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Thread: The Khazad-dumish Inn.. Please watch your head coming through the door.

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'Yup Jobo, just for singing that first song you get your complimentary tankard of Gimli's Finest’ Ale and a plate containing the Inn's Hot and Spicy Balrog Wings, Deep fried Watcher Rings, and Bar-B-Qed Warg Ribs. And here they are, enjoy!'
jobo eats his food like a starved dog makeing sure to like his fingers on counts of 3.
jobo knew the meal was free but decided to tip anyway.
he walks to the corner leaveing a ball of string and 2 shiney stones.
"Hi, I just came back from Rivendell (the Noldor are quite nice) and bought some statues for the entrance of the building. This one's a statue of Manwe and this is of Varda."I huriedly put the statues up and they looked pretty good. I heard Ar-Edain37 saying something, and I said in reply, "good thankyou"and I wnet to the cuonter for some of Gimli's Finest Ale and I said " Grondy may I have some of Gimli's finest brew please?" And I relaxed myself and joined in the talk in the Inn.Big Smile Smilie
Fionw’ came back from his wandering around outside. But it wasn't for long. "Grondy, I'm off again. This though, it's to a peaceful place instead of a war. I'm going to go see some dear ones at Mithlond, so I won't be back for soem time. Here's my due, and a fresh kill, a warg is out in the shed. I noticed you haven't been serving any of those wonderful bbq warg ribs recently, so I got a fresh supply for you," he said with a twinkle in his eyes. "Oh, and don't let the young wargs near the shed please, that might be a bit disturbing to them. I'll be leaving them hear, they are quite mild now, almost like hounds, if hounds can be called mild. Farewell, namari’ everyone."
He walked out the door, and with a note on his ocarina, Aurora, his large, tame wolf, came running out from by the hearth and chased after him. A few moments later, he came riding back and walked back into the door. "Doesn't matter why I'm leaving, or where I'm going, I always bring my sword with me. Never know, exactly, what can happen," he said, walking over to the fireplace, and picking up his sword from where he had placed it. "Goodbye again."
He walked out, again, and rode off, again, with Aurora chasing after him, again.
"Fionwe goes in the Inn for such a short time, I wish he could stay longer" I say as I looked at the spot where he was only seconds ago. I heard him say "Bye again!" and he just went so soon. I just couldn't understand. I sort of just want to go back to Rivendell, Mitlond and Lothlorien to see my friends and family. I hurridely went up the stairs into my room and started packing all my stuff. I put my books, candles, robes and food, then dressed in my Elvish Noldorian Armour and put my Sable Cape with Silver Lining and put my sword, daggers and knifes in their scabbards ( all Noldorian also), put my Backpack on my back (rather heavy) , my bows and arrows too and then my shield after. Many people in the Inn were surprised to see me in armour with a shield and word. They asked me why because they were curious and I just said "Going to Rivendell and you can never be certain about what can happen. My Black hair was still visible, trailing down my back, for Helmets aren't very comftorble. i had my last meal in the Inn and I said "goodbye Everyone, have a nice week!" And I went outside to grab my white horse, one of the Maeras named Snowbell " We're going to Rivendell" I whispered through his ear "We have to go now" I jumped onto the sadle and said softly "bye" and I jumped on my horse's sadle, grabbed the reins, uged my horse to go, and my horse catered and soon the sight of the Khazad Dumish had gone out of sight and headed towards Rivendell.
After a long period of unexplained absence..Etharion separated himself from the bar, where he had become nearly a part of it (like Jack Sparrows dad sticked to the side of the ship). He shook his head which was still groggy, and he looked around himself bewildered. He spoke up in a uneven voice "By the Gods!! That bar tried to eat me!!! Grondy!! Did you perhaps forget to mention to me that the bar was made from the wood of Old Man Willow??!"
Shortly after Eth, Eva stumbled in the door as well. Her red hair had gotten rather longer, long enough to fall into curls down her back. "Grondy," she said, "there appears to be some sort of portal in that tangle you call a garden. You might want to have someone look into that." She brushed her hair out of her face. "I need a bath."

