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Thread: The Khazad-dumish Inn.. Please watch your head coming through the door.

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Laurel emerged from the servant's wing of the inn to find a ruckus had developed whilst she had been attending herself and Eruwen. Someone was yelling about dwarf or elf tossing competitions, the air was as thick as pea soup, Amarie was seated with a live dragon around her neck and there was a larger crowd than she had seen here in a while. Maybe there would be some excitement after all-she was glad she had stayed to see it all! She found her way over to the bar and picked up one of the random drinks lined up, gulped it down and smiling said, "Here we go again-bottoms up!" Then she made her way over to the tables to clean up various empty glasses and dishes laying about. It was then that she noticed Sir Stonehelm. "Why, Sir Stoney! So great to see you again, sir! What a night you picked, too! Are you hungry? Well, I'll be back, I've got to check in with Sir Grondy..." Laurel was afraid of what her employer might say about her escapades and approached him slowly. "Sir? Can I have a word with ya?"
Ham lifted Earendill off the ground with amazing strength for such a small person. He carried him over his shoulders to the stables where they were told to go for the tossing contests. "I sure hope we aren't the only ones participating in this contest! I sure would've thought that other dwarf in there that constantly passes out would've loved to toss some elves....she talks of it all the time!"
Damn you, dwarf....Ham, mate, you could at least wait till all the competitors are gathered here, right? besides, we have not decided if we start with the elf tossing or the warf tossin, got it? Now, dont be so stubborn and put me down while the others get here, now, here, take this so you can warm up....- Earendill gave Ham a strange package that lied besides the inn door, it was about 40 kg at least......

Beren inside, trying to get his bad mood away, approached Amarie "Hey fair lady, if you excuse, i would love to know about that nice necklace you have got, lovely dragon.. it seems so different from the ones i used to know, and the ones Ear used to hunt... so different from old Glaurung, if it is not much of a wish, would you speak to me and tell me bout this little fellow?"
"What in Eru's name is this?" Ham said, observing the package. "I'm leaving it for you. I don't exactly trust someone that hands me something rather large and doesn't say what it is."
Rhapsody chuckled and almost choked. The line I don't exactly trust someone that hands me something rather large and doesn't say what it is.. reminded her of something..
"Why sure Laurel, come on out to the kitchen. What have you done to your hair, it looks different?"
Laurel followed Grondy back into the kitchen. "My hair? Oh, I haven't brushed it and it may have...something in it. Sir, last night I drank way too much o' me family-recipe hooch I have stowed away in my room, and I passed out good, Sir and I missed my whole day's worth of duty today, making poor Eva attend to all this madness herself. And I'm so sorry, please Sir, if you just give me another chance, I'll..." She trailed off as a man ran screaming through the kitchen and out the rear door. "Strange things afoot tonight, Sir."

LOL, Rhapsody, a lot of different things come to mind on that one...
Earendill said "well, mister dwarf, it does not moves, therefore i think it wont bite you... muahahaha that reminds me... of a package i found once, it contained a death orc.. i used it to scare the name out of a band of orcs that wandered about my place.. you should have seen their faces when thes saw the damned thing walking towards them, they were stunned, and when the thing ripped of his head and kept walking, they ran off as if Morgont himself was after them! i am so good with puppets.." added while pulling an edge of the rags that wrapped the thing...

"Wait, no, stop!!!!" yelled a desperate voice behind them, from the inn, while Earendill prepared to kick the rags..
it was too late, Earendill had his foot right in the middle of it just at the end of the warning...He just replied.."what on middle earth....."
LOL, Rhapsody, a lot of different things come to mind on that one...

I know!! I am behaving, I really am...

Rhapsody watched in amusement the bewildered face of Earendil. It surely was the least he expected....
"Very stange things Laurel, I wonder if it has something to do with the moon's phase or the number of hairs on a flea's nose? " Grondy replied. "Now to get back to our perdikimint: Me thinks you ought to go finish cleaning yourself up and then lend a hand with serving the customers for the rest of the night no matter how you feel now, and let this be a lesson to you.

