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Thread: The Khazad-dumish Inn.. Please watch your head coming through the door.

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Eva watched the Ewok warily. "It's very cute, Halo, but please keep an eye on it.
Considering what Claw can do, I don't want that thing loose in my kitchen. Unless,
of course, it does dishes..."
BTW, nice avatars, Icy and
Thanks, Eva!

As the Cloveress slept, her human form was wearing off and she turned into sprite form again. She thought somebody had poked her. "Faeriescan'tdrink..." she mumbled sleepily as she became smaller and smaller by the moment. Finally she was back to the size of her pitcher. Because her mouth was still partly on the goblet when she fell asleep, she almost fell into her own goblet. This woke her up briefly. She thought she saw a pair of concerned eyes peering at her through a curtain of very green hair. Green hair, so familiar..."Are you my mother?"she asked.
"Your mother? I'm not..." Ice stuttered, a little shocked. She then smiled
and whispered, "Mother says its time for bed, Clover." She carefully picked up
the sprite and turned translucent, phasing herself through the ceiling and to an
upper bedroom in the inn.
Etharion turned to lean on to Ice, but as she just left, he nearly fell on his own nose.
"What the...?? Wherd she ? How?" he blearted out as he regained his footing.
"I must still be sleapy, or....i just saw a green haired ghost....right where Ice was standing..." he said suspiciously.
mmmm Ewok...where have i seen one of thoses befroe?....o ya, hehe, that was a good club...
The Cloveress spluttered a bit in her supposed "mother"'s arms as they passed through the cieling together. "Mmmmm...Bed," she mumbled drowsily and snuggled into the crook of Icey's arm (which was about the size of her head). Then she felt a soft mattress and the warm welcoming smell of a clean bed. Her soggy wings fluttered feebly once before she fell into a deep sleep.
Icey was smiling as she came floating back through the floor. She landed behind
her stool and grinned wider when she saw the look on Eth's face. She turned solid
once more and sat down, then turned and looked at him, her grin spreading from
ear-to-ear. To see what he'd do, Ice leaned in on him, with that comical look
still on face, and kissed his nose.

Etharion stood embarased. " O gosh!" he said blushing. Shocked Elf Smilie Elf With a Big Grin Smilie Cool Elf Smilie (thats about how his face looked)
" Now Icey how did you just do that? Have you been messing with magic perhaps? You know thats not safe. Better leave it to the proffesionals, you know?" he said puffing out his chest. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
" No seriously. You never know what kind of side effects can follow unstable magic. You might permanently stay etheral!" he said seriously.
Icey grinned, saying, "Professionals, huh?" she poked him in the chest and looked
up at the taller elf. "Forgetting that I am half spirit-creature, yes?" she said,
adopting a mock accent. "It has been awhile since we last saw each other, hasn't
it?" Ice asked. "Truthfully though, I've missed you," she added, flipping her green
hair around her head with a hand.
"Aye aye. It has been long since we last walked together through the forests of Mirkwood. Actually, there arent many places where we havent been!" he smiled thinking of times past. "But to be true, i never truly understood your heritage. It is all rather confusing. So much that i cannot even be sure from what world you really are!" he said laughing. "Now lets have another pint. On me!" he tossed afew coins at Grondy. "Oy, master dwarf! Two more ciders, if you would be so kind."
forgive Etharion, he was bumped as a baby and he always says 2 when he means 3....
"Here are your two ciders Etharion. You really want to switch to cider Elrose, or would you rather have another ale? Remember mixing your drinks upsets the tummy." (OOC:Speaking from experience.) Exploding Head Smilie
*While Grondy's back is turned Halo returns to her favoured spot; a really hight shelf behind the bar. With lightning speed she lunges down, snags one of the ciders and retreats*"Ha! Its damn good to be home! If anyones interested I have a great recipie for ROAST EWOK!""
another ale then! and ill take ur advice...jk Wink Smilie
....hmmm....*Elrose ties down his mug and keeps one hand friml on the handle*
my drink, not yours! :-D
*Halo barks and growls at Elrose, while searching for a really, REALLY long straw.*
*Elrose sprinkles *something* in his cup while Halo isnt looking and a loong straw *appears* right next to Halo.
Ice sips some of Eth's drink, seeing as hers was stolen, and grins at him. Her smile widens
when she sees all the precautions Elrose is taking to keep his drink safe. Sneezing once,
Ice glances around the inn to see what could make her sneeze. Must be whatever
Elrose just 'didn't' sprinkle in his drink. She sighs and looks back at Eth, smiling again.

