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Thread: The Khazad-dumish Inn.. Please watch your head coming through the door.

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Etharion was in a slumber in one corner, snoring slightly.
Ice tiptoes over to Ethy, trying to be really quiet. She walks over to him, a bucket of water in her hand. She cast a glance back at Ayan, her eyes alight with mischief. She steps up to him, the bucket of water raised high over her head. With a slight giggle she turns it upside down, poring water over him. Then, still laughing, she dashes back to the bar, hops on her stool, and smiles sweetly at him, her eyes glistening with tears of laughter.

('her eyes glistening with tears of laughter' I'm such a corny writer!)
ar-37 rushes to the saturated elf and throws another bucket of water on him.(dont worry sobered up)
"What the.....aaarrgghh!!! Have some of this..." a jet of water hits Ar-edain from the elfs staff."Bet you didnt know i could do that." he said laughing at the soaked Ar.
Ice looks at Ar-37 and grins at him. She winks, and continues to laugh.
Etharion ges to the fire and dryes his robes." This is why i hate these things, they are so slow to dry"
’Andrea gets up and shakes her head’ Woah... maybe I had one too many sweets and ales...
’Andrea glances around at all the newcomers and goes to sit by the fireside’
Howdy!i wonder how long itll be before these blades rust,next time take your revenge on someone without valuable objects damaged by water easily(takes towel off a table and starts drying sword scabbard)

ok so u guys were having a water fight. thats nice, it kinda brings u back to life. and Ar it will be better if u stow your sword somewhere safe for sometime coz u dont know what Ice and Ethy can do when they r upto some mishchief.
thats why i carry the sword.besides where could i stowe the sword without it being stolen?none of you have any idea how much trouble i can cause.
Ooo water balloon fight?! Why didn't anyone wake me up?! We must have another!
"Yo, take it easy with the water folks. Some of the customers here melt when they get wet!" Halo goes to hide behind the relitive safty of an upturned tables and carries on reading her library book I Was A Teenage Ringwraith by S.T.White
Ice smirks at Ethy, still smiling sweetly, apparently he didn't know it was she who poured the first bucket on his head. She said to Halo, who hiding behind a table, "Hey! I'm sorry, I guess in my drunken stupor I forgot!" Then looks over at Andrea and says, "Hey Andrea, if you want another water fight-" she walks up to her, smiling slightly evilly and hiding something behind her back, "here," she says, handing her a bulging water ballon, "You can throw first punch!" Ice runs and ducks behind Halo's table, as the water balloon in Andrea's hands explodes, spraying water all over her. She laughs, walking back out form behind the table, "Sorry mate, I couldn't resist."
ar-37 ducks behind the counter at the opposite end from andrea and ethy and sprays everyone by applying pressure to a water skin and fills twenty or so tossing five to ethy and another five to icey who gang up on andrea as others join the "the great battle of our time/boredom and lack of hobbies)ethy starts doing this matrix bit but falls down and ar-37 flips a table and uses it for cover,meanwhile the water on the floor keeps rising and rising until its up to everyones stomach and the water fight rages on.(in five or so posts ill open the door note:if a new person comes throught the door the water will go out so please use the windows!)
Ice hops on top of a table, and leaps from table-to-table, tossing water skins as she goes. Discovering she has run out, Ice jumps off of the table she is currently occupying into the water. ducking under the surface.

She manages to get a few poeple wet by popping up behind them splashing water up on them. It was hard to see her if you were close to her, her dark hair was nearly the shade of the water when it was wet. She continued trying this, surfacing under tables and and behind them for a breath.

But, she couldn't fool everybody for long, and eventually was getting water dumped on her head every time she popped up out of the water.