((Yes, I have returned from dropping off the face of the planet. Again. I need to stop doing that. Hi all! And Eth, I think you mean Will Turner's dad.))
"Hi Eva, welcome back, the shower room is currently availabe, though I haven't been in there today, so I can't guarentee its cleanliness. Yell if you need anything. And I don't remember Glorifindel mentioning adding a transportation portal in the garden which he has been working on for the last couple of weeks, but I suppose there could be one. In the morning we better put up some warning signs to keep the guests from accidently transfering to some unbidden locale."
"Thanks. Oh, the portal's sort of on the edge of the garden... behind the compost heap. Or at least I think that's what it is. Sort of almost in the compost heap. He probably wouldn't have gone there. Don't ask why I did." she sighed "Sorry, I'm not in the best mood right now. I'll be more cheerful when I'm clean." Eva walked back to the small room where she had been sleeping. Relieved to see her stuff had not needed to be ejected, she gathered a clean set of clothes and some soap and towels and went to the shower room. She returned to the common room nearly an hour later, mostly dry and clearly in a better mood. She had tied her now long hair back with a ribbon. "So, how's everyone?" she asked, "Anything of note happen while I was gone? Sorry to have abandoned you with the cooking, Grondy. I'll be glad to help out around here, still, but I wouldn't blame you if you didn't want to hire me again, with the way I keep disappearing."
The door slams open and corgons falcon flys into the room and lands on the nearest table soon corgon him self limps into the room a arrow juting from the back of his sholder his elven short sword still covered in orc blood. bakeing his way to the bar he calls to grondie.
" master grondie ura ki come this way atleast fifty maybe more. i need some rest then i will help fight them off if you so desier to."
Laurel had taken the smallest sip of the strange liquid that she had found in the kitchen, while cleaning it, and had passed out cold for well over a fortnight. She finally came to and felt a little dizzy, but otherwise unharmed. "I think that may have been ultra-concentrated mead..." She said to herself, wobbling a little as she got back to her feet. Her legs had grown weak over the course of her floor occupation and swayed before she gained her footing. It took her quite a few efforts to actually walk decently, at which time she made her way for the kitchen door. Out into the narrow passageway that led towards the rest of the inn, where the guest rooms were, she was looking at her feet, as if commanding them to go one in front of the other, when she ran right into a very familiar face-Eva! "Oh Eva!!! You are back!!! What in the world happened to you? You look wonderful!" She embraced her feircely, then let go. "What adventures have you gone on, Eva?"

Nice to see you again, AR, Ethy and Eva!!! Wow, it's almost like old times if we could only hunt down Eruwen...
"Okay Corgon, but first we got to patch you up. The wards around the Inn will keep the orcish scum a hundred meters away from it, though they may decide to camp out on the edge of the forest waiting to pick off anyone coming or going from here. And we can't have them disrupting trade, so they'll need culling."

"Someone want to give me a hand getting this arrow out?"
Eva recovered from the shock of being randomly hugged quickly enough to recognize the hugger and return the embrace. "Laurel!" she exclaimed. "It's so good to see you! You look lovely too, if, may I say, a bit wobbly. I take it you had some sort of odd encounter of your own. For myself, I happened upon an inopportunely placed portal..." She was interrupted by Corgon's entrance. "Oh, dear," she said, "healing isn't my forte, Grondy, but would you like me to heat up some water? For cleaning the wound, and I imagine some willow bark tea would help as well. And I seem to remember Eth was decent at dressing wounds."

