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Thread: The Khazad-dumish Inn.. Please watch your head coming through the door.

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'What that old moth-eaten painting of the necked-lady Dwarf in her ankle-length beard on black velvet that's hanging above the bar? That rankles your sensibilities? Well, I suppose it is a bit tacky, and you can replace it and the others. There's a twenty-foot-combo-folding ladder in the third storage room on the left in the second level cellar that you can get to through that door at the end of that hall there to your right.'

'And now I best get on with brewing up another batch of ale.'
The Road goes ever on and on
Down from the door where it began.
Now far ahead the Road has gone,
And i must follow,if I can,
Pursuing it with eager feet,
Until it joins some larger way
Where many paths and errands meet,
and whither then? i cannot say.

Hey, that's all i know !!! Pary Smilie
Thorin put down the tapestries he was holding to clap hands:

"Bravo Samadhi. I think you deserve your free Gimli's Finest and the snacks as well! Once Grondy is back he'll serve you and in the meanwhile if you could help me re-decorate the place for the forthcoming party I'll be grateful."

thorin what do you mean forth coming party?? some how i will help Pary Smilie
"Oh I've put the poster in Website News. You should find it there. This reminds me that I Should put one in the Khazad Dumish Inn and one in the Dwarven Guild."

"And just come with me to the storage room to fetch that long ladder and then you can help me put up new tapestry!"
Thorin hammers a notice on the notice board:


Anyone can participate and can register one or more entries
The best entry will be selected by Judge Thorin and Grondy
All participants will get snacks and refreshment and everyone is invited for the party which will be held afterward!
The winner will get A BARREL OF GIMLI'S FINEST(TM)

The deadline for entries is the 20th of September 08. Results will be announced 3 days later, that is on the 23rd and the party will last till the 25th!

This competition is jointly sponsored by the Khazad Dumish Inn and The Dwarven Guild

Pary Smilie Pary Smilie Pary Smilie Pary Smilie Pary Smilie Pary Smilie Pary Smilie Pary Smilie Pary Smilie Pary Smilie Pary Smilie Pary Smilie Pary Smilie Pary Smilie Pary Smilie Pary Smilie Pary Smilie Pary Smilie Pary Smilie Pary Smilie
'That sounds good Thorin.'
"Thanks Grondy. Now I better get on with these tapestries."

With that Thorin went to fetch the ladder from the store room and returned. He then went on to remove all the old tapestries and that even included Grondy's favourite picture, the dwarf woman with her long beard.

"Well that's done Grondy. Do you mind if I add some potted plants?"
Well, Grondy it seems that we will have to postpone the party and everything else as it seems that the Roleplaying Guilds have all died
that's not good to postpone the party.i will help you Thorin. Pary Smilie Elf Smilie
Grondy in the kitchen covered in flour from baking goodies for the party whenever it may be held, yelled out to Thorin, 'Be ever so careful with my bearded lady tapestry, she'd freeze if it weren't fer her beard. Please hang her back up in my room.'
'Ok Grondy but I'll give her a wash first.'

'Here Samadhi, please carry this to the laundry room in the basement and ask them to take special care with it. In the mean while I'll go fetch extra cutlery and drinking glasses and wash them.'
Samadhi carried Grondy's bearded lady tapestry carefully to the laundry while thinking how the party would be,she came to the laundry,gave it to them and ask them to take a special care with it. and Samadhi came back and found Thorin was still washing glasses.

"Oh i am back,can i help you with the Glasses Thorin?"
"Yeah. I'd be glad if you could finish that while I polish the tables and chairs. Theirs a lot of Balrog bones to be removed from under the tables (stuck like chewing gum). It seems the customers here really like that snack!"
Keonvan pokes his head out of the door to see what talk of naked women had reached his ears.
sadly disappointed his head retreated back into the room.
Icefangs phases through the door of the inn, intending to make quite a grand entrance, yet, she failed, as per Ice's usual. Instead of phasing through the door, she lost concentration and made a grand show of RUNNING into it...knocking herself senseless. Until Ice regained her footing, one could look out the window and see her stumbling in circles outside. You could almost see the birds and stars fluttering around her head.
Grondy, having heard a thump at the door, went to it, intending to chastise the little blighters that thought it such sport to toss dead rats at the Inn's front door. However, when he got there all he saw was a dazed blue-tipped werewolf staggering around in a circle.

