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Well i thought of letting the bunny go, but then i remembered a very old poem my grandfather had made up, about a man and his pea, the man ate it. So i thought it would sound funny to eat the cute little bunny, who had broken both it's feet! A twist to the story...... and thank you for the welcome, im glad im an elite now Orc Smiling Smilie and Grondy, thanks for the confidence boost Orc Smiling Smilie

'Thank you my friends, im glad you enjoyed it, then looking over at the glare of Eva, more than likely from the bunny eating part, he said to her rather quickly, 'maybe i should have mentioned that the bunny chewed off the man's leg???'

Then he sat down again, and gladly recieved the food and drink, taking a long slow gulp of Gimli's Finest’ Ale, 'aaaaah thats the finest ale ive ever tasted Grondy, if you yourself brew it, then i take off my hat to you' and made the gesture (for he had no hat)

Then placed before him, the glorious pot roast lay, looking up at Eva he said, 'Thank you, i shall enjoy this, from what ive heard you are quite the cook'. Then started eating
Eva, meanwhile, was trying to decide whether to be grossed out by Loss' leg comment or embarrassed by his praise of her cooking. Turning away with a slightly reddening face, she asked rather too loudly, as very few people were present, "Does anyone else want some roast?"
"Might I please have seconds Eva?" asked Grondy, starting to wipe a bit of gravy from his chin with his sleeve. But seeing Eva's frown his conscience took over remembering his mother taught him to never be a slob, so he used the linen square provided for the job. Little did he understand the frown was only in response to the lateness of the bun-wabbit, rather than to his almost faux pas.
Tucking into his steaming meal, Loss looked up at Eva's loud/quiet last call for roast, but carried on eating, with every bite, his closed his eyes for a while in content, for a long journey he had taken and not much food he had left. Then taking another draft of ale he continued eating
Grondy was happy Loss was appreciating his meal. "Care for a little pipeweed to top off your meal Master Loss? I've got some Longbottom leaf I've a mind to share with you if you'd like to fill your pipe,' said Grondy tamping down a load in his pipe and reaching for a match to light it.
"Here's your seconds, Grondy... as no one else seems interested I'll just serve myself some, but I 'll keep it warm for a while in case someone comes in late."
"Thanks Eva, I'll postpone this Longbottom leaf for some more of your yummy food, then one pipe full, and I'll do the dishes."

"I notice most of our regular clientel are missing from the village and lately we haven't had very many travellers passing through. Is a neighboring town having a fair or are our people still harvesting this summer's crops?"
Eva stifles a bout of laughter at the thought of most of the regular customers harvesting crops.
The Cloveress fluttered down without a care in the world. "Hello Eva! When did you get here?"
'Thank you for the offer Grondy, but i always like to smoke when i have finished my meal. But when i am done i shall gladly take up your offer.' Then Loss looked up and saw a small flutter from the ceiling and watched for a while above his head expecting some other ceiling folk.
"Hello to you too, fairy," Eva responded, halfway between annoyance and fondness, "and I was here before your last incident with cat and kitchen, which, luckily for you, Grondy resolved. Are you trying to convince me it wasn't you that slipped watermelon down my back?"
Suddenly Ice appeared at the doorway, after having stumbled out the window and outside, where Selen found her and cushioned her fall. She sauntered back inside the inn and sat down at her usual spot at the bar, looking around and grinning at everyone. Her mood had done a total 180, it seemed. "So how has everyone been these past few days?" she asked brightly, looking around once more and everyone and turning about to sit backwards on the stool, leaning her back against the bar.
Eva, her mouth full of roast, looked up at Icey as she came in cheerfully. She stared bemusedly at the wolf/girl as she finished her mouthful, then said, "Not much has been going on here, Ice. How about you?"
Ice shrugged, saying, "Not much, I just fell out of that window up in Eth's old room..." she paused, her brow furrowing as she thought of the elf, sighing, she shook her head and continued, "Somehow I fell out the window, on my Selen, and then came in here....'twas a very slow fall."
She grinned as she heard Selen outside meowing fitfully; apparently she hadn't taken too well to being fallen on.
"Say Icy, would you like some milk for Selene or is she a ratter who hunts her own food? Anyway, we have an extra gallon of milk in case you want it. If you don't possibly the Cloveress would want it for her beauty bath."
"Well, we're glad to have you back!" Eva said, noting that Icey hadn't fully recovered from the events before her brief disappearance. Hearing Selen meowing, she exclaimed, "Oh, poor kitty!"
Pushing his plate a little forward, Loss leaned back on his chair and breathed slowly out in satisfaction. Frowning a little in thought, he looked up and noticed what was happening with the regular customer falling out and then through a window, then learning about a cat. He smiled slightly in a corner of his mouth, and called for Grondy, 'I shall indeed like to partake in that offer of pipeweed, and I would be happy if you joined me' and taken his pipe out once again from his bag. Then remembering his manners, he looked through to Eva, 'That was indeed the best roast I have ever taken eaten, my compliments and praise to you'.
Eva's face, still slightly pink from Loss' earlier compliment, now flushed bright red all the way up to her eartips. "Thank you," she said awkwardly. Turning to Ice, she asked "Are you sure that Selen is ok? She's meowing awfully loudly," and commenced to trip over three chairs and the door frame on her way out to check on the cat.
Icey nods to Grondy's question of whether or not Selen would want some milk, and waits while he pours some into a large bowl for the kitty. Smiling and thanking him, Icey followed Eva outside and walked around the side of the building to where Selen lay on the ground, a small bump on her head and her stomach looking a little bloated.
"Selen, darling, how many times must I tell you that don't eat the whole deer?" she murmered and placed the bowl on the ground near the cat's head. "Eva, would you mind bringing me some ice I put on her poor head?" she asked, smiling thankfully.
Selen began purring as soon as she smelled the milk, however, and it became rather obvious that, though full, she was really only meowing for attention.
Amari’ had been totally absorbed in playing Elven Solitare and she had pulled together four tables to make room for all the cards. It was usually played when the elves needed to kill the time for a few years, but Ama had limited the number of decks to only 17 and left out all the song and dance numbers. She did have to take care of her animals as well.

