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Thread: The Khazad-dumish Inn.. Please watch your head coming through the door.

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with another grin corgon sopke in a low undertone then more clearly in elvish a small light appered above the figurines then fell on them bring them to life and began to dance arond on the table tops
Etharion was pleased to see that the grub had arrived!! "Yeay for the grub!!!" he yelled happily as he occupied by himself half of the table. Just as he began to nibble on some Orc toe or something.. the band started!! He glanced to see who it was singing and he saw the young scantily dressed nubile singer lady. He dropped all of his food back on the table (some from his mouth too), and without looking, found a chair right in front of the stage where he could sit down and "drink" in the whole preformance with widely opened eyes..
The next song was a comedy piece about the great hunter who spent the entire morning tracking a liger (Panthera tigris) to its den. This he entered with the object of subduing the Liger by reaching down its throat, grabbing its tail, and pulling it inside out. In retrospect we find the hunter's eyes were larger than his reach. Try as he might, that darned tail remained just beyond his fingertips. The hunter had bitten off more than he could chew. The liger, on the other hand hadn't; and it enjoyed that mid-day repast. Cat Smiling Smilie
Laurel came in at the end of the comedy (probably a rather fitting place ;P ), trailing a few hobbits, calling out that there were more to come. She spied the food and made her way quickly over to the table, barely keeping her lead on the hobbits. (Hey, flying is hungry work!)
Laurelome...I did? I didn't know I could fly!!! Big Laugh Smilie It's okay, I knew what you meant. Smile Smilie

Laurel had changed her attire and was dressed as a gypsy, complete with golden jewelery, a brightly-colored scarf and a long silk skirt. She had set up a small, round table near the bar with a small sign, "Fortunes by Lady L" and had put a strange spherical object onto the center of the table and a basket off to one side. She then noticed the hobbit folk that had joined the festivities and greeted them with hearty mugs of Gimli's Finest. She went around and took drink orders from the rest of the company and returned empty dishes to the kitchen, occasionally checking the food on the buffet tables to make sure all was full and ready for the eating types. Laurel thought the band was top-notch and went to fill in a request on the list for them to play when they could, though it was hard to get past Etharion and his humongous puddle of drool in front of the lady singer. She wrote down "Misty Mountain Hop", a rousing song originally recorded by a little-known band called Led Zepplin, whoever they were. The party was well under way and she waited for more folks to arrive and for people to want more food, drink, or their fortunes read.
(OOC: To preclude misunderstandings, use the following short form names for the following players when you don't want to spell out their full names:
Laurelindhe ilmarin = Laurel the Dunedain (She started going by that name first.)
Laurelome = Laure the Great Eagle

Hehehe...oops. A little identity crisis there! Orc Grinning Smilie

Laure stalked away from the able with a heavily laden plate of goodies. "Many thanks to our fine cook!!" and found a safe place to set her plate while she contemplated the possible pranks to be played on an apparently incapacitated Etharion.
Fionw’ came out of his trance, and saw all the festivity around him. Seeing Etharion's complete and total focus on the singer, and Laure's look, he walked over to Laure. "I saw that look on your face, and I know it means a prank. I don't often play pranks on people, but," he said in a low tone to her, with a twinkle in his eyes.

OOC: A scantily clad young lady singer! Disturbed Smilie And I thought that this was supposed to be a family site!!! Elk Grinning Smilie

edit: Grondy removed his most offensive word from this and his above post. Sorry
Hm...I'm not sure quite what I want to go with...Perhaps we could get that faerie I saw in the rafters involved. This is thier specialty, and a touch of magic dust can go a long way in the claws of a prankster." Laure pondered the near endless possibilities with a dangerous gleam in her eye. "I tend to get rather elaborate, when I don't have any magic to work with, and sometimes when I do. If he sits there much longer, I might be able to rig something involving ropes and buckets of fizzy drinks, or perhaps bottles of the same, and some strong mints..." She trailed off with a dreamy look.
Just so you know, I don't care what you call me, as long as it's not late for dinner! Big Laugh Smilie
Etharion was interupted in his staring as his glass was emptied. He got up to get a refill, and was so temporarily freed from his hipnotization. Just then he noticed a lot of people were staring at him and whispering with a sniger on their face. "Oy!! Whats going on? You up to something?" he said with a stern face.
Ladyoflegolas burst out of the kitchen holding a tray piled high with mint chocolate covered lembas.
"Okay!" she said. "They may be a bit overcooked...but you all need strong jaws anyways."
Not noticing the multiple cords that all led over to the stage...she flounced into the room and promptly got her foot caught on a cord. Both her and the plate of..."ahem" desserts flew into the air and together took down Grondy in a spectacular football fashion.

