newcomer. "If you must know the circus is in town" states the hobbit breaking the silence. "How about some refreshments. Where can I find a menu?"...
"Ah, well met Caudimordax. And here is your tankard of Gimli's Finest’ for your performance.

Today we have Teriyakied Pork Tenderloin or Bar-B-Qued Warg Ribs; each comes with a tossed green salad and a baked po-tater.

Of course you could also fill up on our horse-ovaries, which are Spicy Hot Balrog Wings, Deep Fried Watcher Rings, and Bar-B-Qued Orc Knuckles, not to mention our popcorn and pretzels."
Elrose recovers from his scare and points to Caudimordax and says "since you are the newest here, you should have the honor of being in the magic trick"
"No thank you, Elrose. I do believe I met my requirements with my song, and I am not to big on magic tricks, though it seems to me that you're just trying to escape from something."

Turning his head to Grondy...

"I'll have the Teriyakied Pork Tenderloin, Grondy. Thank you. I have actually been craving something teriyakie."
Coming right up Caudimordax, you need a refill yet?
Suddenly, two drunken Hobbits burst through the door.
"Did we miss anythin!?" shouts the chubbier one as he staggers toward the bar...
(All music, talking, and such comotion come to a stop, leaving nothing but pure silence.)
Eruwen turned to look at the newcomers, sharpening her sword. "Nope, you haven't missed anything yet. Elrose here was just about to lie down on this table to help me out with a magic trick. Weren't you, Elrose? Come now, Elrose. Don't you trust me?" she stated trying to make her mysterious eyes as wide as possible while placing a slight pout on her lips. "Really, I have worked on this trick quite a bit, and I haven't killed anyone for quite some time."

well, i guess i can lie down 'hey you...yes Mr. paramedic, stand over here"

Elrose slowly lowers himself on to the table. "well, what are we waiting for?"
The two gents stagger to the nearest Hobbit-sized table and plop down on two stools, both of them nearly missing as they sat. The fat one stared mezmerized at the sharpness of the sword, while the other put his head on his arms an fell asleep.
CAlin looks over at the hobbit who just sat down next to him and then looks back quickly towards Eruwen not wanting to miss the magic trick.
Icey grins as Elrose lays on the table; that paramedic guy should be able to help. She glances over at the circus sitting near her and snickers; his clothes are ridiculous. She smiles when he looks and then turns to Grondy, "Can I have some teryaki tenderloin now, Grondy?" she whines slightly. She gulps some of her ale and turns to watch Eruwen and her magic trick...

"Yes Icefangs, here you go," says Grondy and as he places the steaming plate of meat, taters, and salad before her, he almost knocks over her ale, because he is trying to watch Eruwen operate on Elrose.

OOC: Celebriannenharma, you are allowed only one character at any given time, so unless you and your friend are siamese twins, or you are an Ettin, one of you will have to leave. Meanwhile enjoy the show and when Eruwen is finished with the stage you may sing your song for your first drink.
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