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Thread: The Khazad-dumish Inn.. Please watch your head coming through the door.

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"Never too late My Ladyships; however, before we can offer you any libation, you must act upon Gimli's Rule posted at the beginning of this thread. Though you're both welcome to sit by the fire and warm yourselves or order some food while preparing for your performances.

In case you are having any difficulty determining what your presentations might be, feel free to browse the contributions of our other customers." Happy Elf Smilie
Laurel scurried over to the new patrons. "Welcome to the finest inn around! Don't mind Grondmaster, he's mighty fussy 'bout those old rules. Why, the last poor soul who didn't mind 'em and sing wound up followin' Amarie's travelling menagerie around, cleanin' up after the various creatures she keeps...sordid job, that. Anyhow, here's these...they'll do to warm ya until stronger stuff is afforded you." She slyly passed some Spicy Orc Knuckles to the new guests, then wandered off to see why everyone was so quiet.
Eruwen was a bit taken aback. "Sing?" She glanced around her at the patrons of the Inn. Sticking out her bottom lip, she blew the wisps of sun-kissed hair out of her face. "Well, I suppose I can give it a try. I'm really not much of a singer, but I am one who understands that rules are rules." She searched her brain for songs from her childhood or songs she heard from the trees, but nothing came to mind. She finally decided that making something up on the spot was the best she could do. "I don't really know anything light and happy," she said before beginning her tale in a soft, unsure voice:

As she walked to the ocean's edge,
gritting the sand in her teeth,
she asked Fate where to go,
and was torn from the shore like a leaf.

She clutched her few belongings,
and challenged the spirited sea.
She set sail on the first ship out,
believing it to be destiny.

The sea air filled her nostrils.
The salt water coated her lips.
The sun shone on her face.
Her soul was lulled by the rolling ship.

As the stars started to shine,
she realized the sea was too calm.
Then thick clouds darkened the sky,
and all was not well for long.

Terror was in the eye of every man.
The air was still, the waiting hard.
Then the thundering anger of the sky
tore the weary heavens apart.

The wind whirled and toiled.
The water tossed and brewed.
The sails were torn and broken.
The ship was ripped in two.

The wood splintered around her.
She clung on to what remained.
The waves pulled at her body.
She dug her hands into the grain.

Once all was calm again,
and the wind blew away the threat,
attempting to regain her wits,
she lifted her head from the battered deck.

She looked about and began to drown
in the presence of myriad stars.
Her head spinning, she closed her eyes,
and cried out to Fate from afar.

She glanced back toward the sky.
Through her tears, she saw a faint glow.
A light appeared from the heavens.
It beckoned to her to follow.

Her heart finally felt settled.
No more wandering alone.
She had a guide for which to search,
he embodied half of her soul.

Eruwen quickly sat down at the table nearest to her. "Now may I have warm drink, sir?" She hung her head in embarrassment with thoughts of lost love on her mind.

Yay! 200th post! Woo hoo! Pary Smilie
Congrats Eruwen!

Lightfoot's eyes widened, then she smiled to Laurel.
"It's not a problem to sing a song. My songs aren't so long though.."
She smiled and cleared her throat, then began:

There once was a land very far away,
Where now only deer stray,
Once the silver horns did cry,
Nearly shattering the sky.

The city was an awing sight,
Gleaming through the dead of night,
One sad night, she was seen by invaders,
And thusly marched the vicious crusaders.

The city was not prepared,
Not a citizen was to be spared,
The enemy killed them all,
And conquered the splendid hall.

She soon crumbled to the ground,
Enemies gone, not to be found,
None are there save the deer,
Which in the wind, ghost horns they hear.
Well sang My Ladies!