With lembas all over her, LadyofL looked around dazed.
"Oh roaring balrogs. I did it again didn't I? What did I crash into? It felt like a great big stout barrel!!"
Grondy got up from the floor covered in lumpy chocolate. Licking some of it from his fingers he asked shakily, 'Did anyone get the licence number from that cart? Mmmmnnn! This is good; bring your own spoons if you wish,' he added with a grin.
retreved a very small amount of food and drink and sat in the shadows nibbing and waching the figruein of him self go through the so fimaliar passes with is daggers. waching in deep thought the rest of the room soon fell into none existince.
Thorin wandered at the tables peering into the dishes and finally chose some chocolate biscuits and some beer as openers and sat quietly in a corner eating his dainty...
Grondy removed the curtain from around an Orc-shaped pi’ata hanging from the rafters. As he was handing Laurel a blindfold and stick he said with a grin, 'Since you instigated this party wild party where we all are having such fun, you get the first crack at this party pi’ata that I had fabricated by the craftsmen of Dale. So put on this blindfold and take a great whack at it.'
Laure saw Laurel take an experimental swing out of the corner of her eye..."Runo for cover!" she cried as she hid sprinted behind a table.
Laure's caution was indeed well-founded, as just as Laurel gave the old stick a good swing, it flew from her butterfinger-hands and catapulted across the wide room, nearly making contact with one inconspicuous Corgon Swiftblade, who had been contemplating some mysterious thing. Laurel herself bolted across the room, following the path of the stick's destruction, which included a shattered beer mug and a very shaken-up hobbit, hoping to avert the disaster from getting any worse. She ran up to Corgon, very out of breath, and managed to screech out "Master Corgon! Are you alright? I am so sorry! Had I read your fortune today, I might have told you that you were in some kind of imminent danger! Oh, please forgive me! See what happens when I try my hand at livening things up some? Oh, no!" Laurel dropped down onto one knee on the floor, begging for his forgiveness. "Grondy, sir, I've really done it this time!"
"Not to worry Laurel, I don't believe any bones were broken and replacement of crockery has been budgeted. Now why don't you try again, but this time with a little less exuberance 'Moderation in all things' is a motto that might keep more of us out of trouble, if I do say so myself, speaking from experience."
corgon stould rubing his jaw and pulled her off her knees

" theres no need to beg in such a mannor all is well my friend."
In the middle of all the commotion and broken crockery, the door swings open and a tall Elf enters the tavern, promptly bonking his head on the door frame.

"Jeez, I guess I gotta watch my head coming through that door." Shaking Head Smilie

He rubs the bump on his noggin and looks around, seeing friendly but unfamiliar faces going about their business. He walks over to the bar and introduces himself to the locals:

"Hail and well met, good fellows and lasses. My name is Meneldur Elentirmo, senior astronomer and stargazer of Rivendell. I hear tell that you serve the finest beer in Middle-Earth, AND have a most excellent party going on! Would you happen to have any Sam "Adams" Gamgee, Bywater Lager on tap?"
'Aye that we do Master Meneldur; and I'll fetch one up for you just as soon as you abide by our rule for newcomers,' said Grondy, pointing to the Sign over the bar. (found in the first post of this thread) After your performance you'll also receive a complimentary tankard of Gimli's Finest’ Ale and a combination plate of the Inn's special appetizers.

In the meantime, welcome to the Inn; and no Gimli ain't here, he only drops in now and then, and left me to do the day to day running of his fine establishment.'
"I thank you profusely, good sir. I would be DELIGHTED to perform for my fellow patrons of this fine establishment, especially since the band is nowhere to be found since the pi’ata debacle!"

Meneldur goes to the corner where the band had been playing. He picks up a 6-string lute, checks the tuning, and gives himself a quick spritz of AntoVenya’, the Fresh Mouth spray. His voice booms out across the tavern:

"Good evening folks! I'm so glad to be in the company of kindred spirits this evening. And alcoholic spirits too!" (rimshot)

"The song I'm going to play for you, is the theme song of my home village. Feel free to sing along if you know the words..."

