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Thread: The Khazad-dumish Inn.. Please watch your head coming through the door.

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Loss caught the bag, and taken a slow breath as the smell of the pipeweed rushed up his nose. Then looked at Fionwe and said, "Thank you my friend, allow me to introduce myself, for we have not met before, I am Loss, and I came in here not so long ago, but I plan to stay a while" then bowed his head slightly towards him. While he was waiting for an answer from Fionwe, Loss called to Grondy, "I should like to repay the favour of sharing pipeweed, please come and sit with me."
"Orc Hunter..." a singsong voice found its way into everyone's ears.
The Cloveress had returned. She wiped a hand across her eyes. "It's been a long night. I never knew sleeping could be this tiring." She looked around nonchalantly. "Prithee now, I need food."
"I'd be happy to join you Loss, just as I get Miss Cloveress's breakfast settled."

"With what would you care to break your fast, Miss Cloveress? A little leaf lettuce? A petite portion of porridge? A half a roast rabbit? A pitance of potroast? Or something else?"
Laure drifts in and asks quietly for something hot to help chase off a threatening headache and the chill. (it has begun to snow softly outside) She carefully flips a chair upside-down and perches on it. She shakes out her wings, sending off a shower of half-melted snow.
"Nice plumage there Laurelome. I can offer you hot chocolate, hot tea, hot coffee, mulled wine, and hot buttered rum; so name your poison, as it were?"

(OOC edit: I had confused this Laurel (Laurelome) with a friend of old, Laurelindhe ilmarin who is an Elf from Bereriand and her current avatar is a stained class window. Obviously this Laurel is a Great Eagle and I should use her full name as the honor of her species demands. So I changed my above post to suit seeing as no one has spoken to it as of this time.
"It is a pleasure to meet you, Losse," Fionw’ said. "Where do you go when you are not at the inn, or do you just sort of wander from place to place like myself?"
"Likewise, although Losse would be incorrect, Loss is fine. For myself, I do enjoy adventure, so I do wander although not in the sense that I just decide to go North and whatever comes may come. I hear from differet Inns and settlements of places that I have not yet been, my last journey ended when I arrived at Ithilien and stayed with some of the Gondorians for a time. They told me of this place, so I suppose that my last journey was to arrive here. I must say, it is a very grand place" and lifted his small glass of Port towards Grondy, "I will stay here for a while perhaps, and if I soon hear of another place of interest I may venture there as I have done here." Taking his pipe, Loss filled it again, and gestured to Grondy, if he would sit and smoke once more.
Grondy nodded to loss and while Laurel was perusing the hot drinks menu, decided to take up Loss's offer. "Thanks for the pipeweed Loss, it has a nice full bodied fragrance without too much of a bite. Where was it grown?" As he stretched out on his chair he said, "All that standing up is getting tiresome for these old legs of mine," and he took a couple puffs on his pipe and blew a shapely dodecahedron, "Cool."

"How you doing Fionw’, need a refill?"
"Oh I think I'll just have a drink. As always, just bring whatever special there is at the long as it's not something gruesome like Dwarf Toenail Mix..." The Cloveress stretched lazily, "Nice to see you all again...been a long time, hasn't it?"
Looking at his glass, he replied, "No, I'm fine. How are you Cloveress? Been up to anything lately, or have you been waiting to play a prank on myself?

(I've started drivers' ed, it's really fun.)
Oh, dear....You have hot chocolate? Hot Chocolate it definately is, then. With a dash of cinnamon, please.
Laurelome proceeds to investigate the room, noting the wolf pup, and the scent of young warg drifting about. She preens her golden feathers. *shivers at the thought of snow-wet feathers*
After filling his pipe, Loss lent back and looked over to the newly awakened Cloveress and thought of saying hello but decided not to, until she is fully awake he might say hello. Then, taking a slow long breath on his pipe, Loss said to Grondy, "I only wish I could grow pipeweed myself, I am too busy on journeys to keep up the care of the pipeweed, nay, Fionwe has kindly given me this batch, and it was from the Beornings, and I agree, a nice taste, I have not had the Beornings weed for a while now, but a good smoke nonetheless". Then looking on to Fionwe, Loss called to him, "Please join us sir, I would not want this gift from the Beornings to run out before the original recipient has chance to use it." Than blew an awkward triangle, and shook his head in slight shame at his poor attempt.
Reaching into his satchel, in reply to Loss's request Fionw’ replied, "Thank you, I think I will," pulling out his pipe. He looked at it saying, "It's been a long time since I've had a good smoke." He filled his pipe, lit it, took a long whiff and blew a perfect circle.
"I still have the touch it seems."
Looking at Loss, he asked, "So, where are you from originally?"
Grondy laying his pipe aside for the moment mixed a mug of hot chocolate for Laurel, who appeared to by drying out. "Here you go your highness. If you would rather it was served in a wider mouthed container, let me know; my experience serving Eagles is rather lacking."

