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Thread: The Khazad-dumish Inn.. Please watch your head coming through the door.

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"well, the rules here are, you sing a nice song for all of us and I, Eva Lilith will give you a free drink." The little fairy smiled a very Eva-ish sweet smile. "Will you grace our inn with your voice?"
Eva helped Icey out of the sink, pointedly ignoring its other occupant with some difficulty (it’s only a sink, after all) and set about making a cake with Icey’s ’help’, steadfastly ignoring all outside events.
Etharion nodded towards Floyd "Aye, upon entering the inn, you must sing as a song, any song you like. And THEN you can enjoy all the ale your heart desires! With a few gold pieaces compensation for Grondy, of course." Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
OOC: Floyd_n_milan, please read the sign posted in the first post of this thread and you will learn about "Song, what song?".

Oops, I missed the above two posts, so this one of mine is redundant. Oh well, as long as I'm here I can add that the first drink served will be a complimentary tankard (holds somewhere around a quart or litre) of Gimli's Finest’ Ale (a Shirly Temple or cider can be substituted for the hard stuff on request) and also a plate of our munchies.

And if you get drunk and too rowdy, our house troll will sober you up in the horse-trough out front. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
and dont just say a old song or put some new words to an old song, make one! :-D
"Oh look at poor old Floyd. You're all making him nervous. Don't worry, Floyd, just sing your heart out!"
Maydmarion yawns and lifts her head (again) thinking "I've done this before".

Now what was the last thing that happened! Nope can't remember!

Well hello everyone, how are you all, are we waiting for another song - oh goody.
Can I have a drink Grondy whilst we're waiting (but I'll just watch this one, to
make sure noting else gets added coz I'm sure something did last time!!)
'Certainly Maydmarion, here is a tall cool one that is mild mannered and made for sipping rather than chugging; you can probably make it last for a couple hours, said Grondy with a grin.'

'Hey Floyd, your pink namesake must have used words in one of his tunes, just give us those, as long as they are clean, that is.'
Cloveress, or rather "Eva twin" smiled at Grondy and took the glass which was Maydmarion's. She had considered putting something in, just to spite Maydmarion's words, but she saw her poor frail frame and decided not to torture her any longer...
I apologize for not popping in here in the past week, I was at my mom's and she doesn't have a working computer. Did anyone wish me HAPPY BIRTHDAY, by the way, considering it was Friday..... the 25th.....
Birthday Smile Smilie Pary Smilie Birthday Smilie Super Wow Smilie Jumping Flame Smilie Juggling Smilie Juggling Smilie Waving Hello Smilie Wiggle Smilie


Hope you had a wonderful birthday....
Grondy do you have a really good bottle of Champagne on me for Icefangs....
Oh sorry Ice!! i had no idea when your birthday was!!
Happy Birthday Ice!!! Pary Smilie Birthday Smile Smilie Dunce Smilie Birthday Smilie Juggling Smilie Orc With Thumbs Up Smilie Juggling Smilie Elf With a Big Grin Smilie and a bit of... Alcoholic Smilie

Best wishes!!
So...exactly how old are you now? 17?
(OOC: Well my dear old Frosty-tooth, if you click here and scroll down to my post of 24 November, you may be pleasantly surprised, but you shouldn't be.) Happy Elf Smilie

'Certainly we do Maydmarion, and we probably have some left over birthday cake too. If not maybe Eva or her evil twin can russle up a frosted cupcake with a burning candle on it.'

'So here's a round of bubbly for everyone in honor if Icey's birthday, paid for by Maydmarion.'
Dang...Maydmarion!!! Your a fast tipper!! I bet we saw ice's post at the same time. But you got me... Elf With a Big Grin Smilie I gotta brush up on my typing.
happy borthday and merry thanks giving..a turkey grondy? on Floyd, hes feeling generous.
I would've looked at the party tree, but I forgot where it was....heh heh. I am now 16, Eth. 17? My parents would go crazy....Thank you all for the Happy Birthdays; your song was especially wonderful, Maydmarion Big Smile Smilie

Ice smiled at everyone, after clambering out of the sink where Halo *maybe-maybe-not* accidentally pushed her. "Thank you guys so much.!" she said happily.

I'd post more, but sadly it is only 6:54 AM where I am, and I am still waking up....

Man your up early!! Do you have school or something to be up so early?

