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Thread: The Khazad-dumish Inn.. Please watch your head coming through the door.

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Grondy gulped, took an extra long pull from his tankard so as not to snicker, and polished and re-polished the same bar glass, over and over, waiting to see the effect of Cloveress's effort and the response it would produce.
Alanons sharp gaze falls on cloverless as he takes a long pull from his drink leaning against the wall slightly and looking as if the slightest breeze just might pick him up and carry him away without the heavy blade strapped accross his back. "My dear dear woman look what I let happen to you," he muttered into the drink before draining it and asking for another which he promptly drains once it is set before him.
Amari’ followed the faerie with great interest and amusement. "Mind your beards now, my dwarven friends, I can see our little flutterly friend one is of the more sneaky kind."
Ice ruffled the cat's ears and nodded to Eth's question. "Yes, this is the -kitten- you gave me for my birthday," Ice said with a grin and smiled as it Selen started to purr. "When you said she might be more than ordinary, I believe you were right..." Ice added with a grin, to which Selen replied with a rumble of meow. "Ahh! Gimli, I believe it is, right? Tis a pleasure to be meetin' ye," Ice said, standing and walking back inside the inn. She held out her hand to dwarf and flashed a smile.

The door opens and a weary looking, travel stained Maydmarion walks up to the bar. Looking round at everyone she calls 'Hello' (thinking that probably, no-one realised she hadn't been to the bar for months, still someone has to catch orcs and protect Middle Earth).

Please Grondy can I have a very very long cool drink of your finest, I've been dreaming of this for months. Anyone care to let me know the local gossip.........not that I like gossiping lol
"He really isnt a normal kitten...thats for sure.." Etharion said to Ice.
Heading back to the bar, Etharion cleverly evaded the flight paths of Cloveress, and arrived unscathed to Grondy's vicinity.
"Pour me a Aqualonde Ice Tea is rather hot these days, isnt it?" he said to Grondy.
He looked at Maydmarion and was just able to hear her question. "Gossips eh? Well i dont know about any gossips not so into that... But im sure Cloveress would be deeeelighted to help you with that. Wouldnt you Cloveress?" he said looking around to see the little woodland poltergeist.
"A tall cool one for Maydmaion and an Aqualonde Ice Tea for Etharion coming up, here you go folks, enjoy! You want anything to eat with that Maydmarion?"
Ice waved to Maydmarion and gave her a hug. "How ya been, mate?" she asked, while glancing back at her cat to make sure it wasn't eating anything... "Grondy, that Aqualonde Ice Tea sounds good; can I have one as well?" she says, while fishing in her coin bag for some payment.
"I believe that the last I paid you was quite a while back, and I've had a bit since then, so here's to refresh my tab," Ice said and dropped a handful of golden coins on the bar.
Alanon hammers down the drinks as fast as the bar keep can give them to him seemingly trying to drown out his pain his eyes locked on the hilt of the massive sword against the table. His sharp eyes fading more with each drink as he comes closer to the much needed reprieve that only a deep sleep brought about by to much drink can bring. "Let the orcs come again M'lady" he mutters to the blade, "They will feel your sting again and again until they are no more and then we will finally rest in the peace we deserve." his voice is gentle with a wistfull sound to it as he takes out a long pipe and stuffs it with pipe weed lighting it with a simple command muttered under his breath and taking a long pull while waiting for a fresh drink to be put infront of him.
Grondy poured a couple more Aqualonde Ice Teas for Icefangs and Alanon. He whispered to Cloveress as he nodded towards Alanon, 'Me thinks he could do with one of your magic sleepy sprinkles."
Maydmarion glances at the stranger drinking and sees the pain in his eyes. Her heart goes out to him, she can feel his pain and wants to talk to him to see if she can help him. Maybe after Cloveress has given him some of her magic.......he needs to forget for a while.....

Maydmarion smiles at Grondy, thinking him a very kindly, knowing person.
Grondy hung a new notice on the bulletin board:

"The Khazad-d’mish Inn desires to serve 'Salted Spider Web Crisp' as a bar snack. If anyone has the recipe, please contact Grondy towards beginning negotiations? We will buy the recipe outright, pay a royalty to use it, or act as a distributor if you desire to furnish the product in two pound, by bulk weight bags suitable for restaurant use."
The Cloveress seemed to have disappeared for a little while. She was, in fact, busy playing with Gimli's beard. Nothing fancy or tricky, just a braid. She was merely braiding the dwarf's beard. Well, of course, braiding clovers and sheperd's purses into the thick hair as well. But it was overall, a very innocent activity. 'And no, Maydmarion, I will not lend you any of my magic, for I have none..."
"To never forget is hard, but to forget and suddenly remember again may be worse," said Amari’ with a sigh. "Keep his drink fresh and sleep will find him..."