Retrieving his pipe, relighting it, and taking a couple puffs Smoke Smilie said, "I've a little extra room in the Inn's kitchen garden where we could plant a row of pipeweed Loss, if we could obtain some seed or seedlings. I haven't the patience to work with cuttings or graftings though. From these statements you should guess I know nothing about the cultivation of pipeweed."
Thinking back to his roots, Loss scratched his head and said to Fionwe, "I came to this world up in the North Kingdom of Arnor, although I have elven-heritage." Then moved his shoulder-length blonde hair to expose his pointed ears. "I spent many many years with the D’nedain, and as I grew, I developed my love for travelling. So, departing from my homeland, I went wherever I heard would be a good opportunity to learn different cultures. It led me here. But where do you hail from Fionwe???"

Turning to Grondy, and sucked on his pipe, Loss let out a sudden cry as he remembered something, and delved into his bag. "I take around with me always a journal with notes and general things about each place I travel to, and I remember writing some things down about pipeweed when I stayed at a section of The Shire, please take a look at it, I draw some things I see, not very good but they remind me" then Loss found the correct part of his journal and handed it to Grondy. Then leaned back and blew a perfect square, "been a long time since I blew one that good" and content was in his smile.
"Thanks Loss, I think with this information I could grow pipeweed, were I to find the seeds and were Eru to provide the proper weather. Would you mind if I borrow your journal tonight long enough to copy out that section about pipewood; I'll give it back in the morning?"

"Ooooo! What a perfect smoke square; that must have taken lots of practice."
"No, no, my dear friend," said the Cloveress hastily, nibbling on a piece of lettuce that happened to be on Fionwe's plate. "No tricks this time around. No tricks at all." She finished the lettuce and hopped to Losse's shoulder, winking at him. "It's a little hard to be jumpy and tricksy when you've just woken up from a month-long sleep. But anyways, tell us all about your adventures?"
Replying to Loss, Fionw’ said "I hail from the Grey Havens, though I am not an elf. I am of the race of Numenor; my ancestors were among the first to settle on Middle-earth, and so were not caught in the shadow that engulfed Numenor. That accounts for my longevity, for this Ring that I wear does not have that quality. I was born in the Havens an orphan, and raised by Cirdan like I was his own son, for which I am grateful, being among the few that he allowed to look in the Stone. I am the only man alive today to have looked upon the Blessed Realm. When I was twenty, I told Cirdan of my desire to travel, and he outfitted me with this armour that I wear now and my large elven sword, forged in Gondolin in the days of it's glory, both made of mithril. I spent another twenty years in Imladris, learning even more, 'til I set out on my wanderings. I've travelled to many places, fought many battles in many wars; I have travelled into Mordor, and through Nurn, into lands far to the east, where even of Mordor only stories and rumors are told. I have always tried to keep the peace between the races of men, somtimes succeeding, more often failing. But even my failure has never been wasted, I have learned much that could not have been learned without going to those places. And I have a long time yet to live."
He stopped, having told enough, and took a few more whiffs of his pipe.
(You know what we need: a bunch of new faces, or in this case avatars Ha Ha Ha Smilie , to liven things up a bit. Some new members. This is myself speaking, not my character.)
Or more of the old ones. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie someday soon i might actually manage a real post... yay college

Eva stood listening to the stories while trying to coax the wolf puppy over with some kitchen scraps.
Aurora ran over to Eva, and started licking her face...
"Of course you may take it, copy other things if you wish, there are many pages of notes and sketches of many other things. I plan on making copies of my journal and leaving them at my favourite places that have libraries, then forever be kept there for inquisitive minds. I'm sure that Fionwe has some seeds for pipweed, or I may have something, you never know what I may have in my bag" and taken a puff and looked to Cloveress who had jumped over to him. Loss looked up at her, and said, "Greetings, I am Loss, I hope that you have fully awoken from your sleep. Oh, I will put out my pipe if you do not wish to be in the fumes, I think it rude when ones who do not smoke should breathe in the fumes of ones that do." Then replyed to the request of an adventure, " I have many tales, and have been to many places, name a place and I can relate what I know, maybe in one of my first journals I can relate something that I can just about remember, there are alot of things to remember". Then made the action of putting out his pipe, but wavered until Cloveress answered.
"Thanks Loss, I'll do that.

