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Thread: The Khazad-dumish Inn.. Please watch your head coming through the door.

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Ice lifts her head, "Eh, yes, very nice nap," she says. "So, what'd I miss?" she continues. Icey sits straight up in the stool, then leans forwards and rests her elbows on the table. "How 'bout some of Gimli's Finest over here, eh Grondy?" she says with a smile.
Okay Ice, here's you some Gimli's Finest ’ and a plate of Bar-B-Qed Warg Ribs to go with it. Let me know if you'd like a baked tater or some salad.

I'm going to have to install an air tight door in the second cellar; there are some rank smells coming up from below. I don't know if it's undead or newly dead, but it needs fumigating or a big air freshener or maybe an expedition to check it out and maybe get rid of the source; though a new door is probably the easiest to do.
"Sure, Eva. Since you're asking, I would love to share your prize meal with you," Eruwen said a bit tongue in cheek. "I could use the company, and not to mention, I'm a bit short on cash, so the food would be nice too. Come on, tell me your story, you choose the amount of detail you are willing to share, and we'll have a nice meal." Eruwen was looking forward to making a new acquaintance. Her life had been a lonely one since she left Mirkwood.

OOC: No worries, Eva. I'm rather busy this summer too...just anytime you get the chance, write a sentence or two. Take care...
as a fat hobbit walks through the door pushing a trolley of barrels that appear to hold more Ale, a fat elf wearing Tinker clothes jumps out and starts to sing "Daa Doo Doo Da Da Doo Da Da Doo Da Da Doo Da Da Doo Da Da..." while juggling three rubeber chickens and a palantir.
he then falls on his face and shouts TADA
appaled at the fact that he was not instantly greeted with thunderous applause, he looks at his watch that reads 9:28 p.m. and then at the clock on the wall that reads 5:07 "what the 'ell"

he then goes to sleep as he ran out of time

"Well met Elrose, if you can add a verse or two to your ditty, it will qualify you for your first drink here, though your entering act was almost good enough other than being a tad bit short. Not having anything against shortness, except when it comes to the purse, my being short myself."

"What's it got in its barrels, we wonders, yes we does."
Elrose wkes up to this remark, "wanted applause not critisism, oh well if you insist" *ahem* "Doo Da Doo Da Da Doo Da Da, Doo Da Da Doo Da Da Doo Daa Da Doo Da Doo Da Da Doo Da Da, Doo Da Da Doo Da Da Doo Daa Da Doo Da Doo Da Da Doo Da Da, Doo Da Da Doo Da Da Doo Daa Da"

thank you"
moving to Fangorn going to eat a lot of peaches millions of peaches peaches for me millions of peaches peaches for free!" heard some younling sing that.
Laurel flung open the doors of the inn, feeling like she was home again. "I trust I won't have to sing again, Sir Grondmaster?" She shouted across the bar at him with a chuckle. "Hey everyone! Well- what have I missed? I myself was asked to attend the funeral of a distant cousin down in old Gondor and wound up being swallowed by a very large wormlike creature for about a month or so...nothing too crazy! How are you all?" She looked and smelled as one who had literally been living in someone's stomach for a month and her stench was even alarming to her; her clothes were torn to shreds, and one of her boots was missing-in-action. It was a wonder that in her travels back she hadn't been arrested for being a vagrant.
first no applause an now a bloody stench? i want that flaming drink! here, have a round
i am tired of waiting! were are those bloody ale barrels i came in? i don't think i finished them all

*elrose disappers in the ale barrels please do not disturb
"Give him a hand folks!" said Grondy clapping. He left the bar and went over to the hobbit. "That was fine Elrose, here's a tankard of Gimli's Finest ’ for your effort; and a plate of Deep Fried Watcher Rings for your enjoyment."
Ice gulps down the wings on her plate and takes a large swig of ale. "AHH! That hits the spot right, it does!" She turns and claps for Elrose, putting in a well-placed, 'woohoo' here and there. On seeing Laurel she stands and walks up to her. "Hey there, mate? How ya been?" she askes, then her opens her arms, wanting a hug.