Etharion was siting at the bar, cause he wasnt sure where everyone else was...
Actually, Eva had just finished making an almost ridiculously elaborate cake, but since Cloveress was still in her shape, she was looking for someone else to make. Had she heard someone out there mention turkey?
Ice started to run out of the kitchen, but changed her mind and instead grinned, waved at everyone else once more, and turned transparent. She phased throught the floor and disappeared. Moments later, however, she phased back up through the planks, right behind Eth. Turning solid once more, Ice wrapped her arms around him and whispered in his
ear, "Whadja get me for my birthday?"

Yes, I have school, and I just back in from it...

The Cloveress was losing Eva's shape. In a sudden pop she was a little fairy again. She shook herself. "Aaawww... that was twenty-four hours already? I enjoyed being Eva." She got a sudden scare as Icey popped out from the ground, heading right towards her. But she quickly swerved away and rested for a while in the flames of the fireplace.
Mellie pops in, "Geez, it is nice to be back in a familiar place, I have not been here in so long." She walks slowly up to the bar, and tries to take in the scene around her, to and ask for a very strong, and sweet and large cup of coffee. ’I need that more than any thing else right now, I am exhausted and need to wake up a bit, and I have had a long journey returning to this wonderful place." Mellie smiles and tries to find a familiar face with whom she can sit and chat, to catch up on current events, since she has been gone.
"I got you no. Thats not it..." he said panicking. He continued unsteadily "For your birthday i got you!!" he said pulling a white little kitten from the hidden compartments of his robe.
It looked at Ice and meowed. "There you go" he said putting the kitten gently in Ice's hands.
Here you go Mellie, a four scoop pot of coffee, (OOC:I make two scoop for myself and three for my daughter, when she is here.) And I've sweetened it with three lumps and one heaping teaspoon full of sugar. Also, here's a plate of shortbread for your enjoyment.
The Cloveress snorted in her sleep and sent sparks flying out of the fireplace. They glittered green for a moment before landing on the ground.
Ice cupped the kitten in her hands, held it up to her mouth, and whispered odd words into its ears. Soon, the kitten started purring and rubbed up against her chin. She stroked the tops of its head, and nuzzled it as well. "You're so sweet!" she said to the kitten, "I think I'll name you, um... Selen! How do you like that, sweet little boy?" she said in a too-cute voice, like one talks to a baby.

She looked at Eth, after whispering some more words, which actually sounded like animal sounds to the kitten, who then climbed up onto her shoulder. Wrapping her arms around the elf, Ice grinned at him said, "Thank you so much, Ethy! Not bad for a last-minute gift," she added, half-under her breath.

Thanks for the coffee and food Grondy, I do appreciate it. Hmmmm looks like I missed a birthday. Sorry I don't have a gift for you Ice, but you do have my well wishes, and your new kitten is lovely. Smile Smilie I just sit and enjoy the deliciously sweet and strong coffee that Grondy made for me, and relax.
"No problem." said Etharion. "She's been scrambling in that pocket to get out for the last...what...200 years!! Its time she streched her legs a bit. Hello Melliot."
Icey turned her head and looked crossways at the kitten. "You're a little girl? You told me you were a boy...." she whispered softly. The kitten just looked up her and mewled. "Alright, I'll let it slide this time, Selen, but you mustn't lie to mommy," she said tilting her head to the side and rubbing it against the top of the kit's head. It purred back. "Anyway, htank you for happy birthday, Melliot. Tis very nice to see you. It's alright you don't have me present, it took this joker-" she pointed at Eth, "a few days late to get me one, so don't worry about it," Ice said, smiling.

Turning back to Eth, Ice said, "200 years? How did survive stuffed in that robe with who knows what else?" she asked incredulously.

Are you putting up any Chrissie decs Grondy - I don't mind giving a hand? You have some really great beams in here and the added cobwebs, if dusted with glitter, will look beautiful.

Oh will you be having a Chrissie party as well (pleeze pleeze pleeze whispers Maydmarion under her breath). A Chrissie pud oozing drink would be nice as well, Maydmarion smiles at Eva hopefully.