If our pipeweed smoke bugs you Cloveress, we can damp the fires in our pipes so you can breath again.

Tell us a story about Travels up the Greenway to Fornost Loss."
And at that moment Etharion entered the inn. As he went straight to the bar, he looked rather weary. He sat down on a stool and rubbed his eyes. Not looking up he asked loudly "Master dwarf, are there any free rooms for rent?"
"Well now, Master Elf, that depends what you mean by free. We do have a few rooms for singles that are still unspoken for, at only three coppers per night; or we have the common sleeping room on the third floor for only one copper per night. If you can't afford that, we do allow those of good character to kip in the loft over our stable at no charge, as long as they refrain from smoking or cooking their meals up there. And of course, for the price of a drink and can stand the noise, you can sleep in here at a table, until I close the Inn for the night. Would any of those suit you?"

"Aaaah yes Fornost, near to my birthplace, my birth was a long time ago, extremely long to men. Anyway, when the Witch-King and his armies attacked there a long long time ago, I was there, although I had to run three miles or more to get to the battle lines, we put up a good fight but we were pushed back and we lost the Capital of the D’nedain, I managed to hold the last line, but to no avail. I lost a good friend on that day, he was shot by many arrows" Loss looked down for a second remembering that day and sighed, then continued, "I picked him up over my shoulders and ran as fast as I could when I saw him sat against a pillar, the last lines were broken and we were retreating, I ran and ran, although I met a few foes as I retreated, I had one arm free and the damned orc cut me ever so slightly across my left cheek" then lifted his hair to expose the slight line. "I tryed my best to fend the rat off, but he won over me, I was almost my life then, but my good friend came to and managed to stick his sword out, I noticed it above my head and so I ran towards the vermin and he was hewn to the ground. But my friend died as he left the sword in the orc's chest. After that, I escaped and tryed my best to hold any battle lines that could be made with the little troops that we had had. I made my friend proud on that day, as many enemies were slain." Then lifted his glass and nodded quickly. Then Loss realised that he had been babbling on for a while, he looked around to see if anyone had been listening, then taken a small puff to try and keep the slight embarrassment to a minimum.
Laure wandered over to Eva lillith with the mug of chocolate balanced in the crook of one wing.
"May I join you?" Laure teases the wolf pup idly with a feather as she introduces herself to Eva.
"I am Laurelome, which means 'golden echo' in the elven tongue. I am wand'ring now, following where the winds may blow me, as many eagles do before thier majority. I have been to many fair places and seen many strange things..."

figured you'd be the best one to approach, so i'm not leaving enyone else hanging...yay college!
Wow! Loss, I didn't know you were that old; memories like that can be painful unless you can tell the story with a few embellishments. I like the bit where you used your late friend's sword as a lance to get out of that predicament.
The Cloveress was quite pleased that the pipe had been put out. Smoke. It was disgusting, and it reminded her of the Orcs. "You guys all lead such interesting lives," she commented. "Next time you go to Fornost, please remember to get me some of those wonderful flowers you have there. I absolutely adore them."
"Yes master dwarf...Grondy. A single room shall sufice." he said sliding a single gold pieace on the shank. "For the week. And could i get some warm soup now? Or anything nurishing.." he said wearily rubbing his eyes. His left shoulder seemed to bandaged heavily, as some of the white bandage showed from under his heavy,shabby dark blue cloak.
Fionw’ emptied his pipe and started cleaning it, saying "Grondy, do you have something I can give to the wargs in the way of food, I forgot to feed them. Any simple food other than meat will work."
Suddenly remembering something, he said "Oh, and I need something with which to turn the food into a mush, they're too young yet to be able to chew food, not having teeth yet."