Here's a tankard of Gimli's finest with a shot of brandy on the side for each of you. If that doesn't warm you up, I can bring you some spicy mulled wine or a double hazel nut mocha grande with whipped cream.
HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!" guffawed the weirdo Dwarf, who had recovered from the drunken daze she was in previously. "MY SONG WAS BETTER AND I EVEN MANAGED TO SNEAK INTO THE INN WITHOUT ANYONE MAKING ME SING!!! I DID IT VOLUNTARIlY LONG AFTER MY ENTRANCE AND IT WAS - hic - BETTER!!!!!! IT WAS!!!! IT WAS ABOUT BEER!!!!!!!" And she prepared to sing it, but many peoople hushed her up and protested, so she didn't. "DDDWWWAAARRRVVVEEENNN ALE!!!!!" GIVE ME SOME DDDWWWAAARRRVVVEEEN ALE!!!" Suddenly she quietened down. "I remember the first ale I had. I was two. I nearly died. But I kept the bottle. I loved that bottle. Loved it like a brother. And to this day I keep it close to me heart." And she took out a rusty old bottle. "DDDWWWAAARRRVVVEEENNN ALE!!!" she screamed, and promptly broke it over her head. "Some friend you are..." she said, and toppled to the ground. Everyone was relieved.
Rhapsody awoke from her nap and stared at the Dwarf who bragged about her deeds. She had sung her song a while ago, got her ale and stared with anticipation in the direction of Loni. But then, oh well. The Inn was warm and comfortable, the ale was good, so why on earth would she ask such a thing. But then again... she had never heard a dwarf sing. It could be interesting.
Lightfoot sat down quietly and began sipping her drink. Her face twisted up at the first sip, so she just let it stay on the table. She glanced around and watched the others. This was an interesting, new experience to her, especially the dwarf...
Etharion was silent for quite a while now. He broke his silence only to ask Grondy to refill his cup.
While Grondy was down in the cellar wrestling with a new keg of ale for the bar, he fell asleep and just now woke up. 'Here you go Etharion; and a plate of Spicy Orc Knuckles to boot. Enjoy!'
"Ah. Thank you my good friend." he took the eatables and fell silent again.
Some one brought in an iced (and therefore unspoiled) watcher arm with tentacles and suction cupsstill attached; so I cleaned, sliced, battered, and deep fried us up some delicous French-fried Watcher Rings. Here's the first platter of them; any takers?

And while I'm available, anyone need a refill?
Raises her tankard in silence but with a very charming smile Wink Smilie
Eruwen thought the Watcher Rings sounded wonderful. Just what she needed to go along with her drink. "Excuse me, sir. I'll have a plate of those!" She glanced around to see if anyone wanted to share her table with her.
Lightfoot went over and sat at Eruwen's table.
"I'll have a plate also, thanks."
She then turned and looked Eruwen over.
"Hm...nice song before Lady Eruwen. You put much heart into it. My compliments."
"Here ya go ladies, two plates of Watcher Rings." From what I remember of my three trips to southern Spain, calamari tastes sort of like chicken, once you can forget about the creature from whence it comes.

"And pass your tankard and glasses here, and I'll top'em off for ya."
Laurel had been quite busy of late; she preferred to do winter cleaning rather than spring cleaning, so she had gone all throughout the Inn, scrubbing floors and washing linens and airing musty rooms that had not seen a guest in a long while. She emerged from the murky depths of the inn, whistling an old tune merrily. "Mr. Grondy, Sir, I found the oddest thing in one of the old hobbit rooms looks like some sorta journal or something. Is it yours, Sir?" She tossed the journal to Grondmaster and went to cater to the guests. Seeing new faces, she made her rounds, introducing herself and passing out some of the Watcher Rings. "Now where in Middle Earth did that Amarie and that Stonehelm get to? I'm sure they would like some rings..." She tripped over Loni and regained her composure. "Sorry, Miss Dwarf."
"Hm? Yes, ms Laurel? Ooooo watcher rings!" At the mentioning of her name, Amarie looked up from her game of solitare with 34 decks of cards, a light version of what elves usually played. Living forever gives you plenty of time to kill. She had found a table in a corner in an attempt to avoid having the cards blown off the table by the draft from the door.
"There ya go, Amarie. Didn't see you in the corner playing your tricksy card game. Need any ale to aide your playing and wash down those rings?"