Ethaion was the one that figured out Ices tactic of suprise. He droped a large amount of cold water on her head. He laughed as she screched with suprise." Im just repaying you." he lauged. Then he swam into the depths and was hidden.
But not for long. That dwarf in the corner everyone forgot pulled him up to the surface and dunked him down again. And again. And again. And pushed Ice off the table. And disappeared, after being dunked herself.
Ice grinned in spite of herself, having looked rather ridiculous after being pushed off of the table; she had been perched on top, crouched down, watching everyone, and suddenly she was tumbling foward, face first into the water, with her eyes wide and her mouth open in shock; she popped back a few feet away, spitting water out of her mouth, and blowing it out of her nose. "Oy! Loni! Nice to see ya again!" she yelled.
ar-37 lays down on the counter and keeps refilling water skins while humming and spraying people by applying pressure to them and aiming them.until ethy pulls him off the table after popping up from under the water and pops a water balloon in his face(just wait till a moderator realizes how bad we(i flooded the tavern so im gonna take some credit for that) screwed up this thread without one checking on it!HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!)

Ayan gets splashed by Ice twice. he wants to stay out of this but he is attracted by the drunk madness inside the inn. he takes out his 7.62 mm Sg-552 Automatic pump action water rifle which he had flicked from the city where Gimli works. he starts shooting wildly and hits people with jets of cold water. he laughs out like a maniac when he spots Icey popping out from behind a table and gives her a head shot. Icey falls back witha cry of pain. the carnage stops when Ayan's gun is out of water (ammo). he then ducks towards his friend Ar-37 for a refill. " hey Ar how was that !! wicked wasnt it Very Evil Smilie "
Icey laughs, and sneaks up behind Ayan, underwater. She grabs his legs and pulls him under, laughing the whole time. Then, she sees the water rifle, refilled, and ducks under the water, swimming away to take cover behind an overturned table.
then a dwarf climbs through a window and with the garden hose and sprays everyone causing icey to completely lose the rifle and ayan to get it back while the water level risses above everyones heads (once again,brilliance ayan)

Ayan rises to the surface again breathing deeply " That Girl again !! and the cheek of her to try and lift my precious rifle. cmon Ar this calls for revenge. hello Mr. Dwarf will u please come here. i thank u for saving my gun. now we will have a council. the Council of the Waterfighters and our first mission will be to catch hold of that Girl - Icefangs and drench her till she cries for mercy. Ok council is over. take your positions. Ar take your Water Grenades and come with me. we are going in. " with that Ayan and Ar charge into Icey's base shouting "water in the hole" ice manages to stem the assault for a moment by splashing water and the 2 men are wont to leap for cover. but then the dwarf (whats your name , my good sir ?) comes out from a vent located somewhere above Icey's location and hits her with his weapon of choice - The Garden Hose. this gives Ayan and Ar a chance and they run and catch hold of Ice. " Gotcha. now u shall pay " and they drench her with painful jets of water and nasty blasts of water " Seeing that enough damage had been done Ayan and Ar laugh out raucously and then swim back to their base.
"Arrrgh!" Icey screeches. She is now wetter than before, if that were possible. Ice rebuilds her base, adding another table for a wall. Her bag is hanging on a leg of one of her table-walls. She pulls it down, and reaches inside, grabbing her secret weapon. She pulls out two water pistols, each of which is topped with a blue-shining gem. She tucks the guns into her belt, and sets off underwater for Ayan, Ar, and the unamed dwarf's base.
Andrea slowly creeped along the edge of the bar until she reached the hose things that contain beer and pop and such that bartenders use, and begins to spray everyone around her, especially Ice and her fort, then herself in the face
Now Etharion had enough. His drycleners bill was already high enough without this. He took hie staff, climbed on a table and shouted "YOu shall not......splash me!!!" and brought his staff down. Immediatly all the water froze solid, and as everyone was waist deep, they were all traped." Hahaha!! What will you do now? You cant get out, non of you can." he started ice scating on the ice around there heads just to tease them.
(('YOU SHALL NOT SPLASH ME!!!!!!!! Brilliance, Ethy! Pure Brilliance!!!!!))

But, when he froze the water, Ice wasn't under it. She was currently standing on top of a table, and didn't get frozen underneath. She hopped around the tabletops, silently catching up to etharion as he skated around. She pulled out her two water pistols, took aim at the back of his head, and fired. The water stream shooting out of the small guns was surprisingly large. His head was drenched once more, and Icey couldn't help laughing, for he jumped, skidded halfway across the room, and stopped against a wall. It's always funny when someone falls, ESPECIALLY when it's someone else! She could barely stand she was laughing so hard.