Meneldur begins to pluck the lute strings, then his voice gently croons out the words...

Sunlight dances through the leaves
Soft winds stir the sighing trees
Lying in the warm grass
Feel the sun upon your face
Elven songs and endless nights
Sweet wine and soft relaxing lights
Time will never touch you
Here in this enchanted place

I've traveled now for many miles
It feels so good to see the smiles of
Friends who never left your mind
When you were far away
From the golden light of coming dawn
Till the twilight where the sun is gone
We treasure every season
And every passing day

You feel there's something calling you, you're wanting to return
To where the Misty Mountains rise and friendly fires burn
A place you can escape the world, where the Dark Lord cannot go
Peace of mind and sanctuary, by Loudwater's flow

We feel the coming of a new day
Darkness gives way to light a new way
Stop here for a while until the world
The world calls you away
Yet you know I've had the feeling
Standing with my senses reeling
This is the place to grow old till
I reach my final day

You feel there's something calling you, you're wanting to return
To where the Misty Mountains rise and friendly fires burn
A place you can escape the world, where the Dark Lord cannot go
Peace of mind and sanctuary, by Loudwater's flow

As the last notes fade from the room, the crowd erupts into a whistling, hooting, standing ovation. Grondy comes running over with the promised beer (both tankards of it) and the appetizers. Meneldur salutes the manager and the other patrons with a flourish, and sits down to enjoy his well-earned vittles.

"Mmmmmmmmm, these are the BEST Buffalo Balrog Wings I've ever had! My compliments to the chef!!!"
well met my friend it has been many many years sence that song fell on my ears and am glad to hear it it has always lifted my spirits as it dose now thank you. corgon said bowing
LadyofL finished cleaning up the far-flung lembas and went to deposit the mess into the kitchen's compost pile.

She returned and looked around eagerly for the line for the pinata.
"Well sang Meneldur, it even raised my spirit. The Spicy Hot Balrog Wings are the recipe of my old mother, may her beard ever grow long. I'm glad you like them. The recipe for the Deep Fries Watcher Rings I picked up when I travelled down to Pelargir after the war. They made their's with squid, but I found a source closer than the sea. And every Middle-earth town and village has their own special method of preparing Bar-B-Qued Warg Ribs, mine uses lime juice."
Meneldur finishes the appetizer platter and drains the last sip of his beer.

"Well that was certainly the best home-style cooking I've had in a month of Mondays! And we haven't even gotten to the main course yet! Grondy, your mastery of the culinary arts is simply exquisite! My bretheren should take a lesson from you. After so many thousands of years of cooking, their fare is getting...rather bland and boring. But you -- you really know how to kick it up a notch!"

"And I thank all of you for your kind compliments to the music, and the warm welcome to this fine establishment."

Meneldur leans back in his chair, fills the bowl of his pipe and begins to smoke. "Master Grondy, another beer please, when you have a moment to spare. I'm going to (*HIC*) sit and digest for a few minutes."
Fionw’ had vanished after the pinata incident, but now he came around from the back. "Grondy," he haled,"Could I have something to wet my whistle, please? It gets warm in here with so many people."
While waiting for his drink, Fionw’ walked over to the hearth. Looking around, he quickly waved his hand over the fire, which immediately became smaller.
Grondy filled two tankards and took them to Fionw’ and Meneldur's tables. 'Glad you like the grub Meneldur, the secret is the tabasco, at least one drop in everything edible. But nary a drop in the libations, with the exception of your Bloody Morwen what demands it.'
"Ah yes, thanks, Grondy," he said, taking a swig. "That feels so much better." Fionw’ walked over towards where people were hacking away at the pinata, with the intent to watch the fun.
Laurel had been pulled to her feet by Corgon, who was a gracious elf lord, and thanked him profusely for his mercy in the whole fiasco and had abandoned the pinata, for fear that she would decapitate a hobbit or maim one of her fellow patrons. She had gone back towards the kitchen doors, but she had caught the sound of a stranger singing his enchanting elven song and had stood rooted to the floor, entranced by his lulling voice and feeling very like Etharion when he had been frozen in his chair by the band's curvy songstress. The tune seemed very familiar, and suddenly her heart was filled with an unexplained peace and happiness. When the newcomer had finished, Laurel found herself able to move once again and decided to introduce herself to the elf, but she hoped that he wouldn't find her too strange, due to her gypsy getup. He was sitting, enjoying his drink and hiccupping now and then. "Hello, Master Elf. I am Laurel, the former barmaid of this fine establishment and the clumsiest person you'll meet in Middle Earth! I loved your song. It reminded me of something, though I do not remember what...I would be happy to serve you food or drink, if you should be in need, though I cannot guarantee that it will arrive to you unspoilt, all things considered." She quickly realized that she was rambling and had hardly given the guest a chance to speak, so she quieted, feeling awkward.
Meneldur sprang to his feet and bowed to Laurel with a flourish of his cap. "Well met indeed, O lovely lady of the D’nedain! It gladdens my heart to know you enjoyed my song. This is truly a wonderful tavern, where the delicacy of the victuals is surpassed only by the beauty of the barmaids! 'Golden Melody' is your name? And very appropriate it is, for your voice is like music in my ears, and surely you have the blood of the Eldar in your veins."

