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Thread: The Khazad-dumish Inn.. Please watch your head coming through the door.

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"Thanks Grondy, I'll put in back in working condition and be back. Maybe the Inn will because more famous because of its forge later," he said with a grin.

"And if possible please keep my chocolate warm. I'll drink it when I return," he added.

With that The Dwarf left the Inn and went behind the Inn where verily he saw the old shed. Entering the shed, he noticed that it was dark as the only window of the building was covered with a dark curtian. Stepping further inside he noticed that the floor was covered with a deep layer of dust and the small relatives of shelob had colonised the roof. Removing the curtain he push opened the window. The entering light allowed him to see the the actual forge and assess its condiion. The anvil was in good condition, although it was dirty. The furnace was also in working condition as was the anvil. However as warned by Grondy the leather of the bellows was ruined beyond mending and needed repairs.

Taking a deep breath, he set himself at work. Taking a broom from the inn's courtyard he sweeped the place and in the process sent so much dust in the air that one could have thought a small battalion was marching. He then proceed to wipe out all the cobwebs. Once that was over he cleaned the anvil and fed the furnace with coal from the yard as Grondy had suggested. He then set out to change the leather of the bellows. This took quite some time as he had first to remove the old leather before replacing it. It was fortunate that he had had some leather with him. Once done he stepped back to overlook his work. He was quite pleased with things and decided o go back to the inn to have a drink before staring work at the forge.

Pushing the door, Thorin entered the inn once more.

"The forge is in working condition now Grondy. Can I have a cup of hot chocolate please"
Most certainly friend Thorin for we saved you two or three mugs full and kept it warm too. If you want it hotter, carefully stick that hot poker that's there in the fire into your mug, just be careful not to splatter it all over you if you do. And thanks for putting the forge back in shape. Did you remember to fix Sian's pretty clasp?
Sian had taken her hot chocolate to a table on one side of the fire and there spread out Thorin's shirt to better see the damage to it. She fingered it carefully and and looked at the colors. Her long skirt had many patched-on pockets and from this she drew a tin of buttons, a packet of needles and several spools of thread. Choosing several buttons from the tin she went to Thorin.

Thorin, will these buttons do to replace the ones that were torn off? I've been saving them as they're made of mithril and deserve a special place. Your war shirt, I think, is perfect for them.
Thorin went towards Grondy and took his mug of chocolate and tasted it

"Its warm enough for me Grondy," he said. "Thanks you. Gosh! I forgot all about the clasp. I'll mend it once i'm done with drinking this."

Hearing Sian talking to him he turned and looked at the buttons she was showing him. He looked completely amazed to see mithril buttons

"I've never seen mithril buttons before," Thorin said. "Who made them, elves or Dwrves? I would be very happy to have them on my shirt Sian and would be in your debt. In pledge of your gift I offer my services to you whenever you will need it."

"And concerning your clasp, would you like me to add some designs on it such as we have on the mighty pillars of Khazad Dum?" he asked Sian.
I had never seen mithril used to make buttons before either, Thorin. Just the tops seem to be of the rare stuff, possible because it won't tarnish. I don't know what make they might be, they were given to me as payment for work I did in the great house of a Lord of Rohan and where he might have gotten them I have no clue. But for certain they will be better worn by a master Dwarf and wanderers such as myself don't dare keep such fine goods as it's just an invitation to thieves and a knock on the head some dark night!

I would be most delighted to have Dwarvish carvings on my clasp! It will be a fine reminder of the good company here Smile Smilie And if I am ever in need of more needles or help with leatherwork I will be most grateful of your pledge.

Sian does a low curtsy to Thorin and returns to her table to begin work on the shirt. She thinks to herself that the inn would be a nice place to stay for awhile and maybe she could sleep in the stable and look for mending to do for other travelers..
"Hmmm. Maybe it came from the hoard of Scatha the worm Sian," Thorin said thoughtfully. "But in any case whenever you need any needles or that thing you put on your thumb, I forgot how its called, just asked me and I'll forge some of premium quality for you"

Looking at Grondy the Dwarf asked:
"While I'm at the forge do you have anything needing repairs Grondy?"