LOL! I love the 34-deck card game, Amarie!!! I'd love to see someone try to do that, elf or no!
Eruwen smiled at the newcomer to her table. "Thank you," she said shyly. She took a bite of the Watcher Rings. Hmmm...tastes like chicken she thought to herself. "Your song was rather sad as well. Unfortunately, what you speak of happens too often." She slowly sipped her drink and watched the liquid slide back down the inside of the glass. She glanced around at the loud dwarf, greeted the hardworking barmaid and turned back to the new guest. "So...what's your name, Ranger?"
Lightfoot took a bite of her food and nodded along slightly.
"Yes, unfortunately it does. And I am Lightfoot, Lady Eruwen. Pleasure to make your aquaintence."
LOL! I love the 34-deck card game, Amarie!!! I'd love to see someone try to do that, elf or no!
Hehehe, I suspect you would need a large table, a lot of time and huuuge hands to play it. Wink Smilie

"An ale would be nice, yes. Thank you ms Laurel." Amari’ puts the pile of cards down. "I don't think I will win this game, i only have 379 or so cards left and it doesn't look good. Maybe I should let i be for a while and go geet the newcomers. They look a bit depressed." Amari’ steps over Loni, walks around a few drunks and arrives safely by Eruwen and Adreias table. She makes a polite bow.

"Greetings ladies. My name is Amari’, you many have noticed the big wagon outside? I make my living by training and selling or renting out all sorts of strange beasts and creatures. I have chosen this place as a base of operation, mostly because of the strange and amusing types of people that comes by. Highly entertaining! You two seems oddly normal though, may I ask what brings you by these parts of the land?"
But before they could answer Amarie, the doors of the inn flew open and then closed behind a fair stranger. All eyes turned towards the door to get a better look at the intruder. But then intruder had his eyes searching for something else. His face clearly showed that he was worried and was in great haste.

His eyes rested on Amarie, he gave a sigh of relief, went upto her and whispered in her ear, "Sis, you better come out to the wagon. The creatures are going berserk and I'm not being able to control them. And moreover," his voiced lowered more, "I have a bad feeling about this."
"You fed the balrog chilly peppers and unpopped pop corn, didn't you? You know what that does to his tummy! No wonder the others are going beserk!" Amari’ sighs. "Men! And even worse: Younger brothers! Nothing but trouble, why did I let mom talk me into letting him work for me? Sure he is good at dealing with orcs, but honestly... Forgive me ladies, I will be back shortly." Then she hurries out the door.
Eruwen, a bit unsettled by all the stimulation, downed her drink in one swig. Normal, she thought to herself, what is normalcy really? "Pleasure to meet you, Lightfoot." She looked over at the front door and window where flashes of light were blinding the patrons of the Inn. The front door bowed inward a bit and the glass was clouded over from what seemed to be the breathing of a very large animal. Eruwen stood up, remorseful that her evening of moping did not seem to be amounting to the reflection she longed for, but then again, that's all she ever did since she only wandered on her own. She quickly removed her sword from the scabbard strapped to her back and walked toward the door.
"Excuse me Lady Eruwen," whispered Grondy from under a table near the door as she approached, "but before you exterminate any of Amarie's stock, please make sure she needs your help. I'd hate to think a minor misunderstanding caused her financial hardship. Besides, I think she likes you," he concluded with a wink.
Eruwen leaned in to listen to the Master of the Inn. "Don't worry, sir," she said as she placed a hand softly on his shoulder. "I certainly would never kill any of Am’rie’s animals...or, uh, livestock... without her express permission." She glanced toward the door, which now seemed to breathe on its own. "I'm just planning on taking a little peek outside to make sure everyone is okay. After all, there does seem to be quite the ruckus outside. Thanks for the warning though." And with that she straightened up and slowly opened the door just a crack, just enough to see what was taking place outside.
Rhapsody listened to all the strange tales about creatures and wondered where the ranger Lightfoot was stationed before. Surely she was not around from her area she recently patrolled. Satisfied with her dark and gloomy corner she leaned back and enjoyed all the tales that were told to those who were willing to listen.
Lightfoot looked around boredly. She glanced to Rhapsody for a moment, then looked outside. She missed Gondor so much...everything about it. She sighed some and rubbed her forehead lightly.
ok go back a page and look closely at he last 3 posts (not including mine) and tell me if i'm losing my mind...
Turin, if you are talking about the discontinuity in the posts from the previous storyline, chill, its a RPG and in an RPG you write about your character only. So sadly, it doesn't turn out to be a smooth story. And that's why I don't like RPG's!
RPGs are usually all about oh I am such a super hero with eyes that look like the sea seen from the moon with drops of liquid moon beams. This is just for fun and sillyness. You should try and read more pages of this thread to get the feel of it, and if you are lucky you will find a post or two of Halo Black. She is hybernating in the ceiling somewhere I belive. This tread is great. Sing a song and have a drink. Smile Smilie