Only 20 days until Chrissie - wheeeee
"Chrissie? Oh, our Annual Winter Solstice Festival in honor of the birth of He who must not be named. Orc Sad Smilie But we all know he is Jesus, the Christ Child born that night over two thousand years ago in the city of Bethlehem.Orc Grinning Smilie Chrissie is the day now more commonly used to cause we consumers to spend ourselves into debt rather than feel guilty about not giving our loved ones an excessive amount of merchandise. Fat Santa Smilie In reality just giving each of them one special gift (possibly handmade) should be sufficient to show our love and respect. Standing Up Santa Smilie
Christmas Tree Smilie Christmas Tree Smilie Christmas Tree Smilie Christmas Tree Smilie Christmas Tree Smilie Christmas Tree Smilie Christmas Tree Smilie Christmas Tree Smilie Christmas Tree Smilie Christmas Tree Smilie Christmas Tree Smilie Christmas Tree Smilie Christmas Tree Smilie Christmas Tree Smilie Christmas Tree Smilie Christmas Tree Smilie Christmas Tree Smilie
That said, yes we should decorate and have a party. We can have a tree, a Yule Log, missiletoe, frosted windows, eggnog, hot-buttered rum, roast goose, roast chestnuts, sugar plums, brandy or rum laced plum pudding, Yuletide Carols, and the whole nine yards including a partidge in a pear tree," thus sayeth the Grondy. "And Maydmarion is in charge of the decorations, Eva of the foodstuffs, and I'll handle the liquid refreshment. We will need a Songmiester, any volunteers?"
Christmas Tree Smilie Christmas Tree Smilie Christmas Tree Smilie Christmas Tree Smilie Christmas Tree Smilie Christmas Tree Smilie Christmas Tree Smilie Christmas Tree Smilie Christmas Tree Smilie Christmas Tree Smilie Christmas Tree Smilie Christmas Tree Smilie Christmas Tree Smilie Christmas Tree Smilie Christmas Tree Smilie Christmas Tree Smilie Christmas Tree Smilie
"So’ what is necessary to have at Christmas? Other than candy canes, hot chocolate, and eggnog, I mean. Oh, and I’ll be baking chocolate chip peppermint cookies’ Oh, sorry Icefangs, are you allergic to peppermint? I know you are sensitive to herb scents’ And what do you mean by Songmeister, Grondy? ’Tis not very clear’ Oh, and I’m not sure what a ’Chrissie pud oozing drink’ is, Maydmarion’’
"Weel..time dosent acctually function as it should in these robes. Sometimes i find stuff in it that i NEVER putted in. Nuf said, she'll be healthy as a ordinary kitten. Maybe even more im afraid...." he said with a hint of uncertanitiy.
A sudden streak of brilliant flame leapt across the room from the fireplace, spreading sparkling fairy powder everywhere and lighting up the darkening room. The Cloveress appeared in the air, grinning widely and looking expectantly at the astonished faces in front of her.
"It's alright, Eva, only really strong herb scents that get to me, and if it gets like that in here, I'll just wear my scarf," she said and turned at the sound of Eth's voice. "And more, Eth? What do you mean? Am I now the owner of some type of werecat, or something...?" she asked, her voice slightly shaking.

As the Cloveress appeared in the middle of the room, Ice grinned at her waved. "Want to see my birthday kitty?" she asked, while reaching up with one hand to stroke the kitten's head, while it sat on her shoulder.

"No no! Its just... she will surely live much longer than the ordinary cat. Other than that i couldn not predict for now." he said hastily.
"Im going to get me some more wine. Would you care for a cup?" he asked Ice.
The Cloveress flew over to the kitten and showered red and green sparks on its head. "I've been watching all along from the fireplace, Ice." She now scattered a glittering substance over Icey and watched Etharion as he went to get drinks. "Very thoughtful of him to get you that kitten, isn't it?" She grinned happily. "You two are quite the couple here."
’Ok, good to know, Ice!’ Eva called, and then proceeded. Her eyebrows went up as she saw Cloveress sprinkling something on Icefangs and heard her comment about Ice and Etharion being a couple, but she decided that Icefangs was probably plenty capable of taking care of herself. Probably’

I think I better go make those cookies’ she thought.
"Couple? I'm not really sure whether we are a couple, persay, but I wouldn't mind if we were," she added in a whisper to Clover. The sparkles settled in Ice's green-and-black hair and made it look it even prettier than usual. She turned back to Eth and grinned, saying, "I'd love some, Eth. By the way, where did you get Selen, or did she just appear there one day, and you don't remember putting her in?"

Grondy got a step ladder from the bsck room and was climbing up it with a broom to brush down the cobwebs from the ceiling beams, when he suddenly remembered they were to stay until after the holidays. It had something to do with flock or glitter. So he put the ladder away and proceeded to sweep the landing between the first and second stories of the Inn.
The Cloveress seemed quite absent-minded now she had put the idea of Christmas love in people's minds. She changed back into a woman-sized figure. Her eyes still sparkled and there was that glittery air about her still, but apart from that you couldn't tell she was the little fairy. She strolled around the inn nonchalantly, came up to Grondy and sweetly offered him some help with the cleaning.
'Why certainly you may help Ms. Cloveress. There are some cover-alls that should fit you hanging on a peg in the closet behind that door,' Grondy said pointedly. And take this here soapstone, sponge, and bucket of water, and give all the tables and benches in the commonroom a good scrubbing.

