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Thread: The Khazad-dumish Inn.. Please watch your head coming through the door.

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"Etharion," Ladyoflegolas turns to him,"You should wash it down with some Honey Ginseng Mint herbal tea...iced of course...and please wipe your mouth."
Laure looked on, greatly amused. "That cake lasted quite a bit longer than I thought it would, quite honestly. It was very good. hrm...Might I try some of that herbal tea as well, Grondy?"
Ladyoflegolas looks around for Grondy...she needs him to do something with a hot sauce packet for her...
"Grondy brought out three more pots of the herbal tea and their cups and saucers as well as some more seedcake. Okay folks here you go," said Grondy as he placed the tea before his customers.

"What would you like me to do with that hot sauce LadyofL? I could make you a mustache of it or maybe you would like it on my Spicy Hot Balrog Wings sans my spicy hot sauce?"
"Could you sneak it into Thorin's drink?"
thank you m'lady and shes is more fond of fresh kill but seed is not among her list of nots if you wish you may feed her just mind her beak it is razor sharp and thank you grondy the ale is as grand as always.
'No I couldn't slip your hot sauce in Thorin's drink Ladyoflegolas, that would be against Gimli's House Rules of being fair to all our customers. There are some I've had to chastise for playing tricks on others, especially when those got out of hand and became malicious. However, I do tend to smile at the occasional "Kick me" sign.'
After feeding the majestic bird gingerly, Laurel was struck with inspiration and jumped up, nearly falling over as she did so. "I know! Let's have a party and send out a few messengers to invite any strangers. We could have a dance-off! Grondy, sir, please? Oh, pleeeease? It would liven things up a bit. What do you say, folks, a party?"
sounds fun to me grondy why not
"YAY! Let's party. That would be a welcomed change!"
"Oh yes!!! Let's!!!"
"Grondy, sir, can we? We could even hire a band of minstrels and a jester or something. Pleeeease? Why, I'll even groom all of the animal folk here, if we can. I'll cook all of the food myself, even. I'd cook for days, if necessary. I'd scrub the rafters and floorboards, mend any clothes that need mending, give you all of the mithril I found along my travels. I'd even take up my old position as barmaid for an evening. You wouldn't have to lift a finger, sir. You could party, too. I could even send message to my cousin Morty to bring along his wife Maralinn, who draws amazing caricatures of folks. Why, I'd do anything for some excitement, sir!" Laurel said excitedly, her giddiness reaching a fever pitch.
Sounds good Laurel, I think a three piece band would be good; I'll try and round up one, though any suggestions would be appreciated. Maybe they shouid have a harp, fiddle, tambourine, and a maybe a flute as well as being a singer or two; I don't know any sackbut players?
Laurel hadn't heard Grondy's reply, as she'd gone into one of the great store rooms in the infamous cellar once again to pick through whatever supplies there were that she could work with to feed a small army. She found a jar of pickled Balrog hooves, two huge bags of Shire oats, a slab of baby back Warg ribs, salted for preservation, and a gigantic barrel of an unknown liquid. She thought that she'd have to go out on a supplies mission. She ran up the stairs and out into the tavern again, and yelled, "Grondy! I'll return soon. I must get some supplies if we're to have a proper party! Don't worry, I'm paying!", and with that, Laurel disappeared out of the inn door.
"I'll get a song ready for the occasion"
Etharion wondered where Laurelindhe was going.. "Grondy! Where the blazes is she going?! We'v just been on a supply run to get everything needed!"
She is probably going the the local Parties-R-Us Store to get matching party tablecloths, napkins (hand and mouth wipes), placemats, paper plates and cups, as well as those little paper cups that the nuts and mints go in plus a matching centerpiece, all for the low-low price of just 39.95 GP.

I'm trying to lineup a band via www.orcorchestra.orc, which I don't think will be too tame for our customers. They feature a hard rock band with two Goblins on guitars, an Uruk on bass guitar, a Troll on piano, and an Orc on drums.
what can i do to help master grondy?
Eglaviel skips around the room...her arms full of streamers and such.

"Oh! Decorations!! We must put up decorations! Thorin!!! Why don't you tie bows around all the chairs?"

She dumps a tangled knot of pink ribbon into poor Thorin's arms.

"I'm off to get paper lanterns...I shall return!" And with that she flounced out the front door.
Well Corgon, you can help with the decorations and gather all the empty bags and boxes they came from; and put them in the box room so after the party, they can be reused to store the non-perishable decorations until next they are needed.