Ayan and Ar had got trapped in the ice but their hands where free and they cud still defend themselves from any attackers. but seeing their vulnerability they start fortifying their base by pulling nearbychairs and tables in front of them. Ayan decides to call truce with Ethy the powerful mage " Hey Ethy, dude remove the ice , willya. ok we promise that we wont splash u or hurt u. our war is against Icefangs. look she is hitting u as well, so why dont we join up Deal Smilie

( " u cannot splash me " that was class Ethy and nice pistols Ice dear, which make ?? and i am sorry to beat the crap out of u )
Etharion melted some ice around his two new alies. Then he started after Ice again. he conjured a couple of snowballs and threw them at her head. "Comon guys, this just turned into a snowball fight on ice.!"
(actually ethy when you froze the water everyone was forced to swim cause the water was over everyones head)so ayan ethy and ar-37 walk/swim to iceys position and ethy creates a rain cloud to form over her and in true cartoon fashion begains drenching icey and only icey while everyone laughs,except halo who melted some time ago.
"Ahh!" Ice screams, surprised, as it is raining inside. She ducks down, scrapes the ice with her wolf-like claws, she rolls her newfound snowinto a ball, and throws it at Etharion. She grins, realizing a new battle tactic, that she only can use, because she's the only one with claws. Her guns still have water in them, though, so she skates across the room, squirting people as she goes. Well, she would have skated, had she remembered how. She, more or less, ended up crashing into the wall of the inn, knocking an extinguished torch off, which then bonked her on the head. She stumbled to her feet, still sliding on the ice, and was bombarded with water, snow, and well, lots more water. She ducks behind a table, and makes more snowballs. Then, standing on the same table, she throws them at everyone once again.

They are Mage-class, super action, handheld, water conjurers! Sold only by a wizard near you!

Ice starts throwing snowballs at Ayan , Ar and Ethy. " rats !! my gun can only shoot water. i saw a RPS launcher in the shop from where i flicked this gun ( RPS - Rocket Propelled Snowball ). drat it ! i had to choose between a Sg-552 and this but then i thought water is universal so this can be used any where but snow is not found everywhere. so back to ... argh... * as one of Icey's snowballs comes and hits Ayan clean on the face * .... the basics. ATTTACK !! " with that Ayan makes a huge snowball lifts it to throw at Ice but then a small snowball thrown by Ice comes and hits the bigger ball and it blasts in Ayan's face. " Crap !! " Ayan shouts with his mouth cold with ice.
Grondy returns with a cast on his leg, takes one look around and says, "Gimli's gonna kill me!"

He goes to the closet and grabs a broom and sweeps everyone out the door. "Thank you for coming. The Inn will reopen at 8 AM tomorrow for food, song, and drinks, but only if I can get it dried out by then.

Meanwhile if you must continue with this messy type of friendly combat, you may continue it Over Here."

He locks the doors, throws all the windows open and hires a small red dragon to dry out the place,"but be careful not to burn it down."

Next morning it is open for business, however there is a Troll at the door with orders to frisk all patrons for any and all water weapons. Above the troll is a sign that says,
Icefangs walks through the door, surprised to find the inn dry again. The troll at the door takes her two water pistols and tries to take her claws, but, after Ice slaps him across the face and shows him they are attached, he leaves her alone. She walks carefully toward the bar. "Welcome back Grondy! It's very nice to ya again, mate! I'm truly very sorry for the all the water, because, well, I technically started the water fight by dumping a bucket of water on Etharion's head, but, you should have seen his face! Oh, it was priceless! But, I'll understand perfectly if you don't want me in here anymore..." she trails off, and turns back toward the door.