((Good to see you too, Laurel! I saw your posts on the earlier pages and was afraid I'd missed you with my disappearing act!))
I galloped back from the south. The army of 50 had increased to a hundred. I shot acouple Uruk-Hai down and stabbed some with my sword but they were too many. I galloped away, but while I was galloping a Orc-Arrow hit me in the back. My Owl, Aelnar, pecked an orc's eyes but that's it. It was sunset. Earendil, the evening star, shone brightly overhead. When the first stars came wheeling over the eastern horizon I reached the Inn. My dark eyes were deceiving me, for two people had walked in the Inn and one also had an arrow in his back. I urged the horse to go back to the stable and reluctuntly, he did. My Owl followed me walking inside th Inn and some people were horrified to see an arrow in the back, in a small gap inbetween two plates of armour. Blood was now pouring out. "Hi Everyone!" I say, "does anyone here have skills healing battle-wounds, for I really need some help" and their was blood still pouring down my back. I sat at a table and waited for someone to help me. I stated cleaning my sword. My Silver and Sable cape and my armour were now stared getting stained by my own blood. My blood loss started to make me feel drowsy.
" help the new comer inn keep he is in more need than i just pull the arro free and i will tend to my wonds myself." corgon said weakly.
"Hot water would be a help Eva, and if you could tear some of those old sheets into 4 inch wide strips for bandages that would help too; there the clean ones on the upper left shelf in the housekeeping room. And you better make that tea for two."

"Meanwhile I'll see if I can get this young feller out of his armor so we can staunch the blood. Kinda funny two separate parties coming back with Orc arrows hanging in 'em," continued Grondy, "I wonder what them critturs are up to now?"

"Here, you go Glori, bite down on this if I'm hurting you getting your breastplate and greaves off, but we've got to get a good look at the wound. Looks like it went through your chainmail shirt and the padding so I'm going to have to cut the arrow off in order to get the shirt off, we don't want to ruin your chainmail with me tinsnips now do we. That's better. Okay, I'm going to pull the chainmail over your head and then cut your padded shirt open past the wound, you can sew up the shirt later while your recuperating."

"Ah, that's not so bad, lie down on this table and I'll see about getting the arrow out, it's not deep but it hit a vein. Okay, this is going to hurt you more than it will me. I'm going to count to three and then pull it out. One...two..." and he pulled it out on two, "...three," and the arrowhead came out slicker than whatever it is that's slippery. "Sorry, but I didn't want you tensing up when I pulled; and its out now and I'm applying pressure to stop the bleeding. So you can spit that old dog bone out now, you won't need it any more," he said with a grin as he wiped his brow with his free hand. "You sure did bleed a lot, it's a wonder you got any left in you."

"We need the hot water and bandages now Eva, might need some magots from the tin box in the first aid kit too, those Orc arrows are none to clean and we don't want this wound going putrid on us."

"I need a drink and I suppose this young feller does too, and we better have a look at Corgon's wound too as soon as we get this one washed out and wrapped."
Eva had hurried into the kitchen when Glorifindel stumbled through the door, putting the water on the stove, making sure it was quite hot, and then scurrying over to the closet Grondy had mentioned to get the sheets for bandages. Having torn what she hoped was an ample supply for the moment, poured the somewhat heated water into a bowl, and put the bowl, a washcloth, and the bandages onto a tray. She grabbed the first aid kit on the way out to the table where Glorifindel sat. "Here you are, Grondy," she said. "I'm sure he feels like he could use a drink, but doesn't alcohol make your blood flow more, or something of the sort??" She turned to Glorifindel himself, saying "It'll be a bit before the water's hot enough to make tea; if you'd rather just sleep for a bit once we get you cleaned up, I can help you to a room."
"I'll just have tea thanks" I say to Eva. I said to Grondy "Thank you for healing me Grondy, I really appreciate it for without you, I wouldn't be alive" Grondy was now starting to put the bandages on my wound, and I say calmly, "As you said, it was a miracle to be alive." Eva came with her hot tea "thanks, Eva." It was camommile tea, very refreshing and lovely. I was ready to go to my bedroom with views of the garden.
borke the arrow head from its shaft and riped the arrow from his sholder with a loud growling roar. then he stould slowly and a sharp pain ran up his leg looking down a nother arrow stuck out of his leg " well look at that." corgon said with a nother low growl he took that arrow out too. he took sevral steps and fell and didnt get um right away after sevral more attimts he still coudnt get up. with reluctince he call for help to his room.
Eva turned around as Corgon crashed to the floor. "Heroes," she muttered under her breath, thinking Why would he even try to get to his room by himself while leaking blood all over from just pulling out two arrows? And why not wait for healing in the first place?. She shook her head. Going over to him, she called, "Will somebody help move him to somewhere a little... cleaner than the common room floor?"
Aye.. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie It's Will Turner's dad..Whoops! Wasnt thinking straight there..