Every time I reply to posts here I picture myself in an Inn Smile Smilie Wink Smilie
'I've got some doors whose hinges could use some repair or replacement Thorin; and how about a new fancy ironwork chandelier for the common room?' Of course the latter would take you a while, so it depends on how long you'd care to spend here

'You don't have to sleep in the stable Sian, if you don't mind climbing three sets of stairs, there is a cozy little room with a cot, table, one chair, and a wardrobe in the central attic that you may use at no charge. Especially if you wouldn't mind darning a few pair of stockings for me; and I have a bunch of flour sacks I'd like turned into bar rags and dish towels. Come to think about it I could also use a new dress shirt as well as one for workdays.'
"What's wrong with the socks that I darned Grondy?" Ar-edain frowns severely and sniffles a bit. "It took me all afternoon, and how was I supposed to know that I'd used yarn made from wool that had been enchanted to turn invisible when worn? No one can see that they can't see your feet if you wear shoes. Anyway, I have an axe to grind." Ar-edain picks up a large bearded axe and makes his graceful exit. Within moments a constant whirring and scraping can be heard from outside.
"I'll be here for some time Grondy, probably a couple of months. I'll work on the Sian's clasp and then start the work on the Chandelier. I'll do the base first. Once I'm done with it I'll have a look at the doors too see which needs repairing and which changing."

"Is, that ok with you Grondy? And why is Ar-Edain sharpening his axe outside? He could have used the forge!"

With that he moved to the window and watched Ar-Edain at work.
"Did you inform him that we now have a working forge Grondy?"
walks in after hearing something out side she had to go see what it was. it was just her horse she hadn't fed it

goes back to the table that she set at

'You want some hot chocolate Miss Pidith? I think there might still be some left.'

'I think old Ar-Edain was pulling the wool over our socks, because I don't think my big toe would be poking out through invisible woolen fabric.'

'No Thorin, he didn't ask or stick around long enough for me to tell him. I hope he's using our rotary grindstone instead of a big rat-tailed file or a tiny pocket carborundum.'

Sian looks up from her sewing: "I would be very grateful for the room upstairs, Grond, I think I can haul my old bones up three flights of stairs. I'll be happy to make you a couple shirts and anything else you need, just give me the cloth. And if you need any help in the kitchen I'm a pretty good hand there and could even weed the kitchen garden.

Greetings, Pidith, I'm pleased to make your acquaintance. Have you tried the hot chocolate? I think Grondy said he could whip up Reuben sandwiches too and I'm fairly tempted by those."
"Alright then I'll go and fix Sian clasp"

With that the dwarf left he inn and went to the forge. There he redesigned the pin which pinned the clasp to clothes and added some designed on it. Thee designing part took some time but after two hours the work was done. Being satisfied with what he had achieved he went back to the inn.

"Here is your clasp Sian," he said handing her her clasp back with a smile and a bow.
Grondy went in the Inn's attic and dusted off an old trunk. After unlocking the huge padlock with an ornate key, which he tucked back under his tunic, he opened it and removed two bolts of fabric, one a lemon colored cotton chambray, and the other a yellow silk brocade with red, green, and gold highlights. Closing and locking the trunk, he returned to where Sian was sitting.

'I picked these up on one of my adventures in the southern lands. I'm sure you will know which is for my everyday work shirt and which is for dress-up occasions,' he said with a wink. 'Maybe I can get Thorin to make me some fancy metal buttons for the dress shirt, or do you think fabric colored ones would be more appropriate? I do have some carved ivory buttons, but I'm not sure how they would look against the brocade.

Now I'm off to build a few Reuben sandwiches.'
Sian stood and took the clasp from Thorin and her eyes went wide at how beautiful the homely clasp had become! The pin was now sharp and smooth and the clasp had a delicate tracery of designs. "Thorin, this is lovely! I will feel so elegant now with this at my throat! The smooth pin won't snag in my cloak anymore now! If you ever need more mending, please let me be of service again." She bowed in return and turned to show Thorin's beautiful work to Grond and said, "That's very fine cloth! The chambray will make a very nice serviceable work shirt. I think your carved buttons would look best on both shirts but I could make a green vest to go with the dress shirt and put decorative metal buttons on that. How does that sound? This project will keep me busy for some days, but afterwards would you mind if I put a small sign here in the corner to advertise my services?"
A new green vest sounds good Sian and here is a passel of the carved buttons.

'Most certainly you may post a sign advertising your seamstressing Sian; Many of the travelers visiting the Inn will have need of you fine work what with daily wear, not to mention the occasional damage caused by blades and arrows. And when the Inn isn't crowded in the daytime, you can work at that table in the corner where the light is good.'