Laurel blushed shyly as Meneldur continued, "And that is such a lovely provincial dress you have on, you said it's called 'gypsy' style? It's so colorful and festive! I would be delighted if you would have a drink with me."

Laurelindhe started heading over to the bar to fetch the drinks, when Meneldur gently touched her arm. "No, my fair lass, I have no wish for you to serve me. Come, sit. Master Grondy will be by shortly. He will see to it that we don't go thirsty!"
Wow! I'm dizzy! Now that's elven charm!

Laurel felt all the blood in her body rush to her face as the gentleman elf led her to a nearby table. She was sure she was under some kind of spell and wondered who had put what into her drinks, but she thought she kind of liked it. Shyness got the best of her, though, and she quickly thought of an escape. "Orc-knuckles!" She shouted and hopped away, flustered and confused, heading for the privacy and quiet of the kitchen. "I need your help, Grondy, in the kitchen, sir, only for a moment!" Laurel did not know how to react to the very handsome stranger's attention as she had spent years wandering among the wildfolk and had never been thought of as an actual girl, though her looks were certainly feminine and not unsightly. "Laure Eagle, if you are here, will you please look after my hobbit friends for awhile while I...while I...uh...Right".
OOC: Looks like we have a bit of romance in the thread! Orc Grinning Smilie
I'm just joking with you two, couldn't resist.

Fionw’ watched Laurel and Meneldur with amusement, but it seemed to him that it reminded him of some like thing that had happened to him, though with him it was at the elven ball of the Grey Havens. Fionw’ decided to go meet Meneldur, so he walked up to him. Giving him a bow, he said, "My name is Fionw’. We have not yet met though my vast wanderings have taken me to Imladris many a time. And that is where I assume you hail from, from what your song was about."
Fionw’ stopped and allowed Meneldur to speak.
O.C.C. Meneldur just Godmoding. Your telling what other people are doing in your own posts. That's not allowed.

Etharion was desperatley trying to find the elven lass that was singing on stage a moment ago. Rushing about wildly he bumped into Grondy. "'ry master dwarf!!! But have you seen that exquisite elven lady that was preforming just a second ago?! I wouldnt want her to leave before i have a chance to say hello at least!!" he said with one breath, trying to save time.
'Sorry Etharion, but they were only hired for the one set; I can give you the name of their agent if you want, though I think I heard she was married to the drummer.'

'Be right with you Laurel, just as soon as I deliver these two tankards.' which Grondy proceeded to do. Then he went into the kitchen, 'Now then Laurel, what's on your mind?'
Meneldur shrugged his shoulders at Laurelindhe's sudden (and very odd) departure, and then returned Fionw’'s bow with one of his own, "Greetings my cousin from afar! My name is Meneldur Elentirmo, and you are quite correct that I am indeed from Imladris. In fact I am the chief astronomer and stargazer of that fine village, as I'm sure you can tell from my name. We probably never met during your visits because I'm usually on my rooftop charting the heavens at night, and writing up my observations and working on calculations during the day."