Speaking of lessons, I remember the bright Sunday morning I came back home from a Saturday night on the town, and at ten hay'em I was still sicker than a dog. Did me pappy put me to bed and allow me to sleep it off? No way, he put a hoe in me hands and set me to a hoeing weeds around his tater plants on that hot summer morning with nary a cloud in the sky. Gad , I thought I'd die!

At noon he finally said I could call it a day. I learned me lesson that day and ever since I limited meself to three drinks spread out over an entire evening, which meant I could always wake up with nary a hangover, never ever having to worry about whether I done something me mother would have been ashamed of.

So off with ye girl, and think about it, as you're a slaving out there tonight, and we'll speak no more of it."
Meanwhile, the dwarf was cackling away in the corner.
"HANGOVERS!!!! HANGOVERS!!!!!" For she, as we all know, did not get them. Then suddenly she looked thoughtful. "What's a hangover feel like?" she wondered. "I WANNA HANGOVER!!! I WANNA HANGOVER!!!"

(Some dwarves are really stupid)
"Thank you, Grondy. You are too kind." Laurel went and bathed, dressed in her nicest wench dress, the azure velvet one with the least amount of holes, tied her long black hair back, and went back out into the craziness of the inn. She bustled about, serving drinks, cleaning random messes, and bringing the inebriated guests some food when they needed it. When she got a spare moment, she settled into a chair opposite Miss Rhapsody. "What a night, eh? Reminds me of the Mad Hare Pub in the White City...Ever venture there?", she said to her. Laurel had hardly been able to converse with any of the patrons of late and felt as though she needed to catch up with everyone.
Lightfoot glanced to Loni and blinked. She tried to focus on the dwarf's words, but couldn't concentrate. Everything was in a blur to her. She managed to douse her pipe and put it away before sinking slowly into her chair and laying still. She fainted and was out before she slid off the chair and to the ground.
"The White city, ah yes. I have been there alright, presuming you mean Minas Tirith and not Gondolin? Pray tell mistress: any idea when Earendil will realize what was in that package, or does he need a hand with it? He has been awfully silent." Rhapsody smiled before she drank more of the mead she got served. She had seen many taverns, but this one was surely bustling of energy.
Glory findel was sitting at a table with his drink in hand when he saw Lightfoot collapse in the corner."Um,er." He walked over looking at her face, she had fainted, he proped her up on her chair and looked around to see if anyone was coming. "Uh,hello? Hello? Does anyone know what just happened to 'er, I think some one should do something..."
"Here's a bucket of water for ya Glory, ifen ya want to wake her. Personally, even though she's a paying customer, I've found the best practice is to let sleeping logs lie, else one might be picking splinters from their hair or hat, put there by an irrate chair wielder."
Ah, well put, maybe she just fell asleep, who knows. But if she doesn't wake up we should start to point fingers somewhere...
"Maybe at you, Glory Findel?" Laurel said as she was getting up from her spot at Rhapsody's table and overheard his bantering. "She'll be alright, maybe she just needs some time..." Laurel decided that it was time to stir up the nightly meal for the inn's patrons, so she made her way back to the kitchen. As she looked about for Eva Lilith, she heard a faint whimpering noise coming from inside the dumbwaiter. "Hello?" She hollered down the dumbwaiter shaft, but she got no answer. "Someone there?" She did not like the feeling she got from the whimpering. "Maybe this old inn be haunted..." Laurel left the kitchen in a big hurry and went over to Grondmaster. "Sir, are there ghosts in this old inn? Someone, or something, is crying in the dumbwaiter shaft..."
"ADREIA FAINTED!!! Wonder if she's soft enough to sit on." said the dwarf, and sat on her.
Finaille chuckled as Loni sat on the poor elf. She waited patiently for Eva to return as she sat down at the bar and ordered some water. She needed a job badly, before she would have to move again.
"No haunting ghosts that I know of; though ages ago we had some, but I expect they have settled down and started raising families by now. Still some of their young'uns could be acting up or maybe a new one moved in. I don't remember hearing of anyone dying here as of late; though we do try to hush it up when it happens, on account of it being bad fer bussines and all."