Selen's meow caught her ears, but she figured they would call her if they needed her assistance. Oh look! She got the Beren Combination of cards following a black King. This meant she could pick up all the cards and start all over again! Wohoo!!
After Grondy returned the milk jug back to the Ice box, joined Loss at his table and proceeded to share his Longbottom Leaf and lit up. "I never got the hang of blowing smoke rings; though a couple of times a blew a smoke square," he said to Loss, "I just noticed Amari’ playing Elf Solitare; I used to want to learn the rules to that game, but decided we Dwarves are too short lived to undertake that quest."

Taking a long draw on his pipe and blowing a series of small clouds of indistict shape, Grondy said, "So Loss, would you also likd to join me in a glass of port? "Well," he quickly added with a chuckle after thinking about what he had just said, "we wouldn't be sharing the same glass and the one we used wouldn't be large enough to bathe in, though almost."
Eva slipped back into the inn to get ice for Selen's head.
"ooh yes I would love to 'share' some Port with you Master Dwarf, although I would like my own glass", he chuckled. Then taken his pipe and loaded it with the Longbottom Leaf that Grondy gave to him, and taken a few puffs. "Aaah yes Elven Solitaire, I remember playing it once, long time ago. Even then, the Dwarf company refused to try, tell me, are there any Dwarven Games that you do play???" Loss said to Grondy when he sat down. Then blew a sort of triangle-circle shape of smoke and chuckled at his poor attempt.
Grondy poured them each a generous glass of port and they settled down to sipping and mostly failing at blowing geometric shaped smoke rings but they had fun with their minor competition. "Hey nice triangle. Is this a twelve sided one or just a wavey circle like one of Saturn's many rings?"
Taking a sip from his small glass of port silently, Loss chuckled as he could give an excuse regarding the failed attempt of his smoke ring "haha, I have created a new polygon, many sides on the top by wrinkling my tongue, but less sides on the bottom from poking your bottom layer of teeth out, although I havn't practised my Saturn Smoke Rings in a while". He chuckled again and watched Grondy's turn, then suddenly looked into his bag and taken out a small bag of multi-coloured balls about the size of a finger nail, then said "These were a gift from a very old friend, you place one in your mouth and it starts to steam inside...." then stopped as Grondy looked at him with a bewildered look. So he placed one in his mouth and it started to steam, then taken a long puff of his pipe and blew slowly a blew out a ring, but as it left his mouth, it glowed a deep green and faded slowly as it floated towards the ceiling. Smiling slightly, he said to Grondy, "You like, Master Dwarf?"
"Not bad; can you make one the color of ulfire; I haven't seen that color since my last dream about Arcturus?"
Eva came back outside with the ice and administered it to Selen, fussing over the cat as it continued to meow pathetically.
"Haha, I do not think that I have heard of Ulfire, although if you could get the right combination of colours you might be able to get that colour, but please try it yourself" and handed the bag to Grondy and smiled.
Ice smiled to herself at the sight of Eva running herself ragged over a cat that was nothing more than a really good actress. "Thank you for the ice, friend," she said, and placed some of it on the bump on Selen's head. She sighed and looked the cat over, saying, "I believe we've done all we can, Eva, all's we got to do now is wait for the swelling on her head to go down, and she'll be good as new," she added with a smile, and holding her hand out to shake Eva's.
"Okay friend Loss, let me try a purple, orange, and green ball all together; though I'm not certain that we can see that color with our eyes here on Middle-earth," and Grondy popped the three balls in his mouth a blew a ring. "Nope, that ghastly brown isn't anywhere near the color ulfire and I really don't much enjoy the flavor either," he added quickly taking a gulp of port and then proceeded to top off both their glasses with the r remaining wine from the bottle.
Chuckling softly as Grondy screwed up his face by the taste of the smoke balls, Loss taken the bag and mixed together the colours blue and deep green and blew an aqua sea colour, it floated softly and gentle as a stream on level land. Looking down again he noticed that Grondy was slightly tipsy, so he decided to join him and started to drink the rest of his port, then filled up with the rest of the port that Grondy had not drank and sipped it. Loss then remembered a question, "before I forget Master Grondy, I asked you if there were any Dwarven Games that you would like to share with me, as you are not so overly fond of 'Elven Solitaire'???" Then taken a normal puff of his pipe.
"Well of course there is Blindfolded, Double-bladed Axe Throwing; however in this case, we should dispense with the blindfolds in the essence of safety, mine. And then we each throw three times at simple foot-square cross-hairs marked on boards placed twenty paces from the throwing line.

