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Thread: The Khazad-dumish Inn.. Please watch your head coming through the door.

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Thank you grondy. should anyone bother to mention it to Loni that if there were jewels they belong to gimli?
Eruwen was startled awake by someone calling her name. She re-lit the torch and looked at Claw, shocked that the kitten could speak. Once she realized the voice was coming from the direction of the staircase, however, she jumped up and ran over to the rubble.

"Hi Grondy! I hear ya! I'll stay away from the bottom of the shaft and be sure not to feed AR-37. Hey, there's some good wine down here that we need to be sure to get out too!"

Oh, thank heavens, she thought to herself. I haven't been forgotten. She walked slowly over to one of the tunnels and pushed the torch forward to see what she could...nothing but a long, dark tunnel. She went back to where she was sleeping, moved a good distance from the shaft, put the torch out, and curled up with Claw.
If there are jewels, being an Orc at the present time (just until Sunday) I won't care
uruk hai but still that wont change what you are in the rpg should it cause if it does then I should change my name on the rpg
Laurel had been hidden from everyone's view for several days while Eva had minded the inn's upkeep. While cleaning the inn thoroughly a month ago, she had discovered a secret passageway that extended from behind a bookshelf in one of the guest rooms and led almost vertically down into the depths of the many cellars below. Then she had merely gone a few hundred feet before returning to her duties because there was soil and debris in the tunnel and the steep descent made for slow-going, but now she had decided to see if the passage led down to Eruwen and the kitty somehow. She had slipped away quietly while no one was looking. So far the journey was rough as it was hard work to clear her path, but after nearly a week of working ten hours a day, she had almost reached what she thought was the cavern that Eruwen was in. As she removed the last bits of rubble, Laurel called out, "Miss Eruwen? Are you here?"
Calis looked up form where he was helping clear rubble. Did anyone else hear a voice that wasn't Eruwen's? Cause I think I just did a minute age.
OOC:Hooray! People have returned! I was starting to get a little worried there...
"Yeah..." said Eva. "Wait a minute... Laurel? How did you get down there? Is that where you've been all this time?"
Eruwen jumped up and lit her torch once again. "Laurel?! Laurel, is that you?!" The flame flickered as she shined the light around the room. "Where in the world are you?" She thought she heard Laurel's voice coming from the direction of one of the tunnels, so she walked in that direction with Claw following close at her heels, attacking each of her feet as she took a step.

OOC: I'm so happy to hear from you, Laurel!
The Troll finally enlarged the hole through the stairway rubble that Grondy could squeeze through and when he lit his torch Eruwen and cat had disapeared. "Eruuuuweeen! Eruuuweeen! can you hear me? Eruuuweeen! Eruuuweeen!".

Then he spotted something in the dust laying on the floor of one of the tunnels leading from the room. Footprints: three pair, one made by a humanoid and two pair made by a dimunitive feline creature.

"I think I'll follow the tracks, but first I better fetch that ball of twine from the cupboard in the above, in case I encounter an area where left tracks no longer show up, for I intend to find my way home and the rats might eat any bread crumbs were I to lay down a trail of them." he said to himself. He tied one end to the door of the dumwaiter and stringing the twine out behind him, he proceeded to folow the foot prints, calling out every minute or so, "Eruuuuweeen! Eruuuweeen! can you hear me? Eruuuweeen! Eruuuweeen!".
OOC-Thanks Eruwen!