OOC: Ladyof legolas: is your character named Eglaviel? I don't remember the name used in here before, but my memory isn't all that great, so don't worry about it.
OOC: my RPG's messed up's LadyofLegolas in this one!
"Ok, i'll do that," thorin said taking the ribbon.
Laurel returned, flustered and out of breath. "I've sent a messenger to my cousin's wife who does the caricatures, I've sent word to all those in the west that I know who would like to party hardy and I was about to stock up on food and such when I remembered that Ethy said something earlier about there being more supplies somewhere...Grondy, where have they who went on the supply run put the food? It's not in the storerooms below, unless I have also become blind! We'll still need ale, unless that's done, too. I see Lady of Legolas and Corgon are taking care of the decorations...what's that I heard about an orc band just as I was coming in?" Laurel tripped over a huge bucket that had been left on the tavern floor and went sprawling out onto the floor, face-first. She got up and brushed the dirt off of her face and murmured something about needing to clean the floors immediately."What kind of place is that for a bucket?" She said, as she kicked said bucket halfway across the floor. "Now where was I? Oh, yes, I need to know what I should cook. What do you think, Grondy, sir? Everyone? What do you fancy for the party? Oh, has anyone thought to tell all of the Shire-folk who'll make the trek to come? Where's Corgon's bird? Maybe he can carry the message all over. Now about that floor..." She trailed off, her mind racing and tripping on her own thoughts, not only on buckets.
Laure blinked at the sudden chaos. She'd been sitting in a slight state of sugar-shock, enjoying every moment of the buzz, and now came out to find sudden ribbon-bedecked madness reighning supreme. She promptly fluffed her feathers vigorously, heaped a pile of multi-colored ribbons in her wings and on her head and generally anywhere they would stay, and hopped off to find someone to 'help' whether it was to help decorate them, or help them decorate, she was still a little foggy...
I put some of the supplies in the ice room Laurel, and some of the others in the first cellar. How about a spit-roasted Warg, ox, or Who-beast with all the trimmings? Unless of course you'd rather have pizza. And a big decorated flat cake for 'sert. There's a new barrel of Gimli's Finest’ Ale. Maybe Laure could be asked to send that message to the hobbits.
"Excellent! I didn't want to disturb her from her sugar coma. Laure, would you mind? I would think the halflings would be happy for some excitement. Now," Laurel turned for the kitchen, "I have some work to do. No. Wait. I have to clean first." She grabbed a mop and the bucket whose evil had not gone unnoticed, and filled it with Watcher In The Water brand disinfectant and water, then she began swabbing the floors madly. She did forget to put out the "wet floor" sign, though...
LadyofLegolas burst into the inn her arms piled high with round colorful paper lanterns.
"They were having a sale in Lothlorien...I went all out."
Stepping onto the freshly washed floor-her feet flew out from underneath her and she went down in an explosion of colorful balls. Lying on her back she looked around her.
"Oh look,"she said. "I can see all the planets..."
Grondy offered LadyofL a hand up, 'Sorry m' Lady,' and gathering up the lanterns he added, 'where should put these or if you're ready to hang them, I'm too height-disadvantaged to do more than hand them up as someone hangs them.'
Laure decided the dwarves were at a convenient height to decorate, and promptly unloaded her stock of streamers and confetti on any and every dwarf she could see. She then proceeded, with all due caution, to the mop wielding Laurel.
"Which hobbits am I to deliver to? The more the merrier, I say!!" She gave a happy trill as she envisioned the chaos to come...
after the boxes where stoed away corgon began to place odd looking decorations from his cloke about the center of the tables they apeared to be silver minaturs of all the more common visitors to the inn " there magic just wait and youll see they'll be the life of the party." he said with a wink to grondy.
Having had confetti thrown in his hands thorin looked wenquiringly at grondy wondering what to do with it.
Mellon asked if she could have some of Gimlis finest Ale but was a bit distracted by the look on Thorins' face
"I think Mellon could help with the putting up of the lanterns," LadyofL said as she looked admiringly at the giant eagle's feathered wings. "After she finishes off that ale of course..."
"Any and all hobbits will do nicely, Laure. Thank you. And Lady of Legolas, I am so sorry for your's like old Barliman Butterbur used to say, 'One thing pushes out another' and I just get so distracted, so I'd better put out the "wet floor" sign, though I don't see what good it will do now that the floor's dry!" Laurel once again turned towards the kitchen, ready to cook up a storm of food. "Is anyone handy in the kitchen? Can someone help me? Grondy, sir, do you think it would be alright for me to use some of the Magic Food Genie potion on the shelf? I really need to speed up the cooking times on all of the edibles today, if we're to be ready for guests when it's time. Oh!" Laurel bumped into a rather confuzzled-looking Thorin, who happened to be almost covered in confetti. "I am so clumsy these days! Are you alright, Master Dwarf?"
OOC: Laurel bumped into a rather confuzzled-looking Thorin, who happened to be almost covered in confetti. (That sentence made me laugh so hard)
'Yes Laurel, go ahead and use the Magic Food Genie potion, it's organic; and that is "Genie" as in "Djinn", rather than from "genetics,' said Grondy as he drew a tankard of Gimli's Finest’ for Mellon. 'Here you are Mellon, something to wet your whistle,' he added.