Etharion looked around the place confused. Grondy was too busy to anwser him. So he just yelled "Can a sentence or two, explain to me..what's going on?!Iv been..unfortunately..due to my prolonged loss of conciousnes, i lost grip on the situation..its all a bit hazy..and everything is so confusing now.." he said and sighed. He did look light headed, as if he was still not quite awake.
"Ah, sorry but is my old room avalible?" I ask waiting for someone to respond. If not, it will be harder for me to get to the garden because my old one was next to the garden, I thought. Something landed on my soldier pecking me for attention. "What the?" I was very suprised to see my owl on my shoulder, with a long, thick letter, tied up in a ribbon and secured by a waxed seal, the roll of parchment was almost at breaking point being tied so tightly. I mutter to myself "maybe later", for I did not want to open it yet. I though of an idea. Why not build an Owlery out in the end of the north wing as a stone tower full of owls with perches, food and water for them with windows so they can get out and a door at ground level, and you can get your owl and summon it for messages. Ingenious idea. Send messages quickly and efficiently by owl. I looked at my owl. "Maybe you like to have some friends and live in an Owlery, don't you?" Still waiting for a person to guide me to the room, I planed more. The stables were also on the North Wing and there and there is an large sized area that is not taken up by the stables ( they are only five stables and we can make more so every one can have a stable and their horse) The owlery will take the area of two stables and be 5storey tower for the owls. And going to Bree to get materials and animals, to dangerous. Probably going to Fornost to get builders and matrials. I can spend it out of my own money for it. I'm wealthy enough. I'll pay for the materials and builders while everyone can buy their own. But before I go north, I must deal with the garden and see if anyone would approve of this plan.
"Alright Glorifindel let's get you to your 'room with a view', then I got to get back an help Eva with Corgon, who seemed a might to patient not wanting to be a patient, but started sprouting arrows all over the place so he had to become one. Anyway, here you are back in your room, send your owl if you need anything and I'll also try to check in on you before I call it a day." And Grondy hurried back to the common room.

As Corgon had passed out he and Eva patched Corgon up with little dificulty except when it came to cleaning the blood up. It took nine buckets of water and an hour of soapstone scrubbing. "Next time we get wounded in here we ought to take them in the shower room to do our doctoring, much easier to clean up afterwards in there.

