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Thread: The Khazad-dumish Inn.. Please watch your head coming through the door.

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"Thanks Eva, now lets find where Aurora went off to," he said, stepping carefully so as not to slip again.

(I had to get on today to take my mind off something, namely my dog being put to sleep yesterday.)
OOC - Sad Smilie I'm so sorry Fionw’ - sending my love to you
OOC: Oh that's so sad Fionw’, I feel having to put ones dog down causes much more mental anguish than doing so with one's cat. Especially if the dog has been lovingly loyal friend and the look in its eyes shows it knows what is about to happen. Those eyes are what usually makes us wait too long until we finally decide its pain is too unbearable and it would be better off in puppy heaven.
Dog Smilie Puppy Smilie Dog Smilie Puppy Smilie Dog Smilie Puppy Smilie Dog Smilie Puppy Smilie Dog Smilie Puppy Smilie Dog Smilie Puppy Smilie Dog Smilie Puppy Smilie Dog Smilie Puppy Smilie Dog Smilie Puppy Smilie Dog Smilie Puppy Smilie Dog Smilie Puppy Smilie
Getting another dog sooner than later does help reduce the grief, as does the passage of time: Time heals all wounds; time also wounds all heels.
She was the family dog for eight years, so it is hard. But like you said Grondy, time heals all wounds.
Very Sad Smiliemy condolences. I would HATE to have to do that...

"I wish Amarie was about," Eva muttered "she's good with animals." Making a face at the state of her kitchen, she picked her way to the door. As soon as she opened it, she wished she had her cloak, for it was getting rather chilly. "Aurora?" she called, rather tentatively, stepping out into the yard.
"thanks for the welcome guys," the drunk Thorin says

"and speaking about animals anybody heard of a dragon since our, hic, friend smaug got slaughtered? i heard that there were quite a lot in the far north but since the forth age begun didn't hear about them, hic...."

"can anybody give me a hand to get up,hic,......."
Fionw’ meanwhile, sat down outside, and pulled a small roundish object with little holes in it, out of his cloak and started blowing in it. A beautiful melody came from it as he played.
Grondy went into the backroom and got a scoop shovel, a mop, pail, and a bunch of rags and started to clean the mess from the kitchen floor. As he worked, he enjoyed the music coming from outside. Noticing Eva's cloak still hanging on its peg, he grabbed it and stepped outside to hand it to her, 'Here's your cloak Eva, it's much to cold to be out here without it. I'm working on that there pup-dog's mess." Then he returned to the kitchen and finished the job, humming quietly to the music of the flute.
Thorin woke up at the sound of the music and stolled outside. his dwarvish curiosity being aroused he stood for some time behind the player listening to the sweet music which brought back to his mind something he could not remember.

finally he asked,"what instrument is that, sir?"
Fionw’ stopped playing and replied, "An ocarina, I found it far out east. So far that Sauron had never even been heard of, likewise the people there have never been heard of by us either. It took me a year of traveling due east on horse to get there. I did a service to the Royal Family of one of the kingdoms, and in return they gave me this ocarina. They said it had been in their family for a thousand years." He held the ocarina out and showed Thorin; it was a clever piece of work, made of an oyster shell sealed shut, with the holes bored in it, and a cone shell for the mouthpiece. It was very strong, and was protected by a spell that prevented wear, so that it could never break.
"Thank you, Grondy," Eva said, wrapping her cloak tightly about her. She peered at the ocarina as Fionwe held it out for Thorin to see. "It's beautiful," she said "as was the music. Will Aurora come, then?"
Footsteps came down from the staircase. Etharion showed up from around the corner and moved slowly towards a booth near the great fireplace. He just nooded to anyone on the way. He sat down gingerly and breathed out, gently loosening the shirt around his right shoulder. Sitting there, he found himself staring into the dancing flames atop the burning logs..mesmerized by the display.
"Good evening sir," said Grondy, as he wiped Etharion's table with a clean bar rag, "you look much better than you did earlier, but you still look a might bit peaked, can I get you anything or would you rather be left alone."
"Aye master dwarf..i might have some soup and perhaps some fruit if you have.." he anwsered. "I'll be alright.." he said and relaxed back in his seat.
"Well soupwise we have Vegetable-beef with Barley, Chicken Noodle, or Minestroni. those come with bread and butter. For fruit we have: grapes, canned peaches, or this autumn's apples. Which would you prefer?"
A loud crash in Ice's room awoke her from her nap. She realized she was shivering and noticed that she had let the water get cold on her. Hopping out, she grabbed a robe and wrapped her hair up with a towel, then smiled as she recognized the scent and sound coming from her room. Ice tightened the robe around her waist, readjusted the towel on her head, and flung the door open...
In bounded Selen, pouncing on her friend, luckily for Ice, Selen's fur was unnaturally clean, and she was warm, so that helped warm her up too. After forcing the cat off her, Ice walked into her room, and noticed some snow on the floor, that was continuously blowing in through the open windows. Stepping over and cringing as her feet touched the cold floor, Ice sneezed twice, and then set into coughing fit as she closed the windows. Huddling down into the robe, Ice rolled her eyes as she realized that she'd gotten sick anyway.
Selen followed her about the room, then stopped, meowing and nudging the dying fire with her paw. Ice caught gesture and then kneeled, to set about building the fire back up. Once that was done, she began coughing again, a deep, wheezing cough, then sighed slowly as it died down. She quicky put some fresh clothes on, a long, dark, deep green mage's robe she'd come across on her journeys, and smiled as she felt the fabric immediately begin to warm her up. Pulling her black and green hair with a ribbon, while looking in a mirror, as she realized that in one of her icy blue eyes, there was a sliver of green, right below the pupil.
"Now Selen," she whispered, "stay here, my darling, and make sure the fire stays alive. I'm headed downstairs to get some hot food in me."
That said, Ice turned and left the room, heading down to the tavern.

