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Thread: The Khazad-dumish Inn.. Please watch your head coming through the door.

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Icey smiled as Eth walked back in and realized she still had a mouthful of turkey, from she stole one of the wings and had been munching on it, minus any sort of etiquette. She quickly grabbed a plate and set the wing on it, while cringing as she swallowed her latest bite whole, it had included a few bones. Once the large morsel was down, she gulped in air and said hoarsely, "I'd like some ale, Grondy." She pounded one hand on her chest, to help the glob of turkey and bones go down.

Yes, Clover I missed you. But I have to admit that i have missed being at pt in general. Mellie still excited from the concert last night goes in to another bon Jovi song. Geez, I can't believe he still looks soooo good It was so amazing!!!!!! Mellie starts singing and dancing. So anyone want to join in the dancing? And can i have another Margarita?
Grondy upended a previously empty garbage can over the sprite and sat on it banging it with a wooden spoon to get Cloveress's attention, "Manners Ms Cloveress, manners! You mustn't mess with the customers until after they've had a drink and can see you're not such a bad little flighty critter."

"You'll have to pardon her Mellie, she gets carried away some times: I think she must have a little of Loki's blood in her." Meanwhile, here's another of your drinks with lots of crusty salt around the rim. And a plate of 'Watcher Rings’' to chew upon in case your peckish and don't care for any more turkey this close to the holidays."

"And another bucket of Gimli's Finest’ for Ms Frosty Teeth," he added as he slid the bucket down the bar towards her, and what would you like to drink Ms Cloveress, looks like your thimble runneth empty?"
Mellie thanks Grondy for his wonderful service and gives him a huge hug and says I have missed you so much. Mellie then fills Clover's thimble for Grondy and lets Clover sit on her shoulder while Mellie takes a break from singing and dancing since no one will dance with her Sad Smilie and sits in Grondy's lap. She gives him a peck on the cheek and ask him to tell her what has been going on while she has been gone. I have missed my PT father.
but to flogging molly which he just got back from concert. by them.
The Cloveress glared at Grondy and accepted her drink, muttering "Meanie.." under her breath. But fortunately, she had seen Eth coming through the door and also witnessed Icey's reaction, so she decided she had more important things to do other than playing tricks on some crazy old innkeeper. yes, and she thought that last thought out loud for him to hear.
Etharion shaked the snow off from his big cloak. "Hello everyone. You do know its snowing outside?" he saw Ice struglling to breathe, so he slaped her lightly on the back to help her. He then sat down between Grondy and Ice, and took the offered plate with turkey from Grondy. He looked lost in his thoughts...or worried, as he barely tocuhed the turkey.
He noticed Mellie come in, and he nodded a greeting. "Sorry, i do hope you wont be mad if i dont dance, its just, Bon Jovi isnt the music i usually like to listen. But the concert went well, ey? Where was it again, i heard something about the stage being in Moria?"
Ice grinned and sighed. "Nice to see ya, Mellie! How 'ave you been?" she asked, after nodding gratefully to Eth for the pat on the back. "You're a Bon Jovi fan? Me too! I can tell I'm not as big a fan as you are, but either way, I like them alot!" she said happily. Ice plucked a curly straw from a pocket in her robes and put it into her ale. Then she began sipping the wonderful ale, wondering when she was going to get something to do and leave the tavern every once in a while... "I've been here before Christmas..." she said softly, while looking off into nothing, a wistful glint in her icy blue eyes.
"Well Icefangs, you could form a small party of two or three and go down the the sub-cellars to see if you could find another case of the wonderful well-aged wine which was withdrawn from whence it was hidden at some time in the long lost times of lore. If you remember it was found at the same time as our ferocious furry feline what answers to the name of Claw. But take a hurricane lamp with you, for the gusts down there can blow a torch out and you don't want to get lost or be snuck up on by the denizens that now make it their home."
"Oh oh pick me! Pick me!" The Cloveress was practically bouncing in air. "I wanna go!"
*starts walking to cellar door*
Etharion gets up and follows behind Ice towards the cellars. "Well then, this is turning into a real adventure. I can already see the bards singing....The brave souls in the great quest for....booze!!!" said Etharion joking.
"Comon. Oo oo!! Is there going to be any giant rats? That would be so cool!" shouted Etharion, his eyes glazed over as he was brought back to his old adventuring days.
Before you people start into the cellars, you might want to reread what has gone before starting with Laurelindhe ilmarin's post of 11th March 2005 on Page 23 of this thread, just so you get an idea of the known territory and that you no longer need to enter via the dumwaiter. And if you are going very deep use string rather than bread crumbs or kernals of corn, for the rats down there are probably hungry as well as big.
"Adventure indeed!" the Cloveress was not a bit frightened. She was only thinking of how she could manage to scatter a bit of fairy powder into Grondy's favourite drink...
Icey smiled, glad that she had something to do. "We'll get right on it, Grondy!" she yelled as she disappeared into the first cellar. Ice's animal eyes allowed to see better in little-to-no light than most, and the elven side of her heritage assisted even. She picked up a couple of the special lamps, designed to hide the flame inside from gusts of wind and handed one of them to Eth, while handing the other to Elrose. Glancing back, Ice remembered the last time someone ventured deep into the cellar and all the supplies they needed.