was awoken with a start his wondes heald he looked for the cause of his alarmed awakening then rose and replaced his armor and wepons to there vearious spots about his person then went to fing groind.
"Thank you Grondy" I say enthusiastically " I'm really happy that I can get my own room back in this Inn, for it will be alot easier to do my job as a gardener there." And then I hurry to my room in the south wing. The stables are nearby here and the about-to-be-built Owlery would soon be there too. I unpack all my things that I brought here and threw my self on my bed exhausted, and went to sleep.
corgon walked down the stairs to the commons room and up to the others there " we need a plan of attack to take care oof these monsters anyone have an idea?" he said softly as he walk to them.
Fionw’ walked through the door, quite silently until he was by the bar. "Mae govannen, my friends! I seem to have a penchant for arriving in places just in time for a fight. I saw the band outside. Usual orc rabble, very poor shots. Though they did manage to make a nice little hole in my cloak," he said, poking his finger through it by the arm. "How can I be of service? Blades, blast of fire, burst of lightning?," he said nonchalantly. He was cloaked and hooded still from his ride: it was quite peaceful, and he had just come back here to see his friends again, little expecting this event. But he was prepared for it, as he always was, his two swords, the longer at the waist and the shorter hanging from his back. His bow and quiver he had brought inside, from his saddle, and had placed them on a table by the door. Through his cloak, under his tunic, could be seen a shimmer of something metalic, played upon by the fire, and on his finger, gleaming in the firelight, could be seen, only to those who looked for it, a silver ring with a brilliant blue stone, in which could be seen a red fire blazing deep within, set in it, small, and yet prominent amid the elven mithril, the same as that which was used in the doors of Hollin. One of the rings of power it was, but a minor one, from when the elves were just beginning to tamper with them. Power it still had, for it's was one of enduring, but it was not so strong as it once was, and yearly it's strength faded a little more, and Fionw’ grew more weary with the burden of three centuries of toil upon him. A young man he still appeared to be, but as the ring's power faded, older did he look. His choice was made though, he would sail with his love across the Sea.
He took a look around, and seeing Eva, greeted her. "Hello! It's a pleasure to see you here again," he said with a bow to her, removing his hood which he just realized was still on.
"And hello to you, Master Fionwe," Eva said with a nod and a warm smile. "I'm grateful to see that you do not have any orcish arrows sticking out of you. Speaking of which," she said, "we really should decide how we're going to handle them."
Fionw’ just smiled at her remark about the arrows. "Well, I'd say a flanking manouvre would be best against larger numbers. Attack them from the sides, from the cover that the trees provide, and then charge into the centre from both sides. Meet up in the middle, after having split them in two. How many are there here who can fight? It would probably help if we knew the numbers we have to use."
Laurel had disappeared into the depths of the great underground store rooms when all of the calamity had started. She rummaged wildly through the heaped contents of one of the largest rooms, searching for an object that she had spotted there, during her many adventures in the depths of the inn, long ago. She spotted it finally, and taking it from the bottom of its pile, hoisted it up quickly and balanced it over her shoulder, careful to not disturb the tongue-like mechanism on its underside. She climbed back up the the main portion of the tavern at a ferocious pace, carefully carrying the device, then entered back into the room that was now full of injured patrons, as well as the other guests who looked rather troubled by now. "Excuse me, everyone?" Laurel said loudly, straining to be heard over the din. "I believe I have an idea on how to beat those pesky orcs!" She wondered if her idea would indeed help. "This is a very volatile little contraption that I had noticed a while ago, in one of the cellars. It is a Dragon Cannon, full of a kind of enchanted fire that will obliterate any number of foes into dust. I think that one of the stronger of the men, dwarves or elves may be able to use it properly in defense of the Inn. Then we who could fight would be able to go on the offensive, taking out whatever of the cowards there would be left. Is anyone willing to try? We already have enough injured souls here, and if those orcs are not too many, this would be the way to drive them away!"
If you could get that cannon set up on their flank it should take out most of those pesky orcs. I'm afraid my adventuring days are over, which is why I retired to this Inn, but I'll help with any wounded you bring me, and I can offer advice. Like see if you can round up Elrose to man-, er dwarf-handle that cannon. And I'll also keep you supplied with free vittles and ale during your campaign.
walked to the window.
" i dont think we can flank them my friends they seem to have antisapated that and have us boxed in on all sides." he said with a tone of anger in his voise.
After looking around the room, glancing at everyone's faces, Fionw’ was surprised to see that he was the only one who wasn't taking the whole affair very seriously. Almost exciting, if it weren't for the injuries already done, he thought.
Out loud, he said, "Well, if they have us surrounded..."
He walked over to the window, picking up his bow on the way. Looking out, he said to those around him, "Hide the lights inside here, we don't want to give them any targets to shoot at."
Laying arrow to string, he fired at one of the orcs bearing torches. His success was marked by a loud groan, followed by a flutter from one of the points of fire, and then darkness in that spot. Quickly, he fired off three more, each making another spot of shadow. "That'll teach them not to bear torches," he said with evident satisfaction.