"Yes, Eva, it's just me. I came to find Eruwen a way out." Laurel shouted to the distant sound of Eva's voice. "And I hear you Eruwen! I hear you! Hooray! I finally succeeded at something!" Laurel followed the sound of Eruwen's voice until she bumped into something soft(it was very dark in the particular tunnel she was in and she could not see anything). She immediately thought it was Eruwen, but as she brought her face up close to the soft thing, what she saw made her scream. It was what appeared to be a dead warg, hung from the ceiling with thick twine and not too pretty to see. "Miss Eruwen, be careful, there is a dead beast here, hanging. Trust me , you don't want to bump into it like I did. Are you there? Are you alright?" An echo of a clamering noise sounded from afar. "Wait a minute! I heard something coming from way back in the cavern...are you alone? Good lord this place is spooky..."
c'n i join? Smoke Smilie
OOC to Valin talonarmor: You may step in to the Inn, read the sign in the first post of the thread, and sing your song. Then you may order food and drinks, but you may not yet go down into the lower regions of the Inn, for any major expedition into the tunnels down there will have to be made in a separate thread.
AND you may get drunk, wasted, sozzled, completely and utterly intoxicated. And then you may sing weird drinking songs and jump around the tables, and steal booze with me!!!
ok heres my song

In caverns old and mountains deep,
It is of ancient treasure I speak

Of swords worn and torn,
Of armor long lost

The battles long ago,
None of which last
come on!!!! you have to sing more than that. I have only been here a little bit longer than you and I know that...I think. the only one I have heard sing is me so...

Thank you for making it longer but I agree about the rest of the song.
’Hi Laurel! I’m so glad I wasn’t forgotten down here. How in the world did you get down here?’ She heard Grondy hollering her name. Hey, it sounds like they got the other tunnel open. Let’s head back that way so as to avoid the warg. Oh, also, there is some really good stuff down here that we should take up to the patrons of the inn,’ she added with a wink.

OOC: I think Valin's song is fine, but it's up to Grondy. Smile Smilie
"Is there more to the song? Because if so, I would like to hear more of it. If there is not, perhaps you would consider performing again after you get some food and drink in you? No one has sung beyond their obligatory song in a while here, and you have a fine voice."
"A fine tune it was Valin Talonarmor," says Grondy approaching the last singer, "and here be yer tankard of Gimli's Finest and a plate of Spicy Balrog Wings to go with it.

Sounds like the rest of the patrons liked your song, so if there is any more, and after you gets your whistle wet, you might consider giving them another verse or two. Or not, as it suits your fancy, but it sounded like a rousing good adventure what sort of come back home at the end of day to its pipe, slippers, and a comfy chair."
uhh dunno i play the trumpet so maybe ill come up with something
Calin yells out to eruwen and laurel to follow the sound of the voice and then begins to sing in a strong and melodious voice...

He walks he does not run
he has no overwhelming need to fly
his heart remains unbroken
no need to search the sky
but me I've never found that place
I wander recklessly

And I know that she will find me
I know that she will find me
even if I vanish without a trace
Oh and though Im running blindly
I know that she will find me
hiding with the shadows that i chase

No one can rock his boat
or make standing waves upon his sea
everything is calm and even
steady safe as it can be
but me i've never found that place
I wander recklessly

And I know that she will find me
I know that she will find me
even if I vanish without a trace
Oh and though Im running blindly
I know that she will find me
hiding with the shadows that i chase

Sometimes we search to deep
thats when the darkness feeds our fear
we turn away from one another
just in case we get too near
me i stand this mountain top
I shout so she can hear

And I know that she will find me
I know that she will find me
even if I vanish without a trace
Oh and though Im running blindly
I know that she will find me
hiding with the shadows that i chase
And I know that she will find me
I know that she will find me
even if I vanish without a trace
Oh and though Im running blindly
I know that she will find me
hiding with the shadows that i chase
Eruwen smiled to Laurel, "Well, it sounds like we have an admirer who hasn't even met us yet. Nice voice, but, uh, how about we head back the way you came down? I just don't want any man or elf to think he lured me back by his voice. He might think I'm in his debt or something. I'm a bit touchy when it comes to that. I've been in the debt of too many people."