Calin applauds politely. I think you need a bath and some new clothes laurel but i have to go somewhere for a while soo I will see you all later. with that calin walks out the door.
Eruwen jumps up, excited to see her friend, Laurel, again. She runs over to her, pushing herself in front of Icey, and gives her a big hug. Placing her hands on Laurel’s shoulders, she distances herself a bit and holds her breath. ’Come on, let’s get you cleaned up,’ motioning upstairs with her head. ’I may share some of my food with you if you’re lucky,’ she smiles. ’Really though, I was beginning to get very lonely around here. I’ve been wondering where you wandered off to.’ Turning to the innkeeper, she says, ’Grondy, please get a glass of your finest for our returning traveler.’
"Laurel! It is good to see you again! "
i usume that applause was for me not Laurel. this sure beats the ale in those barrels, got to much dirt in it they did.
Grondy reaches way back under the bar and retreaves a grimey half-empty wine bottle, he pours its contents into a glass, and thinking to himself, "I really must save some of this for myself," he stops when the glass is half-full. "Here you go Laurel, this special stock is from the cashe Eruwen discovered in the cellars when she investigated the noise in the dumbwaiter. How's the little mouser doing, Eruwen?"
"Wow, if I'd known I'd get such a warm welcome back I would've left a long time ago! How are you, my friends?" She gave all the folks around her excruciating, pungent hugs and quickly gulped Grondy's offering of the vintage beverage. "That's fine stock, that is, Eruwen! What a nice little prize for your troubles in that old cellar...Lord knows I need it...Grondy, sir, you'd better stash some o' that somewhere for yourself." Laurel shuddered as the liquor hit her. "Well, I didn't exactly come back empty-handed either..." She reached into a pocket of her mangled travelling cloak and brought out a small, green package. Laurel tossed it to Eruwen, grinning madly, and said to her small welcoming committee, "Don't worry, there's enough here for all." The contents of the package were strange-a deed to a small village in Gondor, ten peices of various size of genuine mithril, four small bunches of Athelas, two bundles of Old Toby pipeweed, and a golden necklace. "Please-take what you like, but the deed and one of the Old Toby's are mine. So what has gone on while I was travelling? Anything?"
"In all honesty, I don't know," Ice replied, trying to hold her breath; her greater sense of smell allowed the stench to nearly make her faint. "While you were away, I fell asleep, or something, for quite awhile; the details are still quite a bit fuzzy," she shook her head, and gulped down some more of her ale.

Eruwen was immediately drawn to the mithril in Laurel’s hand. She picked up one of the small pieces and held it up in the light. ’Look how magnificent that is. I’m going to make it into a necklace. Thank you so much, Laurel.’ Eruwen looked around the bar, trying to think of anything Laurel needed to be updated on. ’Hmmm’well, to be honest, nothing much has gone on around here really. A lot of drinking, but hey, that’s nothing new.’

’Ya know, Grondy. Now that you mention it, I have no idea where Claw is. She must have wandered off while I was enjoying my wine. My guess is that she is causing trouble in the kitchen, or at least I hope, because I would hate for her to cause trouble with Amarie’s Balrog.’
Whoop, Wiggle Smilie whoop Wiggle Smilie whoop Wiggle Smilie Maydmarion gives a loud shout to Elrose for his performance - I love a bit of juggling. Well done.

Hello Laurel, it's nice to meet you I've heard a lot about you, Maydmarion bows low.

If you want I do have some spare clothes and boots in my saddlebag there is even a long cloak which is very well weatherproofed. You would be most welcome to have what you like.

Also, and I don't want you to think me rude but if you use this to wash with you would be doing us all a service, Maydmarion smiles as she hands over a small bottle with a bright green liquid. Every person who smells it will smell their favourite fragrance - I don't know how it works, but it does. Give it a try.

wheres my bloody pipe?

elrose searches the barrels for his pipe and finds a pipe, and a large amount of wooden teeth.

"here is three quality wooden teeth for one it of Old Toby"
elrose lights his pipe taking a long drag remembering the days of his youth with Elhoir and Elladain.
ah but to be young again, and skinny and sharper, maby it is time to sleep. Elhoir, ever will i remember you and Estel.
"Thanks for the gift Laurel, I'll make me a watch fob for my pocket sundial from this wee piece of mithril."

"And Eruwen, if Claw take it into her mind to bother the Balrog, woe to the Balrog."

"Anyone need a refill or a snack from the kitchen?"
packet of Gandalf Gravy Bisquits please and a shot of Durins Dry please sir
Here's your munchies and drink Elrose. And now I must to the kitchen go, to see if Claw is behaving itself.
hope this pack lasts for 11 days! (see Journal I also will beback...)

wow 111 members to 56 in 3 sec.
Ice finishes her ale and calls to Grondy, "Oi! Grondy, do ya still have some o' those fried orc fingers? I'd love to have some, and another tankard of Gimli's finest! Where is ole' Gimli, by the way?" she askes.

Oh, and uh, I'll be at my mom's for about a week, so don't freak if I don't post anything in a few days.

