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Thread: The Khazad-dumish Inn.. Please watch your head coming through the door.

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Sian is heading in as Eruheren is coming out and tells him that she has stabled his horse.

Why don't you come back in and have some dinner and get a night's rest before you go. Your horse needs his rest and you could do with a rest too. The rain isn't going to do either of you any good anyway. I'm going to get things ready and you can encourage the rest of the patrons to provide entertainment. When the weather is better I'm sure you'll find someone to go with you.
I Prefer to Travel Alone. (But I need people to reclaim Ch’sor with me!)
But Thank you, Sian, I shall set out tomorrow, and we shall place my emerald statue on the roof.
I was also thinking of your quest to reclaim your homeland, Eruheren, and this would be a good place to find warriors to help you but it make take some time. We could put up notices near the bar, maybe..? I have new dipping sauces that I'm going to advertise and that should bring more people to the Inn. I'd offer to go but I know I'd be more of a nuisance. Do you need any mending done before you go? Thorin can mend armor and I can mend cloaks and torn banners and such. By the way I am very sorry for snapping you with my dish towel when you were a Nazgul..
Thorin came back in from the rain.

"It's turning dark quickly outside with all these black clouds," he said hanging his wet over coat on the pegs.

"And while you're watching the food cooking I will light the fire in the Chimney," Thorin spoke again moving to the great fire place. He looked at the wood remaining and muttered to himself, "I will have to replenish this wood stock tomorrow."

Picking some wood fagots he placed them in the chimney and lit it with his tinder box. Soon there was a nice warn fire burning. He then moved to the lanterns hanging in different part of the Inn and lit them. The inn now had a nice yellowish look inside and was a warn comfort from the rain and chill outside.

"I really hope this rain stops tomorrow so that I can fix the doors. I don't like to keep work pending."

Current weather: Rain and snow showers this morning. A shower or two in the afternoon - otherwise, mostly cloudy.
Fornad came down from upstairs into the bar, unarmed.
'I'd planned to take a trip to the Shire today,' he said, walking over to the fire and sitting down in front of it, 'but with this weather the road will be like a muddy river. I'm staying for today.'
He idly picked at some oat cakes and dip left over from the night before, and put his feet up near the flames.
Sian comes from the kitchen carrying a tray of small bowls and a plate of wings.

"Since we're stuck inside for awhile, try my new dipping sauces for the wings and tell me what you think. There's honey-mustard sauce, Southern-style BBQ. rum and Saucy Wooster, and teriyaki orange spice. I wanted something new to celebrate the return of our king and hopefully Grondy's return as well."

She lays out the vittles on a big table and puts some on a small table by the fire for Fornac.

"I've put up an advertisement for the new recipes but I don't think we'll get many new customers with the weather the way it is.. Eruheran is hoping to find warriors to help with his quest, too."
Hello dwarves and all.
This is my first visit to the Inn, and since I seem to be a hobbit, temporarily I hope; I didn't have watch my head coming thru the door. So's here's a song of the exiles which we all sing:

A Elbereth Gilthoniel,
silivren penna m’riel
o menel aglar elenath!
Na-chaered palan-d’riel
o galadhremmin ennorath,
Fanuilos, le linnathon
nef aear, si nef aearon!

A Elbereth Gilthoniel!
o menel palan-d’riel
le nallon s’ di'nguruthos!
A tiro nin, Fanuilos!

A! Elbereth Gilthoniel!
silivren penna m’riel
o menel aglar elenath!
We still remember, we who dwell
In this far land beneath the trees,
Thy starlight on the Western Seas.

Do I get my beer now?
Thorin who was sitting near the fire place got up and clapped

"This is a nice song and it's a wonder to hear it from a hobbit!! You certainly deserve a pint of Gimli's Finest(TM) for it!"