Etharion smiled at Elrose. "Of course, forgive me." he said smiling. "So what ave you been up to lately?" Going much around?" he said turning back to Icey.
Grondy appears at Icey's elbow with another glass of cider, "Sorry about that, Miss. Sometimes we just can't control the local color. That is to say, some of our more colorful characters have minds of their own and do things their way rather than as I'd like them to," and winking he hands her the glass and refills the bowl of popcorn.
"Thanks Grondy," she says and sips the cider. To Eth, Ice replies, "Not much hass been going on lately, just me visiting here and there, and little bit of everywhere. Just recently, though, there a drinking contest, and I believe that Elrose was the winner in that; Don't worry, I haven't been drunk in here in a while," she adds as she grabs a handful of popcorn.
Upstairs a loud snore and an even louder giggle was heard. "You've never been drunk? Hahahaaa, Icey..."
*Halo glances suspiciously at the other drink* "Hmmmmm! My weirdo scenses are tingling...think I'll ignore that one." *Halo picks up her binoculars and spys an unsuspecting customer with a glass of bailys and pounces!* "Rarr!!!"
alright Halo, here the plan, we go right to the source if u no wot im saying....think hobbits floating down a river in *******s
Ice glances at the ceiling. "I said not RECENTLY, Clover!!!" she yelled, her eyes brows lowered. "Besides, I thought you were ASLEEP!!!!"
There was a crash upstairs and the sounds of a few vases and windows being broken. The little fairy was apparently sleepwalking, or rather sleepflying, as we should say. She unconsciously banged into a window and fell right out to the gardens below, landing in a thorny rosebush which was positioned right outside the window Etharion and Icey were sitting beside. "Wwhheeee!!! That was fun!" The Cloveress was oblivious to her scars and the fall did not seem to have awakened her at all.
’Oh dear,’ said Eva. ’We’d better get her out before she starts traipsing all over the garden. She might do anything to it in her sleep, and we need that garden so we don’t have to send Calin to the store all the time.’ She hurried towards the door.
Grondy quickly ran into the storeroom and rumaging around in his fishing gear found a landing net. He hurried outside and handing the net to Eva said, "A butterfly net would probably be better for this job, but tacking dead critters to the wall with pins isn't my idea of a hobby and this should work fine."
Etharion yelled to Eva "Quick!! Get her! She's nearly in the tomato patch! She'll...never mind. I guess that means no more gazpacho eh Grondy?" he said sadly as the little sleepwalker turned the tomato's into...well ketchup.
The Cloveress was giggling foolishly as she bumped into countless big red and wet things. She thought she heard shouting, and the next moment she found a net over herself. She struggled half-heartedly. "Mother, I want to get out of this...some stupid mortal has mistaken me for a butterfly again..."
Eva held the net firmly closed as Cloveress struggled against the mesh. She didn’t want to wake Cloveress up, partly because she was unsure how the old legends about waking sleepwalkers applied to fairies, but she could not just stand there and hold her either. ’Grondy,’ she commented, ’don’t ever let Cloveress be in a drinking contest again.’ Then, holding the fairy up to eye level, she shook the net gently and said, ’Cloveress’ Cloveress?’
" Oy oy!! Dont wake her up to quickly! If you wake a sleepwalker, their legs fall off!! That is...with fairies...maybe their wings fall off.." he ended uncertanily.
Unfortunately the Cloveress was already awake. And her wings and her legs were all firmly on her body. Though something else was happening... As she glared at Eva and Eth, theynoticed her features beginning to change. The pointy nose and chin were diminished and the sparkling green eyes were replaced by a pair of deep seablue eyes...Even her green hair started to reform. in a few minutes she looked exactly like Eva! She was very annoyed, because by now she would be quite big for the net and it was getting rather uncomfortable..."I hope you're all happy," she huffed.
Cloverleeessss! how many fingures am i holding up?
Icey set down her mug of cider and walked silently up to the window. Shoving her head out and hanging half over the windowsill, Ice gasped as she saw two Eva, one holding the other one, who was stuffed into a rather small butterfly net. "What's going-" she paused and caught sight of the slightly worse for wear tomato patch. "...on?" she asked, glancing around at everyone.
’Elrose, I don’t think it’s a good idea to annoy her as soon as she wakes up,’ Eva scowled at him. ’I’m sorry to wake you, Cloveress, but you were making quite a mess in your sleepwalking.’ She gestured at the puddle of ketchup that had once been the inn’s tomato garden while helping Cloveress out of the net.
The Cloveress sniffed. "Well, you should've known that waking a sleepwalker would bring about certain results... in the case of a shapeshifter, it would force me to take on the shape of the waker for a whole day. And Eth, DON"T call me Cloverless again." She took the butterfly net off herself and smiled at Icey who was looking shocked. Though Cloveress was acting annoyed, she was secretly amused, and was already planning how to make use of the twenty-four hours in Eva' shape..."Want some tea, Ice?"
OOC: Cloveress, it is Elrose that calls you ’Cloverless’, not Etharion Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
Eva considered being upset, then decided that all of this was just part and parcel of her very interesting job. ’Just don’t give me a bad reputation, Cloverless,’ she said. ’You can perform whatever mischief you want as long as you own up to it when you’re back to your normal shape. Considering your nature, I don’t think anyone will be too surprised- or angry. I am going to see if any of that ketchup is salvageable, although I should probably have someone see if the magical advent of its existence has affected it enough that it shouldn’t be ingested.’
Grondy said to himself, "I wonder if Eva, with that last Cloverless, was getting even with Cloveress or whether it was just a freudian slip: probably both methinks,"and grins at the thought.
thats one of my many skills...making other peolple get blamed for what i have done. and i think it wasnt me who called her Cloverless the first time...
" Umm nope. Im afraid you wont be able to salvage any of the tomatoes. The ketchup just....ran away. Slithered away more like it." he said. "Brr, that looked creapy. Like a puddle of blood runing away from a vampire." he said with a grin.
"Eth, what did you do the tomatoes?" Ice asked. "I don't think they would have run away from you if you hadn't offended them..." she said, smiling.