Meneldur then proceeded to tell Fionw’ what brings him to these parts from Rivendell: "So as you know, after the fall of doomed N’menor, the mighty Valar removed Aman from the circles of E’ and bent back the seas. WELL, LET ME TELL YOU! Ever since, it has been an absolute NIGHTMARE for those of us who study the heavens. Now everything is all round, and we have to adjust our charts for different places in Middle-Earth. I am on a mission to collect as much information as possible from around the world, so we can update our star-maps and calculations. That's how I ended up here at the Inn."
Laurel was so unnerved, that when Grondy showed up in the kitchen, she blurted out "Arrrgh!", which came out sounding like an odd mix of warg warblings and gibberish, but quickly came back to her senses. "I'm sorry, sir. I don't know how to react to attention from the opposite gender, so I was a bit, well, fuzzy, shall we say. I think I'm alright. I just needed a moment to collect myself. Go ahead and go back out there, and if you need a break so you can join in the festivities for awhile, I'd be glad to tend bar for a bit. I need to straighten myself up some. Wait! What do I say to that slick talking elf out there? Surely he was laying it on a bit thick, wouldn't you say? I think there are far prettier lasses to make conversation with here..." Laurel finally collected her thoughts and tossed her dark hair out of her eyes. "I'm sorry again, sir, to waste your time. Shall I go to the bar for you?"
Ladyoflegolas had had a bit to much punch and was rather confused.
"Could someone please point me in the direction of the pinata?" She said as she took several wobbily steps torward the front door of the inn.
"Go ahead and take over the bar for me if you wish Laurel. And if you need to serve that Elf, try not to dump his lap full of ale that would be frowned upon. If you don't want his attentions just smile when you tell him so: he's a big boy and has been around long enough not to get huffy when his advances are rejected as he knows there are other whales on the beach; though I'm not calling you a whale you understand, nor even stranded in our fair city. Nor will he, as he wouldn't have been attracted to you if you were either. Sorry if that came out badly it was said with good intentions."

Grondy returned to the main room and seeing Lady of L swaying under the pinata, ran a chair under from behind and when she sat in it gave her a longer stick and hurried away from her swings less she clobber him one upside the noggin.
Seeing Grondy finally come out of the kitchen, Meneldur flagged him down after Lady of Legolas was safely deposited in her chair. "Two more ales please, Master Grondy! I would like to buy my friend Fionw’ a drink!"

Meneldur turned to Fionw’ and continued, "Would you care to sit down, my friend? Drinking and storytelling is tiring work, and I would love to hear your tales! You mentioned that you have wandered often...what news do you have from afar? Even more to point, what's the latest juicy gossip around THESE parts? I just got into town today."
Laurel made a firm resolve to quit acting like a ninny and be a big girl, so she had a quick look in an old, shattered mirror on the kitchen wall, grabbed a heaping plate of hot Stewed Troll Burritos and made her way back out into the tavern. She deposited the plate of burritos onto the buffet table, summoned her courage and headed confidently over towards Meneldur, remembering that she was no shrinking violet and that she deserved to be noticed every now and then also. Fionwe had joined him at the table, so she decided to quickly apologize for her awkward reaction and then tend bar for awhile. "Excuse me, good gentlemen, but I must beg your pardon." She turned to Meneldur and bowed. "It was very flattering to hear your musical words and you caught me off-guard. I beg your forgiveness. I would be delighted to join you for a few drinks, nay, I would count myself very fortunate to keep your company for awhile, if you'd have me after my appalling behavior. I would be very interested to hear of your travels abroad and of any news from out in the wide world. I will be tending bar for Master Grondy for a bit, if you care to come and find me when you are otherwise unoccupied." She smiled warmly at the two elves and then made her way over to the bar, content in her speech. Passing Lady of L, who was now seated but looking rather dissheveled, she said, "My dear, if you need a drink to settle you a bit, mosey on over to the bar. I'm giving Grondy a break for a little bit. On second thought, maybe you don't need another!" She said, chuckling and remembering her wild days as a very young lass, not even ten years ago.
Etharion sniggered as he saw Meneldur and the "not so shrinking violet" start talking again. They were so darn cute. So cute in fact that he decided to help them relax a bit. Looking around he hissed "Pssstt!!Cloverless!! Where are you?! Come 'ere!"
When Laurelindhe came to the table earlier, Meneldur reassured her that no offense was intended in his words, and none had been taken at her giggling departure. He returned her warm smile with one of his own, and promised that she would be most welcome to partake in drinks later. "Indeed it would be my pleasure as much as yours!"

