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Thread: The Khazad-dumish Inn.. Please watch your head coming through the door.

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Icey glances towards Calin and notices his hands flying under the table, mixing some sort of potion or antidote, apparently there was something in his stew. She sighed then and looked above the elf, hearing the giggling of the spritelike-Cloveress. She could just see the spirt creature, being half spirit creature herself. She grinned, knowing that Calin was in for a surprise. When the Cloveress looked at Eruwen, Icey dropped her eyes and smiled.

"Hey Eva! I'd like some of that delicious smelling stew over here!" she said loudly. Then, she sneezed. Someone must have some horsemint, she thought and raised her head slightly , allowing her powerful nose to sniff out the stuff. It came from Calin, or whatever he was mixing under the table. She sneezed again as she got a stronger whiff of it. She was allergic to horsemint, but she just covered her nose and sipped what remained of her mug of ale.

’Well, Iesseus, I can let you have the recipe, but not until I show it to Grondy, because most of the ingredients need to go on the inn’s next shopping list. Calin went last time’ If he is willing to oblige again, then fine’ otherwise, is there anyone who is planning to go into town soon?’ Eva said. Then she sniffed. The smell of herbs was growing strong, a mixture of the clover and others she couldn’t identify. She noticed that Icy was sneezing. What is going on? she wondered.
yes i will go again soon if grondy gives me the list soon... and may i please have the water now said calin with a slight urgency in his voice. and sorry icey about your allergies but i know all about the clover and went along so i am just preparing myself for what ever happens said calin as he pulls up his herbs and mixtures to put in the boiling water he ordered. It may be nothing harmless but to make me turn green and brown, but it may be some sort of sleep clover for all i know.
"Well thats fine.And yes Grondy I would like some tea with a lot of suger.I love sugar."said Iesseus in a tone that is hard to describe.
"sleep potion?" The Cloveress was dumbfounded. This young man must be even stupider than the others she had played tricks on in the past. Oh, but if he really knew what would happen... and if he really knew that his little mixtures couldn't help him... "heeheeheee..." dear, Calin was going to be quite embarrassed... And as for the two other spirits, well, she decided she would get to know them later. It wasn't in the nature of a sprite to interfere with the fun of another of their kin. They were all a naturally playful kind. "Although, of course, I'll have to give Icefangs some antidote... can't flutter about when kin is suffering, can I?" cloveress muttered, fumbling in her long silks...then, something quite unexpected dropped from her pouch, straight into Iess' stew...
Unable to stop her sneezing, Icey stood, took off her bag and grabbed a dark purplish scarf. She wraped it around her neck, and pulled a lip of it over her mouth and nose. At least then the sneezing was a little quieter. She sighed and sneezed once more and pulled the scarf tighter around her face. At the moment, she looks very 'cowboy-ish'.

She glanced over at Calin once more and shook her head when he said sorry. "Its okay," she mumbled through the scarf. The way that stuff smells, that antidote he's mixing won't do any good, she thought. Because the scarf kept her from being able to drink her ale, Ice just sat there, mumbling something about the horrors of sleeping potions....

i know it wont work but at least this guy is trying. you would probably do the same sort of thing in my position. so yeah cloveress will you make the effect happen soon please... it has gone on for three pages already...

Calins hands slip back under the table to where no one can see them. all of a sudden there is an obviously fake fire all around the room. No one gets hurt, but it is impossible to miss the hole in the fire where the clveress curently is. while everyone is looking at the fires calin quickly aims his hands at the place where there isnt fire, and sprays pait at the cloveress. he then laughs at this and sits back to wait for the effects of the clover.

you have to allow me to have some harmless fun Tongue Smilie
"Would whoever brought that horsemint in here please remove it from the premises, its interfering with one of my best customers' drinking."

"Your hot water is in that thar teapot sitin in front of you Calin; and if you want to do the shoppin, I'll have the list ready in a couple shakes."

"You want to accompany him IceFangs, sort of to keep him out of trouble, to give your nose a break, and to give me some time to air out the joint?"