The object is to cut the horizontal line while getting the closest to the vertical line. We each use the same new board each round and remove our axe before the next throw so it doesn't interfere or become damaged, Closest to the mark after each of the first and second throws goes first the next round. Best two out of three throws wins the game. Contestants must furnish their own axes, because a Dwarf never loans his tools.

Then there is Timed Hard-rock Picking which mustn't be done inebriated, so we can't play that.

Want to try the axe throwing?"

I just made up the above rules and they may need to be modified or clarified to be fair (or to see that I always win). Elf Winking Smilie
A white horse came up to the door at a trot, while the rider swung off. He grabbed a large bundle off the horse's back and walked through the door, saying "Hello Grondy. I haven't been idle while I've been gone, warg meat, fresh off the arrow." Fionw’ carried the bundle into the back. Coming out front he said, "The goblins won't be much trouble for years to come, we did our job to well for that. So, how's business been, have I missed much?"

Sorry about the absence, I meant to wait only a few days, but it became impossible to get on.
"Ah, good Fionw’, our larder was getting quite low on warg meat; and we did miss your smiling face. What do I owe you?" said Grondy as he picked up the package. "What would you care to drink and there is still a serving or two of Eva's delicious pot roast if your famished? Or if you're just a little peckish, I could get you a plate of our 'eavy 'orse-doers."

(OOC: The latter has nothing to do with horse flesh: We Americans don't think our friends the ponies and their big brothers and sisters are dignified cuisine, but some of us will will shoot and eat Bambi's daddy; not me though, for I don't like the gamy taste. I forgo using the elkgrin icon here because I was being serious.)
Wanting to keep an eye on Selen, Eva had been taking stock of the garden. Coming inside for parchement and a pen to note down her plans, she saw Fionwe coming out of the kitchen and heard Grondy's comment about warg meat. She scurried back to the kitchen to make sure that it had been put in the right place and called out from the kitchen, "Yes, there's a good bit of roast left, would you like some?"
Taking a seat, he replied, "Yes, thank you, I'm famished. I haven't eaten since yesterday. It's quite nice being back." He took a look around the place, then said, "Where's Amari’? I've brought back a nice litter of newborn wargs, as well as a wolf pup. I intend to raise the wolf myself, but not the wargs."
"Here's a plate of Eva's finest pot roast for you Fionw’. Amari’ is often in and out as she journeys, I think, back and forth along the Great East Road and into the mountains beyond with her travelling menagerie. I expect her back within the week, though you never know in these troubled times and she is her own person, free to go whither she will."
Ice sighed happily as Selen finally stood and shook her head, meowing contentedly. "Well, my friend, it seems you are doing better, finally. I knew that milk would do the trick..." she said, and began rubbing the cat's head, behind her ears, while a loud roar issued from her throat...she was purring again. Ice barely glanced up as Eva ran back inside and continued petting her pet, and laughing as Selen's head would follow wherever she moved her scratching hand...
Fionwe the Orc Hunter

That's not bad, I like the sound of that. Thanks Cloveress.