"Oh! And I'll have a taste of Sian's new sauce with the balrog wings! Them smell and look so nice"
I'll try some of the Balrog Wings aswell. But Balrogs Don't have wings. I am reporting this Rip-Off to whoever owns the place. And I am going to build my statue now. Cya.
Fornad watched Eruheran go and then went for the balrog wings.
'Well, a Balrog had them in the movie and that's good enough for me,' he said taking a bite of one with teriyaki orange spicy sauce on it. He chewed for a few moments, then stopped. His face went red.
'Wa'er!' he shouted, getting up from his chair and sending it clattering to the floor. 'Wa'er!'
He ran into the bar, realised that there was no running water in the Inn, turned and desperately ran outside.
The Ranger ran across the road, stumbled down the grassy slope that led to a stream and threw himself into it. After a few minutes of gulping desperately at the ice-cold water, he got up slowly and tried to walk in a dignified fashion back up the slope and towards the Inn. His front was soaked and dripping as he came in.
'I apologise, madam,' he said, inclining his head slightly. 'I had no idea that one thing could be so... flavoursome.'
A Quick Note: When you play an RPG you can control only your Character. You cannot make another character talk or do an action unless that Character has authorised you to do so.

I made the same mistake nearly 4 years ago when I first posted in the Khazad Dumish Inn. It was Grondy who taught me that Wink Smilie

Posted Saturday 25th November 2006 (02:39pm)
Nights falls. A dwarf enters and moves towards the owner. "Greetings kinsman", he says to gimli and bows low. He hangs his cloak and put down his great battle axe and calls for some ale. But Gimli says, "sorry kinsman but you must sing a song as you are new here."

so thorin, the dwarf from moria, begins:
"Ho! ho! Ho! to the bottle I go
to heal my heart and drown my woe
rain may fall and wind may blow
and many miles still to go
But in an inn i will sit
and let the clouds go sailing by"
he finishes.

"i hope i may now have my ale" he asks Gimli...

has made 24695 posts is a Dwarf from Glittering Caves and is not online.
Posted Sunday 26th November 2006 (12:04am)
"Welcome to the Khazad-d’mish Inn Thorin. For your song you get this here complimentary tankard of 'Gimli's Finest™Ale' as well as a combo-plate of our Spicy Hot Balrog Wings, Deep Fried Watcher Rings, and Bar-B-Qued Warg Ribs.

My name is Grondy and I'm running the Inn for the founder and owner, Gimli_axe_wielder, who is away at the wars, or working his families mithril mine, or trying his hand at being a professional photographer, or some such thing.

OOC: (Thorin, a word in your ear:, one of our main RPG rules is one must not put words in the mouths of any other character, but your own. The same applies to actions, you may only control what your own character says and does. You can ask or suggest they do something, but everyone has the free will to comply or not. If you want to bend the story in a certain way and need someone else's character's conversation to help move it that way, you might PM them from the link in 'My Account' and negotiate with them to make it happen. And please feel free to continue on with us in this game; I don't mean this mere stumble to stifle your participation, but just wanted to point you in the right direction.- Thanks )
Eruheran walks in, pulling in a large slab of emeralds.

Do you have a spare room? I want to make a statue of Me from this Slab of Dwarven Emeralds.

Eruheran Doesn't wait for a reply and heads into the Kitchen, and uses one of the knives left on a table to begin to craft a statue of himself, and pulls the Balrog wings he ordered earlier out of the Microwave, and eats them.
Sian's face is white with shock at Fornac's reaction to the teriyaki sauce. "I am SO sorry Fornac! I must have accidently spilled too much spice in that recipe!" She grabs it up and takes it to the kitchen and throws it down the garbage disposal. Returning to the bar she quickly fills two large tankards of the best ale and gives them to Gwindor and Fornac.

"Thorin, thanks for building the fire. We'll all stay comfortable tonight! I'm going to leave you fellows to yourselves, though, and go upstairs to get some sleep."