'Hey Frosty-toofs, come over here and I'll hold the door open for you. Long time no see, welcome back, and all that.'

And he stood there at the door, waiting for her to wind down.
Samadhi went to Grony's kitchen and saw lots of drinking glasses.she started to wash them while singing a song and remembered " oh we have got only three days more. we would better's better if everyone could come here and help for us.can some help me with these glasses.there's a lot.
Throin who was still cleaning the tables shouted:

"As soon as I finish with these tables I'll come and help you. I've got only two tables left to clean."
Samadhi who is still washing glasses is busy with it.she carried washed glasses carefully to the pantry.she found some other set of new dishes from Grondy's cupboard and left them in the pantry until other glasses wash.
Okay, we have a bunch of party banners, lanterns, ribbons, etc. that need hanging from the rafters. The ladder is still on the landing, if I remember, which I some times don't. Anyway, when the dishes are done we can get to work on those.
"all right i thought of a flower arrangement.and i found a new set of dishes.shall i take them Grondy?" Samadhi finished washing set of glasses and carried it carefully to the pantry.she is waiting there until she get the answer.
Thorin finally finishing with the tables takes the party banners, ribbons and lanterns to put them up. Pulling a table near the ladder he puts the party items on it and takes one of each item and goes up the ladder to install it.
while Samadhi washing dishes remembered to get the Grondy's tapestry and hurried.after half and hour she finished washing and went to the laundry to get the tapestry Samadhi came back she saw Thorin was putting the party banners"hey i brought it.Good wash!! where are we going to hang this?....... Thorin hang this somewhere else you like
'This picture of the Dwarvish lady will not be put up for the party in case it frightens visitors. But as it is one of Gimli's favourite tapestry have someone put it in Grondy's room where it will be safe. And hand me a Lantern while you're here.'

'Oh and if you have directional problems ask Grondy, he's the 'map' around here. '
"Where in ancient days we dwelt in beauty and in bless.
Where in ancient days was sorrow and unrest?
Oh! How the waves of the waters of waking still ring in my mind!
O! When the world was young and stars yet bright, If only you could've then seen the starlight!

Now it is passed.
Now there's no beauty here in the middle-Lands.
No stars so bright, only vague moonlight.

I wish you could see what I have seen.
I wish you could hear what I have heard.

Beauty of the bells of silver...
Glory of the hidden city..."
After the chanting died down The peculiar elf again went into hibernation to await his next sudden inspiration...
Hehe improvising is fun Big Smile Smilie
"Stack those new dishes on the center table Samadhi and thanks for pitching in. My room is on the third floor, first door to the left of the landing, or it was when I got up this morning; sometimes it moves around on me in the middle of the night. Or maybe my remember has been having lapses. If you need something more to do, you could bring out the box of silverware from the kitchen and set it also on the center table. And there are linen hand towels, for use after we have the finger-lickin'-chicken, in the closet behind the bar that can go on that table too.

Then we need to wrestle two kegs of Gimli's Finest from the first cellar in6to the dumbwaiter and up here on the bar: one for the prize and the other to tap for the party. Looks like we might have one entry in the contest.