Oh my..that was longer than I expected...I'm sorry..I'm just in a writing mood right now, heh heh...
Thorin walked in again and moved toward the bar keeper. "do you have any toll gor sharpening my axe," he asked as he patted his great axe which was made in the great smiths of Khazad-Dum, "and could i get something to eat and drink while you're at it my food sir"

"Hmm..ill have the noodles please..and for fruit ill chose the peaches and a apple if you may.." he said, his stomach already rumbling. He didnt even notice Ice coming down the stairs..
Replying to Eva, Fionw’ said, "She's always liked the music, has some calming effect on her, which is..." He stopped, and listened, his keen ears hearing some splashing a little way off. He stood up and started walking towards the direction of the noise, when he laughed and pointed to the small stream a few yards away. There, splashing around chasing a fish, was Aurora. "Here's the culprit," he said, looking back at Eva.
"No Thorin, we don't have a local blacksmith; most people hereabouts usually sharpen their own tools" replied Grondy. "I'm sure if you ask over to the General Store they might know of a farmer who might take on the job for you.

And we do have the above named soups, and our regular heavy bar snacks, those being Hot Spicy Balrog Wings, Deep Fried Watcher Rings, and Bar-B-Qued Warg Ribs. And there is probably a tad bit of Eva's pot roast with onions, carrots, and taters remaining. If none of that suits you, I could rustle up a gammon and cheese or a peanie-bucker and stromberry jamb samidge for you. And what would you like to drink with your meal?"

"Soups on Etharion! and along with your fruit, bread and butter, I've added a chunk of cheddar cheese. Enjoy! Would you care to drink anything with this?"
"She ought to be in trouble for ruining my kitchen," Eva tried to scowl, "but she's just to cute to be mad at." She smiled fondly at the wolf. "Now that you've found her, I'd better get back to work. I have to clean up the kitchen, and Chrissy cooking is just around the corner!"
"Aye Grondy..thank you.. I'll have some blueberry wine if you have any? And..whats the great commotion going on here?" he asked lookind around.
"well that's quite a lot," says thorin, "but i would prefer fish and fried chips (by s.gamgee if possible." if not available then i would try the balrog fried fish."

"and to finish i'll have rohirrim mead and southfarthing leafs if possible while i sharpen my own blade, sir," finishes thorin

with that he takes out a rectangular stone from out of his pockets and starts to sharpen his axe....
Picking up the small wolf, Fionw’ walked back inside with Eva.
"Allow me to help clean up," he said putting down Aurora, who went and lied down by the hearth.
"Okay Etharion, here's a cup and a decanter of blueberry wine; please try not to spill it, for the stains it makes are hard to remove from the tables."