Fornad sat back down near the fire with his ale, waiting for the heat of the flames to dry his clothes off. He took a sip of the beer, and smiled.
'Now that is fine ale,' he said, admiring its golden colour before taking a gulp and lying back in his chair.
He drifted off to a deep sleep.
OT: I would too, but i'm not a Uruk ATM, just an Uruk Scimitar

The Door to the Kitchen breaks down, a small chunk of emerald flies out, knocking a drunk dwarf unconscious, minutes later, Eruheran walks out, with a large statue of him on a flat wheelbarrowey thing, and takes it outside. Joe the Bard then walks out of the Kitchen with a Ladder and a rope, and banging is heard from outside. Joe then rushes back in, and pulls out a drill, and then a hammer. Minutes later Eruheran walks back in, and holds his scimitar in the air dramatically

Come Outside, look what I Did to the Roof!

A few drunk hobbits run out side, to see a large Emerald Statue of King Eruheran of Ch’sor on the Roof, and they cheer happily.

Beyond tired of dramatic entrances and ignoring the door entirely, the enigmatic Icefangs appears from the door to the kitchen, having teleported to the basement and walked up the stairs therein. She leaps over the bar and lands perfectly on her customary seat, which she had requested be removed from the bar and saved for her.
The dusty old barstool appears underneath her and she perchs easily on its edge, her elbows leaned on the bar, and a large fanged grin on her face. She proceeds to brood, as if she has always sat there, and manages to keep an air around her that would almost make others believe that she has indeed sat there, unmoving, for years.

OOC: Not sure if anyone is still here that remembers me...its been AGES since I left... Smile Smilie
I Read your name somewhere while flicking through Pages

Eruheran sits down at the bar, helping himself to some Balrog Wings, while a few Regulars look at him annoyed for vandalising the Roof with a statue of himself.
OOC: Welcome back Icefangs! I'm Fornac and a newbie around here, but I'm trying to make myself heard... Would you be interested in taking part in another RPG (A Dark Threat from the North)? We need someone to be King Aragorn, and I noticed your writing is good.

Fornad slowly awoke, things blurring for a moment before he rubbed his eyes and sat up.
'Must have gone to sleep...,' he muttered to himself, before taking a sip of the now slightly tepid ale.
He then pulled himself up with a groan and walked around a bit the stretch out his legs, when he noticed someone new sitting at the polished oak bar. She wore a tattered grey cloak, and had black hair.
'Have you sung as of yet?' he asked. 'I didn't hear you.'
Eruheran slips behind the bar, and helps himself to another drink, and poured out another, offering it to Icefangs.

OOC: and while you're at it, join My RPG aswell? Elf Sticking Tounge Out Smilie
Eruherans 100th Post!

Eruheran jumps behind the bar and pulls out some wine.
"It is My 100th Post! [I know I double posted to do this but shut your face]" Eruheran shouts, spraying wine everywhere. Outside, It is Raining Confetti, and the Rivers run red with the blood of Eruheran's Enemies. The Drunken Hobbits start dancing on the tables, and Eruheran quickly finishes the 5 Bottles of Wine He stole, before shoving Rick Astley in the Record Player and shoving up a disco ball. Joe begins playing his lute to 'Never Gonna Give You Up' and a Dwarf begins dancing on the bar. The Bartender Looked up, realising Eruheran had caused a mess in the Bar, and pulls out his sword. The Party Quickly Ends.

[Note: I hate Rick Astley, and So Do You. Tongue Smilie ]
"Welcome Back, Icefangs!"

"But I have a few doors to replace so please excuse me. Grondy is not here at present and Sian is holding the position of Bartender. If you need anything please ask her."

With that Thorin left the inn and went to his forge where the doors were stored. He carried them one by one outside and used pulley which he had previously installed to hoist the doors to the rooms above the inn. Satisfied with his work so far, he took his tool box and went back in the Inn. Soon the sound of hammering could be heard as the dwarf worked to replace the old door.