This was a rarely seen serious part of Amari’, but when you raise balrogs and dragons for a living you need to have a positive and almost naive attitude towards life and have various treatments for burns and bites and an always updated Last Will nearby at the same time. Though she felt sorry for the stranger at the table, she grinned into her mug of Gimli's finest at the sight of the braid taking form in the dwarf's beard.
Maydmarion also watched in facination as the platt began to grow, she whispered into the air hoping Cloveress could hear - "I didn't want to borrow your magic, just for you to use it to help the sad stranger" - Maydmarion hoped she hadn't upset the fairy :o(

Grondy is there any chance of having a private booth for a few hours I'm due to meet someone soon, could I order some cucumber sandwiches, with the crusts kept on please and a bottle of malt whiskey - also, I think that stranger may be in need of some of your special potion for hangovers, when he wakes up.
Etharion looked towards the "stranger" and said to the others "But that much drink cant do any good for him. Let's see if he's in the mood to share his thoughts with us, and so diminish this pain in him. He does look like a fellow with a lot on his mind..."
"Certainly Maydmarion, would you like our fancy Lady Parlor, our Working-woman's GAFDL* Parlor, or our conference room with places for seven delegates around the circular table with two chairs behind each for their assistants? The libation and vittles (crusts entact) can be be had with no problem; would you care for burpless cucumbers or the more plebian less ladylike strain? We can provide either or both."

*GAFDL = get away from the drunken louts.
Alanon's gaze is glasing over and his head is starting to roll about on his shoulders but he doesn't relent in his hammering the drinks down his eyes never leaving the hilt of the massive sword and an almost calm look crosses his face as he cocks his head to the side as if listening to someone before he passes out hitting his head on the table.
The braid was finished intricately, and the Cloveress tied it with a flourish of coneflower petals. "There." She admired her handiwork for a while, then heard Maydmarion's whisper. "Sad stranger? Oh I'm sorry, I didn't realize there was a woeful soul between us here." She chuckled. "Never been good at emotion sensing..." She dived into the stranger's alcoholic drink and surfaced, smiling. "Cut the drinking, matey."
The door of the inn opens and a tall, fair haired elf walks in and looks around, as if searching.

Maydmarion's face turns red and she has a nervous giggle. Errr um Grondy could you have some drinks sent over to the table but could you give me a few minutes first so I can say hello to my err um friend.

Madmarion runs her hands through her hair and tidies her dress, she turns and goes over to the Elf and nervously takes the hand offered to her. They both walk to the 'table for two' and start to talk.....
Grondy looks at the calendar hanging over the bar (it has a pin-up of a scantily clad dwarf with a pink bow tied in her beard) and decides Maydmarion and friend don't really want that much time alone. So he decides to use the three minute glass egg timer, and turning it over twice before going to their table, but to keep a weather eye open in case she gives the high sign earlier.

Meanwhile he fills the salt shakers and sugar bowl, testing the contents of each to ensure Cloveress hasn't switched canister contents on him.
Etharion sighs and pulls Alanon over to a table, and props him up on a chair. "Grondy, Cloveress, if one of you has some anti booze potion, now's the time for it." he says, and shuders as his glance towards Grondy passes his scantily dressed dwarf calendar.... He then made sure Alanon was secure on his chair and turned towards the bar. Of course the very second he turns around, Alanon slides of his chair onto the floor with a nice thud, that nobody hears.
Coming back to the bar again, he leans towards Grondy and asks "So who's that lad Maydmarion's with over there?" he asks, looking suspiciusly over to the table where the two were at.
Then, the Cloveress shuddered, with annoyance that Grondy had foiled her plans for the drinks. But she disguised it with a smile and instead ionquired who that alluring dwarf-lady on his calendar was.
Ice watched with a blank expression on her face as Eth went over to drinking stranger. She sighed audibly and sipped her tea. Glancing around to make sure none were looking, Ice slipped a vial from a fold in her cloak, uncorked the top, and poured a tiny drop of it into her drink. The drop sizzled and slowly disolved as it drifted down the glass. She smiled and watched it gradually disappear. Lifting a hand to her head, Ice smiled wistfully and pressed her palm down hard against her forehead. She blinked and glanced around after a minute or two of this, and then began sipping her drink once more.
"Well, I've got a concoction that will clear up hangovers, but in Alanon's case I think we should let him sleep it off and then ply him with the concoction. If you want to haul him up to one of the rooms and put him to bed, No. 6 is available."