When that is done and you are still willing, maybe Maydmarion could use your help to decorate the higher portions of the room. For it seems to me that you possess a natural ability to operate against the laws of gravity way up there, most effectivly; however, mind you not to get caught up in the spiderwebs that we will be wanting to flock and glitter, rather than just sweep away.'
"Ah, doing some cantrips are we?" said Etharion coming back with the drinks and looking at Ice's hair. "I do belive i found the cat, Selen, wandering about some street...i cant remember what city...or what world when we'r at that.. But i picked her up cause she was all alone, and i really like cats." he grinned. "People who hate cats will come back as mice in their next life!" said Etharion waving his finger.
The Cloveress started cleaning straight away. She could see Grondy thought her incapable of doing what she offered, but she smirked. "You'll find me quite good a housekeeper even without magic." Soon the walls and floor were quite shiny. So she went upstairs to decorate. "oooo, wait'll they see my decorations," she giggled. "They won't have a clue what's hit them."
"What about people who like wolves, Eth?" Ice asked playfully. Selen pawed at her hair and turned her hand and looked at her. "Yes dear?" she said, in that baby-voice. The kitten just purred and then batted that same strand of hair with its paw. "Oh you want to play, do you? Well, how you help me put up holiday decorations?" The kitten cocked its head to the side, it didn't know what decorations were... "Really? Ice asked, in response the kitten's barely heard 'meow'.

"Well, how about you, me, and Ethy hear help decorate?" she asked, while turning her head to look at Etharion; she grinned at him.

Etharion tried to keep out of Cloveress's way while she decorated. "Whoa! Watch out!! Wild magic coming through!" he yelped, jumping aside to avoid becoming a sparkly statue among Cloveress's decorations.
Settling back at the bar he asked Ice "So...with Christmas so close, do you know where you shall be spending it?"
"Where, why, I've no idea," Ice said thoughtfully, and cocked her own head to the side, while thinking about it. "Honestly, I'm not sure yet. I haven't talked to me mum in a while, so I doubt she'd want me; no idea where my dad or brother and sister are, so their doubtful, too. I might just stay at home, or here," she added, while beginning to tuck some of her hair behind her ear, which Selen just pawed away.

"Yes, iv been thinking i could take some lodgings here at Grondy's for Christmas. So i guess i shall stay and celebrate here!" he sat at the bar and read his way through the "Minas Tirith Times" newspaper.
"Whooooopeee!!!!" The Cloveress, with a strand of shiny snowflake-shaped decorations on a string in tow, flew from one side of the room to another, tying the decorations onto the candlesticks on the wall and trying to act innocent (though failing happily, for glittery fairy powder still scattered all over everybody and people were getting more and more unnaturally cheery).
Maymarion brushed some glittery powder from her shoulder - Oh oh here we go again, I think I've had some of this before, she giggles as she starts to float to the ceiling - well at least I can put up the decks better this way - WOW look at the size of that spider. Maydmarion flicks it down saying sorry to it as it falls from it's web. The spider landed with a thud on someones head but Maydmarion couldn't see who from where she was, it was just the loud screem she heard - woops....oh well.

Now doesn't that glitter look good on the spider web. The more Maydmarion the giggled the happier she got. GRONDY, CAN I HAVE A STONG CUP OF COFFEE, I'LL BE DOWN AS SOON AS THIS GLITTER STUFF WARES OFF - shouts Maydmarion.....SEE YOU IN A MINUTE.... I hope.................
Ice froze as a slight -thump- was here in the area around her head. She gently put her hand up there, feeling around between her ears and felt something wiry-legged and fuzzy that shouldn't be there. She gasped as she realized what it was. The eardrum-shattering scream that followed shook the windows of the inn, though they didn't break, and vibrated all the glasses and mugs on bar and tables. She brushed the spider from her head, where it flew and landed on someone nearby's shoulder, and jumped up.

Grabbing Eth's sleeve, Ice started turning around, trying frantically to see her back, which is impossible without a mirror, and making a litany of, "Is it on me? Is it on me?"

In real life, I'm truly terrified of spiders, just the site of one, with all their creepy-crawly-ness makes me cringe and want to run away. I literally 'stutter' out warnings when I see a spider...yes, I know its sad...
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