"Don't worry folks," Thorin shouted from upstairs. "I'm soon done and there will be no more banging."

With that he took the old doors and threw them in the yard outside where he then went to chop them into small pieces for firewood. Satisfied and tired from his work he went back inside where he asked for a pint of Gimli's Finest (TM). Turning to Icefang he asked:

"How have you been? I remembered seeing you here once but the memory is vague. I hope you're here to stay."

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! I'm excited, had enough sleep, and too much sugar!!! I do apologize for taking so long to reply, but my computer is awol at the moment, and I'm having to make time for a computer lab at my uni XD I would love to RP some more, it would be my pleasure! Thank you both very much for asking! Just know that, as I said, I cannot get online as often as I'd like, so there will a few days or so inbetween my replies

Ice smiles at all the faces that are new to her, and glances about for familiar ones. Brushing a stray black hair behind her ear she looks at Fornac and grins saying, "I have indeed sang a song...I've long since forgotten what it was, but I did...prolly something to do with balloons..." her icy eyes momentarily rise to the ceiling, her mind occupied by thoughts of the past.

Taking the proffered drink from Eruheran she sips a bit and smiles, "Brew still just as good as I remember..."

Turning to Thorin as he returns, she replies, "I've been just lovely, thank you for asking. I do intend to stay awhile, as long as these folks here will have me."
I greeted you in the "What are you listening to?" thread. It's right after my cheesey post about music and the development of sentience. Hope you remember me! After all that I've done for you!
Forgotten indeed! Well, let m e tell you something about you and your entire generation! Never in my life have I ever seen such a privileged group squander away all their time and energy on such pointless whimsies, like facebook, and dental hygiene. Who cares if you're teeth fall out? That's discrimination, that is. And we WILL NOT have any of that in this inn, do you understand? The rules haven't changed, and you're still not an exception!"

(Ar-edain takes a moment to recover from his prematurely-becoming-a-grumpy-old-man moment, which are increasing in intensity and frequency.)

Ar-edain returns from the kitchen, with some soot stains on his face and a very stained cooking apron. "There are too many new posts for me to figure out whether or not the feast has begun or not, but the venison is done. Unless the feast is soon, someone is going to have to cast some kind of preservation charm on the venison to prevent it from spoiling, and the spell better not add any sodium! Not after all the work I'm going through to change my diet."
I couldn't forget you Ar!!!! We had so much fun wreaking havoc across the boards!!! and my teefies are in good health mind you! XD

Glancing up at the commotion from the kitchen, Ice's fanged grin once again spreads 'cross her face. "AR-EDAIN!!!!" She shrieks and leaps over the bar to wrap her friend in a hug. She halts about a foot from him and looks him up and down. "How've you been? And what by the nine have you been doing back there?" she adds.
"Oh, I've been fine," replies Ar-edain. "Been up to the usual. You know, cooking delicious smoked venison and driving the wraithness out of people. You know," pausing to brush some of the pretentiousness-dust off of his shoulder,"...normal stuff."
Beginning to seem less pompous, he adds, " And how are you? Still half-wolf, or whatever it was... Lupine, Lupus, a little loopy?"

Please pardon any grammar mistakes that I made in this or any other post.
Sian has had a refreshing rest and comes down the stairs to see Ice Fangs has joined the company and hear Ar-Edain say that the venison is done.

Well if the venison is done the who-beast should be ready too so lets get this feast going! Can everyone start moving the tables together? I'll get the plates!