She nodded to herself and added some extra flint and tinder to her bag, while also grabbing a couple more candles.

"Alright you guys!" she said happily, glad to have something to do with her time. "Ready?" she asked, while mumbling under her breath, something that resembled "to infinity and beyond," except that it mentioned booze, instead.

"And watch out for any missing treads on some of those wooden stairways, I don't understand why the builders didn't make them out of stone like any self respecting Dwarves would have done."
Etharion hands the lantern back to Grondy "Thanks Ice, ill take care of my light." and he lit the end of his staff. "Saves a lot of money belive me." he says smiling.
And then heads down the cellar stairs.
There, I've gone and done it again, fallen asleep after some of Grondy's drinks. Maydmarion stirs and stretches from her comfy seat under the window. Where'd the christmas tree go, she exclaims, how long have I been asleep....

Grondy you've GOT to put some warnings on those cocktales of yours.

I hope eveyone liked their chrissie prezzies...

As Maydmarion stands a beautiful sword falls from her lap, she looks at the sword then at Grondy and mouths "Who....?"

OOC....please feel free to mention the gift I bought you if you can choose what I got you
Grondy yells laughingly at Etharion's back, "Better take the lantern for backup: I don't know where Amari’'s Balrog is, and you don't want any chance meeting with it on a flimsy bridge, causing the loss of your only source of light."

And to Maydmarion, "Oh, that old thing, it has been laying around here for ages gathering dust. I don't know who left it here or why, but Ithought you could probably put it to good use. Thanks for the lovely pot holders, just what I needed."
Ice grinned as she remembered the specialized ear-warmers Maydmarion had gotten her. She held them up and waved to her, yelling, "Thank you for the gift!" then she dashed back down to the first cellar and headed off to the stairs.

Ice cringed as she stepped off the top landing to the first step, waiting for it to drop from beneath her. The only sound however, was a light creak when the petite elf-wolf set her booted foot down. She continued on, testing each step with her tail before putting her weight on it. "Come on, you guys can't weigh much more than I do, the first few stairs seem fine!" she called, turning back to look at them.
(Oy, you got me a present as well, Maydmarion?)
(Ice, iv already started down the steps, so i guess they are safe.) Smile Smilie

Etharion walked down the stairs into the musky darkness.

O.C.C. OY Grondy, should we describe what we see ourselves or what? I think it would be beter if you act as a GameMaster or DungeonMaster..or whatever, to lead and describe things. What do you think?
game master?? im out.
OOC: Naw, I've got to stay above to mind the bar, so you can describe what you see keeping it simple, only bruises and bites; nobody gets maimed or killed. After all your just looking for a lost storeroom in one of the subcellars; though there are tunnels to unknown regions beyond. But don't follow them because I don't need any Dark Elf Invasions interrupting my clientele.