"Say there young lady," he says as he approaches Finaille, "I can fetch yer water, or somethin stronger after you comply with Gimli's sign posted up there over the bar, (at the beginning of this thread) and the first one will be on the house, that is, in exchange for your performance."
Finaille gives Grondy a funny look.

"Look mister, I had to perform once already (see page 104) and I'm not going to perform again... unless I have to only to get better drinks. I'm looking for a job, and I believe Eva lileth said you were the guy I was looking for."
Lightfoot opened an eye slightly after a while and felt what seemed a lead weight on her back. She winced and stood quickly, looking down at the dwarf. She rolled her eyes and sat down, even though she was annoyed at being called an elf in the dialouge.
"Sorry for the loss of your seat, Miss, but I don't like people sitting on my back, especially strangers."
She sat down again, drawing her pipe out.
"AAARGH!!! THE PILLOW MOVED!!!!" said the drunk dwarf. "I'M NOT A STRANGER!!!! I'm not strang.e i"m a weirder. I'm weird. AND DRUNK!!!! BEER !BEER!!! BEER!!!"

No haunting ghosts that I know of;
We can't have that!!! We need some ghosts!!! They're fun!!!!
Eva emerges sleepily from her room. "Sorry Grondy, Laurel, I thought I would catch a catnap since Laurel was supposed to handle things for a while, and I slept a little longer than I thought I would, but I'm back now. What is that noise in the dumbwaiter shaft? Did one of Amarie's critters get stuck down there?"
"I don't know, Eva...strange sounds wailing from outta there, though. Have a listen if you will. I'm so sorry I didn't do my duties, I too, erm, uh, overslept..." Laurel coughed loudly. "I'm going to go make some beer-battered Anduin Trout with nice chips and Westemnet Dill Sauce, and maybe a side of Ithilien Greens tossed with Garlic-Athelas dressing. Want to help? Also, someone named Finaille was looking for you asking about a job. I'm fine with having her on if you are-this place has been getting very busy of late..." Laurel got to work making the feast as she rambled on to Eva.
"STRANGE SOUNDS!!" yelled the dwarf, who was VERY superstitious. (On this thread, anyway) "IT'S A GHOST!!!! AAARGH!!" And she started running around in quite a state. She even forgot about beer for a moment.
Amari’ returns form her trip to the little elven ladies room, the dragon had now curled up on her head like a red turban with feet. "Mysterious sounds? I LOVE mysterious sounds! Mysterious sounds are usually good busines!"

" From the Dumbwaiter shaft you say? It could be that the waiter isn't as mute as he pretended to be when he applied for the job."

( Wink Smilie )
OOC: sorry for not replying when you talked to me in here!
"Sorry Ms Finaille, me memory ain't what it used to be. (OOC: I paged back, but not quite far enough, were there not so many pages I'd make a list of previous singers and keep it up to date. If anyone has the time and wishes to PM the list to me I'll add it to the first post, give them credit for it, and update it.) "Anyway here's your water, and I'll draw you a free tankard of Gimli's Finest in recompense for my slight when you're ready for it."

Grondy takes a hammer and going to the front door, nails the following sign upon it.
NOTICE: The management of this fair establishment wishes to hire the professional services of a small person (hobbit, dwarf, or otherwise) of good character and brave heart to investigate the goings on in the nether regions of our dumwaiter shaft. . Terms: 10 silver pennys cash on delivery for ascertaining the cause of the disturbance .

After said cause has been reported back, an additional contract may be awarded for the removal of said disturbance with a reward of between 5 and 100 silver pennys based on the danger and skill involved in doing so.