OOC: Sorry, I just couldn't resist the opprtunity to use that line!
retreved his own long bow and fell three others on the far side
" i think we should douse our own lamps if they cant see us they cant hit us"
OOC: Guys, wish me luck. I'm off to the local college tomorrow, I'll be working the next four semesters there doing the PSEO program. I haven't been around much, but I'll be around even less once I start. Thanks.
OOC: Good luck Fionw’. Study harder than hardly, and have fun doing it. Learn a lot and come back when you can spare the time.
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Fionw’ put aside his bow after firing a few more arrows out. "That first round taught them a lesson. Now they're hiding behind the fires, instead of staying in front of them. How many would you say they are," he asked, looking over to the people still in the room. "Forty, fifty?"
He was thinking of doing a sally, but he didn't want to risk the loss of life on this side if they were larger than that. There were maybe six people here who could rush out and not expect much injury, only six warriors. And that was only if certain people turned up.
Fionw’ sat thinking, trying to figure something out, when he got an idea. "The Wargs!" he cried, jumping out of his seat and running to the door. "I have an idea, and I'm about to put it into action. Grondy, you've been keeping the wargs by the stable, right?"
'Well, they're not mine but I have an option to buy them which I'll do, if you think you can control them so they don't come back to bite us in the end."
With an overzealous look of humanatarian/orcatarian sympthay on his face, Ar-edain37 stomped self-righteously amongst the "war council" which had gathered near the bar and began to speak his progressive mind.
"Shoot 'em with arrows, poke their eyes out, kick them in the shins, make them sleep without a nightlight, sick the wargs on them! Do you know what you're saying?" he exclaimed loudly, with alot of elaborate hand gestures. "Orcs are sentinient beings just like ourselves, and I don't believe we should practice violence against creatures who are practically our siblings. They may have surrounde our inn," at this point he paused briefly to stick some obnoxious, peace-propaganda bearing badges and pins on his chest, "But what should they be expected to do. orcs raid and pillage, it's in their nature. Some people farm, some own inns, Orcs sack rich targets. I'm certain that if we negotiater with them and give them some basic neccessities...Aggggghick!"

Before Ar-edain37 had managed to make pacifist zealots out of the inn's guests and employees, a slit had opened up in the back of his head and a very unintimidating brain-poltergeist leaped out. Squeling something about coalitions and factions, the pesky imp disappeared out of a window and will hopefully never be heard from again.

With a new, pleasantly unreasonable light in his eye, the newly exorcised Ar-edain37 turned to face his fellow inn-haunters," Tonight we shall drink the blood of these foul menaces from tankards made of their own unsanitary skulls. The sickness that we shall inevitably come down with, and possibly perish of, shall represent the trials of good to purge the world of whatever appears evil at a cursory glance!" He finished up by waving his broadsword and targe in the air confidently. Everyone ignored this final display and fell back to talking to the more logical beings present.

By the by, sorry if this is too political. In my defense, I feel compelled to say that this writing is too inconsistent, incoherent, and uninteresting to be taken seriously. Anyone who agrees with something that I have said here needs to learn to think for his or her self. Anyone who disagrees should stop leaping to conclusions so quickly. I would also like to say that the references to specific aspects of politics or political organizations are vague enough to be overlooked unless one is just scanning through the words looking to be offended. Also, i wasn't entirely serious about many of the statements, and I just really don't want this post to be deleted. So please, be a good sport, and disregard my opinion as juvenile and foolish.
Grondy thinks to himself, 'Sometimes Ar-edain37 feels like a nut and sometimes he don't. I wonder if his meds need adjusting. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie Oh well, some people just can't seem to hold an opinion for very long; maybe he is one of them.'

What you want to drink my friend? We got a good selection of organic teas and juices; sounds like you have had enough of the hard stuff.'

OOC: I didn't hear anything political in the previous post, being against war in general isn't a crime, in fact it's a virtue as far as this Dwarf is concerned. It's when we start getting specific where the website rules start taking precidence.
Fionw’ looked at Grondy, puzzled for a moment. Then he watched as Ar-37 started acting foolishly, and just walked out the door muttering something to himself about 'crazy people', shaking his head. Inside, all that could be heard after he left was the sound of the stable opening, and then a rush of swift paws past the door. Silence fell, and Fionw’ rushed back inside, slamming the door behind him. "Don't open the door, whatever happens. Wargs aren't tamed very easily, but I thought maybe these guys could be. I was wrong, and with all of Grondy's excellent food, they're huge!" He stopped short as a loud howling broke out, and then a babble of screams and curses not fit to be written here on a family friendly-site, ensued from the orcs.
"I have to say, opening the door and seeing all five of them after having forgot to feed them some more in the past few days, was scary. They were all lying down, and in I come, when they al sit up, and their ears perk up and heads cock to one side. The eyes were not very friendly looking either. I jumped up to the rafters as they tried to snap at me. If I was any slower, I'd be out there still," he said to those closest to him.
OOC: I have decided to kill off my character. I just think that the time has come. No one lives forever, eh? Not even in Middle Earth...I may eventually come back as a ghost, though, if that's okay...