Meanwhile, I get to finish frosting these cupcakes and the lick the bowl. Yummy chocolate malt! Goes quite tasty on the yellow cupcakes."
Samadhi hand over a lantern to Thorin"where can i find huge pots for a flower arrangement,oh and some nice flowers Grondy? visitors would love it. i will keep Grondy's tapestry if not it will break"
Samadhi carried it to third floor, first door to the left of the landing and kept it safely in Grondy's cupboard.
Thorin took the lantern from Samadhi and hung it with the others. After finishing with the lanterns he stood back to see his work. He found that the inn look well lit now. He then finished the job by hanging the banners and then called out to grondy:

"How does the Inn look now? And don't worry I'll go fetch the Barrel of Gimli's Finest(TM) and i'll soon be back."
when Samadhi came back she saw the inn was wonderful with banners"Good job Thorin and Grondy i kept you tapestry in your room cupboard"samadhi went to find some flowers for a flower arrangement.
"We do have flowers growing in the plot next to our vegetable garden, though neither gets much tending. Due to our mild weather and gentle afternoon rains, all I have to do is a weekly weeding, which takes only a couple minutes using my pink umbrella. There are some flower vases on a shelf in the cupboard under the back stairs.

I like the effect the banners and lanterns make Thorin, quite creative."
"Well that's great. I'm going to fetch the Barrels of Gimli's Finest, Grondy. I'll be back soon."

With that Thorin went to the cellar and brought the two barrels of Gimli's Finest(TM) down, one at a time. One was to be used as the prize the other for general distribution at the Inn. When Thorin had finished with the barrels he stepped back to look at the situation.

"Things are almost ready Grondy. Do you need a hand with the snacks and carrying the food to the tables?

OOC: The party starts tomorrow. Do not forget folks and do come! Pary Smilie Dunce Smilie
Waking with a start, it seemed that all Loss did was sleep whenever he visited the Inn, only this time, he didn't wake to find the place empty as per usual, but to see the place in a hustle and bustle... and invaded by Dwarves... Calling to Grondy from the seat which he never left since he came into the Inn, Loss said, "What's all this then? Have I slept through another decade when Dwarves have decided to re-inhabit this area?... Or are you having a family reunion?"

Loss just sat looking about the place in curiosity...
Grondy hearing Loss's question answers with, "Hey Loss, good morning, you should read the notice that Thorin hung up (in this thread) on September 05; had you not been such a sleepyhead you might have been able to enter the contest." Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

"Yes, you may help bring out the food now. There are: platters of Petite Sandwiches (no crusts); plates with piles of Cinnamon French Crusts with butter and Vermont maple syrup; trays filled with Bar-B-Cued Warg Ribs, Deep Fried Watcher Rings, and Spicy Hot Balrog Wings; a platter of Rabbit-food and Ranch-cheese Dip for our herbivore-only friends; and oodles of frosted cupcakes decorated with axes.

Also baked potatoes with sour cream and chives; and a big dish of me mudder's cream of mushroomed grean bean and fried onion ring casserole. And a punch bowl filled with cranberry juice and lemon-lime soda, (and on the side for them only what likes a spike in their punch, a dash of vodka.) As well as crystal punch cups and tankards for the ale. And finally ,a box of toothpicks to finish off our fine feast.

Have I forgotten anything?"
"No, I think that's it. Everything has been taken care of Grondy."

Thorin carries all the plates to the various tables.

"So I guess the party can Begin?"
Pary Smilie PARTY ON!!! Pary Smilie
This is very delayed, but welcome back Icefangs! One line Post! ("Gasp!")
Samadhi heard the noise of the party and hurried when she came in she saw
the party was colorful"oh this is wonderful !!!" Pary Smilie
To celebrate Thorin jumps on a stage and addresses the folks present:

"Welcome my friend. Hope you will all enjoy yourself here as much. Please feel free to taste the snacks and drink Gimli's finest(TM). If you also feel like singing please do not hesitate. Come on stage and delight us!"

"Now this song is for all of you faithful of Khazad Dummish Inn!"

There is an Inn, a merry old inn,
Known as the Khazad Dummish Inn,
And here Grondy Brew a beer so brown,
Known as Gimli's Finest, and it brought all and sundry,
to here drink their fill.