Eruwen hiccuped, a bit drunk from the good wine, and stumbled up the path that Laurel had taken down to her, brushing the dead warg out of her way.
OOC: thank you sooo much. I was trying to help Sad Smilie
OOC: I know Robbin...I was just being silly in response, for as you know the Khazad-dumish Inn is a silly place Smile Smilie...but, speaking matter of factly, Eruwen is very independent and who knows from where she gets her whims to do certain things; she's not very good at listening to others. I try and try to advise her otherwise, but she doesn't listen to me either.
ill do some songs tolkien came up with if you want
From over the hills and far away,
From the path may you never stray

Through the woods without dismay,
Full of luck and joy

There he met the elves one day,
And they feasted all night long

Until the sun rose the next day,
and they were all gone

Sang Valin in a merry voice as he sat in an overstuffed chair and drank ale. He then lit his pipe and blew smoke rings.
Grondy comes out of the kitchen with a plate of freshly battered and fried 'Watcher Rings' and places it before Valin talonarmor, "You may sing one of those if you'd like, but you don't have to unless you really want to do so. Are you ready for some more ale, or are you nursing that tankard so you won't feel terrible in the morning?" and he squnched up his face like a big orc grin. "Let me know when you want a refill of anything."

As he headed back to the kitchen he thought to himself, "I hope those those ladies find their way back soon, for we need another kettle of soup and the customers haven't been very interested when I've made me Stone Soup fer 'em."
" I'd like to order some deer and potatoes to go with my beer o' and a little old toby," shouted Valin.
Laurel led Eruwen up the roughly-hollowed tunnel she had worked so hard on for so long, and she asked her as they went, "Miss Eruwen, did you by chance bring up with us any of the fine spirits or other array you found down there? I'll bet there's a huge load of things that have gone forgotten...wish that warg was still forgotten..." She brushed her hair away from her face and clambered laborously upward. "That male elf did have a nice voice, though..." Laurel giggled. "I'd better get straight to work when we get back up! Sir Grondy'll have my head!"
"YOU CALLED GRONDY SIR!!" said the dwarf. "Means he's a knight." and she swayed. "WARG WINGS!!!! BALROG MEAT!!!! BEER!!! Now." and she staggered over to the counter. (She means warg meat and balrog wings.)

OOC: It's my 1400th post!!! Man, I'm OLD!!!! I feel special. Nothing on Grondy. When did YOU join, Grondy?
i guess it helps to take voice lessons in real life...

hey Grondy have you found someone yet to pick up the things on the things needed list?
"What kind of soup did you have in mind, Mr. Grondy? I don't think they want barley beef soup with sundry vegetables again so soon- or is it soon? Anyway, what do you want? And you might want to take up Calin on that offer to get stuff- I'm not even sure I can make soup, as I haven't seen the state of the pantries lately."
"This is quite the route you're taking me on, Laurel. How in the world did you find it?" Eruwen made her way up the tunnel fairly easily, lightly tredding through the dirt and debris so that she didn't brush any back on Laurel. However, she still found it quite the trek compared to the quick drop of the dumbwaiter shaft. It was Claw who was causing all of the trouble, getting under her hands and feet, brushing dust into her face.

"Ya know, I thought it would be better to get a group together to get the goods down there. There's quite a bit of stuff. It sounds like the other pathway has been opened now, so perhaps we can start to actually use the stairs for what they were intended."

They came out the top of the path and Eruwen looked at the room. "Seriously, Laurel. How in the world did you find this?" Eruwen looked down at the dirt on her hands, "Ah darn. Would you look at that? I broke a nail."
"And Calin, here's your tankard of Gimli's Finest, as well as some fresh Watcher Rings. If you would really like to go grocery shopping for the K-Dumish Inn, then I better talk to Eva about anything she needs added to my list, so as to bring the larder's stock back up to snuff."

"When you've finished your snack Calin and are ready to go, come see me and I'll give you the list and send the House Troll along with you, for to guard the gold and do the heavy packing."

"Yo Eva, hows about some creamy cheesey cauliflower and brocolli soup? Else some good old fashioned Fangornian onion soup? Or Maybe even both? And here is the grocery list, please add to it anything you think we'll need in the next week or so. Calin has offered to do the Inn's shopping."

