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Thread: The Khazad-dumish Inn.. Please watch your head coming through the door.

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Grondy busy drying glasses with a clean bar towel, walked over to the newcomers and said grinning, a poem or story, or even a good dance will serve as well as a song for those who can't carry a tune in even a basket. I'll have your tankard of Gimli's Finest ready when you've finished.

(OOC: A good dance would require a play-by-play description so our readers can see it in their minds' eye.)
He shifted kind of uneasily in his seat at first. "I rarely ever sing for anybody, but here goes," he said to the dark girl beside him, drawing back his hood revealing his fair hair. He started to hum a tune, then began to sing in his strong voice:
A! Elbereth Gilthoniel!
silivren penna m’riel
o menel aglar elenath,
Gilthoniel, A! Elbereth!
We still remember, we who dwell
In this far land beneath the trees
The starlight on the Western Seas.

Upon finishing, he replaced his hood on his head, hiding again his face, and the scars on it. He then waited patiently for the drink which he was due.

(By the way, I originally intended him to be an elf, but since you guys called him a man, I think I'll just keep it that way. The term man fits him better I think. Thanks!Wink Smilie
I"m creating a story about my character, which I will, upon being finished, put in the fan fiction.Read Smilie It will hopefully explain to people his strange ways and the history behind them.)
awesome, fanfics are cool!

Ice sighed as she watched Clover flutter away. "Damned fairy..." she mumbled and suddenly realized that, without magic or battle, the fairy would find no red clovers that Grondy suggested, and where she imagined Clover might be headed. "Ah well..." she sighed again and her ears perked (which now looks a lot funnier) as she heard the man in the corner singing. She clapped enthusiastically for him and said, "Wonderful song, 'ere mate."
The Cloveress returned, trailing a big banner of green leaves on a vine behind her. She had not found any red clovers, but she had found another plant which would mean a change in her plans, but still fun nonetheless. The vine fluttered around as the fairy flew low and allowed it to brush across people's arms and necks. "Recieve your blessings, people!"
The dark haired girl's heavy laughter filled the space. Her voice was low, yet somehow strangely etherial. "You sing beautifuly my lord, you should not hide such talent. I fear I canot say the same for myself, but as you have braved singing for me, I too shall sing for you."

'Here's a rose bud in June,
and the violets in full bloom,
and the small birds singing love songs on each spray.

we'll pipe and we'll sing love,
we'll dance in our ring love,
when each lad takes his lass, all on the green grass.
And its all to plough
Where the fat oxen graze low
And the lads and the lasses
To sheep shearing go.'

*OK...this is a beautiful extra bit right at the end of Steeleye Span's King Henry song. skip the track forward to 17mins 18 secs to hear it. I love it!! I can't find any downloads of it to link to, but do try to hear's beautiful (not the main part of the song...)*
Grondy was smiling broadly as he carried the two tankards of Gimli's Finest, which he set before the two singers and said, 'Thank you muchly folks. See, that wasn't so bad; you didn't receive any rotten eggs, tomatoes, or brick-bats, and you did receive some well deserved applause.'

'Cloveress, if that is vine your wafting about me customers is nettles, poison oak, or poison ivy, your name will be mud, or rather Muddess', Grondy added with a frown.
Grabbing the tankard, he said, "You have been taught well, my lady. Travelling the lands for many years, I learned the true art of singing of the Elves of the Havens, and I was fortunate enough to increase my learning in Imladris." He took a swig, then said, "I am a lone warrior, known in many places, and by many people, as Fionw’. Pray tell, how are you called by those who know you?" He then downed the rest of the tankard, and, setting his blade aside nearby, watched the fairy Cloveress flutter around the room. "Hmm, more like a pixie than a fairy," he thought, unwittingly aloud. He winced when he realized he spoke aloud, hoping the fairy didn't hear.
"good gracious, Imladris? You do get around!I am known as Eruvande by those of your kind, but Nwhagen (pronounced noo-you- ah- haagen like haagen daas ice cream) by those of my kind. I fear I know all too well about the life of a traveller, for I ran from my 'homeland' many a year ago." she said, taking a deep draft of ale from the flaggon in-front of her.

"I was taught to sing by my mother. Our race is ancient, noone realy remembers our existane much, Infact, I have recently been asked my age and to my surprise I realised that I could only give an approximation!"

Grondy brought a platter piled high with Hot & Spicy Balrog Wings’, Deep Fried Watcher Rings’, Bar-B-Qed Warg Ribs’, and Sweet and Sour Orc Knuckles’ and placed it on the recent singers' table, 'For your enjoyment,' he said, 'and how is your ale, would you be wanting it refreshed?'
"Please. I myself am twelve-score and fifteen years of age. Ten-score of those years I have spent traveling," said Fionw’. Then, addressing the innkeeper,"I have heard much good report about this inn on my travels. But what happened to the first innkeeper, Gimli? I met him last traveling with Legolas through the north, somewhere around the region of Annuminas, a few years ago. Said they were going to the sea. Haven't seen or heard of him since."
Mellon listened to the conversation between the barkepeer and Fionw’ as she sat down .."May I please have some Deepfried Watcher Rings and some ale to go ?" My friend is in a hurry so I wont be staying long "she said and turned her head and saw her long lost friend.
"Box of Scrying Circles and a Bucket of Suds coming right up Mellon. Here you go. Enjoy!"