"That sure is some excellent stew Eruwyn, mighty tasty."
You are really evil, Robbin...

The Cloveress couldn't believe this dimwitted youngling had spilt the potion over her. She inhaled deeply, furious for letting her trick go wrong. But suddenly, she felt lighthearted and all her anger was forgotten. She took on the form of an Elf, and pretended to fall from the chimney into the fireplace. Nothing really seemed to matter anymore, all that mattered was that she showed herself to these wonderful people and make them happy. Everyone else was staring at her in shock, not knowing who she was. "You shouldn't wear such an expression,"she siad. "Here, listen to me! Lalalalalalalalalalalalalaaaaaa..." (sings to the tune of Merry and Pippin's duet song and dances cornishly)

Eruwen stared at the new elf who seemed to appear out of nowhere, and mumbled to herself that it was her sort who gave elves a bad name. But, she then realized that she got the same feeling from this elf as she did from the hovering spirit earlier. She smiled as she realized that this spirit was indeed a trickster. She walked over to the new elf, and put her arm through hers. "Let me buy you a drink," she smiled in friendship.
OOC: Well, I don't know if that short 'Lalalala...' bit can be counted as a song and dance, but I guess her whole act up to then was quite entertaining, so I'll not quibble.

"Here's your tankard of Gimli's Finest," and Grondy handed the tankard to the newly arrived elf. He wondered at the lack of soot and scorch marks on one who just fell down the chimney into the brightly burning fireplace. "Hmm, something's going on here."
OOC: "Lalalalala"'s a great song, Grondy. Don't you know it? Smile Smilie
OOC: I sorrta forgot the words to it, though, which is swhy it's lalalalala...

Cloveress accepted the taknard and sat down beside Eruwen. She felt familiar, for some reason. And she was staring at her the hardest. "Hello!" Cloveress said brightly. "You feel familiar..."then, she suddenly felt foolish. "Let me jig for you!! " She threw her drink on the ground, much to the disgust of Grondy, and jumped nimbly onto the table...
you know the song by Cat Stevens Sad Lisa? there is a part that goes exactly like this "lalalalala la la la la la laa laa laa la laa"
No, in fact I haven't heard of anything like that
lol cloveress i takek it you made the paint go away because if not then you would probably still have some paint on you.

sorry about the horse mint said calin as he puts away the mixtures for anouther time, except for one which he sticks in the pot. Some nice herbal tea sounds very nice right now... would anyone like some while i am making it. it is a recipie that i doubt most have heard of. It is something passed down through my family, and it is very good for headaches and the like, or just to soothe the body. and grondy whenever you have the list i will go.
Icey nods enthusiastically when Grondy asks her to go with Calin. She grins when she sees the new elf in the chimney, she felt the same energy as she did from the playful spirit. Standing and pulling her scarf down under her chin, Ice holds out her hand in greeting to the elf. "Tis a pleasure to speak to you, dearest trickster," she said with a grin, adding a sigh to the end when Calin announced he was putting away his horsemint.

"Here's the list and a pouch of gold to pay for it," says Grondy, handing them to Calin. "See if they have any fresh strawberrys, not the giant ones with white areas that are tasteless, but thumb sized ones that are juicy sweet all over. And be sure to smell the melons at the stem area: if they don't smell tasty, don't get any, cause they were picked too green."
okay said calin as he takes the list from grondy. come on ice he says as he goes and then drags ice towards the door. he then stops and stares at the new elf, and swears he smells a little clover and sees some paint... but he then goes on towards the market with ice.
OOC: of course, though I must've read something wrong, I thought you sprayed the stew at me...which was why my little trick backfired on me... and also, Eruwen and Icey, you're supposed to know the antidote for this....