"Drat," thought the Cloveress, "am I that predictable? But Eva and Grondywill have enough mischeif with the tomatoes as it is..." But out loud she said," might be careful about the ketchup, I remember rubbing some fairy powder on myself this morning."
It was a slip, Grondy, because I had typed it that way earlier in the post to tell her who was calling her names. But it worked out pretty well the other way, too. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
Eva sighed. ’Well, even if it comes back and attacks the inn or something, it still won’t be the strangest thing that’s happened here. Now, will I be able to plant more next year, or will we have to wait seven years or something to let it get back to normal?’ She sighed again. ’I’ll be making a cake. It’s therapeutic, and besides, it’s got to be somebody’s birthday!’ And she went back inside and disappeared into the kitchen.
"My birthday's a week from today!" Icey yells, hopping and down. She walks back inside and sits down at table, where she had a good view of the kitchen. "Let meh help!" she screamed, very childishly, and she jumps up and runs into the room, hopping up to sit on the counter, near the sink.

*Nothing but but a blurr can bee seen as she rushes into the kitchen and accidently knocks Icy into the sink* "Oh Daaaaaaaaamn! Sorrrrrrry!" *pulls David Hasslehoff out of her pocket and chucks him in the sink too.* "You can never have too many lifeguards*
"Ooohhh... another cake. Please, Eva, let me do the decorating!" the Cloveress had forgotten about the whole name-calling business as soon as the cake was mentioned. It was a funny business, cake-making, but she could get used to it. She saw the horrified look on Eva's face and chuckled. "Oh well," she said to herself,"I'm Eva, aren't I? the kitchens will be mine soon." She giggled and made her way into the kitchen.
"What place is this?"
SONG! a song! have a drink if you sing a song!
The Cloveress poked her head out of the kitchen door. "Did I just hear a song? Hey it's you Floyd! What's up?" Then she remembered she was supposed to be Eva and shut her mouth aruptly. "A drink, then, weary traveller?"
"Song? What song?"
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