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Thread: The Khazad-dumish Inn.. Please watch your head coming through the door.

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'Twern't nothing other than protecting my customer base; good paying customers are hard to find. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

Grondy came to Fionw’'s (I spelled it right this time) room a little later bringing some warm broth and some hot tea for the invalid. "How do you feel? Think you could get some of this broth and tea into you? You lost a lot of blood and will be laid up for a few days at a minimum. Too bad we ran out of healing potion and the visiting cleric hasn't yet been by this year."
Fionw’ gratefully accepted the tea, "I feel much better, thank you."
Grondy made another pot of his navy bean and ham soup with cellery and carrots for color and onion for taste. Quite tasty with flakey biscuits, a bit cheese, and some ale to top it off.

OOC: I took a pint peanut butter jar of the soup to my across-the-hall neighbor and he said he enjoyed it as he brought back the freshly washed jar, said he ate it in one sitting.
Hello calls Maydmarion as she lets off a load of party poppers - how are things today in your neck of the Inns. How about a belated birthday cocktail - could you invent one for me. Don't spare the 100% proof....hic...hic... and I'd love a little umbrella to go in the drink.
Hokay Maydmarion, how about:

Two ounces of vodka and one of grenadine, stirred, and served over crushed ice in an 'Old Fashion' glass, garnished with a red cherry, a pink parasol, and a sprig of spearmint, and placed on a white coaster.

Or substitute 'three shots of Sloe Gin' for the fluid in the above recipe.

I haven't any idea how these would taste as I made them up, but they might look pretty.

Moderator Smilie After one of these I'll have to cut you off the booze for the night, whether you will or not. Moderator Smilie

WARNING KIDS: Dont try this at home or anywhere else, as alcohol can be harmful of your health and can be habit forming leading to long lasting detrimental effects with your social life.
Grondy's down in the Inn's first cellar brewing up a new batch of Gimli's Finest’ Ale. Tomorrow he hopes to bake a batch or two of crusty top whole wheat bread and is thinking about mixing chopped hazelnuts and poppy seed to the dough.
So what's happening in the Inn latley Grondy - it seems a bit quiet - don't tell me there's another Inn opened up giving you some competition? I've never seen things so quiet? Maydmarion asks gazing around the Inn, checking the dark corners for Elves, Dwarves or Fairies ?

I wouldn't mid a bit of that bread you've baked with a nice piece of mature cheese, some pickles and a mug of ale mmmmmm
'Coming right up Maydmarion. I think our usual hanger-ons are bringing in the Autumn harvest, or traveling to far off realms.'

'Okay, here's a warm loaf of my hazelnut bread, a crock of butter, a wedge of very sharp cheddar, some bread-and-butter and dill gurkin pickles, and a tankard of Gimli's Finest’ Ale, not from the still green new batch I just brewed, but from the batch before that. Let me know if you want any fruit later and meanwhile enjoy your repast.'
The sound of a horse galloping came near, and then stopped outside. The door opened and a cloaked figure entered. He struggled to close it again against the strong winds outside. Slamming his weight against it, he finally managed to close the thing.
"Mae govannen mellonin," Fionw’ said, pulling off his hood. Looking around the Inn, he saw little activity other than Grondy having a drinking contest with a familiar client. "Things have died down since last I was here."

OOC: School has been very busy for me, just finished my midterms yesterday. I also went to another barn dance last night, saw her again. In Love Smilie Unfortunately, we only got to do one dance together. Sad Smilie
Grondy threw another log on the fire and hurried over to take the order of the newly arrived Fionw’. 'Blowing up a storm out there. Let me take your cloak and hang it by the fire to dry it out. You also might want to move yourself closer to the fire where it is warmer. Can I get you a drink and a bite of supper?'
Grondy threw another log on the fire and hurried over to take the order of the newly arrived Fionw’. 'Blowing up a storm out there. Let me take your cloak and hang it by the fire to dry it out. You also might want to move yourself closer to the fire where it is warmer. Can I get you a drink and a bite of supper?'

Fionw’ gratefully took off his wet cloak and handed it to Grondy.
"Thank you. It's rather chilly out there," he said, going to sit by the hearth. "Food sounds really good actually, hard to cook some nice venison when it's so wet."
'Here's a tankard of mulled mead to warm you up fionw’. Now would care for my Bean with Ham Soup, or Beef Stew with Newly-baked Bread, or Roast Who-beast with Taters and Greens, or a Toasted Cheese Sandwich wirh Cole Slaw and a Dill pickle on the Side?'
a elf slipped in. he was dressed completely in garments of war. he bore a long spear and in the shadow of hes cloak two short swords could be seen. all in all he looked very frightening to all except the most brave of men. but on hes face was a smile.
"Mae Govannen!" He said.
"How do brave warrior. Welcome to the Kazad-d’mish Inn. For your first drink, read the sign over the bar (in the first post of this thread) and act accordingly. Everyone has to do it. That will get you a complimentary tankard of Gimli's Finest’ Ale and a combo plate of our finger licking good snacks.