"Here's you some taters and venison Valin, plus a wad of Old Toby fer your pipe." continues Grondy as he also topped off Valin's tankard. "Oh, and Gimli's Finest is ale, not beer. Beer is what we serve the drunks, namely Loni now she can no longer tell the difference."
"Better to break a nail than your arm, I'd wager. And don't ask how I found the sort of wasn't there until recently..." Laurel trailed off, then told Eruwen that she was glad she found a back way into the cellars. "Just in case, you know? Now, if you'll excuse me, I haven't been the best barmaid of late, and poor Eva has her hands full. Ah. Here's the hallway where you bumped your head! How is that bump anyway? Well, I'll bring you a tankard as soon as I get something cooking. See you out there!" With that she scuddled off, grabbing her apron from her room and heading downstairs into the bar area, still covered in dirt from the climb up from the tunnel.
I will take the list once eva has taken care of her listing and then leave with it and the troll. after that who knows how long i will be gone... but the inn will return to normal hopefully.
"Hmm... the list looks good, except it needs the addition of onions..." Eva quickly scribbles down onions at the bottom of the list. "Here, Calin, I think that's all we need. We don't have enough onions right now for the Fangorian stuff, Mr. Grondy, but I can whip up a pot of the creamy cheesey cauliflower and brocolli soup right away." With that she heads for the kitchen, wondering vaguely how long it would take Laurel and Eruwen to come up the back way and where they would come out.
"The tunnel wasn't around until recently?" Eruwen questioned Laurel. "Interesting." She eyed Laurel curiously wondering to herself how she really knew about the tunnel.

As they started to walk back to the main room, Eruwen almost hit her head on the beam in the hallway once again. "Oh sheesh, thanks for the warning," she said lowering her head, just missing the wooden obstruction. "I could have been knocked out again. Not good."

They reached the main room, and Eruwen sat down at one of the tables. "Heya Grondy. Could I get some food and drink please? Perhaps it can be taken off my payment for finding the source of that terrible moaning," she said as she lifted Claw onto her lap and started stroking him. "By the way, you may want to send some strapping men down there to get some of that aged wine and brandy. It's excellent!" she said with a slight hiccup.

OOC: This is going to be my last post until sometime in May. Take care everyone! Talk to you again soon.
Bye Eruwen cant wait for you to get back... and Grondy what happened to your jumpsuits and elvis impersinations...I could always pick up more if you need them.
OOC: When I took up running the Inn for Gimli, I found I no longer had to sing for my supper and my middle grew too large for the suit, the sequins tarnished, and I wasn't very good at it. Elk Grinning Smilie

"Okay," says Grondy to the House Troll, "You go along with Calin, she has the list for the groceries; here is a bag of gold to pay for them, don't use it for anything else, or let any one make off with it. You are to carry the groceries back here. And most importantly keep Calin out of trouble." "Calin, it's not that I don't trust you, it's just that we need those groceries so we can eat this next week."
"CAN I COME TOO?" shouted the dwarf, whose voice was breaking. (Hey, we can have beards, why can't we have breaking voices too? Equality!! And in return you dudes have permission to get pregnant.) "CAN I CAN I CAN I?" And everyone groaned because they knew she only wanted to go so she could drink all the booze before it reached the inn.
You can come only no drinking. And grondy I am a HE. I am not offended but for future reference.
well... were off
As Cali, the House Troll, Loni and Robbin leave the Inn

A tall fair headed elf named Windrush tiptoes in through
the door. "All Hail and Well Met, I am Windrush and I come to
taste the good beer and fine food that this house has to offer..

I am aware of the custom for a new comer to sing a song, but unfortunately
my larynx took a thrashing with a terrible cold last week and I have been
rubbing my throat with a leaf from a mallorn tree to aid in it's recovery. I will however
tell a jape...

Paddy (a threadbare hobbit) went down to the market one fine morning and spied himself
a shiny silver thermos flask. On asking the vendor of the stall what it was, the vendor replied that
a thermos flask kept things hot when needed and also kept things cold when needed ! Paddy then proceeded to ask the vendor how much he could purchase it for ? The vendor being a shrewd old Hobbit from over the Brandywine Bridge told him that he would sell it for 5 pieces of silver... the deal was done.