yay college

(What are you studying to be?)
Suddenly the door bursts open, and Ice saunters inside, the bowl she had been feeding Selen milk from under her arm, and the small bag of ice she had put on the kitten's head in her other hand. Skipping around tables, Ice makes her way the bar, sets the bowl and icepack on it, and then runs back outside.
Not two seconds later she dashes back in the door, saying, "Grondy, would you mind if Selen were allowed in here to lay at the hearth. We have been swimming, and she's still rather cold..." It was then that the fact that Ice's hair was limp and wet, dripping onto the floor, her wolfish ears hung low and the ends of them dripped water as well, and her tail dragged the floor, leaving a trail of water wherever she went; her clothes were damp, and coupled with the fact that one of her boots made a squishing sound when she walked, Ice was quite a sight.
She stood with her head in the door, waiting for an answer, while slowly, Selen's large head nudged through the crack door, and she turned her emerald eyes to Grondy, looking sad and pitiful, and very wet, waiting for an answer.
Certainly Ice, or if you want, room two on the second floor has a roaring fire and you both could get more presentable there, in private. if you'd rather. I must say it's a silly time of the year to be swimming isn't it, or wasn't your swimming on purpose?"

"You may have room five Etharion, and here's a bowl of vegetable soup with a little pasta in it as well as a loaf of bread and a crock of butter."

"How about some oatmeal for your pups Fionw’? We could mash a few cooked carrots and broccoli into it; probably shouldn't add any onion or garlic though: warg breath is bad enough without any fortification."
Etharion seemed to flinch when he heard Ice's voice, but he quietly said to Grondy "Thank you..that will do." grabbed the tray with the hot meal and went to his room upstairs.
Watching Ice, Fionw’ replied "Thank you, Grondy, that would work perfectly. Couldn't have come up with anything better myself." He took a quick glance around, then leaned in and whispered to Grondy, so no one else could hear, "What's up with Etharion, do you know where he went?"
"No I don't Fionw’," murmered Grondy, "though I suspect Etharion has been out adventuring and ran into something that was almost too much for him. That shoulder wound looked quite painful and we don't have a local healer, so if you know any herbology, you might look in on him later, after he has had time to finish his meal. And he might appreciate a little help with the bandages too. I know from first hand experiance that it is quite hard to change the dressings on one's own shoulder, Still, if you'd rather not,then I'll check in on him latter this evening."
(What are you studying to be?)

me? i'm a graphic design major! it's fun.

Laure watches in concern as the obviously exausted Etharion makes his way out of the common room. She cautiously (clumsily) sets down her almost empty mug and turns to Eva. "where's he been? he looks rather beaten."
In reply to Grondy, Loss said to him before he spoke to Etharion "Looks may be decieving friend, but I was young in those days, I have learnt many things since, wiser some may say...... some anyway. Yes I thought that the jousting on that day was rather a change to the usual swordplay and bowmanship" and chuckled and put away his pipe that had been put out and sat back and shut his eyes for a moment
"No, I think I'll look in on him. I learned the art of healing from Elrond himself, so I should be able to do something for him." He heard a crash in the kitchen, and looked at Grondy with an apologizing look, "You know, I haven't seen Aurora for a little bit, and she's quite curious right now"...

(I'll be studying on campus next year. I plan on doing civil engineering. How about you, Eva?)
Grondy, starting to rise,looked to see if Eva was doing the same.....
Sorry for being gone so long...
Right now I'm an English major. I'm not sure whether or not that will continue Big Smile Smilie

Eva accepted Aurora's licks, then gave a welcoming smile to Laure. Listening to Laure, she didn't notice as the pup wandered off..

Eva looked speculatively at Eth as he walked in, and became even more interested when Ice walked in soon after. "I'm not sure," she replied to Laure, "He left so abruptly last time..."
About to fuss over the cat, her attention was suddenly drawn to the crash in the kitchen and the mention of one of the pups. "Oh, dear," she exclaimed. "Um, excuse me for a moment," she said hurriedly to Laure as she jumped up and started toward the kitchen.
Fionw’ got up and walked into the kitchen to see what the crash was. He stepped on something slippery upon walking through door, and crashed on the floor flat on his back. "Oh, that hurt," he groaned, "Now, where'd she go?"
The door of the inn opened (it does that a lot in Maydmarion walks in and up to the bar. "Hello Grondy long time no are you?