If you have previously sang for your supper here, forgive me; but I don't remember seeing your war gear before."
"Aye!!" cheered Etharion to the newcomer, boding him to sing. He had just risen from a slumber at one of the more out of the way tables. He waited for the song, and just then noticed Grondy. "Ah master dwarf!! How nice to see you..tell me..have i slept long?"
"Oh, probably less the the proverbial forty days and forty nights Ethy; I can't be more specific because the gnome changing the dates on my digital calendar retired,' said Grondy with a wide grin. Can I get you anything: the key to the executive bathroom, a hot shower, a drink or something to eat?
*Wakes from a long and restful slumber in a dark corner of the Inn*

"Master Dwarf, have I missed much? It's like I've slept an age, I'm covered with dust!" said Loss as he coughed from the dust.

"I smell the ale, and food, any chance that some is going around? Oh, and have you put to use those notes on growing pipe-weed I gave you? Must have been a while since you copyed them from my journal..."
Arath looks at the sign.
"Ah! A song then..."
"I know many songs but i rarely sing them but here is one that is too seldom heard" he said

I ng’l cennin erthiel
Ne menel aduial,
Ha glingant be v’r
S’liel moe.

I ng’l cennin firiel
Ne menel aduial,
And-d’r naun i fuin a galad firn
Naegriel moe.

An i natha
An i naun ului
A chuil, ann-cuiannen
Am meleth, per’nen.

Arath's voice faded away and he sat down.
"No I haven't yet planted the pipe-weed seeds Loss. I thought I'd wait til spring as the ground has been either too dry this summer or too wet this fall, and will be frozen hard this winter. I have prepared a plot for them and covered it with compost for the winter though. Would you like the same as I'm fixing here for Arath after his song or do you want something more substantial?"

"Nice song Arath, here is your tankard of Gimli's Finest’ and a combo plate of Spicy Hot Balrog Wings, Deep Fried Watch Rings, and Bar-B-Cued Warg Ribs. Enjoy!"

OOC: For those unable to translate Arath's song:
The Evening Star

I saw a star rise high in the
Evening sky,
It hung like a jewel,
Softly shining.

I saw a star fade in the
Evening sky,
The dark was too deep and so light died,
Softly pining.

For what might have been,
For what never was.
For a life, long lived
For a love half given

- Adapted by Philippa Boyens, Music by Howard Shore, Translated into Sindarin by David Salo
Listening to Grony ask him some questions, he simply replied "Aye, that will do. he nodded.
Turning around he listened and applauded to the newcomer's (Arath's) song.
*gratefully accepts what grondy offers*
"Well now! this day might turn into a joyfull one!"
"I'm glad that there is a plot, then I or anyone else can't be far from decent pipeweed, and as regards to your offer, I'd love some, it feels I havn't eaten in days" Loss replyed and then listened to the new face's song...

"A fine song, deserving of whatever splendor Grondy will serve you", and sat back and watched the birds and the wind out the window...
"Here you go Loss, a combo plate and a tankard of Gimli's Finest’. Anything happening out there? I hope I have enough logs stored for the winter; I really out to see if that vein of coal in the third cellar would be worth while tapping to augment or fuel supply for when the snow and ice block access to the forest.
Fionw’ listened with interest to the newcomer.
"Hail friend," he said, standing up. "Wonderful song."
"Ah! Thanks Grondy" Loss said while taking a swig of Gimli's Finest... "I shouldn't worry too much about fuel for the coming winter, I see a good pile of logs further down the hill, but if the winter is too harsh, you do have a good selection of trees about the wood... Or why would it be called a wood?" Then smiled and tucked into his Hot and Spicy Hot Balrog Wings, Deep Fried watch rings, and Bar-B-Cued Warg Ribs. "Winter shouldn't be too far away though, I feel the change, there are more leaves on the ground..."
'That's right Loss, but the caterpiggles remaining in the wood pile are wearing long-johns as well as their heavy fur coats.

Would you care for some of this Old Toby when you've finished eating? It's mighty fine,' said Grondy as he blew a smoke octagon.
"Haha, yes they will have to wrap up warm... Or the little cattypigglers won't have warm colours on their wings when they turn into flutterbies" Loss replyed whilst saying yum everynow and again to the taste of the balrog rings, it gave him quite a kick. It felt like his mouth was on fire. Super Scared SmilieOrc Smiling Smilie

"Ahhh, Old Toby, the finest of pipeweed, I'll have a hunt for my pipe... Ah I have it." Loss said as he then handed it to Grondy to fill it for him. "I'll have a see if I still have the knack of blowing circles or other shapes... Do you still have those multi-coloured smoking balls I gave you? Good fun to mix too"
"Here's your filled pipe Loss, said Grondy and here lit a taper from the fired and also handed that to Loss for the lighting of his pipe. "Now. how about a glass of Port to top off the evening? Nothing like good friends, a pipe of Old Toby, and a good glass of Port."