After a lot of noise and flashes of light, things calm down and a black figure comes walking. As it comes closer you can see that it is a slightly burned Amarie coverd in soot and ash. She strolls past Eruwen, nods a hello and finds Grondy still hiding under the table. "Excuse me master dwarf. No need to hide anymore. Balrog is sleeping quietly, he only needed to burp a little. A little loud perhaps. But now I am making black footprints on Laurels clean floors, could you arrange a bath for me perhaps? I would have used the water spirits, but they had to do their best to keep the stables and wagon and, well everything, from going up in flames, they are quite tired now."

Then she scans the room for her brother and points her finger at him as only a commanding big sister can. "And YOU are going to round up the wargs and the unicorns again. NOW!" Then she sighs. "Brothers..."
Eruwen looked at Amari’ with amazement and coughed a bit as the soot floated off of Amari’ and into her own face. She slid her sword back into its scabbard and actually found herself laughing at the whole situation, something she had not done for quite sometime. She had never seen anything like it. She shook her head and made her way back to the table at which Lightfoot was sat. "Well, that was quite interesting. Was it not?" She asked for another round of drinks for herself and Lightfoot. "Where are you from, Lady Lightfoot?" she asked as she bit into a Watcher Ring, felt a great burden lifting, and actually began to enjoy herself and the characters around her.
"Aye Amari’, you may use one of our private washrooms. Just ask the dragonkin to heat some water for you and after she leaves, be sure to bar the door so you don't embarass any wandering inebriates. Elf Winking Smilie Bubbley bath, soap, scrapers, oils, and towels can be found on the stand beside the tub. If you want to use our sauna, it is across the hall from the washrooms, but you will have to ask the dragonkin to heat the stones for you.

If you desire a drink while in the sauna, ring the bell and Laurel will knock and serve you through the small window box which acts as a steam-lock (similar to those that will have been designed for spaceship air-locks’I got the idea from E’rendil's Vingilot.)"
Don't wonder about the disappearance of Amarie's oh-not-so-"little" brother. I had a cameo role in this RPG. Enjoy!
You were only casuing trouble anyway, little brother. Wink Smilie But it was nice having you here.
Amari’ sighed happily. "A bubble bath! Oh how delightful! But I think the sauna will have to wait, I have had enough of heat and fumes for one day, but I will keep it in mind."

She stands still for a moment, listening. "I hear my brother has brought back the wargs. Goody, then I can rest." She leans over and whispers to Grondy. "How long do you think it will take before he realizes that I never had any unicorns? That'll teach him to mess with my darling creatures. But if he does bring back a unicorn, that would be great." Amari’ hums happily as she makes her way to the washroom, leaving a trail of soot as she walks.

Turin, if you are talking about the discontinuity in the posts from the previous storyline, chill, its a RPG and in an RPG you write about your character only. So sadly, it doesn't turn out to be a smooth story. And that's why I don't like RPG's!

