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Thread: The Khazad-dumish Inn.. Please watch your head coming through the door.

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Thorin, still dazed from his ealier flight entered the inn again and headed towards the bar where he thought a beer would revive him a little,
Grondy went to work filling a tankard with Gimli's Finest’ Ale and a plate with Deep Fried Watcher Rings, Bar-B-Qed Warg Ribs, and Spicy Hot Balrog Wings which he presented to Corgon swiftblade, "For your lilting tune and your sad song."

Next, a extra-wide-mouthed mug of Hot Chocolate for Laurelome, "It's my private recipe, for your high-ness," he said with a friendly smile as he placed it before the Great Eagle. "Let me know if you need a different drinking container, I thought this would be better than a Pilsner."

And now to draw a beer for Thorin, "Here you go my lad. I see you have cleaned your axe as a good warrior should before leaving the field of battle. Split a few orc heads out there did you?"
*nods as the food and drink are left and waches the bar closely.*
"So..Corgon. Nice to meet you. I am Etharion. Where are you from?" (in real and PT life) Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
"only one on the forest before i met laurelme," he answered grondy. "Have you ever flied my friend," he finished sipping his beer.
"alot happens swiftly" Arath mumbled.
"Is there a seaman here who could take me to tol-morwen i have searched everywhere and no one wishes to sail there" He said in a loud voice.

Then he sat back and watched what was going to happen still playing some faint notes from the harp.
greetings i am a high lord from gray havens thow i do not clame the title unless nessary.

as for my real home im in palm springs cali (usa)
Arath stood up and walked to corgon.
"greetings" he said.
"i couldnt help hearing that you are from the grey heavens. might i request that you take me to tol-morwen? i can give you gold or jewels for i have a matter there that i dont want to delay any longer." arath said.
"Can't say I have actually flown in real life Thorin, though I have in my dreams. And I remember one time about forty years ago when I was a Sargent in the Guard, I was trying to subdue this mean old troll by biting him in the knee and he knocked me clean across the clearing and up against the trunk of an old oak tree. I was sort of flying before I hit that tree, if you know what I mean. But I have never flown where I could see the tops of trees down below, which as a Dwarf seems to be a bit unnatural, don'y you see. All that wind in the face and no firm rock beneath your toes, just doesn't seem natural to me. Still, I'm old and set in my ways, this younger generation might take more kindly to it."
you can keep your valubules i can take you to kin i know him well and will see me with out question whe you are ready let me know and i will gather my things and my horse.
Etharion comented what Grondy had just said "Yes, dwarfs flying does seem like a very odd thing." he said with a smile. "Lets face it, it all comes to aerodynamics. And none of us, with the exception of Laurelome, has it." he finished.

Corgon, your from the U.S.? How come your spelling and writing is so..dodgy?
* returns to his darkend corner and lights a pipe and takes a longd drawlt from it.*
is there any in here who would be willing to assist me on a quest i am in need of help from strong willed men and or women.

ooc because i started my schooling late because of helth probs and quit early to help feed my famly.
OOC: Wow..I got left again...oh well, Big Smile Smilie