Sian heads to the kitchen and takes plates from the cupboard and stacks them on the bar then puts a basket of cutlery by them. There's a salad with mushrooms and artichoke hearts in the fridge and bread ready to be sliced on the cutting board!
Fornad stood up, finishing his ale, then put the empty tankard on the bar and began to pull the old, battered oak tables together, their legs clattering over the stone floor. After a while they stretched in a rough line across the inn floor in a mimic of a banquet table. The Ranger then went into the kitchen, dodging past Sian, and he pulled down an old tablecloth that hadn't been used in a while from a rafter.
He returned to the main room, and threw the cloth over the tables. He stood back and admired his work, even though the tablecloth was too short by a foot at either end. He moved to the side to allow Sian to put down the plates.
Ice grinned her signature fanged grin, "Yup, still wolfy! And loopy is a disease with no cure!" she replied. "The venison you've been working so hard on smells delicious, I cannot wait!" she added, after tilting her head towards the kitchen and giving a sniff.

She stands back and watches as the ranger prepares the large table. She nods to herself and dashes into the kitchen grabs up a large knife. Delicately slicing the fresh-baked bread, she grabs the lovely-smelling salad and balances the bowl on her head. Taking the cutting board of bread out to the main room, she adds to the feast-table and tips her head, the salad bowl sliding off and dropping into her ready hands.

Placing it on the table as well, Ice stands back and looks to Ar-edain, her icy eyes twinkling. She smiles once more, saying, "Need any help with that venison friend?"
Fornad laid down the cutlery and plates as he walked around the table, then looked up around the room.
'A call to dinner for...,' he paused, counting heads, 'Thorin, Sian, Eruheran, Icefangs, and Ar-Edain! Come and eat!'
The Ranger slung himself tiredly down onto one of the chairs and waited for the others to join him.
I'm sorry I wasn't here to set the table, Fornac, I tried to post and the computer or our isp stumbled and I couldn't post. Plus I have the flu and not enough energy to stay online very long. Otherwise your idea sounds good to me!
Sian sees that the salad and bread are on the table and a huge platter of sliced venison steaks makes a beautiful centerpiece. She brings in serving forks and spoons and sits down by Fornac. Just as fast she jumps up again and shouts "I forgot the potatoes!" Running to the kitchen she returns with steaming bowls of mashed potatoes and candied yams.

How about wine? I found a few bottles of Old Winyards in a closet, does anyone want to try it? I propose a toast to Grond and his fine Inn!
And My Statue of him, Perfectly fitted to the Roof of the Inn.

Everyone Remembers, A Sudden Storm Starts. Eruheran reaches for the Wine Glass, and begins to pour it into his Glass.

I Will try the New Wine! For Gr...

He begins to raise the glass and there was a sudden crash of lightning, the Emerald Grondy and a few tiles fell through the roof. The Emerald Grondy smacked the floor, a corner of it hit a table and spun off, whacking Eruheran in the Stomach. Eruheran collapsed, before a another tile from the roof slide down onto his leg, breaking it. Eruheran Gasped, losing consciousness.
OOC: I thought it was a statue of you, not Grondy! It's more fitting, anyway.

Fornad leaped up with a curse. He'd heard the awful snap.
'Eruheran!' he said in shock. Then he ran to the injured man's side, and quickly lifted the heavy statue off Eruheran's leg.
'Someone get me something to dull the pain!' he shouted, rain pouring in from the hole in the roof. Fornad rolled up the cloth from Eruheran's hose, revealing the bent limb, and gritted his teeth in readiness of straightening it.
Sian hurried over and poured brandy and a sedative down Eruheren's throat and then put a rolled up towel between his teeth and held his shoulder's down.