Actually that wasn't even close to what i was thinking, look closer buddy... look at the dates of the posts...
Lol, time travel! Right here in our own forum. Must be a time sone thing, but it sure looks funny. Wink Smilie
If you go back and edit your post to correct a spelling error or something (please don't do this to make the following poster's comments look stupid) the date will change to when you made the edit.

'Now then, I've got some lovely pig weed, sting nettles, poison oak, and poison ivy greens; anyone care to partake in a fresh salad with red onions, black olives, and an oil and citron juice dressing?"
Lightfoot nodded slightly, tipping her chair back onto two legs while crossing her feet up on the table.
"Indeed that was interesting. And I am from Gondor...please, my title is not Lady. And where are you from, Lady Eruwen?"
"Well, no need to call me 'Lady' then. 'Your highness' will do just fine." Eruwen paused a moment for Lightfoot's reaction and then said, "No, no, no. Not really." She smiled. "Please, just call me Eruwen." She wiped her hands on her pants before offering one in greeting. "Gondor, eh? I'm not very well acquainted with it. I'm from Mirkwood actually." She looked around the Inn and saw a square for playing darts in the far corner. "Hey, do you play darts, Lady...I mean Lightfoot?" She looked around to see who would be interested in holding the target for them.
The drunken dwarf blundered past and spilt ale all over them both. "DWWWWAAAARVEEEEN ALEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" and prompted fainted. Right on their toes.
Lightfoot blinked some, wiping ale from her eyes. She looked down at the dwarf, picking her up with one hand. She shook Eruwen's hand with the other.
"Aye, Gondor...the best realm in Middle-earth, if you ask me. Mirkwood's not so bad though. Wow, dwarves sure have a lot of energy..."
Lightfoot set the dwarf down in a nedarby chair, then glanced to Eruwen.
"Tell me about yourself...Eruwen."
Grondy hustled out with some wet and dry towels which he handed to the Lady and Lightfoot to clean the spew from themselves. "Sorry about that," he said, "she hasn't yet been house-broken. If one of you would deem to do the job, the rest our clientele would be quite appreciative," he added with a wink. "Can I get you anything else, a refill perhaps, it'll be on the house?"
The dwarf got up. "WHO'S NOT HOUSEBROKEN??? DWWAAAARVEEEEN AAALEEE!!!!!" And she promptly lay underneath the ale barrel and turned on the tap. "EURGH!!!! MIRKWOOD AND GONDORIAN ALE MIXED TOGETHER!!!!" and went to the next barrel. Actually the first barrel was the dwarven ale.
Eruwen thanked the Master of the Inn for the towels and said that a refill would be greatly appreciated. "In need of housebreaking, eh?" It was then that an idea popped into her head. She laughed with a bit of annoyance at the dwarf, picked her up by her collar and started dragging her to the dart square. She motioned to Lightfoot to follow, "Would you like to play? This dwarf can serve as our target keeper." She then remembered Lightfoot's question, "Oh, and not much to tell about me really," she said as she propped the dwarf against the wall. "Let's just say I'm no longer welcomed in the Halls of Thranduil." With that said, she winked at Lightfoot. "How about you?" she asked, and then she turned and pointed a dart at the dwarf.
Lightfoot snickered slightly, keeping a dart in hand.
"Not much about me either. I'm just a Ranger from Gondor."
She smiled, watching Eruwen, at least a head and a half above her.
Psssst. Our guidelines say that in RPGs you cannot move or speak for anyone except your own character(s) unless the other person agrees. Just a wee reminder.

Amarie came from her refreshing bath, clean and humming happily. She heads over to the bar to order a drink. "Hello Laurel, a 'Balrog on the beach' please." She leans on the counter while waiting and glances over at Eruwen and Lightfoot. "I guess they never heard the expression 'let sleeping dwarves lie', huh Laurel?" she says with a grin.
Ah, yes, yes, ty Amarie Smile Smilie

Lightfoot let the dart fall from her hands as she looked at the dwarf.
"Are you sure we should be doing this, Eruwen?It doesn't seem right.."
I'm not in this RPG, but I was reading it for the first time, and Loni is cracking me up!
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