After she returned to the bar he noted to Fionw’, "Ahhh, it gladdens my very soul to see the fiery spirit of the Atani alive and well. Surely the blood of Haleth courses through her veins!" He thought for a moment, and then looked around and wondered, "Now where's Grondy with our drinks?"

Meanwhile, Meneldur did not see Etharion looking for Cloveress, and so had no idea anything was being plotted....
Grondy brought three freshly drawn tankards of Gimli's Finest’ to Meneldur's table, "Here you go good sirs, madame. Should you require anything else, please inform Laurel, for I'm taking a break starting as now. And as I also love a good tale, would you mind if I listen in?" and he sat at an adjoining table.

"Laurel, please bring me a Gimli's Finest’ and one of your tasty Stewed Troll burritos, when you find time. There's a crock of salsa on the right side of the third shelf and a barrel of corn chips in the pantry. We haven't received any avocados lately, so guacamole dip is out; and my waist doesn't need any sour cream."
"Right away, sir. Glad to see you enjoying yourself a bit!" Laurel gathered the required items and delivered them to the crowded table. "Anyone else need anything, I'll be about. Looks like the party's winding down, so I've got a fair bit of cleaning to do now. Those hobbits made the most giant mess in the world around that buffet table! It was worth it for the excitement, though...Well, here I go." She winked at Meneldur and went about the tavern, collecting dishes and mugs, refilling tankards here and there as needed, replacing stools that had been knocked over by the excitement of the pinata and such. She snuck back into a spare room for a minute and got out of her gypsy attire, glad to be back in her plain green dress, then went back out to mind the bar. She began humming a little tune to herself as she polished glasses absentmindedly, remembering an adventure long ago...
'Excellent Troll Burrito, Laurel, thanks for leaving out their toes,' said Grondy, munching on a corn chip, 'and that was a great party and I enjoyed watching those rowdy hobbits having a festive time.'
As most returns go after a long absence...there was a knock on the inn's door, one short rushed knock reverberating across the hardwood surface of the door. The heavy door then proceeds to swing open, seemingly ominous in nature. The figure silhouetted in the doorway was wearing a long, dark grey cloak, and a furry dark grey wolf tail trailed from the back of the cloak. The figure moved like liquid between the tables and finally settled on a barstool.
Soon, after a minute of sitting there, a low, rough voice emanates from the cowl of the cloak, "A mug of ale, please Gron-" the voice paused, and then the sound of someone clearing their throat was heard. The cowl slipped back, and Icefangs' bright icy blue eyes appeared, along with her dark, dark blue hair, which had grown much, much longer, was revealed. She smiled and said, "I'd like a mug of ale, dear Grondy!"
'Welcome back ole She of the Frosted Teeth,' said Grondy as her drew a tankard of Gimli's Finest’ Ale for Ice Fangs. 'Where have you been keeping with yourself lately? You have been missed these past few weeks. And would you like a Soft Troll Burrito' or one of our other snacks with this?' he asked as he handed her the ale.

'I see you're wearing your hair longer this year, is that the current style or have you just been cut off from civilization for a while? I think that darker shade becomes you and sets off your sparkling eyes. I've heard of a dentist who has added diamond tips to fangs toward make them harder and adding to there sparkle, if your interested I can find you his address.'
Ice's smile widened to a grin, revealing her namesake fangs. Taking the ale from him gladly, Ice replied, "Glad to know I've been missed dear friend, as I've missed some of you as well. As far as my hair goes, it is its natural color right now, and long before I met any of you, this is how I wore, simply flowing and stuff...actually...if I remember correctly, the first of this group of friends I met was Etharion...and not the day before I left for that journey in which the two of us were introduced, I chopped off my hair! Heh heh...but mostly its 'cause I've been deprived of civilization....and scissors or shears for awhile...last time I tried to cut with my dagger or sword...that just ended badly..thanks to Sel-" she paused and her icy eyes brightened a bit with moisture, "thanks to Selen," she continued then took a long gulp of her ale.

After a moment of drinking, she set the mug down, half empty (or half full) wiped her mouth off with her sleeve and, "Yes, I would like to try a Troll Burrito...sounds interesting..and foreign...except for the whole...Troll part...either way, I'd like to have one, please," she said happily.
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