However, if you want to use this as a starting point for a full-fledged adventure, then you should take it to a new thread, for I'm not into real role playing. Leave a link to the new thread here, and you can always return here for food, supplies and the occasional whistle wetting, as well as summarizing your adventure in song or story.
The fairy had been dozing in Icey's hair, but she woke with a start. "Huh?" she blinked her bright fairy eyes. "Now which barrel here is Grondy's Special Afternoon Drinkable Tonic...?" She looked at the faces of the people around her. "Wait...What happened?"
Can do Grondy! Smile Smilie Ill just describe the cellar as it seems fit to me.

Etharion was still going down the stairs (boy these stairs are long, eint they?) He turned around to see if Ice was still following, and he nearly walked through a huge spider web.
"Yuck.. nasty webs.. i hate em. You there Ice?" he asked, clearing web out of his hair.
im goin to go ahead stay up here,
an drink some beer,
you guys have fun
but i prefer the sun
and sure dont mind the lack of parralizing fear.
"You ready for another Elrose? Here's a plate of Bar-B-Qed Warg Ribs to go along with it.

Anything you need Ms Cloveress?
The Cloveress sniffed. "Don't "ms" me, you cheeky innkeeper! But seeing as you've asked (very imprudently), I'll take one of those new cocktails with the mithril umbrellas in them."
Okay Mighty-Mini-Mite here's one I just made up: vodka, lemon lime soda, three drops of spearmint, served over crushed ice with a sprig of clover and your mithril parasol. We'll name it the Cloveress Express Cooler and it's probably a better drink for warmer weather.

(OOC: I suggest you don't try this until you are of legal drinking age so you don't get into trouble with your parents, peers, society, and the law.)
Ice's icy blues lit up slightly in the darkness of the cellar and she nodded to Eth's question. "Well, I think I can see the end of the stairs..." she said softly, while sliding between Eth and wall, ducking her greenish-dyed hair underneath the massive spiderweb. "Eth? Do you think that where there's big webs, there's big spiders?" she asked, backing up beside and grabbing his sleeve, her neck tilted up so she was looking at him.
"Weeell..i wouldnt say no to that..." he said slowly. "But dont worry, spiders dont bite...hard." he said teasing. "They much rather like to eat theyr prey alive." but when he saw the expresion on her face he added "Nah, im just joking. This spider web isnt from a giant spider. Its just that Grondy dosent clean the cellar very often....or ever to be exact." he said with a seconds thought. "Unless old Shelob droped by....or her mum (or dad, im not sure which sex Ungoliat was)." he said holding her arm. "But, if you'll feel better..." he conjured a huge duster (the fuzzy stick kind, for picking up cobwebs and dusting.) and began swiping the weby aside for Ice to pass safely. "There! Better?"
She nodded and grinned, while resting one hand on his arm and the other near her belt of daggers. "Onward then," she said and jumped lightly to the bottom landing of the stairs. Her eyes cut sharply, Ice glanced around the room, and then back to Eth, and she said, "Would wonderfully aged wine have a label?"
Suddenly.....there was a blood curdling screem from the celler OOC not because of the spiders.....................
"A label...perhaps. But i wouldnt count on it. Just keep a lookout for large barrels made of expensive wood."
And suddenly, Etharion jumped to attention as he heard the wail "What was that?? Or rather..who? Comon! We must find out!" he said grabing Ice's arm and running towards the scream.
Ice's ears perked towards where the scream came from and she wordlessly ran alongside Eth as they searched for its source. The pair ended up running down a couple more flights of rickety stairs and turning down twisting hallways, left and right, past many casks of more than likely exactly the alcohol they were looking for. Ice grimaced as the wail sounded once more and ran on.

way to get it exciting, Maydmarion! Good job! Orc With Thumbs Up Smilie
"I'm flattered you think I'm still young," the Cloveress fluttered her lashes at Grondy. "You know, I don't even put on make-up." She grabbed her glass and took a sip. Her eyes bulged and she spluttered all over the place. "Someone get me a fairy sized napkin!"
Grondy went to the backroom and brought out a package of tiny Huggies for Cloveress, winked at her and handed her a clean bar towel instead.