The following morning Paddy was crossing the bridge at Bywater when he spied his friend Murphy (A hobbit of dubious quality)... "The top o'th morning to you my friend Paddy" said Murphy "what shiny thing do you have under your arm there"? Paddy replied "A thermos flask", "well what does a thermos flask do when it's at home"? asked Murphy, Paddy replied "it keeps things hot if you want to keep them hot, or cold if you want to keep them cold" !!! "so what do you have in there at the moment"? asks Murphy

Paddy replies, "I have two cups of hot broth and two chocolate ice creams" Big Laugh Smilie Very Big Grin Smilie

With that out of the way Windrush moves off to the bar to have himself a large tankard of beer and dodge any missiles from an unforgiving audience as he has told yet another of his useless jokes
just to let you know I am calin and I will be back tommorow with loni and troll.
no problem both of you
OOC: Sorry about the mixup Calin/Robbin/'wood.

"That was a rather silly story Windrush, but it meets the requirement. Here's your tankard of Gimli's Finest and a plate of deep fat fried Spicy Balrog Wings."
you're right it is rather silly and it sounds much better than you can right it down

I also apologise (being new) for the mixup in identities Dunce Smilie
Laurel made her way back to the kitchen and found a large pot of steamy, cheesy soup of some sort on to boil. Eva evidently had been busy while Laurel had been galavanting around the inn like a drunken schoolgirl, "rescuing" someone who didn't need rescuing. She felt the old familiar twinge of guilt; poor Eva. She got to work preparing what faire she could out of the limited stock, and set about taking drink orders from the patrons. A new face was among the crowd, a male elf with striking features. He looked somehow familiar to her, but she had not spent much time among elves and doubted she knew him. "Hello, Sir, I am the barmaid. Great story you had there, though I don't think I'd want a taste o' that! May I get you a drink of some kind?"(Mind you, she was still covered head-to-toe with tunnel-dirt and sweat) She stepped back so as not to offend the stranger with her stench, which had now reached her own nose. "Maybe the good house ale?" Seeing his full tankard in his hand, she said, "Ah. Got some, then. Right, well, if you need more, I'll be back in a few minutes." With that, Laurel returned to the kitchen and brought out the food. She served Loni first, seeing that she needed it to sop up the liquor most. Big Laugh Smilie
"Whoa there Laurel, that bump on the head must still be bothering you, else Loni has a doubleganger, for she went with Calin and the House Troll to fetch the supplies to restock the larder. Maybe you should go have a shower and a lie-down before getting back to work, I can cover for a couple more hours. It'll be no problem; besides, the aroma, which I don't think we can blame entirely on the cauliflower, is a little off-putting," Grondy added with a grin.
Calin steps in with the hose troll towards the end. and replies to Grondy... No it is Loni. We sent her ahead before the last part getting the ale or else we would have to get more. so she arrived before us. Here they are and we came back with more than we started with. some guy thoght of pick pocketing us and so i caught him and the gaurds took him away because he was wanted and I figured he didn't need his money anymore. but may I have an ale now?
"Laurelindhe ilmarin", Another beer if you would, said Windrush ... but alass it is too late, she has
adjourned to an outer chamber to remove the tunnel dirt from her skirt and done as Grondmaster
bidded adding more perfume to her neck and face to further enhance her demeanour...

"Some food, perhaps roasted chestnuts or some pumpkin pie? Is there anyone who can placate
an elf's empty stomach after such a long journey from the wilderlands?"

He strides over to a table and sits down - not sure if it is self service or a comely serving maid who takes the order Elf Confused Smilie
Rue quickly made her way inside trying to avoid any commotion, not being the singing type but knowing the protocol, she began to sing her song:

Magic lives inside my soul
Flowing through my viens
It penatrates my heart and mind
Causing sun when there is rain

One half of me was missing
And now it has been found
Dark and light caused corruption
But of late, become sound

Soon the day will come
When parts become divided
And on that day, neither half will loose
But one will be confided

Once again dark poetry has replaced light.
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