Ooooh Grondy I don't suppose you have any dragon crackling and some salsa sauce to dip them in, I really fancy some and a nice long cool drink of sparkling ice water with a big dash of Durin's Rum. I think we're in for a heat wave judging by the eagles, they all seem to be flying up here - that's usually a sign of hot weather.
Let me just put these in the oven to warm them up a bit, while I fix the drinks.

Okay ladies, that's Crackley Red Mex Dragon with a Frosty Durin's Cooler for Maydmarion; and French Fried Orc Toes and a tankard of Gilmi's Finest’ for Icefangs, if I heard rightly? All right then, here you go. Enjoy!

Have a pint of Gimli's finest on me for my mistake on Wheel of Tolkien. I wish I didn't make sooo many mistakes - sorry Wink Smilie
"If that offer of a drink was to me Maydmarion, why don't mind if I do. Thank you kindly! And have one on me."

And don't sweat the mistakes. I don't, because I make plenty of them too; and sometimes I even learn from mine and from those made by others. Besides that, a hundred years from now who is going to give a rats rear-end, anyway. Happy Elf Smilie
Drink was definitely for you Grondy - you need one to cope with all you do on PT Big Smile Smilie
Calin walks back into the tavern. I would like some of gimlis finest. I have longed to come back here while i was away.
"Some of Gimli's Finest for Calin then," says Grondy setting a tankard before the returnee. "Welcome back and maybe you'd also like some of this cheese flavored popcorn to nibble on," he added as he slid he bowl across the bar.
why thank you very much grondy. I have missed the fine dinning in gimli's tavern.
A man covered in grime gets pushed out of a passing wagon. as he rolls through the doorway he calmly gets up, dusts of his cloak and says, "hey everybody!!! not much happening here eh? that wagon was worth giving the driver my last pair of socks. wonder why he wanted those? maby he thought he could make a traveling garden, heh he should have aske for one of my lugs!"
Hello Elrose, have you sung for you first drink yet, I didn't see it on my list, though I very well might of missed it? If you havent, read and heed the first post in this thread, if you already have sung, give me the date and I'll pour you another and get you on the list.
Elrose lets out an indignant sniff and says back coldly "I Posted on Tuesday 14th June 2005 (05:27am) on thread #131if you must know, hmm"
if you are asking for an encore, i suppose you could read my addition to the Fall of Gil-Galad in one of my journal entries ;_;
No, sorry Elrose, I guess I forgot to add your name to the list. I'm just to pooped-to-pop today and forgot that you had fulfilled the requirement and am still learning your name and was too busy moderating to wade back through the pages looking for you. So now I add your name to the list.

Grondy draws another tankard of Gimli's Finest ’ for Elrose and offers him a plate of Bar-B-Qed Balrog Wings. "Here's a little something to keep the hunger away. Whistle if you need anything more."
why would you have to wade back through the list? my performance was epic! just kidding, i'm a newbie ;_;

my name is modeled after elros a king of Numenor and Elhoir a son of Elrond. it is not prounounced as in Quenya as Elrose as the ending e would have diaresies over it but as in english were the final e is silent. this is quite enough of an explanationthankyou
*pokes head around the corner*
*enters inn cautiously*
*sneaks up to the bar*
*slams fist on bar*
For the rest of the week, drinks are on me!
*sneaks back out and disappears*
The slam of a fist on the bar startled Eruwen out of her Dionysian ecstacy. "Drinks? Who's paying? What?" She looked down at her glass and noticed that a bit of happiness still stirred in the bottom. Lifting it, she downed the rest in one gulp. She watched Claw saunter out of the kitchen licking her lips, which then turned into a full-fledged cleaning session. Eruwen walked over to pick her up, "You must have had one heck of a meal in there little one," she said, stroking the kitten's head. "I hope you didn't disturb any of Eva's fine foods back there."
Calin looks up from where he is sitting at the sound of the bang and then decides it is probably some other drunk customer going crazy again. I will have a plate of balrog wing please grondy.
at the bang, elrose jumps up and starts laughing. "ha ho the drinks are on Tommie, well, i'll have a few pints!!
Elrose gets up to grab a pair of stockings that look warm and he steps in a large mug of Orcan Firerum. "what the 'ell? how long has this been here? oh well, pbobably burned any bacteriay in it.!!!" with one swig he downs it then passes out.
OOC: I'm back... kind of... wow, been busy...

Eva was surprised by the commotion the relatively new patrons were making. Not that this was a bad thing, she reflected... the inn had been pretty quiet lately and could use some livening up.
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