For both contracts, free room and board for the duration and all traveling expenses guaranteed in any event; funeral expenses to be defrayed by us or our representatives, if occasion arises and the matter is not otherwise arranged for.

Enquire within.

signed: Grondy, 'Temp. Head Honcho', Gimli's Khazad-dumish Inn
Finaille watches Grondy hang up the sign, and goes over to read it.

"Hmm... a job... sounds good..." She thinks for a moment longer. "It's a good offer, right pay, but I'm not exactly that brave." Finaille walks back in and drinks what Grondy had given her. Off in the distance, she sees Eva finally emerge from a back room and goes over to her.

"Get lost back there?" She joked casually.
Eruwen looked up at the sign whilst holding a cold beer to the lump on her forehead. This seemed like the perfect opportunity to get some money of which she was in desperate need.

"You sure you'll only hire small people for that there job, Grondy? Perhaps I am lithe enough? Yes?"
Rhapsody read the note and chuckled. "Well that rules me out then. I think that it are little faunts that are goofing around. Eru knows what kind of mischief they can come up with."
Eva glares mildly at Finaille. "No... just fell asleep. Laurel says she doesn't mind you taking a shift too, since things have been pretty busy around here lately, but you need to go pester Mr. Grondy about it- And by the way, sir, if you're going to put up a new sign, could you fix the old one, too? It still says " LL NE CO ERS UST SI G", and that maybe rather difficult to understand."
'Well Eva, I'd be happy to fix up that cryptic old sign, exceptin my remember done forgot where it's been located, think you could point it out to me?" (Maybe like with date and page number?)
Finaille looks at Grondy and says to Eva, "He's the one I go to for the job???"

So she does what Eva told her to do, and goes up to Grondy. "Sir, I'm looking for a job. Are there any available right now?"
Laurel ignored the wailing coming from the dumwaiter shaft as she finished up the grand meal she'd serve the inn's customers. Then, as she was putting the finishing touches into the Garlic-Athelas dressing for the salad, the noise got louder and began to rather growl instead of cry. She thought she would leave the kitchen for awhile until someone could handle whatever was the source of the noise, so she gathered up the trays of grub and scooted out into the large, smoky room full of guests. "That old whatever-it-is in the dumbwaiter shaft is getting louder and more insistent, Sir." Laurel told Grondy.
OOC: Friday 11th February 2005, pg. 98. My first post in an RPG here, and I think I may have accidently stretched a rule or two... anyway I made it up there, since I figured with all that had happened in the Inn at that point, including flooding, a few things might have happened to the sign. um... that's okay, right?
"You know, Mr. Grondy, the singing sign over the bar."
"Ahh yes Eva, that old sign of Gimli's is looking a little worse for wear, now that I really take a look at it. Would you be awilling to handle it or should I look for somebody else: I hear Finaille is awanting work?"

"Sure Ms. Finaille nailo, if you can cook, clean, do laundry, wait tables, or bar-keep we could use another hand. Also Eva tells me that sign over the bar is in need of restoring, so if she doesn't want to take it on, and if you knows your letters and are good with a paint brush that job might be available too. You can have all Sundays plus one other morning a week off, which day that turns out to be, is negotiable depending on our staffing needs. Anyways, in addition to room and board, wages are two silver pennies a week plus all your tips."

(OOC: Now I remember your old post Eva, it was either too cryptic or I was too thick headed at the time to catch your cue.)
Suddenly the door to the inn swings open ominously. A dark figure is illuminated slightly by the lights from inside. The person's light grey cloak hangs in tatters and a hood is drawn up over the their face.

As it walks inside, a furry tail-like thing swings idly back and forth under the cloak from behind it. A bit of dark blue hair can be seen around the edges of the cowl.

Suddenly the figure rushes at the bar and leaps over, hugging the bartender tightly. She shakes her head and the cowl flies off, revealing long, shaggy, dark blue hair and Icy blue eyes. Two wolfy ears protrude from her head.