Finally the Cloveress overcome by her own clovers, fell upon the table and rolled down to the floor. She remembered a little bit of the things now... she knew instinctively that she had been covered with paint and magic stew... that Calin!!! He was going to catch it when he got back!!! The Cloveress didn't like being outwitted. Then she fell unconscious. And as her eyes closed, her Elf-disguise fell apart and her body turned transparent and spirit-like...
i dont know how it ended up but oh well. Ice and i will come back tommorow so we dont have to wait too long.
Eva stares as the newly appeared elf vanishes before her eyes, then sighs and grabs a mop to wipe up the scatter drink, stew, and paint from the floor. I don’t mind strange things happening here, she thinks. I even enjoy them. I just wish they weren’t usually so messy’
Calin runs back into the inn with a bunch of stuff in his arms. He drops them off in the kiitchen and then goes back out for more stuff. It is obvious to people that he is pretty happy about something... and after a while people notice that he keeps glancing at a sky blue and gold ring on his finger. He then hands the leftover money back to grondy, and then tells him that the rest of the stuff is with ice who will be in here any time now.
Icey comes walking into the room, dragging a few large sacks with each of her arms and one more is tied to the end of her tail. She hands the bags over to Grondy, and turns around, breathing deeply. Finally, she thought, that horsemint is gone! Something tells her to look towards the ground, near a table near a fireplace. That little spirit! her mind cried. She dashed to where the Cloveress lay, nothing to her more than an outline. She lifted it, cradling it like baby, and rushed upstairs, where she burst into the room and laid the Cloveress on the bed.

She grabbed the water basin and closed her eyes. Her hands clenched into fists as Ice sent herself into the spirit world, so she could see the Cloveress and what was wrong with her. Having turned herself transparent and very spiritlike, Ice saw the paint and slight burns that all magic fires leave. She wetted some cloths and laid them over the paint and burns she could see and then tried to wake her up.

"Ah, little spirit...t'would be a bit helpful if you were to awaken now," she said softly in the spirit's ear.

Hope that's not too, I don' know, too sumptin'...
Eruwen followed upstairs after Icey, for she was worried about the trickster spirit. She wasn't much of a healer, so she didn't exactly know what was wrong with the spirit, but it seemed that Icey did. The one thing Eruwen could do was ask the gods for help, so she clasped her necklace of river rock in her hands, closed her eyes, and called to the gods. The necklace started glowing, and she waited for them to answer.
"Thanks for the help Calin, you and Icy each deserve a free drink for fetching the groceries," said Grondy to Calin as the latter brought in his last bag, but Calin's mind appeared to be elsewhere.

He was about to thank Icy in the same manner when she up and ran out again before he got his mouth open. So he proceeded to stash the groceries away onto and into their respective shelves, cupbords, boxes, and coolers.

Then he decided to find out what Icy's hurry was all about, but when he looked into the common room, she wasn't there, nor was Eruwyn. he asked one of the customers if they had seen either of them and was pointed to the main stairway.

So Grondy climbed to the second story of the Inn and heard a low chanting in what sounded like a female voice coming from a room. As the door wasn't tightly closed he peeked in and saw Eruwen playing with her beads and praying over a two indistinct figures, one of which was lying on the bed and what the other may have been doing he couldn't fathom.

During a break in Eruwyn's chant, not wanting to interfere, but feeling there was some kind of a crisis at hand, he asked softly, "Is everything all right here? Is there anything you need or want me to do?"
Calin followed them upstairs. just to let you know the fire was just light there wasnt much caused by th paint. i think the main problem was the soup from my bowl that got blown back at her with the paint. meanwhile he pulls out hie herbs and making a potion for her.

i will not be on as much because i just mnaged to break my arm 4 vhours ago so i have to type left handed for a month.
Oooh! Owchez.... How'd you do it, Robbin?

By the way, I'm waiting for the Cloveress to post before I post again..
sorry I didn't come on yesterday, no time, but now i'm free again

The Cloveress could hear a low voice chanting softly. Such a beautiful voice, one fit for Gods' ears... Her senses were still dim, but she was aware of people in the room, and spirits. Icefangs was here, and that little innkeeper along with that....that CALIN!!!! Her eyes flashed open.