I mean what my character said in real life, too!
Naw, come on back and join me in a tankard or two Icefangs. Happy Elf Smilie No damage done. But if you ever again get the spashing urge, look up that other thread where we have a water park with free water baloons and have had team water (and other nastier substance) fights. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

Meanwhile this establishment is for wine, women, and song. Though you better watch out for the women: they carry sharp blades and bite with teeth and pointed words when subjected to unwanted attention.
She smiles and nods. "Thanks, Grondy. It think I will have a mug with ya. Thanks for letting me stay," Ice says, grinning. "Some of Gimli's finest, Grondy." Ice sits down at the bar, and eagerly awaits anyone else's return to the inn.
We just got in some fresh ingredients, so if you'd like some 'Orc Knuckles' ’ or 'Dragon Wings' ’ with your ale Icefangs, I can rustle you up some? Not much meat on the wings, but the knuckles are cracklin' good.
Darous rises from the floor and spots Grondy with the cast....
Ye been in the wars again I see well its good ta see ye be better if a cast on the leg is better like.
Now if ye do me a favour and just leave the beer and whiskey on the ground fer me Im quite drunk.
Ice turns around and says, "Hi!" to the man on the floor. She turned back around and says, "Some Orc knuckles would be nice, Grondy."
'Another mug for the gent(?) on the floor, you want that in your doggie dish, Dar?' Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

'And a side o Orc knuckles fer the lady at the table.' Happy Elf Smilie
(welcome back grondy!i was starting to worry,and that whole water thing was mostyl my fault,if you read back i prolonged it and i am the one that flooded the tavern)

ar-37 walks throught the door and stabs the troll in the foot with a handaandahalf sword for taking his water skin.grabbing darous' (who had passed out)whiskey he takes a seat at the bar and talks while periodically drinking
Grondy I am not an animal I am a man Big Laugh Smilie Big Laugh Smilie Big Laugh Smilie Big Laugh Smilie Big Laugh Smilie Big Laugh Smilie
But keep the dog dish fer later and could it be yello blue and black please
'Course your not an animal: no self-respecting animal would drink itself under the table. I just figured it might be easier to pull your head over the edge of a dog dish, rather than trying to drink from a tankard while lying under the table sprawled there on the floor midst the soggy sawdust, spent pretzel ends, missed spitoon globs, etc. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

I'll have your name engraved on it Dar and put it on a shelf behind the bar. Ask for it when you need it. Happy Elf Smilie
A man walked into inn and sat at bar.
He looked to man on floor.."you have strange ways friend'
Hello I am Piotr and have journeyed many miles can I trouble for some ale?
Ice turned to the stranger and smiled. "I am called Icefangs, Piotr, was it?" she said. "Oh, and Grondy, could I have some of Gimli's finest? Nothing can help more than a hair from the dof that bit ya, huh?" she asked, her right hand clutching her head.
'That I am Piotr, nice ta meet you,and ye couldn' pass doon me beer fer me."
Its great to have you back Grondy!!!!!!!!! And sorry about the mess. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
Okay folks, here's your drinks. And Piotr, welcome to Gimli's place, but sorry we have a rule here: to get your first drink you must sing a song, tell a story, or something comparable. To check out the rule, Click Here and read the first post. Happy Elf Smilie

Ayan comes out from behind his fortress and sees the new stranger. he looks sheepishly at Grondy . "sorry Grond, i was a part of this mess. ok we are back to being gud friends arent we Ice, dear. i actually went to sleep behind the fortress. and welcome to da in inn Piotr. but u have to follow the rules and sing a song b4 u get your ale. "
Strange but I will sing....
Piotr walks to the stage and begins...

Bright as gold the corn was glow-ing,
From the South a warm wind blow-ing,
In the sun all day, went I mow-ing

All day long since dawn was breaking,
Till the evening starts were waking,
Bent my back, weary limbs were aching

From the sun my hood did shade me,
Weary yet the long day made me,
In the dusk, worn out, down I laid me

By my side a reaper set him,
'Mid the corn I oft had met him.
Begged a kiss, stole one, and I let him.

why so long is she delaying?
I can hear my mother saying,
Work is over, where then is she straying?
Is this ok can I have a drink now.
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