"Come to think of it I still have a couple of those octarine smoke balls that I quit using as it seems only wizards can see that color and we seem to be having a derth of wizards lately, thank Eru. Wizards only bring trouble to we common folk."
"Oi! Grondy! What's this about wizards only bringing trouble to common folk? They may arrive, more often than not, on its crest, but you can hardly say that they're the cause of it! I'd rather have all the trouble in the world and a kind, steadfast wizard at my side than have to face half the trouble in this inn alone all by myself! Besides, I have long lost my appreciation of fireworks and I wouldn't mind a slightly mind-boggling demonstration of the art at its best to revive my interest. Necromancers, on the other hand, are the most troublesome lot in the entire..." A masked figure leapt from the shadows; knocked Ar-edain37 unconscious with one jab of a sceptre, which bore what appeared to be a live, golden turtle on one end; and dragged the limp body out of the room by the cloak. All this was met with thunderous applause.
"Sounds to me like someone was meddling in the affairs of some wizard." Now I wonder: should I take my own advice or should I follow to see if old Ar-edain can extract himself from this predicament; like hoist himself off the petard upon which he appears to have been skewered?"

OOC: I always thought a petard was a sort of pike; except it is really a bomb used to blow a hole in a fortification. I think the quote originally came from Shakespeare, where he meant instead of a bomb that one was setting, having blown up in one's face, he meant one was subjected to one's own smelly flatulence.
"Thank you Master Dwarf" said Loss as he taken his pipe, and then taken a few puffs. His ears soon pricked when the mention of Port came into the picture. "Yes please Grondy, two friends worthy of a pleasant evening they are, a puff and a drink is like a fish in water, there's no use if they are separated"... But hearing the sudden speech by Ar-edain without taking breath, Loss turned and smiled at the rolling compliments of wizards, but hearing the commotion that was stirring around the Inn, Loss covered his 'walking stick' with an old cloak in his bag... It seemed that Wizards have a bad name around these parts...

Yes, someone should really go and see if the loud Dunedain is alright, a rather nasty bump to the head that" but seeing as no-one moved from their drinks, Loss sighed and got up, taken his 'walking stick' and went outside the door... A few minutes later, ice began to break upon the roof and snow came down heavily , wind howled and cracks of noise came and left often... Loss then came back into the door dusting off the snow before he entered and sat down at his table and continued with his pipe and port... "Ar-edain's going to be alright, he woke up as I left him and he's sitting on a bench... looking rather confused too... and that mysterious figure seems to have dissapeared... Ah, anyway, would you like a Port Grondy, my round?" Then tossing some coins to him he looked down to his 'walking stick' and covered it again.

OOC: I always thought of Petards as bombs used to detroy big walls on castles or strongholds, like Helm's Deep Elf Sticking Tounge Out Smilie but I never knew it to be a word for breaking wind Orc Smiling Smilie I found that it's also a word for home-made fireworks Teacher Smilie
"Here's more port for the both of us Loss."

OOC: I think my problem with "petard" was I originally heard it as "picard" and the picture in my mind was of someone who accidentally got skewered on their own pike, when they were hoisted on it. The connotation is the same, but now I know not to light the fuse until your ready to run; and likewise if you must break wind in a smelly way, ensure there is a big dog available to take the blame. Very Big Grin Smilie
Fionw’ roared with laughter at the sight of the necromancer who got Ar-edain37. He could sense an act behind it so he knew Ar-edain37 would be alright, if being turned into a half pig half duck could be called that.

OOC: LOL Actually, petard comes from a French word which means literally "break wind". The petards, who carried the petards(the bomb kind), would carry them to the walls of a fortress and ignite them. Because of the nature of the petards(bomb), they would often explode prematurely, making the petards(men) one of the higher payed common soldiers in an army. Not that it did them much good most of the time, because if you didn't get shot by a crossbow bolt, you might get speared by a javelin or smashed by a rock, or blown up by your own weapon. Or you might decide to play the Japanese and run a kamakaze strike on the wall, the high pay didn't do much good for most of them! But they could be a deciding factor in any siege, with the proper use of them. lol Grondy
Hey, you boys over there - not too much of that pipeweed, it's leaving some really awful stains on your ceiling says Maydmarion glancing up at the ceiling to the patches of darker smoke-stains Wink Smilie Grondy your ceiling could do with a whitewash - anytime you need a hand just give me a shout...............and I'll get one of these lads here to do it for you I'm sure I can get my elven mind to persuade them........l..o..l...Madymarion laughs and grins at all the male customers.
Grondy laughed at Maydmarion's suggestion, "I heard a similar tale from an itererant bard about a lumberjack named Tom whose main tool was the saw. In that tale old Tom, when he was young, got some of his friends to do a free whitewash job for him. Or was that the tale about the lawyer who whitewashed the facts and succeeded in getting a crooked fence off scott free."