What a storm! The statue smashed our table of food as well and the cat will get our feast. Hold still, Cheesy, Fornac will have your leg tended quickly. Where is Thorin? We'll need his help and maybe he can forge a crutch. We can make a bed out of several benches to put Cheesy in until he can hobble.
Fornac thanked Sian without looking up, then with a deep breath and a glance at Eruheran's pain-stricken face, set the bone straight with a swift movement. Eruheran gave a howl.
Maybe I should've waited longer for the sedative to take effect, he thought.
'That's done, then,' he said out loud, then stepped back out of the circle of freezing rain, his back soaking. 'Will someone board up the roof or something? Grondmaster won't be happy if he comes back to find his inn in a flood!'
He then ran to a store cupboard to find a small length of wood and a cloth for a splint. Finding a ragged cloth after pushing years of old junk out of the way on a shelf, and going to the woodpile near the back of the inn for the wood, he knelt down beside Eruheran's leg, laid the wood along it and wrapped the cloth around it several times. He finished with a quick knot.
'I've mended my men enough times in the wild to know how it's done,' he said as he hoisted Eruheran by the shoulders out of the rain, and laying him down carefully near the fire.
OOC: Slightly Edited my Injury. I now get hit in the stomach by the corner of the statue which had snapped off, I collapsed, Then tiles from the roof begin to slide down, catching my leg.

Eruheran Slowly Revived, noticing he was next to the fire. The Statue of Grondy was still in one piece, with the corner that hit Eruheran shattered on the floor in a puddle of the Wine, surrounded by Glass Shards. Eruheran sat up, Wincing, his stomach in pain from the Emerald slab hitting him.

Than... *Winces* Ouch.... Thank you. I Have some Ch’sorian Wine in my Bag, please help yourselves... *Winces Again* for my Thanks.
Fornad turned to the side on his chair to look at Eruheran. The hole in the roof had been patched up earlier by Sian, even though a few drops still fell into a bucket underneath every now and then.
'I'll gladly accept that offer, Eruheran,' he said, getting up and walking over to the injured man's bag. 'Is the sedative helping the pain?'
The wine that he pulled out of the bag was in an elegant earthenware jug, stoppered by a cork. He tugged the cork out, and took a smell.
'Ahhh...' he breathed, taking a clean glass from the bar and pouring the dark-red liquid out into it. Then he drank, savouring the wild, powerful flavour.
'I never knew that the Southrons made such good wine,' he remarked to Eruheran.
Eruheran Grins, then winces. He sniffs the wine from where he is sat.

The Pain is dying slightly. When I am fully recovered, I shall order more Wine as a gift to this Inn, if you like it. For a Price.
Fornad smiled.
'A gift for a price?' he replied. 'I haven't heard of that tradition before.'
He took another draught of wine and sat down in his chair, leaning back.
'Anyway, it'll take you a while to recover from that broken leg.' he said. 'Rest while you have an excuse to.'
I will.

Eruheran looked at the Bottle of wine, and begins to consider charging the Inn for his finest wine.

You can have a Months Worth for Free. If it is popular, I will choose how much it costs per week, and I want 25% of the Money you make for it. Or I shall use my growing Armies to the South to Attack this Village!

Eruheran slams his fist in anger on the table next to him, before wincing.
Sian is dusting herself off after mopping up the water on the floor.

I'm glad your leg will mend, Cheesey. This will slow down your campaign, though. Anyway, since our dinner got wrecked is there something else you'd like me to whip up to eat? There's plenty of eggs in the kitchen, how about scrambled eggs and hash browns?
A red-haired elven woman dressed in shades of blue-green stoops through the door. Her hair has grown much longer since she last entered this inn, and is braided now, and she now sports spectacles as well. She looks around. My, it seems like there's been some sort of ruckus recently. And I don't see Grondy. She cocks her head thoughtfully. I suppose I better sing again, to be safe. She checks to make sure the sign is still in its old place. At least the rule is still here, even if it seems to be under different management, at least at the moment...

She smiled and moved to the stage. She did not bother with accompaniment, but her voice was clear and strong as she sang the song she had made up for the inn so long ago.