'Thorin, I'll get a step-ladder to help us hang the lanterns from the ceiling beams seeing as how we couldn't reach them even if you were to stand on my shoulders. Now if Cloveress was here she could fly the up there and being a pixie/sprite could hover in midair and do the job, but as she ain't, we'll have to do it. We can take turns steadying the ladder while the other hangs a lantern or three."
Etharion suddenly awakened from his deep slumber at the bar. He must have had too much chocolate cake and milk.. " happens every time.. chocolate overload.." he thought to himself, clutching his stomach. He then saw the commotion that woke him up.
"You people are really serious about this party, are you?" he asked the lot, and at the same moment regreting the question, for how could anyone be serious in a ocean of these suspicious colourfull connfeti and other papery monstrosities!!?
Gud entered the bar, but, being here for the first time he missed the sign at the door, and hit his head on the door frame and collapsed in a heap
"Yes grondy that would be nice,"
he said putting down the confetti and feeling rather like a confetti himself.
'You've got more confetti in your beard than I do Thorin, but then you've got more beard than I do. Do you brush yours or just comb it like I do?'

'Okay Thorin, I've got the ladder under the firs beam. I'll hold it steady while you climb up there to hang the first few lanterns and then we can switch places. We should be able to hang them from the nails we put up there to hang the Christmas decorations.'
haveing placed a the last figure on a table ( one of him self) he walked ofer to his own table to take a droth from his wine glass then called out to gorondy " care to see what they do?" with a smi evil yet playfull grin
A few drops of some centuries-old ale fell down to the party below as the Cloveress stretched and yawned in her tiny barrel-bed. "It was supposed to be just for the winter," she grumbled. "I must've had a little lie-in..." She flexed her wings and looked below. "Grondy must think the roof is leaking! Heeheeheee! He'll be climbing up the roof with his big bag of tools and timbers, just to find nothing wrong!Heehee!" The Cloveress suppressed another giggle, and flew over the the forgotten alcohol cupboard....
"I usually just comb it its more practical"

Then, taking two lanterns he climbed the ladder to hang them. "How many lanterns per beam grondy?"
After barreling into Thorin, Laurel had gone about preparing some of the edible fare in the kitchen. She came out every now and then to check on the progress of the decor. Seeing Corgon looking rather like the Cheshire Cat from Alice In Wonderland in a corner and some fellow passed out in a heap on the floor, she wondered if the party had already begun without her. "What in blazes are those, Corgon? What can they do?" She asked him, wary of the figurines. Thinking that she might not want to know, she turned back towards the kitchen yet again to check on her roasting potatoes, when a drop of mysterious liquid landed itself squarely in her eye. "Oy! The roof is leaking a strange liquid, Grondy! Oh, it stings!" As she scurried back to wash out her eye, she passed the person heaped on the floor and said, "Oh, welcome stranger, that is, if you can hear me. Oh! My poor eye! Welcome to the madness, that is!" Laurel still had a lot of prep work to do for the party and all of her tripping and eye-stinging and self-made distractions weren't helping.
"SORRY," thorin cried out as soon as he realised that he had dropped some oil in laure's eye. Then looking at grondy he said, "I hope she does not starve me for this accident."
'I don't think that was lantern oil Laurel got in her eye Thorin, look above you, our helpful sprite, the Cloveress is back, you can blame it on her, even if she didn't cause it. Once one gets the reputation as a trickster, one gets the blame regardless of the its truthiness.

I'm thinking we should alternate between five and four lanterns to the beam, how does that sound to you?'
"hmm, it might work if we could get the five lanterns to light in different countries it might be good. But for that we would have to do some work on the poles, probably add some support from which to hang the lantern. If you agree we could, between us arrange that in a fifty. I got all we need in my room upstairs."
Ladyoflegolas bustled around the busy inn.

"Oh! All the decorations are looking lovely!!! And the paper lanterns!!! SUCH a festive glow!!"

She waved to Cloveress who was gazing around cleverly.

"I think I'll go make sure we have enough sweets amongst the party fare."

She strode off to the kitchen muttering to herself,"What I really ought to make it some mint chocolate covered lembas sticks..."
Laurel soon began bringing out one tray after another from the kitchen, each laden with a savory dish or bubbly dessert. She placed them all on two long tables that she had pushed together lengthwise, placing them in order of what they were. The patch on her assaulted eye was messing up her depth perception, though, and she almost dropped the vat of steaming Troll Toe stew, especially made for the more carnivorous guests. One quick look around the inn told her that the decorations were about completed and it was soon time to receive the partygoers. "Attention, everyone! Can I speak with you a moment?" Laurel hoisted herself atop one of the sturdy round tables in the center of the tavern floor. "I do believe we are about ready to get this party started, are we not, Grondy? Are the band and other such entertainers coming soon?" Just then, her cousin and his wife, the caricature artist, came into the inn and she received them warmly, after which she quickly snuck away into the back rooms. She did, after all, have a little trick up her sleeve and some changing of attire to do...
The band entered and set up in one corner. To their left they placed a sign and lined piece of parchment. The sign read:
Special Music Requests

Please add your special music requests to the list below;
If we know the song we'll try to play it,
If we don't know it, we'll try to fake it."

Then they opened with a scantily clad singer who sang a soft torch song about an elven princess who lost her lover during the one of the Wars of Beleriand. They then proceeded to a rousing diddy about an old man trying to catch stars in his net.
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