Fionw’ taking a bite of his food, said "Mmhh, this is good, really good. I bring news of the North with me: The mountain passes, of the Misty Mountains, are safe once more, as safe as they will ever be until laughter and good cheer and friendship reign once more in Khazad-dum below. Mirkwood has finally been purged, and Thranduil has taken the whole of it for his domain. I myself am just the same, with the exception of a few wounds, some of which are now scars while others have closed up." He touched the right side of his chest just below the shoulder, "I took an arrow right here, lucky for me it wasn't poisoned." He leaned down and gave some of his food to the wolf pup who was under his chair. The pup ate it up and looked around for more...
Loss stopped in his answer towards Grondy, (considering playing the Dwarven Axe Throwing) and looked over at the valiant Elf and smiled at the meat he was carrying, and looked down at his little wolf pup. Taking his pipe in his mouth he said loudly to the Elf, "That is a mighty load or Warg meat you have taken, how long did it take you to hunt and haul that load to this place, it must have been a great struggle as there is so much." Then smiled again at the little wolf pup and puffed again.
"It was an accident that I even found it, or rather, that it found me," he replied. "I was in camp cooking a rabbit when it bounded out of the brush at me and I shot it. I don't blame her, the rabbit smelt pretty good. When I walked out of the camp to get some wood, I found a den with newborn wargs in it. Since I killed the mother, it is only right that I should take care of the litter."
'That's a highly commendable sentiment Fionw’, many Warg hunters would have killed the pup or left it to starve. Do you figure you can nurture past its natural instincts and end up with a domesticated Warg? I certainly hope so, for both your sakes.'
"I hope so as well."

I'm getting the impression that you're thinking the pup is the warg, it's not. The pup is a wolf, while the warg litter, five wargs, is right outside the door in some small cages. There are real wolves in ME, and then there are Wargs. In the Shire, it was wolves the hobbits fought that one winter, while it was wargs that the company in the "Hobbit" climbed the trees to get away from. Teacher Smilie Orc With Thumbs Up Smilie
Suddenly, Selen's purring ceased, and the cat looked toward the front of the inn, she let out a low growl, then seemed to whisper to Ice, then ran off. "There are wargs here? LIVE ones?!" Ice exclaimed, then smiled as the familiar scent of warg puppies reached her nose. She shook her head and sighed, then walked around the inn, to see the puppies.
There they were, all in cages, a few baby wargs..."They're so cute..." she mumbled and stepped near one of the cages, while reaching her hand inside to scratch the warg's ears. After doing to each of them, she walked inside, and halted at the door. Her eyes, nose, and ears all noticed the wolf puppy at the same time.
She walked over to Fionwe's table and stood near him, saying, "Ah...I see you've brought a little friend...and by the way, have we been introduced...I'm not certain...if we haven't, then I'm Ice...and if we have...we then I'm scatterbrained."
While waiting for a response, Ice kneeled and held her hand out to the pup, to see if it would come near her.
"Oops, you're right Fionw’, there is a distinct difference between wargs and wolves and after I've taken a second look at it, that critter under your table is definitly a wolf pup."

"Icey, I know Selene is a big cat, will the caged warg pups outside bother her or will she bother them?"
Watching the pup move near her, he replied "No, we have not been introduced yet. I'm Fionw’, and this little girl," pointing to the white-furred pup, "is Aurora. It's a pleasure to meet you, Ice."
Ice smiled at the pup and let it sniff her hand, while replying, "Selen wanted to immediately -play- with the wargs, but I told her she'd be better off finding uncaged ones in the forest to -play- with...these weren't hers..." After a minute, Ice raised her hand and began scratching the pup behind her ears. "Ah...Aurora, a beautiful for a lovely baby," she said, her eyes twinkling. Then she stood and held out her other hand to Fionwe, to shake. She kept looking down at Aurora, grinning...she loved wolves.
"Oh I see" said Loss, looking at the pup again, then looking at the Wargs, he thought for a while and said to Fionwe, "Do you plan to raise these Wargs as you would the wolf pup??? I would have thought that as they get older, their animal instincts would kick in and start slowly nibbling at your hand, then your arms off" and chuckled quietly, and look down at the end of his pipe, he noticed that the pipeweed was nealry all smoked out. He sighed sadly.
He grasped her hand and shook it warmly. "You can take a warg if you wish, they're only a few weeks old, young enough still to raise them to act somewhat decently. I myself had very little intention to raise all five, I plan on giving a few to Amari’, she had expressed a wish to go with me next time I would be in the mountains. She was hoping for some wargs to capture." Seeing Elessar sigh and guessing the reasom for it, Fionw’ pulled a small ornate bag out of his satchel and tossed it to him, saying "I got it as a gift from the Beorns, but as I don't smoke often, it would lose it's virtue before I used it."
"What's this about puppies?" Eva poked her head out from the kitchen. Seeing the pup poking its nose out from under Fionwe's table, she smiled. "Oh, it's so cute!"
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