Laurel determinedly grabbed ahold of the Dragon Cannon and, ignoring the ferocious wargs outside, flung open the door, slammed it behind her and shouted "Hey, orcs! Over here!" She aimed at the advancing ranks, made ready to fire the cannon and said, "For the Khazad-Dumish Inn!" The cannon fired with a deafening boom, but instead of its unloading its dragon fire blast onto the orc swarm, it had been pointed backwards without Laurel's notice, the thrust of its blast propelling her at a neck-breaking speed directly through the stable wall and towards the wargs. She landed at the feet of one especially large one and squealed "Nice puppy!", but her poor attempt did not stop the great beasts from making their meal of Laurel, sparing no piece of her. Her life did not flash before her eyes, as most folks think happens when you die, but she did have one brief, shining moment of clarity, when she saw the silhouette of the inn against the darkening sky behind her attackers, then all went dark.
OOC: Why?... You are so much fun around here! (french accent) But, very well, if that is what you intend to do, then I shall avenge you to the best of my ability!

Fionw’ saw the brave action and before he could stop her she was out and the deed was done. Snatching up a sword, he was out of the Inn in a flash, screaming at the orcs and wargs, "Laurel!!!!!!!!!!" With a great thrust he drove his sword right through the big warg before it could do any more damage to her, and didn't even bother pulling it back out again. Casting off his cloak, he finally revealed himself in all his power. The silver with gold engraving gleaves and breastplate shone in the starlight, but with a light of it's own, with a cold fury that reflected his own anger. His right hand that wielded the sword he had just drawn was bright, a blue star it was that shone on his finger, the ring deadly in it's strength. Now, in this hour, he let his lineage as a Numenorean of old, and his power as a Prince of the High Elves, descended from Earendeal and the Ingwar, shine forth, and the orcs drew back in fear of him. A vision they saw, of one from over the Sea, who had a great, hidden power, and that power was now seen as a fierce light around him. As such the race of orcs had seen Gandalf in his last battle with them, and thus they saw Fionw’ now. He drew his favorite weapon, the Gondolin blade, Alm’r, the Flaming Star, as he charged the rest of the wargs and the remaining orcs. A hundred strong they were, and yet he recked not of their numbers. The night sky was rent in the screams that followed as Fionw’ avenged Laurel's death.
His blade glowed with a blue fire that was unbearable to witness as his emotions ran through it, he and the sword were one. It moved so slightly, with such imperceptible movement that it was like an extension of his arm. A flick there and a tap here and the orcs to his left and right fell dead.
He whistled, and within moments a great howling broke out. With a mighty leap a great, white wolf came into the foray, snapping at all around her. Aurora dwarfed the largest warg, a beast of mighty size himself, the chief of the small clan, killing him. Her mere size was formidable, bigger than a horse she was. She then attacked the remaining three wargs. The goblins backed away from her, as they feared her . They were afraid of her, and ran from anyway she turned her head. Together they were feared, everywhere they struck, Fionw’ and Aurora, they left bodies of foes.
It was a cowardly deed that was done next, but goblins are not known to be brave. Fionw’ cried in anguish as three arrows pounded into her side, and she, his friend and companion in all his adventures for a hundred years, fell, less than a yard from him.
He forgot strategy then, it was his intention to take out as many as possible before they got him. He didn't pay any attention to the wounds he was receiving, nor did he care. He just laughed at them as their arrows bounced pathetically off his armor. But then, whether through chance or good aim, and arrow thudded into his left shoulder, and another into his nearly unprotected back. He stumbled, and that moment the vision was gone. Advance after advance they made on him, and still he fought and defended the body of Laurel from their grasping hands. His left arm was hanging now limp, as he received a gaping wound from an orcish blade. He could feel the poison rushing through