Why was she lying on a bed? She sat up straight and looked at the person nearest her, which was Icey, to see her eyes filled with relief. At the same time, she felt her spirit strength return and fluttered up to sit in mid-air, blinking down at everyone. She suddenly understood. "You helped me."
Ice nodded and grinned, saying, "Welcome back to this world, trickster. How do you feel?" Ice glanced around, sighed, and closed her eyes, her fists clenching and unclenching at her sides. Suddenly, she was substantial once more.

The Cloveress slipped back into her form again, and turned into the Elf. "Nah, I don't think I should trick these people any longer. No Elf for me!" She resumed her floating pixie form instead, hovering somewhere above Eruwen's shoulder, where everyone could see her clearly.

"Hello, I'm the Cloveress." she said brightly, though her eyes flashed at Calin a bit. " Nice inn you've got here, Grondy."
Thanks Cloveres, we aim to please and I'm glad to see you back to your normal self. How about I go back downstairs and russle up a batch of spaghetti and meatballs, a tossed green salad with some garlic bread, and a couple bottles of dark red vino, and you all come down to partake in an hour or so?
Eruwen was pleased that the gods did not answer her...or perhaps they did. She wasn't sure if she was ready to repair her relationship with them anyway.

"Glad to see you feeling alright, Cloveress. Nice work, Icey, and nice to meet you, Cloveress. I'm Eruwen," the elf said, holding out her hand.

"Grondy, spaghetti and meatballs sounds wonderful! My mouth is watering already!"

OOC: Hope you feel better, Robbin! Ouch! Sad Smilie
Yeah, imagine a whole two months without your right hand....

"OK," the Cloveress felt immediately warm towards the kind old innkeeper. She fluttered over all their heads and zipped downstairs. Eruwen was not feeling as light-hearted as they all were, but then, the Cloveress percieved she had more power than herself... bah...powerful spirits, always complicated, she thought. But she still felt very fond of Eruwen and made a mental note to get to know both Eruwen and Icey better.
calin followed grondy out of the room and asked, is there anything else you need me to do? and i think you and eva need a drink so have one on me. when you finish cooking.
"I’ll pass, Calin, but I would like to know what’s got you so preoccupied. Where’d you get that ring? I don’t remember seeing it before’"
OOC: Sorry to make you type more with your left hand, Robbin, but you had to expect someone to ask’ You have my sympathy, if not my empathy (I’ve never broken a bone.)
its no problem. its making me have to type with my left hand so it is good experience.

oh i bought it while out shopping for grondy. i have been looking for one for quite some time now. and no grondy i didnt use any of your money. there is a set of rings that i am collecting. i have two of them right now. as he says this he pulls out his read with gold ring. it is an identical match to the blue one except red.
Eruwen admired the whimsical nature of the spirit, for her own past constantly pressed itself onto her shoulders, shadowing any sunshine from her heart and mind. But, that’s what drink was good for. ’I would love a glass of red wine, Grondy.’ The close call of being reunited with the gods caused her heart to race with terror and excitement for the first time in a long time.
Grondy set out a bottle of red wine and glasses on a table for the group and went into the kitchen to start the water a boiling, and the sauce a simmering, and the meatballs a frying, and the lettuce a tearing.

Ten minutes later he came through the door balancing a large tray carrying a salad bowl, plates, forks, and dressings of various kinds which he also placed on the table."I'll let you folks start serving your selves," and he scurried back into the kitchen.

Ten minutes later he again came through the same door balancing an even larger tray filled with a large bowl of spaghetti, a bowl of sauce and meatballs, a large basket of garlic bread, plates, and pewterware utensils, as well as a large stack of linen handwipes. OOC: I almost said 'napkins' here, but I didn't want anyone to wonder why I was bringing Huggies’ or Pampers’ diapers to the party.Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

"Eva, will you please do the honor of serving us as well as yourself?" he said as he opened the second bottle and began topping off the others' glasses, filled one for himself, and also built him a plate of salad which he began eating.
The Cloveress was unsure of how she should eat. She didn't usually eat in her home and all that was laid before her seemed very overwhelming. But she could drink, so she reached for some of the ale Eruwen handed her. "Great ale, Gronds."she winked as she tasted it. " Never tasted anything like it. No, I'm not really hungry, Eva, thanks, still recovering..."
OOC: Grrrr’ Grondy, now you’ve made me hungry’ and I have to wait a whole ’nother class period for lunch.