"That lady was the Princess Marlene Stonebreaker; I had a crush on her in my younger years, but her pappy the King told me to take a hike. So I left the clan and that was the start of my adventuring career, back some 60 years or so ago. I heard she later got in a bar-fight with a troll and she won by biting his ankle. She ended up running off and marrying some down-and-out drummer from the Iron Hills, so her pappy's strict parental protection never payed off. I'm glad he warned me off though, or I'd never got to meet all you fine folks."
The door opened and Fionw’ walked in. Drawing back his hood, he nodded to Etharion as he went to the bar.
"Grondy, a tankard of Gimli's Finest if you please. Dratted horse, I was tracking him for over a week. Found him up in Eregion, just grazing away like he didn't do anything. For a stallion that's been in many battles, Skinfaxi sure can be skittish sometimes. We fought a whole pack of them some years back near Carrock. So it's not like they're new to him."
Putting his huge blade against the wall, he saw some new faces present. Something about the person who had passed out struck him as familiar, but he couldn't find the man's name. The blade too looked familiar, but realizing that it was almost the same as his own sword, he dismissed the thought.

(I have only been able to just get on again tonight, but Fionw’ had walked out after Amarie apologized about the wargs, to get his horse.)
"Coming right up Fionw’. Here you go. a tankard of Gimli's Finest and a plate of Hot and Spicy Balrog Wings to take off that peckish feeling. My stock for Bar-B-Qed Warg Ribs is starting to run short; did you bring back any of that Warg meat?"
Etharion nodded to Fionwe. He then said to Grondy "Ok then, ill put him in bed." he muttered a incantation under his breath, and Alanon started floating like a ballon. He then wafted him up the stairs to the spare room. Going towards the stairs, he noticed Ice doing something wierd with her drink, so he made a mental note to ask her about it when he came back down.
A few moments later, Etharion came back down.
Alanon snaps awake once he leaves his sword behind and with a brutal scream goes back after it his eyes full of pain rage and sorrow. he quickly makes it back to the table and cradles the blade in his arms holding it tight to his chest even though it is cutting into him.
Ice jumped as the solemn stranger suddenly screamed. She downed her glass of tea and ran towards him, intending to at least stop him from injuring himself. Halfway there, Ice tripped over wet spot on the floor, and she slid a couple feet across the planks. Regaining her balance, Ice stopped in front of the man and said, in as stern a voice as she could muster, while her icy blue eyes glittered dangerously, "Just what exactly is the problem with that sword, sir whose name I do not know? Because its reputation preceeds it, at least in my eyes..."
Suddenly pancakebeast steps from the shaddows and pulls out a glittering dagger of fire and looks across the room for anyone smoking a pipe and says: anyone of ye fellows need a light"?
"Oh yes, sorry Alanon. I forgot the sword here... But yeah, Ice has a point. What's really going on between you and that blade?" Etharion noticed a figure emerge from a corner,offering a flame. "Ah..thanks, but not right now."

O.C.C. What does a Pancake beast look like? Im really interested...
Maymarion is totally oblivious to the surroundings of the Inn - her eyes have not left the face of the Elf - she mentally shakes herself whispers to him and goes to the bar....

Grondy, please give everyone a drink - my treat and make yours a double for the lovely food. Oh, but I think he (she motions to the man clutching his sword) could probably do with a nice strong coffee.......has he spoken yet?
Mellon sat down beside Maymarion as she look upon Grondy."Your ail tasted so nicely that I would like another one" she said gently ."The man said a few words outside but I didnt understood a word "
"This sword is a blessing and a curse I cannot leave it or I will die But now I cannot use it or I would end up doing more damagae then I intend." he says it softly still cradaling the blade as if it were a small child.
Icey stood straighter, her eyes shifting over to the spirit spectrum, where she could view magical auras and such. She thought she recognized the aura surrounding this blade, so Ice smiled gently and replied, "Truly, dear sir, this sword is more a curse than a blessing...does it have a name?"
"Sorry to intrupt folks, but Maydmarion is buying this round," and he placed in front of each patron, a fresh tankard or glass of the same again and refilled their snack bowls and platters.
"It's name is Melly after my bloved whose spiret is trapped in this blade." he states his voice cracking with each word and the sharpness comes back to his eyes as he fights back the urge to cry and sheats the blade accross his back again. "I am tied to this blade for the rest of my life as I should have been tied to her."
The Cloveress' curiosity got the better of her and she fluttered out to land on the hilt of the sword. "Spirit in this blade?" She shuddered as she felt the being so close and so helplessly imprisoned. "Poor souls, both of you..."
Maydmarion asks " but would your beloved want you to be this unhappy? Or is there a reason for her spirit to be in the blade and if so, is there no way to release the spirit - with some help?" as she glances at her 'guest' waiting at the table for her.....
"Many have tried to free her but they all died" he looks at the little creature on his sword. "Please do not touch the sword." he turns back to the one asking questions. "The spell is to strong it burns them out." he slumps agaisnt the floor with a loud thud.
Ice sighs and looks down at the floor....then suddenly she lifts her gaze and her eyes brighten. "What if I knew someone who might know a way to lift the curse?" she asks, her icy blue eyes flashing as ideas fling themselves together in her mind. She grins slightly as she hears Selen mewling outside; they thought it was mewling, to the rest of the thinking world, the cat was howling...