(OOC: Napkin is another word that generally has different meanings depending upon which side of the Atlantic you live.)
You're supposed to live on the same side of the Atlantic as me! But still, I've heard that in American English, napkin means something you use to wipe the blood after a nasty accident with the family gun collection.I'll enlighten you with its meaning in Canadian English as a soft, white, deluxe 20 x 20 (cm) square paper you use to wipe your mouth or your nose or whatever.

The Cloveress wiped her tiny face and threw the towelette back to Grondy. The towelette burst into glitter above his head and showered him with sparkles of green and gold.
'Ooooh! Ahhhh! Wonderful fireworks, Cloveress. Thank you.

(OOC: But we are an English website so I have to keep the candle lit at both ends. Orc Grinning Smilie I'm also a Life Member of the NRA, but don't hold that against me for I don't approve with all their policies or any of their politics. Orc Sad Smilie
OOC: What's the NRA?

The Cloveress bowed. "It's just a normal show of splendour. Your birthday's coming up, isn't it? I suggest we have parties everyday in celebration!!!"
"Yup, the big six-six is today, 09 February. So all the drinks are on the house today, but there will be no doggie-skins for taking home your leftovers." Elf Sticking Tounge Out Smilie
"Whooppeee!" There was a little "poof" and the Cloveress reappeared as a silly-looking dwarf in a bright green wig and bright polkadotted clothes. Balloons were everywhere all of a sudden and streamers tied Grondy to a chair. Nearly everyone was tangled up in either laces or balloon strings. The Cloveress grinned widey at the birthday dwarf. "Oh now this looks a lot better. Come on everyone, this is going to be the fiesta of your lifetime!" She started to march around blowing on a trumpet and doing cartwheels and singing happy birthday (all at once!).
I guess the rest of them went to Turin today. Please pass the Watcher Rings and the salsa; I'm feeling like I need something more solid after all that cake. It was good though.

Would you care for anything Cloveress, I think there's still some angel food cake and cherry-vanilla ice cream.
"Oh I'll take the ice-cream. It's starting to get warm, and March is on its way. Spring's the fairy season!"
Here you go Cloveress: three scoops, with whipped cream and a cherry on top plus some shaved chocolate sprinkled over it. You may have your choice of nuts on it also, if you want. I don't add any until I know the customer isn't alergic to them. We've got chopped walnuts, toasted almond slivers, chopped roasted cachews, chopped roasted peanuts, chopped salted pistachios, and shaved macadamians.
"I'll take the cashews, if it pleases your Grondyness." The Cloveress did a courteous little bow before standing up and looking outside to see if the rain had stopped. "Hmm...that patch of mushrooms yonder looks like it's enchanted." She giggled her fairy giggle, and grinned a leprechaun grin. "And won't his Grondyness be delighted if he had enchanted mushrooms for his customers... or even for himself!" But she wiped all the smiles off her face as Grondy came out with her order.
As Etharion ran through the passage, he came to a dead end. "What the!?" There was a circular room with no other exit, and the only things in the flagstone covered space were a coule of stout barells. "I dont know whose scream that was...but at least we found the wine!" he said happily to Ice as she came behind him.
The fairy finished her cashew covered ice cream and bounced outside ecstatically. "Mushroomos!" she pulled out her basket and kneeled down to pluck them. And just in case they weren't enchanted before, she slipped a bit of the colorless, odorless fairy dew into their gills. "Happy cooking, your Grondyness." she chuckled.
Ice grinned at Eth and walked over to the first barrel. While walking, she listened for echoing footsteps around them, other than hers, and for another scream. Hearing none, Ice tapped one of the barrels, making sure they weren't empty, and grasped it with both hands. She grunted slightly as she lifted the barrel from the ground and above her head, letting most of the weight rest on her shoulders. "Once you get that one, we ready?" she asked, turning to Eth.
The Cloveress walked back into the Inn serenely with the basket of mushrooms over her arm. She looked just like an honest countrywoman coming in for some rest and gossip after a hard day of mushroom-picking. Her face was wrinkled slightly and her hair had streaks of white in it. She smiled at Grondy. "Hello, Mr. Innkeeper. I just came to give you these mushrooms. Oh no, I'm not charging you anything for them, it's just a thank you present from my son, who one of your kitchenlads, uh, helped out some weeks back." She pushed the basket of mushrooms forward.
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