Soon footsteps were heard coming down the stairs and a large white-furred head appeared a window near the hearth. Ice grimaced as she eased down the stairs, she had retired earlier and woke up feeling worse than before. Glancing toward Selen outside, she saw the cat was cut, scratched, bleeding, and all in all in pretty bad shape. Thinking nothing of her own health, Ice easily jumped from the landing she was on to the bottom, and without a word to anyone, sprinted outside. Soon she was in view in that one window once again, cooing and talking to the large cat, who would meow in response.
walks to the door and slips outside and places a gentle hand on ice's sholder you should not be up mlady although i understand your consern for your compaion you too must rest if you wish I can offer my skills you the both of you I am not unversed in the spells of healing.
Etharion noticed Ice, but she ran out before he could say anything. Following her outside to see if something was wrong for her too be in such a rush, he saw Corgon already there. "Ice, is something wrong?" and then he noticed what had her attention. Selen seemed to be pretty messed up. "Oh my..i see. Is there anything i can do to help? Id hate to see my present fall ill." he said with a slight smile, remembering how happy Ice was when he gave her the kitten. "Ah, but i see you already have the assistance of our Corgon here, who seems to be skilled at everything he encounters."
there is littel in this world I have not seen and even fewer things I have not done some good some bad all though most of my past is unknown to me. I do what I can to help who I can where ever my boots walk. you seem to know this young lady yes perhaps the two of you could asist me once her wonds are well. * waves his hand and mutters in elvish and heals the small cats wonds nods to the two and returns to the room and to the bar where he stands on a chair and yells over the low bussel of the room* "round for the place what ever you want all on me" then gets down and tosses a larg bag of gold on the bar and returns to his chair.
Fionw’ heard Corgan's offer and spoke, "That is not necessary friend, as you can see, I'm fine now. But I give you thanks for the offer." He stood up and asked Grondy for some of his finest wine to revive himself with.
As gorcon returned arath was beside him.
"i heard your kind words" he said.
"i believe i am ready now if you are" he said.
"but alas! if i go to the grey havens i believe that i shall not return. but let us make haste." he said.
"Well Fionw’, this bottle of 'Old Vinyards' that Gimli laid in a few years back was fine then, and if the cork hasn't got to it and if it hasn't leaked air, it should still be fine." Grondy poured a mouthful in a long stemmed wineglass and handed it and the cork to the Elf for his consideration.
ooc if there are any who are willing to assist I will be glad to create a seprit thred for it just let me know.
"my lord grondmaster!" arath said
"may i now have some wine for i shant return and would like to taste it." he said.
Walks out to his horese and readys his bags the mounts and waits for any other who are comeing.
Ice nodded her acceptance to Corgon's help, and smiled as Selen's wounds closed and began to heal. She glanced up at Etharion and grinned, then slowly got to her feet. Selen walked her back to the inn's door, and was about to go inside, when Ice stopped her with her hand, "No my friend, you must go and hunt to gather your strength," she said softly, then bowed her head, and touched her nose to the cat's. After making sure her mistress got inside the inn and was seated at the bar, Selen turned and ran off, disappearing into the forest.
"Certainly Arath, seeing is how the bottle is open, you may as well have a glass too, in fact I think I'll join you," and Grondy filled Fionw’'s glass and the proceeded to fill two one for Arath and one for himself. "Mnnn, that is good. Good color, excellent bouquet, and a full bodied fruity taste with just a hint of, what mint, spice? Anyway I like it."
*ooc: I started a thred runing of my convos here any intrested take a look hope it's good to start with first rpg here so give it a glance and maybe join.
Fionw’ drank the glass dry, "That is some good wine, very good."
He went and sat down by the window, "Ah, here's where I left my armor. How foolish of me." He slipped it on over his tunic.

OOC:A thread about what Corgan? I might join.
Grondy decided since Eva was away from the kitchen, he was going to make navy been soup with ham, onions, carrots, and celery. Not having any electricity to power his crockpot, which also hadn't yet been discovered/invented, he set the beans to soak over night and helped himself to another glass of wine.
Ice roused and raised her hand, mumbling, "I'd like some...something..cuz I feel horrible," she added, with a slight laugh. While waiting for whatever she'd be brought, Ice put her head back down on her crossed arms, and soon this interesting sound resembling a wolfhowl, though a very tired, and very quiet one, began to emanate from her...she was snoring.

Sorry that's not a whole lot, guys, but I'm out of it right now, and I'm surprised that my post isn't wacky or crazy or :elfgrin:
Laurelome had been sitting in a corner nursing a pulled muscle from her flight with the dwarf (she's small for a Great Eagle...), but was startled suddenly awake by a very strange noise. She looked over to the bar and cocked her head at Icey, from whom the sounds appeared to be eminating...The eagle trundled over to the bar and perched on an upturned stool next to the sleeping figure. "I would like to try this 'soup' of yours, Grondy, if I may. And...I think ...she asked for some as well?" Laure tucked her head under her wing, rumaging through a small satchel she had strapped close to her side, and produced a small bright blue vial. "...Whenever she rouses, you might offer her a drop of this. It might...liven her up a bit. It's an elvish medicine as well as being wonderfully...invigorating. It might be just what she needs, after some sleep, of course." Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
* walks up to the bar from the shadows of his seat noding to the egale as he pased by her and pulled his cloke off and layed it around ice's sholders then went to the bar it self for a drink.*
" keeper a pint of your finest ale my good sir and some salted pork if you have any." and turned found a chair and sat with the two.
" if you do not mind great egeal i would sit with the two of you for a time."
Grondy ladled out two bowls of bean soup for Ice and Laurel added a small loaf of bread and a small pot of butter for each, and placed these before them. "I hope you enjoy this my friends."