'Now that we can mend travelers clothes and have a forge, we only need a hostler who can shoe a horse now and then, and we will be able to satisfy the needs of every traveler passing through our fair village.'
"That's great Grondy! We are the best Inn now! And by the way could you please show me the doors which are in need of repairs?"

Thorin looked at the clothes Grondy had given to Sian
"When was the last time you wore your special clothes Grondy? To be honest I dont have one because most of the time I either am in armor or in my hood."

'The doors needing work are those with wooden pegs installed in place of the iron hinge pins on most of the second floor doors. I think someone absconded with the original iron pinsas either a joke or to sell for scrap.'

'The last time I wore my dress clothes was when the King and his party rode through here inspecting the realm. That would have been about three years ago. Oh, there may have been a marriage or two since then that I had to don them.'
"Your amour is quite handsome, Thorin, and I'm sure it would do just fine for dress occasions when its all polished but you might want a dress cloak to go over it. If you like I can make one for you when I finish Grondy's things."
"Good thing I'm now in the hospitality business having left adventuring behind," Grondy exclaimed, "for my sad old armor is so beat up, were I to polish it, I'd soon find it was full of holes. Not mush good for protection, but perfect as air conditioned summer-wear," he added, followed by a gut rumbling laugh.
"That's an original use for your armour Grondy," the dwarf said laughing.

"And yes Sian. I would be very happy if you could sew of a cloak for me. Now please excuse me both of you while I go have a look at the doors.

Climbing the stairs the dwarf went to inspect the doors. There were three of them which had to be replaced and the remaining just needed some mending. Being satisfied with what he had seen the dwarf went back to the first floor.

"Grondy, only three of the doors need to be replaced. Do you already have wooden planks? The hinges are no problem. I should be able to create some myself."
'Can you scarf up enough reusable lumber from the tottering shed out back Thorin, the one that has just about fallen over? We may as well take it down and save the rest of the usable wood in the loft above the stable. You can find hammers and pegs, saws, and pry-bars in the tool room.'
"Good idea Grondy. I'll go have a look at the shed and see what can be salvaged. Then I'll go to the tool room. If we have enough pegs and clips this should save us work on forging new ones."

With that the dwarf went out of the inn to find the shed. Reaching it, he found that he could use about 75% of the wood for restoration of the doors. Being pleased with his finding he went back to the Inn.

"Hey Grondy, there is enough wood I deem to do the job correctly. Could you please tell me where the tool room is? I need an axe to remove the wooden planks. I do not want to use my battle axe unless I really must. I hope you have one!"

'The tool room is down in the first cellar, second hallway on the left, third door on the right. If you weren't a Dwarf, I'd suggest you take a ball of twine to find your way back, but seeing as you are, you know how to navigate underground.

Oh, and watch out for the giant spider that is down there, don't bother her and she won't bother you; she keeps our rat and mice population under control such that none make it up into the Inn. I bought her from an Elven trapper from out of the Great Greenwood who had a whole cage of the things he was peddling a few years back. Her leg span is now about eighteen inches in diameter, when I got her she was about half that size. If she doubles again, I may have to retire her to the mountains in a cave of her own, for I don't want to have to supplement her menu and I certainly don't want her bothering the neighborhood dogs and cats, let alone any infants.'
Sian had been busily plying her needle when she heard Grondy say the word 'spider'. She threw down her cloth and sent buttons flying as she scrambled to the top of the table, held up the hem of her long skirt and eyed the floor fearfully.

Eighteen inches across, Grond?? And are you sure it stays down in the cellar?? Spawn of Shelob, you can't trust them, I say! Some of us may not awake some fine morning!
'Not to worry Sian, her leash only reaches into the hallway with stairwell from the cellar to the Inn, so she has to stay down there. Her leash took me some time to make, its six strand mithril wires formed into a cable one-sixteenth inch in diameter, You could lift an Oliphaunt with it.

Anyone care for a refill or a meal?'
"I do, m'dear!
Been dozin' in the rear,
and now that I'm awake'n'sound,
Please fill me up to HEEERRRREEEE!"