Etharion nodded as Grondy refilled his glass. He still had no idea who the mysterious guest of Maydmarions was... "Grondy...isnt it customary for all new patrons of your inn to sing a song before being served?" he asked nodding with a mischevous grin towards Maydmarion's friend.
At the same time he heard what the others were talking about with Alanon. He was interested in the solution Ice had in mind "Really? Who is this person you think could lift the course of this poor man? As it seems, it is a very powerfull curse.. i'v never seen the like of it.." he added and jumped a little in his chair as the "kitten" outside "meowed".
OOC: Well we have a quandry here, we're not supposed to be able to run multiple characters, but I don't think Maydmarions friend is a plastic blow up model, so maybe we should have her sing his song just this once, but if he is going to be a lasting character, to rope in some new member to play the part. What say you Maydmarion?
"No! I refuse to let another who serves good die just to try to free the two of us from this curse, though it is a blessing in that melly is still with me." he says firmly his eyes seeming to glow with inner light that screams that he knows something that you don't but he slowly stands streaching like a large cat and asks, "What is with the cat?"
Ice glances outside, and replies, "She is one who could take us to the person I knew who could lift the curse. A close friend of mine, and a powerful elven sorceress. Do not worry, friend, she will take all precautions against an untimely demise, and if no one were to help you now, what would happen to Melly if something happened to you?" Turning towards the direction of the cat, Ice whispers something, and Selen meows once more, slightly quieter. "The friend of mine, dear Eth, who could possibly lift this curse, is...well...I'm not sure she wants me spreading her reputation..." Ice said, while turning back towards Eth to look up at him. She gave his hand an affectionate squeeze, then crossed both her arms and turned back to Alanon.
OOC Well I just fancied a date for the night...don't think he's going to come to the Inn much...but maybe...just maybe....(humming the wedding march) lol

Oh well you asked for it Grondy and other patrons....

Once upon a time there was a girl,
A lonely girl who didn't have a love.
One day she found a love,
Who gave her a glove,
Now she's not lonely or cold anymore!!

I'm not very good at making things up as you can tell Big Laugh Smilie Hope that will suffice for my guest for now - I'll send him on his way......
Very Sad Smilie Very Sad Smilie Very Sad Smilie
"And here's a tankard of Gimli's Finest for your guest Maydmarion; would you like two straws with that; and don't you two do anything I wouldn't," he said with a wink.
After downing the contents of the tankard, and eating the meat, Fionw’ walked out. A few moments later he came back in, carrying a very large bundle with ease. "I came across some wargs on the way back attacking a village, killed most of them. I killed this one with my bow, and since it was the only one still intact, I brought it back. It's not nearly as large as some wargs that I've killed, but with the Beornings guarding the region around Carrock so well, pickings are slim for the wargs. My steed is fast, though, so the meat is still good," he said, addressing Grondy.
Then, noticing the stranger, he pulled Grondy aside so the others couldn't hear, and spoke in a low tone,"Who is that man standing there clutching the sword? He seems to me familiar, yet I know I've never laid eyes on him before. I can see many things that others can't, but his blade's past is hidden from me, as is his own." Then, speaking in a normal voice,"But before you start answering my question, tell me where I can put this meat down. A four-hundred pound dead warg is not the easiest thing to carry," he said, grunting.
Amari’ was seemingly not paying any interest in the man and the sword. She sat quietly by a table and admired the cat. She wondered if she should ask Ethy where he got it, and she wondered how it would get along with her other animals if she got one of her own.
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