"How are ya, Grondy?" Ice says as she hugs the dwarf.

Icey! Yay! Good to have you back!
The red dragon jumps of Amaries head and runs to take a closer look at Iceys tail.
Amari’ strikes out her arms is joy. "Icey! You crazy pup, you came back! Come have a drink or ten on my tab. I am watching these good people trying to solve the Mystery of the Dumbwaiter Shaft, the entertainment potential is enormous."
"Ah yes, the dumbwater mystery! That will be entertaining indeed!" Rhapsody signalled Lady Laurelindhe to poor Icefangs some beer.

Good to have you back Icey!
Icey!!!!!! Great to have you back!!!!

Meanwhile, Lightfoot was watching everything from in the corner, smoking her pipe. She was beginning to learn a lot about these people. She found it all very interesting, especially the dwarf "Loni."
Ar-edain 37 looks down from his perch in the rafters and screams " Icefangs! You have a lot of nerve coming back here after what you pullled........Oh wait...... that was me. Welcome home Icey!"
He takes up the bagpipe that he found next to him on the ceiling beam and began to drone away an upbeat tune that was probably supposed to accompany lyrics about getting drunk. The tavern scene suited it very well.
"Icefangs you foxy old ... where have you been?" says Grondy as he forces a tankard of Gimli's Finest into the paws of his old friend. Here have some Watcher Rings and let Eva, Laurel, Fin, or me know when your drink gets low. Meanwhile, tell us what's been happening with you."

He gets this shiver up and down his spine and can't figure out what's it's cause, until his ears start to hurt. Then he says to himself, "Dang! I meant to add a slit to that old bag what was left up there in the rafters by that strange drink of water, what was in here a couple months back. And now its too late, unless I can sweet talk one of them Dragonclaw players to call 'Slipsies!' after a well placed puncture."
Laurel scurried over to Icefangs and Rhapsody, giving Icey more ale, even after Grondy already gave her some. "Hello, old timer. Nice to see you around these parts. You missed some elf-and-dwarf tossing competitions, Loni's escapades, Amarie's balrog running amok, and a possibly haunted dumbwaiter shaft in the kitchen. Where have your travels taken you, friend? I see you're as blue as ever!"
Amari’ notives Grondys eyes casting a glimps up in the ceiling. She moves in closer and whispers. "Do you think she will be done hybernating, or whatever she is doing, anythime soon? I've missed her."
Icey grinned widely as she greeted all her friends. Many hugs were passed around and greetings given. Ice carefully placed all the mugs and cups of ale she was given on the bar. The turned around and hugged her friends some more.

"Well, my friends, to tell you all where I've been is any incredibly long story," she said, smiling slightly. "By the way, where is good ole' Eth? I haven't seen him in ages..." Icey glugs down some of the ale and says, "Its been far to long since I've had some good Khazad-Dum Ale!

Ice glances back in the direction of the kitchen, saying, "Somebody tell me about this 'haunted dumbwaiter'?"

"Aye, Icey. Well, I was getting this feast ready in the kitchen and I heard (with me own ears, mind you) this awful wailing and commotion down the shaft of that unused dumbwaiter, like someone or something was stuck or the like. I called to it, but it only howled louder. Like a banshee, or I'm a monkey. Worse than Loni the Dwarf on a day without ale! At first I thought it might be one of Ama's beasts or such, but I don't know. I won't go in there again until it's dealt with; it only keeps gettin' louder. Sir Grondy posted a nice sign offerin' wages for the one brave enough to tackle it, but none's done it yet. Maybe you could give it a go!" Laurel was not a brave one, so she trembled as she told her story to Icefangs. "As for Sir Etharion, his like has not been seen here for awhile; don't know where he's made off to..."
Eruwen pouted for never receiving an answer to her offer to attempt to extricate whatever or whoever is in the dumbwaiter. She rested her still throbbing head on the table, watching those around her greet old and new friends.
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