The Cloveress tried to point to the rim of a mug at the end of her song, but she wasn't anywhere near tall enough, and so ended in a frustrated high note. She glared at Grondy. "Well? You know where! Fill, fill, fill!" A year in the rafters had made her even more childish and irrational.
Grondy filled the Sprite's thimble sized mug to the brim and added a 4mm head of foam to get it almost as tall as she was. "Maybe I should give you a crystal shot glass for your personal use Cloveress, it holds two onces plus, much more than your silver thimble."
' walks in under the door frame and stands up on the other side the fire light reflecting in his steel grey eyes and shadeing pale skin a light red, his dep forest green cloke wraped tightly around his fame and hood hideing his face he walks over to the bar and calls out to the bar keep .
" inn master i come bearing bad news from my kin and one of your friends it seems as well."
Thorin emerged from the cellar with a bunch of wood and tools

"Grondy, I'm going to work in the forge outside. The giant spider is too much of a disturbance. I had to throw away one of my coats as it got too sticky with spider webs."

"I will forge the new doors and be back soon"

Seeing the stranger come and in and talk Thorin was rather curious.

"Evening my good Sir. I have never seen you in these parts. Are you new? And it is the custom here than new people are to sing a song."
'Good evening Yuki-ryuu, mind if we call you Yuki? We might as well get the bad news over, should I be sitting down for it or standing up with my axe in my hand?

After that, if you desire a little libation to wet your whistle, you must first sing a song or recite a poem, then you will receive a complimentary tankard of Gimli's Finest ’ Ale and a platter of our snacks.'

'Go to it Thorin, though you might want to hear Yuki's sad news first.'
' regards thorin with a slight nod' " i am master dwarf I was sent to this part of the world from gray haven to spreed news of one of our finest hero's death. maybe you knew him. and yes master grond you may want to sit down " waits for the inn master to sit before he continues " a forth night passed one of our scouting partys found the body of a elf warior not more than a 20 miles from our home after he was brought inside the city we found who he was... corgon swiftblade , my friend and couson has fallen how and why is still unknown but he is dead
'We all remember Corgon Swiftblade, when I first set eyes on him I thought he was a pin cushion; he had Orc arrows sticking all over him having barely made it across the Inn's threshold bearing the warning that a passel of Orcs were right behind him and were meaning to attack us here in the Inn. Tis a sad day when we lost the elven hero Corgon Swiftblade?'

Grondy tops off the beverage of everyone in the house and proposes a toast: 'Here's to Corgon Swiftblade........let us now have a moment of silence in memory of him.........may his stay in the Halls of Mandos be restful and short........ To Corgon Swiftblade.'

'How did he fall, did his falcon go between when he fell?'

Thorin put his tools and materials down and took the drink from Grondy and drank in silence in memory of his friend. His thoughts went back to the many adventures he had had with Cargon and their many battles side by side.

"Ah, this is a sad news to me. Alas for Cargon!"

"Sit down and tell us all about it."
' sits down by the fire place removeing his cloak and several blades from his person and layis them on the floor next to his seat' " sadly we know very little of how or why he was slane his wonds sugested that he was struck with blade and bow alike though no other bodies where near him." ' looks into the flames of the fire place its light reflecting in his stone grey eyes' " I cant imagen a single being being able to beat him he was one of the best with a bow from grey haven and his skill with a blade was nothing short of beautiful and powerful. who or what ever ended his life is indeed a fersome foe i would not want to cross blades with or even paths. I was sent as i said to bring news of his fate and to in a small way take his place among the guards of this inn" ' looks up at the inn keep " that is if you would have me. I know i could never replace my cusion but i will fight in his stead and for his honor."
'Offer accepted Yuki-ryuu, may we call you Yuki? I'll offer you complimentary food and drink after you sing the obligatory song per Gimli's sign, over there in the first post above the bar.'
Sian looks up from her sewing. I've heard the name of Corgon Swiftblade in my travels. It is sorrowful news indeed that he has fallen!
'cups his hands and softly blows frost forming around the edges of his fingers, then removes a small ice orcirena from his cuped hands taping it with his fingers it starts playing a soft haunting tune,

" the days grow dark and the nights grow cold a light in this world that shone so bright has at last gone out this night.
many will morn the passing of this wonderous light and miss its warm soft glow.
brave and true the light did shine through many troubleing times, never did this light waver or faid it shone brightly untill its ending day.
many will morn the passing of this wonderous light and miss its warm soft glow."

' lets the instriment melt into his hands and pours the small puddle of water over the herth of the fire place. " we will miss you my brave light"
'Well done Yuki, I've heard of circular breathing when playing the didjeridu/didgeridoo or flute, but I've never heard someone actually sing while also blowing the accompaniment.