"My first is the last in back and in Took
And part of the difference twixt left and forsook.
My next is the first of both haddock and hook,
My third is but one ere the first that’s in book.
My fourth’s at the end, the last of them all,
The fifth is the third, for those that recall.
For the sixth and the seventh, the same letter call,
Starting dizzy and drunk, this one’s not hard at all!
For the eighth, here’s an answer, and not just a clue:
When you’re all by yourself, there’s no one but you.
Next is a letter that helps cows go moo
Though they don’t meow or mumble, you’ll find it there, too!
I am the tenth letter, don’t look for me
I can’t be seen, for an I’s how you see.
My eleventh is neither in foul nor in free,
Gollum uses this one a lot, you’ll agree.
My twelfth is its own self divided by six,
My thirteenth the tenth one thrown into the mix.
My last are both second when you’re 'in a fix'
And at the 'n'd of where I get my kicks.
When you solve this riddle, you’ll have in your hand
The name of the inn that will never be bland.
So if you walk alone or roam in a band
Make your way to this tavern, the best in the land!"

(I see a couple familiar usernames in the last few pages, but I figured I was better off introducing myself a second time, since my original introduction was, I think, five real life years ago, and I haven't been on P-T in any serious capacity for at least two.)
The return of Eva lilith as well as the return of Icefangs a few weeks ago! I'm Fornac, fairly new, but I know your name from the old Khazad-dumish pages. Did you lose your old password?

Fornad clapped in appreciation.
'That was an interesting song!' he said. 'Have I got it right that the lines spell out the Khazad-dumish Inn?'
(I'm glad to hear you read the old pages. Happy Elf Smilie No, I only used a couple different passwords back then, so I managed to remember it.)

Eva smiles. "Yes, that's right. Though I think the end gives it away- definitely the best in the land, right?" She steps off the stage. "I am Eva Lilith. I do not recall you from among the inn's patrons when I was here last... What is your name?" She glances up at the ceiling. "And do you know what's been going on? The inn looks a bit worse for the wear..."
In amidst the song the red-haired elven woman sang, Ice returns from somewhere upstairs, her gloved hand held gingerly to her skull. Dried blood is stuck to her face, and what might be the remains of dried drool on her chin. She glances round the inn, notices the patched roof and the the glimmering statue.

"Did I miss the party...?" she asks quietly to herself as she stumbles down the stairs. The wounded cheesey one sits by the fire. Without realizing it, she has followed the scent of the wine."Lovely wine..." she murmurs, then turns to Eva Lilith. "I am Icefangs, Icey or Ice, if you like," she says to the woman. "Your song was lovely dear," she adds with a pained smile. "It seems as this is the time when old faces will reappear here..." she whispers softly, almost wistfully, as if she hopes a certain someone will return...

"Anyway, 'tis a pleasure to meet you!" Ice continues.
Eva looks worriedly at Ice. "...Ice, we've met before... I will chalk your lack of recognition to my changed appearance and that lump on your head. Are you all right?"
Ice, try near the top of page 44, as a random example. You and your cat seemed to know Eva Lilith well enough then.
As everyone Talks, there was a sudden groan from the Fire-place. Eruheran* sat up, wincing in pain.

Lilith... I saw your name when I flicked through the pages before I joined this thread... the same time I saw teh Icey one. *Winces* Take some of my wine, as a gift...

Eruheran picks up his glass of wine, which is now half empty, and slid it down the table for Eva.

*= A New dude, He was a Nazgul, His ring got broken by Ar-Edain, then he revealed in a dramatic fashion he owned a small kingdom in the North of Harad, so he set out to reclaim it. Some time Later he returned from his quest, and built a statue of Grondy. Then there was a storm, the statue fell down, hit a table, a corner hit and injured him and then he told Fornac to get his wine. Or did you read of that when you were catching up?
(Yeah, I saw most of that Smile Smilie But Eva doesn't know all that.)

Eva glances over at Eruheran and her eyes widen further. "Goodness, what has been going on here? Is everyone wounded?"
Thorin, barely noticeable in his corner, came into the light and lookes at Eva.

"That was a nice song! But I seem to remember having seen you here before," He said scratching his head. "Or maybe it's the ale?"
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