Eva walks around the inn with the spaghetti, salad, garlic bread, and dinnerware, serving the customers in the corners who hadn’t participated in the mad dash when Grondy said that people could serve themselves. It was frankly astonishing that nothing had spilled, at least no more than some inevitable small splashes of sauce. She couldn’t wait to get some herself, assuming there was any left’ but it looked like Grondy had made more than enough. ’Is this a special occasion, Grondy, or did you just decide to make dinner? Not that I’m complaining’’
"No special occasion, I just figured we ought to have something different from our normal fare and felt like cooking, besides it was a easy meal to make, when I started the sause ahead of time."
while making sure that Ice fangs wasnt going to tip over the table in her rush for food, elrose quikly ran up and stacked food on his plate. he then ran in the opposite direction of Icey and dove under a table and started to eat.
The Cloveress sipped again daintily, watching everyone eat and drink merrily. She looked at the fireplace. The embers were still glowing, but they would be out soon. The whole room was growing darker, yet warmer, lit only by a chandelier from the ceiling and the glow from some of the Elves. She knew it was time to go now. "Well, thank you everyone for doing me such courtesy. I must go now, or I won't be able to later..." With that she winked at them and vanished into the fireplace, causing a great puff of fire there.

I'll come back after...but now I'm just gonna rest for a while.
Icey grinned and ladled some spagetti into a bowl, and not wanting her garlic bread to get sauce on it, yet, she picked up a piece, stuck it in her mouth, and walked to a table nearby. She laid the bread on the table and went back to get a fork for the spagetti. As Ice commenced to eating the delicious spagetti, she began to kick her feet underneath the table; the chair suddenly seemed a little taller than she was, so her feet barely touched the floor. Or maybe she made them seem that way; everytime one of her legs one near the floor, she'd make it all ghostlike and it went throught the floor; when it came out, she made it solid once more.

"This is great spagetti Grondy! And the garlic-" she paused to take a bite, "The garlic bread is perfectly crisp, yet not burnt," she said, glancing over at the innkeeper and grinning wider.

"Thanks Icey, we aim to please, if you want anymore, just ask. And what's with all the fancy footwork? I didn't think your kind was allergic to garlic or are you just messing with my eyes," he said twinklingly.
calin took his spaghetti and sat down. when he slung his feet under the table he heard a umpfff. he looked down and say elrose staring up at him fiercly protective over his spaghetti with red sauce on a cheek. Calin practically fell over ;laughing at the sight. he then went over to another table while elrose tried to figure out what was soo funny.
"As far as I know, Grondy, garlic's fine with me. And I was just doing that with my feet because I have restless leg syndrome; they refuse to be still, and rather than stubbing my toes on the floor, why not make them go through the floor??" she said, grinning again.

OOC: Is this like some conspiracy to torture me with the spaghetti thing? I have now been craving spaghetti for a week, because people keep posting about it. Aaaagh!
Eva looks at Calin laughing his head off at Elrose. He still seems unusually happy, more than simply finding the next ring I his collection would explain, unless it was a very special ring. She shrugs, but since she wasn’t watching where she was going, she trips and goes sprawling. Fortunately, all of the food had been removed from the tray, but this still causes a shower of silverware, plates (three of which break), and linen handwipes. Several costumers nearby suddenly get extra forks. This, she thinks, is why I prefer staying in the kitchen’
Calin notices that Eva trips due to a fork hitting him in the head along with a clatter of dishes. He then goes over to wear she is and helps her up and then starts picking up the spilling dishes.
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