"Haha, as if the smoking of pipeweed were illegal in inns and pubs... This is the Khazad-dumish Inn, not that distant place... oooh what's it called... Engelond? Elf Sticking Tounge Out Smilie I seem to remember it being called that, but me being much older than a mere lad or man would suggest that my ancient memory is still in working order... Maybe Marion, I think you should persuade that young, compared to me, elf, Fionw’... We older folk would prefer to watch and laugh as whitewash goes everywhere. Orc Smiling Smilie Any port going spare Grondy old friend?" Loss said while looking through his bag for a paintbrush...
"Sure enough is Loss." says Grondy as he tops off both their glasses. "Pretty good stuff this," he adds with a wink.

"Dang! I can no longer make those square-ish smoke rings like I used to; don't know if this port has got my whistle too wet or if it's somethin' else."
And then loads and loads of transformers flew from heaven and round house kicked matt damon in the face. Gimli lol'd = )and then a did a runnin. matt herrington gathered his forces around him pointing at magtheridon, "on three" he said. Dragus shifted into bear form and launched himself at Maggy Saggy mayte yeaaaaaa. In the mistd of all this matt herrington was levitating and masturbating, he was actually building up an imba spell and and taunting maggy. He did lol. somwhere in zangarmarsh louis louis pure was trying to level ... however it wernt happening, an orc ran up and slapped him and proceeded with 'kek' . louis with all his strength made the purest noise ever heard in the whole world ZOMFG! the orc ran away and ryan through a knife ... yeaaaaa!
Fionw’ overheard Loss's suggestion to Marion, and couldn't help but start laughing. "Ah, my friend, you'd have a hard time at that," he said, amidst his laughter.
Grondy scratched his head after watching Boydo, the newly arrived Dunedain's magic lantern show, "I wonder how he made all those sound effects? Still I don't think that show was equal to a song, so he can't yet have his first drink in here."
walks in the door his cloke wipping about him in the cold winter wind and closed the door quickly
removeing his hood he looks about for any fimaler faces. seeing the bar keep he walks to him a smile faint on his lips.

" hello old friend it's been a long time what news do you have for me what have i missed in my time away?" corgon says siting down at the bar.
Grondy smiled at seeing the returning elf and drew him a tankard of mulled wine and stuck a red hot poker into it for a few seconds, "Hi old friend, drink this, it'll take the chill out of your bones."

"What's been happening around here? Well nothing much, only those events which alter and illuminate our times. Actually it has been quite quiet around here except for a minor Orc raid late last summer, but the patrons fended them off and that's about it. Even that pesky sprite Cloveress has been absent. Sometimes I almost wish she'd come back just to liven things up," he added with a grin as he knocked on wood.

"What have you been up to?"
"Thanks for the refill, but I think it shall be the last one for me, it seems to have *cough* tickled *cough* my throat a tad much today *cough*" Loss said to Grondy, but was forced to stop, it seemed that something was bumping around the rafters...

"Maybe our Cloveress is closer than you think, once her hibernation period is over maybe we'll hear her wings creaking as she comes back from all that sleep"
thank you grondy. corgon said with a small smile as he took the wine.
" i rember the orc's i warnd you of there comeing then left after they were killed. after that i headed north to riviendell to meet an old friend but times are dark agian i fear the white wizard my have more tricks up his sleve yet. althow i may not have my mimory i still retain my skills wich i think our land my need and many more like me to soon.
I hope the violence doesn't break out soon; I'd like to die in my bed with my boots off. I'm tired of fighting the filthy blighters.
no wories grondy orcs are the least of your problams with the comeing of this new evil trust my words master inkeeper iv seen them my self saron has out done himself this time.
OOC: At this time, I believe that Sauron is dead.
OOC: Every evil character has a last scene at the end, ready for the sequel... It's where he opens his fiery eye at the base of the Barad-d’r, and everyone thinks "Uh-oh, he'll be back" Elf Sticking Tounge Out Smilie
*Walks into Inn*
Hello everyone, I read the sign and so...
*jumps onto a table*
I shall sing you a song, you probably all know it, I learned this from a hobbit friend of mine...

"Home is behind
the world ahead
and there are many paths to tread
through shadows to the edge of night
until the stars are all alight
mist and shadow
cloud and shape
hope shall fail
all shall fade"
corgon claps lightly
"well done good sir very nice indead. " corgon says walking to him "i am corgon swiftblade of gray havens and let me be the first to welcome you to this fine place." corgon holds out a hand in friendship.
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