"Well Thorin, we don't have any fresh fish, but there are a couple I've stashed in the ice house, if they smell okay when defrosted, I'll make you some fish and chips using the batter recipe I got from old Master Sam. Meanwhile, heres a tankard of Rohirrim Mead, and we do have some Longbottom Leaf pipeweed for later. I'll go check those fish."
"Thank you, Fionwe," Eva said as she assessed the mess in the kitchen. She sighed. "Well, it smells bad, but the mess could have been a lot worse. It clearly doesn't merit the umbrella, so it's not as bad as the mess Clover made in here..."

OOC: (Grondy edited this to add: "If you click the above umbrella link, then scroll down to his post of 13th August 2006 (12:07am) to get the explanation.) Happy Elf Smilie
"okay," replies thorin, "i'll have the leaf while you check the fish."

with that Thorin lit his pipe and sent out smoke rings throught the chimney.
"You are in luck Thorin, or the Inn is anyway as the fish were still in excellent condition. So it's Fish and Chips for the both of us, here's yours. I'll have mine as soon as I finish giving you the salt, vinegar, tartar sauce, and ketsup. Oh, and heres a stack of napkins (hand wipes, not diapers)."
Ice smiled and waved at everyone she saw, sneezed very loudly, then went and sat down at the bar. "Evening Grondy!" she said happily, smiling at the dwarf. "Can I have just a mug of hot chocolate, please? I'm not sure I can handle anything alcoholic at the moment, or anything cold, heh heh," she continued, then turned her head from the bar, and commenced to having a coughing fit. After composing herself from the deep, wheezing coughs, she turned back, and shrugged, saying, "It seems I've gotten a cold or something...if you'd like, Grondy, I could take my cocoa in my room, so as not to spread the cold among everyone else..."
"thank you sir," says thorin and with that set to his dinner.

"very delicious he added," between two mouthful...
"Glad you enjoy our lowly fair Thorin."

"And here's a pitcher of hot chocolate for you Ice, and a mug to drink it from."

(OOC: I think I'll take a break after I get this posted and make myself some hot chocolate.)
Turning to take his wine from Grondy, Etharion saw Ice at the bar.. Looking for a moment and saying nothing he thinked..then, as if reaching some decision he stood up, with some pain and a grunt, and headed over to the bar. Nearing Ice he stoped, leaning on his staff and simply said "Hello Icefangs.."
"well thank you, sir,"says thorin eyeing the chocolate.