his blood. That didn't bother him, he knew that those who survived would fear his blade with a deathly fear. As the last warg leaped on him, he cried out with all the strength he had, "F’s Alm’r!" With a loud crack, a searing white flash of fire and lightning swept the whole opening; he collapsed to his knees. They ran, whatever courage or foolishness they had was gone, but too late for them. The field shot up in flames, a fire of terror it was to them, burning the small number of his enemies who remained alive. Even as he fell, he could hear the cries of his friends from inside the inn as they rushed out to finish the job. He swayed, his body was pierced by five arrows, and he was bleeding profusely from his arms and sides. He caught himself from falling, and looked around him. The body of Laurel was on one side of him, and he thought about how noble her face looked after such a sacrifice as she had made. Too many times had he seen that look on friends, that expression one could only achieve in death. He looked over to his right, and saw Aurora, still alive and breathing, in no threat of her life, just in great pain, though he didn't know it. As he felt his world going dark, he looked up at the stars, and marveled at the brilliance of them. Then he fell, and everything went black...
Wow, what an action-packed sequence, Fionwe! I hope you don't die! I just wanted to die so I wouldn't have to keep doing silly and clumsy things about the Inn...I actually wasn't trying to be brave, just to die decently. I was hoping the orcs would go away soon and all of the action could simmer down, so Grondy could have his peaceful establishment back in order...but again, I will be haunting the place as a poltergeist from time to time-like Peeves, maybe, but less annoying. I don't think anyone else needs to die, unless they want to, for the sake of some silly orcs...I think your elven charms and powers would be rather well-used inside of the inn...but it's your call. Thank you for the gallant avenging, though. Wink Smilie
'Silly Elf-Lordling, all those Orcs wanted was some of my Fish and Chips with my Spicy Hot Dipping Sauce. They often come around to the Inn's back door and order take-out. I suppose I should have warned him, but I didn't want to ruin his fun; and there is an unending supply of Orcs now that they are settling down and becoming domesticated. And they still enjoy the occasional skirmish with an itinerant hero. I suspect they'll be back later when things have calmed down a bit. I do refrain from selling them firewater: nothing but rootbeer and lemonade for them as the hard stuff interferes with their metabolism and makes them break out in hives. Go figure, you'd suppose they had cast iron stomachs.

To bad about Laurel though, but it was a fine way to go. A toast to Laurel: 'May never fade her tale and may her shade improve our ale.'
Thanks. That's probably the best piece of story I've ever written. Not that I've written very many.
Well, I wasn't quite sure if I would kill myself or not in that. I figured that was as good a way to die as I would ever get, but I don't think that would fit very well. Though, I might very well die if people just leave me lying there with orc poison flowing through my veins! hint-hint
Exactly what did you mean by the statement about the elven charms and powers? I didn't quite understand what you were getting at with that.
@Grondy, Sure, now you tell me! Elk Grinning Smilie
Elven charms and powers? Oh, I was just trying to get you to not die...nothing meant by that! And thank you, Grondy, for the proper send off. Smile Smilie
Oh, I see. I wasn't offended by it, I just didn't get it. Gotta polish up my sense of humor. 'Twas a wonderful sendoff. Now, anyone here skilled in herbal lore? Or medicine? Anyone know not to leave a wounded warrior lying there in the dirt? Anyone?
Grondy, ignoring what his mother said about letting sleeping Wargs die, grabbed his first aid kit and crept out to where Fionw’ lay, and gave the wounded Elf a nutralize-poison potion which seemed to do the trick. Then he caried him back to the Inn muttering to himself, 'I'm too old for this. He laid the Elf out on a table, pulled the arrows out, staunched the bleeding, sewed up all the major holes, bound the wounds, hauled him up to Fionwhis room
OOC:Ah, finally. A decent, civilized person! Much thanks!

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