There is an Inn, a merry old inn,
Known as the Khazad Dummish Inn,
And here Grondy baked the spiciest snacks,
Watchers Rings, Balrogs Wings, and it brought all and sundry,
to eat their fill here.

There is an Inn, a merry old inn,
Known as the Khazad Dummish Inn,
And there are found in the whole of Middle Earth,
the best Singers, who delight the audience, and it bought all and sundry,
to sing and listen to their heart's content here.

Longing for the Inn,
You will come to Khazad Dummish Inn,
Many miles away from Minas Tirith

"thanks thorin" Samadhi got some snacks to a plate and had them while listing to the song.
Suddenly music came roaring from nowhere and all were merry-making about the Inn, and just nodded back to Grondy as he hurried around to satisfy everyone's thirst for drink... "I'll take a tankard if you please, Master o' the Inn"... Loss sat about quite contently listening to the songs and buzzing of the Inn, only to hear the bumping around the ceiling... Could it be that Clover was woken from her slumber by all this commotion?
"I think I'll have something to drink after this, Grondy. So a tankard of Gimli's Finest for me please."

While waiting for his drink Thorin served himself with some delicious Watcher's ring.

"What about a song from you loss, a Nazgul song?"
Grondy bustled around the Inn refilling tankards, plates, trays, and platters, all the while enjoying the camaraderie and song with the occasional time out to snatch himself a bite to eat and a swallow of ale. "Here you go Thorin, a mighty fine song, full of boisterous puffery, just like the Inn," and he hands Thorin a tankard of Gimli's Finest’.

I can't find the ’ in the XP's character set, as it was in that for the Windows 98; and the [alt]+ 0153 will no longer print it either, so I dove back to earlier posts and copied it from there.) Happy Elf Smilie
"Nazgul? Nazgul? I see no Nazgul here" Loss said to the dwarf as he covered his black cloak with a greyish one... "Hence no songs of that sort here, they don't sing..." and taken a swig of his Gimli's Finest, listening to the songs, and hoping that there will be more than just one Orc Smiling Smilie
After having drunk his drink and eaten his food Thorin decided it was time for another song. SO he once more got on stage and started singing:

O! Welcome to the Inn,
And why are you not Dancing?
Your tankards need filling!
The beer is flowing!
O! Tra la la lally
Here down in the party!

O! What are you eating?
Is it Watcher's Ring?
The faggots are burning,
The Cakes are cooking!
O! Tril lil lil lolly,
the party is jolly,
ha! ha!

O! What are you singing
With beards all a-wagging?
No knowing, no knowing,
Why loss is not singing,
down into the party,
In september
ha! ha!

O! Will you be staying,
Or will you be going?
Your feet are tapping!
Your hands are clapping!
To go would be folly,
To stay would be merry
And listen and sing
Till the end of the party
to our tunes
ha! ha!

With that Thorin bowed to the audience and went to have another go at the snacks!
Grondy rushed over to refill Thorin's tankard as he said, 'What a wonderful song Thorin,' and he moved on to top off the drinks of the other guests.
"Thank you most excellent Grondy for the Beer. Now Why don't you delight us with a song after you're done?"
'Well, I do know one about the Man in the Moon, not the one they took and shortened into a nursery rhyme, but one where he got short shrift at another not so merry an inn. It is quite long so I may not be able to sing it on just one tankard though, probably three or four; unless of course the dreaded hook were to get my attention. Are your ears willing to hear my gravelly voice try to render this for your enjoyment?'
"Of course, any song by anyone is welcomed at any party. And a renowned singer like yourself Grondy will surely make us proud!"

"Common Grondy, A song, A song, A song!"
Samadhi who is having a barrel of drinks stop for a moment and hang up the hands"Grondy a from a Dwarf Orc Grinning Smilie com on Grondy "Orc With Thumbs Up Smilie
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