Give everyone a drink on me, what ever they want, I'll have a single Loth Malt when you've finished....I've had a 'very' productive trip! Oh go on then a plate of balrog wings, extra spicy for everyone as well.

Sounds like things here are 'smashing' here....what's the goss???
Hey has anyone ever tried that new lagar from Gondor, Gorgeriser lite’, Same great taste and half the carbs.

I hear it's nasty! i'm not much of a fan of those 'Lite' beers.
"Okay folks, Maydmarion is buying the next round for you, as well as a few plates of extra spicy Hot Balrog Wings for your enjoyment. I'll be around with them as soon as I can. If you need them sooner they will be here on the bar and you may grab your own, but please don't take those meant for someone else unless they are also sitting at your table. You know what you have been drinking. Thank you and thank you Maydmarion; and here's yours."

"No T’rin, their beerwagon pulled by that most famous Clydesdell team hasn't yet made it this far North, and most of our customers prefer a stout or Gimli's Finest’Ale over the 'Lites'."
Nights falls. A dwarf enters and moves towards the owner. "Greetings kinsman", he says to gimli and bows low. He hangs his cloak and put down his great battle axe and calls for some ale. But Gimli says, "sorry kinsman but you must sing a song as you are new here."

so thorin, the dwarf from moria, begins:
"Ho! ho! Ho! to the bottle I go
to heal my heart and drown my woe
rain may fall and wind may blow
and many miles still to go
But in an inn i will sit
and let the clouds go sailing by"
he finishes.

"i hope i may now have my ale" he asks Gimli...
Eva helped Fionwe back up. "Oh, dear," she said, wrinkling her nose, "from the smell of what you slipped in,she appears to have gotten in to the Pickled Orc Toes, or something similar, and spilled the brine everywhere." She looked at the trail of oozy, green, lupine footprints that trailed out towards the back door of the kitchen. "Well, at least it shouldn't be too hard to find her..."
"Welcome to the Khazad-d’mish Inn Thorin. For your song you get this here complimentary tankard of 'Gimli's Finest’Ale' as well as a combo-plate of our Spicy Hot Balrog Wings, Deep Fried Watcher Rings, and Bar-B-Qued Warg Ribs.

My name is Grondy and I'm running the Inn for the founder and owner, Gimli_axe_wielder, who is away at the wars, or working his families mithril mine, or trying his hand at being a professional photographer, or some such thing.

OOC: (Thorin, Happy Elf Smilie a word in your ear:, one of our main RPG rules is one must not put words in the mouths of any other character, but your own. The same applies to actions, you may only control what your own character says and does. You can ask or suggest they do something, but everyone has the free will to comply or not. If you want to bend the story in a certain way and need someone else's character's conversation to help move it that way, you might PM them from the link in 'My Account' and negotiate with them to make it happen. And please feel free to continue on with us in this game; I don't mean this mere stumble to stifle your participation, but just wanted to point you in the right direction.- Thanks Happy Elf Smilie )
Ice nodded her approval of the room, and slid the handle of her glass of ale on her hand, while heading upstairs to her room. She turned back at the foot of the stairs, calling and waving, "I think I shall retire for the night, friends. I'm freezing, it just wouldn't do to have a cold." Turning back, she continued up the flight of stairs. Reaching her own door, she paused. She had overheard Grondy tell Eth to take room five, and Ice stood there, at the door to her own room, debating whether or not to make any sort of communication....

She sighed, and shuddered as a small sob racked her body, then opened the door to the room, setting the ale on a table. She she closed the door behind, started across the rug on the floor, then turned back and locked the door, not wanting anyone to come in on her while she washed. Kicking her boots off, Ice stepped over to the window, and opened it wide, putting her fingers to lips and whistling; a sound that could not be heard by even an elven ear. She hung an amulet she took from her bag on the windowsill then went across the room to the bathing room, and washed up, taking extra time to merely soak in the hot water for a long time.
Maydmarion rests her chin in her hands and asks "Are you putting up a tree and decorations this year Grondy? You know it's not far off now...and I was wondering if you're having a Chrissie dinner here, I don't think I'm going to make it home this year"

"Oh and welcome Thorin - I'd watch Gimli's ale it's got a kick like a cave troll and you'll get a matching hangover....but Grondy's got a great cure if you need it!!
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