He then "Drew a tankard of Gimli's Finest’ Ale and set it and a plate of salt pork before the elf, "Here you go kind sir, would you like some bread, a baked potato, fries, or a salad with it?."

no thank you sir but w will take there tabs for my own when you bring the bill. " he said as he reached for his coin bag at his side. Jumping Flame Smilie
Ice's wolfish ears twitched. Once, twice, and then again, as she heard the speaking going in such close proximity to her sleeping area. She sighed and sat up, rubbing her eyes with the back of one hand and glanced around. On one side of her sat the great eagle Lauralome, on the other, the mysterious elf Corgon. She sat up completely and saw the soup sitting in front of her. "Thank you Grondy, I wasn't sure if you had caught much of what I'd said, heh heh, " she said, and then turned to the eagle beside her, saying, "Greetings to you my feathered friend. How it goes?" while waiting for a reply, Ice realized there was a cloak that was not her own draped about her shoulders, and she turned to Corgon, "And greetings to you again, sir elf. If this be your cloak, I thank you for it, I had caught a bit of a chill."
" greetings to you as well m'lady and you are welcome keep it as long as your chil remains it will keep you quite warm it has been a wile sence we last spoke how have you faired these last few days?" he said laying sevreal gold coins on the table for the meals and turned to his own takeing a long drink from the ale.
Etharion stolled over to the bar, hearing the conversation.
"Aye, and you'v caught that chill by running around in the cold night air, with not nearly enough clothes on.." he said with a stern voice to Ice. He sat at the bar, next to the eagle. "Master Grondy, a cup of hot chocolate if you may please..And one for Ice as well. Chocolate's the best thing for sending a nasty cold away." he said with a wink.
"Two mugs of Hot Chocolate coming up; sorry I'm out of baby marshmallows, so one big one will have to do. I guess i'm going to have to hire someone to make another grocery run to the Frogmorten General Store. Should be a two day round trip."
"Grondy, ill do it for you, ill go to the store. And there's no need to pay me. Im just glad that i can help somehow.. Now..i'll wait here while you get together a list of supplies you want, because i can leave right away." he said sipping his hot chocolate. "Right after i finish my chocolate.."
if you like i can acompnie you m'lord the way to the markit is a bit dangerious in these times two can fight off where one can not.
"Okay, here is the list and make sure their aren't any weevils in the flour and pack the glassware in a padded box. And don't let them take advantage of you; tell them they'll answer to me if they do. Here's a bag of coin for your expenses, because you may need to hire a cart or a few pack animals to carry it all back, the larder was quite low. And thanks for doing this for me."
looks to his fellow elf awating an answer for his offer.
"Aye can come too.. But lets first see if anyone else wants to tag along. Ice? How about you?" asked Etharion sipping his hot chocolate.
aye sounds good start a hole thred on it. if we get enough.
Corgon..its ok to be on a lot of adventures and all..but you really dont have to start another thread for every little thing. As i are already on quite a lot of them already.. Orc Smiling Smilie
For all her talk of 'livening up' Icey, Laure had fallen asleep at the bar. She had been half listening to the conversations going on around her, but had been slowly keeling over forward, and finally, with a soft thump, her forehead made contact with the edge of the bar, and she sat there in that...odd position, snoring as best as a bird can and occasionally mumbling "something or other" in the language of the Eagles...
Walking through the door, Fionw’ asked, "Can I get somthing to warm myself up please? It's cold out there."
He went and sat down by the fire, which was burning low. Taking a glance around, he waved his hand towards it and watched as the fire leaped to life, warming up the room. "Ah, that's better," he said quietly.
"Ah well....Grondy cant keep waiting forever..Im heading out to the store. If Ice wakes up, tell her to take a fast horse and she may catch up with me. Grondy..i'll be back ni no assured." and with that he left for the door. Dressing his cloak he opened the door. "It seems its going to snow!" he said happily and stepped outside, closing the door with a slam behind him.
*walked past ice leveing his cloke around her sholders to the door and flowed the elf out to the stables and saddled his horse loosed his sword and got into the saddle leading his steed to the door and waited for his companion to join him.*
Ice's ears twitch and she yawns, sitting up slowly. Glancing around at her disappeared companions, Ice mutters, "Good morning?" She sees Grondy and waves him over saying, "Grondy-friend, where'd e'erbody go?"
Laure, hearing Icey's voice beside her all of a sudden, jerked awake- her head popping up so sharply it completely overbalanced her and she fell over backwards in a large tangle of wildly flapping wings, stool, and innocent bystanders..."eherm...uhm...that was intentional?" came a slightly muffled statement from somewhere in the pile.
G'Morning Ladies, if I may call you that. Here's a pot of coffee and a couple mugs for you, who look like you need a little something to stir that sleepy sand from your eyes. As for the guys, they're off to the store to get some stock my larder.
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