"very kind of you," he added, "and bon appetit"
Eva, who had, with Fionwe's help, cleaned the kitchen in record time, emerged with her first batch of Chrissy cookies. She was somewhat startled to see Etharion (who still looked pretty roughed up, if better than when he had walked in) approach Ice. Forgetting the cookies she held, she stood as quietly as possible and waited for Ice's reaction. "I do hope they can work things out," she said under her breath, "it's not the same with the two of them all stiff at each other."
Ice smiled and accepted the pitcher and mug from Grondy, then paused to poor herself some cocoa. "Thank you very much," she said brightly. Coughing a bit more, Ice glanced to her side as she saw Etharion out of the corner of her eye. Those same icy blue eyes widened as she noticed how, to put it simply, beat-up he looked. Though concern flashed across her eyes, it replaced with a slight sadness, that disappeared nearly instantly. As he spoke, she turned her head, and taking a sip of hot chocolate, gave a smile, saying, "Hello to you as well, Etharion."
Etharion smiled as she looked at him. "Its..its nice to see you again. I..apologize for my departure last time we meet. I guess i have been acting a bit rushed.." he waited a second, and then as no anwser followed, he rumaged around his pockets and said " I brought you something..something i thought you'd like. Here." and he placed on the bar in front of her a dagger. It was smooth and sleek, made of obsidian. It seemed to bend the light falling upon it and looked as if it was alive to the naked eye. It looked alive. "Its made of obsidian..dragon glass. But dont think its brittle, o no.. its harder than steel." he said with a smile. "So..there. I thought if you ever had the time we could sit down or something. Im staying here for a while anyway..have to wait till this is all healed up and so.." he said shifting his shoulder and wincing as soon as he did.
Icey gave a small smile and picked up the dagger, her eyes widening, and sparkling as she did so. It so was so light, yet so strong. She looked at up at him, her eyes taking in his wounds, and filling with concern once again. She nodded, saying, "Yes, I wouldn't mind talking." She coughed again, covering her mouth with the sleeve of her shirt. When she moved her hand, there was a spot of blood on her skin, glancing about, she stuck her hand in pocket, while wiping it off on the inside of her pants, then she took another sip of hot chocolate. "Yes," she affirmed, "I'd like that."
"Good." Etharion smiled. But he notices something odd when she coughed.. He'd ask about it later.. "So..we can go there?" he asked pointing towards the place near the fire. "Grondy, some more hot chocolate for us please?" he asked the dwarf.
Ice nodded, and slowly got to her feet. She held her mug of hot chocolate in both, then quickly tilted the mug, and finished it off. Walking carefully over to the fire, Ice sat down in a chair, and sighed. The chair was warm, and it heated her backside immediately. She coughed once more, then rolled her eyes. 'Yep,' she thought, 'I'm definately sick.'
"So you like the dagger?" he asked with a smile. But then he heard her cough again. "I noticed...are you sure it isnt something serious?" asked Etharion with a worried face. "Maybe i should ask for a healer.. Or i could even take you to Rivendell? Ah yes..but i cant..magiclly at in no shape to cast spells at the moment.." he said sadly. "I'll ask Grondy if he has some athelas.." he noted and got up with a grunt heading towards the dwarf at the bar.
Grondy was putting the finishing touches on two mugs of hot chocolate when Etharion walked up to the bar. "You want to take these to your table, or is your shoulder troubling you too much? I can do it if you'd like."
Ice nodded to Etharion's question of the dagger, then slowly shook her head at the mention of a healer. " thank you, I'm sure it'll just blow over eventually," she said, then set into another coughing fit. Rolling her eyes once more, at herself, she added, "No, don't worry yourself over me, and tis true, you are in no shape to travel magically to anywhere." She smiled to herself as he got up and went over to the bar.
"I can handle it Grondy, thanks. By the way..could you look if you have some athelas? Ice seems to have catched something bad but she wont admit it to me.. So if you find any i think it'll help.." he said carefully carrying the mugs to their table. "There we go." he said gently putting the chocolate down in front of Ice.
She smiled at him and gently lifted the hot chocolate to her lips, taking a sip, then shuddering as the hot liquid passed through. Setting the mug down very carefully, Ice coughed again, then looked expectantly at Etharion, saying, "I know we have a few things to discuss, but where would you like to start?"
Hearing Etharion, Fionw’ called out to Grondy, "Don't bother with the athelas, I've got it." He walked over to the table where Ice and Etharion were. "Here, I've quite a bit of athelas," he said with a look of sympathy in his eyes, putting some leaves down on the table. Turning around and walking away before they could say anything, he then vanished up the stairs. He came back down a few minutes later and went out the door. When he came back in, he was carrying a small bag, and then went up the stairs again.
He changed out of the clothes he was wearing, and put some fresh clothes on. He put his silver-tinted mithril shirt back on, over a long blue tunic, and then buckled his black leather sword belt. Folding up his dark blue cloak, he set it aside, and put on a white elven robe. Thus attired, Fionw’ picked up his mithril elven sword, sheathed it, and walked out of the room and back downstairs.
Etharion anwsered Ice "Yes i know..where ever you want to start..i really dont know where to start..or how to say it.." then as Fionwe brought the athelas he said "Thank you very much..i trust this should help you Ice." as he started preparing the athelas. Then as Fionwe came back downstairs he asked him "My my..what's the special occasion?" reffering to his special attire.
"There is no special occasion, yet," Fionw’ replied. "This robe is a gift from Thranduil, for whom it was made by Galadriel. And since what I wore was dusty and worn, I changed into this. Also, I like to dress nicely."
Ice grinned as Fionwe appeared to dress to nicely. She turned back to Etharion and gave a small smile. "Well...uhm..." Ice began slowly. She coughed again, and huddled down in her chair, waiting for Etharion to finish preparing the athelas. "Okay...what happened? Between us, I mean..." she said softly, her eyes slowly beginning to water as she remembered how close they used to be.
"Ah..well..i just hope you dont get a stain on it then.." noting the very nice outfit but still wondering why he would wear such a special thing at a ordinary time like this..
Hearing Ice he said "I dont really know..i may have distanced myself because i didnt want to hurt you..i havent often been so close to someone so you could say im not to sure what to do at certain times.. So i thought perhaps the best action was to just stay i dont know anymore.." he said thoughtfully.
Ice paused, then said thoughtfully, "If you care about someone, then distancing yourself is not the best way to handle the situation. Which is not to say that you handled it badly...but...if you care about someone, then if your away from them, chances are, it hurts them, too." She sighed, and then took another sip of cocoa, but first having to put the mug down to cough a bit more.
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