Anyway Yuki, here is your complimentary tankard of Gimli's Finest’ Ale and combo platter of Deep Fried Watcher Rings, Bar-B-Qued Warg Ribs, and Spicy Hot Balrog Wings. Enjoy!'
Perhaps, as always, many and different faces were forming the company of visitors and regular guests of the famous dwarven tavern of the Khazad-dumish Inn. And there agaim his steps were leading him, an unusual traveler and even more unusual guest of this p;ace, an elf, Ammornil of Green Wood the Great. He was singing an old song, which in the common tongue would sound like: "To the door that holds behind, friends of any shape and kind, lead me road of thousands steps! I will go ahead again, just to find the sweet reward of being treated like a lord." The original language was like one from the far south-east. Ammornil opened the door and walked towards the bar. Master Grondy, as ever busy with preparing dishes and filling up the cups of the ever thirsty guests, was now also talking to a fearsome looking dwarf and WOW, an elf. Ammornil sat in a chair near one of the fires and for the amusement of all, knowing the ways of the elves, he took out a pipe and started to fill it up. These three by the bar were in some obviously interesting conversation. It seemed like the elf was telling a story and the dwarfs were showing vivid interest in it. The world has, indeed changed in all places of the past.
thank you for the meal master Grond its been a long hard road and iv not had a good meal in over a forthnight " takes the food and drink and starts eating as he sees the new comer out of the corrnor of his eye. noding to Grond and thorin " we seem to have another new guest to the in the inn to night my good dwarfs and a fellow elf from the looks of his cloths should we great him? or wait for him to make the first move." in a low voice over his cup.
"Ah, that be Ammornil, he comes around now and then and I better be seeing to his comfort. Excuse me Gents, shall I invite him to join us if he's a mind to it?"

"Welcome back Ammornil, how's the world been treating you, would you like something to drink or eat? And you may join the group over there if your willing, or not, if you'd rather enjoy the solace, suit yourself."
'slowly turns back to his meal but unable to shake the feeling that he has met this elf at some other point in his travles'

" dam that wizard when i find hem he'll wish he hadnt crost me " ryu mummbles to him self as he sips the ale in his tankerd.
The ever cheering voice of Grondmaster came with a new greeting from behind. Ammornil turned his head smiling and greeted him back.

-Be well yourself, Master Dwarf! And twice be blessed for the hint you gave me by our last meeting. A cup of Gimli's ale may be a sweet relieve for my throat after these few weeks of wandering and imagine- FLYING. Yes, for she, who is strongest and oldest of the Eagles, has been my host for most of that time. But let my knees take their deserved rest and my feet became alive again by the nice warmth of this chimney, and then when there's more time (Ammornil lowered his voice and looked to the strangers, who were still talking next to the bar), I'd like to have some few words with you again.
Then he said laud again:
-That would be all for now, thank you!
'Okay Ammornil, I'll just pop back to the bar and and draw you a tankard of Gimli's Finest’ and then because the weather is so lousy outside, I think I'll build me a hot-buttered-rum sweetened with a little sugar and a dash of nutmeg on top. that ought to warm up my chilblains.'

'All righty then, here's your drink Ammornil, I'm off to mix mine. Just whistle if you want anything more. "You know how to whistle don't you...? You just put your lips together and blow". I got that line from a magic lantern show a wizard was peddling a few summers back. Always wanted to use it in conversation. I should be free for an extended heart to heart in an hour or two.'
' finished his meal and stood turnig to the stairs.' " thank you for the drink and food master grond i think ill go lay down and rest my body for a time wake me if something happens and you need my bow."
with that ryu walks upstairs to his room
'Sleep well friend Ryu.'

And Grondy goes to the kitchen to put a whoobeast on the spit to roast above the firepit, as well as a bunch of onions, taters, and carrots in a Dutch-oven to roast in the coals, all for the evening meal. Then he washes bar-ware and has a little sit-down with a tankard of Gimli's Finest’ Ale.
Today Grondy is baking apple pie to complete our roast whoobeast dinner.
( comes down stairs the next morning and places gold coins on the bar for his room from the night befor and calls to grond )

master grondy im not sure what your cooking but it smells wonderfull, where do you wish me to take up post sir?
Sian, the Hobbit seamstress, has finished sewing two shirts and a vest for the innkeeper and a cloak for Thorin, both very worthy Dwarves. Today after adding the finishing touches she fell asleep by the fire but the has awakened to the wonderful aroma of roasting meat.

I say, Grond, when you have time would you like to inspect your new shirts?
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