"Fionw’, our founding owner, Gimli_axe_wielder, usually drops in a once or twice a year to sample the current batch of his Finest and refresh his poke from the till; then he's off to parts unknown. The boy still has wanderlust, but someday I expect him to settle down and let moss grow between his toes."
'PIXIE?????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" The Cloveress blew a loud and wet raspberry at Fionwe, then she flared up to human size ann took on the form of the beautiful fairy lady again. "There's not much of a difference between a fairy and a pixie, y'see, but pixies are ever so less understanding and much more annoying. But I never thought I'd have to resort to this to clean the muck out of your eyes and let you see clearly." She let her trail of poison ivy linger on his shoulder and bare neck. What joy this was, being the Cloveress, with a poisonous plant in her wake, and the ability to cause mischief. She felt like sticking her tongue out at Grondy. "Muddess? A-hahahaha...I'd like to see you try... But when all your customers are on the floor with poison ivy rash, you'll still have to come back to me for the antidote...heeheehee..."
I'm so confused... I go to my mom's for five days, and somehow, I'm slightly lost, I have a horrid sense of direction, I might add....
Etharion came down the stairs just as Cloveress was passing by with some long vine... "What's...never mind.." he straightened the fringe of his robe and went over to the bar. "Hey Grondy, hey ICE!" he yelled as he saw what Ice looked like. "You having a allergic reaction or something..?" he asked looking at her abnormaly long ears. Then with a moment of thought he asked "Does Cloveress have something to do with this?"
As he looked at Cloveress he noticed the bundled up stranger and a very fair looking young girl...
"Was that your unique voice i heard singing a moment ago?" he asked the girl with a smile. Also, he noticed something familiar about the hooded man that probably arrived while he was sleeping.
Grondy made a trip to the backroom in a Huff (the new 2006 model) and searched the shelves for for an herbicide, he found 2-4-D, 2-4-5-D, Weed-B-Gone, and Agent Orange, but nothing in the way of a safe organic so he grabbed a cylinder of liquid nitrogen and a push hoe. "One of these things will rid us of our noxious nusiance, she has carried things too danged far this time."

Ice shook her head to Eth's question of the allergies then grinned and nodded fiercely when he asked if the fairy had had anything to do with it. "Oh dear, these make me feel as though I could fly; just flap-flap and away I go..." Ice mumbled while watching Grondy look for something to rid them of the fungus-caused traits. "When you get back, I believe I'd like some more ale, if you don't mind, dear Grondy," Ice said loudly, while grumbling under her breath, "mayhaps I can drink these darned ears away..."
"The antidote for all your pains
Lies with this little fairy dame."

The Cloveress was sitting on a high shelf, swinging her tiny legs and smiling amusedly at Grondy carrying those pathetic (but harmful) spray cans. Then she zoomed over to Ice just before Grondy saw her and landed on the long ears to whisper

"If you wish to have you elven ears fair,
Drink four times from the green flask there."

Then she flew off again, before Grondy could actually find something useful. But of course, the Cloveress knew Grondy wouldn't actually kill her, though she would probably be facing some restrictions if they caught her. She shivered. And settled in the attic.
The sound of a big wagon could be heard outside, and the stable boys were once again called over to take care of three large wargs. "My little darlings have run far and fast today, be a dear and give them a treat before bedtime!" The elf slipped a few gold coins into the hand of a bewildered young boy, before heading towards the inn.

She opened the door, took a deep breath and sighed. "Ahhh... the smell of balrog wings, beer and complete chaos. It's good to be back!" She made her way to the counter, waving to those she knew and to those who she hadn't met yey. She greeted Grondy with a big smile. "Grondy, old grey-beard! Give me some of Gimli's Finest, you wouldn't believe how well my wares have sold! It is good to be a dealer of magic creatures these days! Now what is this I hear about you having faerie problems?" She laughed. "It's when they start making nests in your beard that you should worry."
Etharion saw Amarie come in so he decided to go say hello. "Amarie!! Long time no see!" he said with a smile and pating her on the back. "So your into magical creature's now eh? Have anything specialy interesting for sale?" he said wigling a eyebrow. "Come on you can tell me." he said smiling and with a knowing look taping his nose.
Grondy set the can of non-toxic silver spray-paint labeled 'Fairy-B-Gone' on a highly visible shelf behind the bar and proceeded to draw tankards of Gimli's Finest for Icefangs and Amari’. "Here you go dear ladies, and would you care for one of our tasty snacks?"
Amari’ took a deep drink from the mug. "Mmmmm... Well, my friend. My creatures aren't much more magical than they were the last time I was here, but when you find the right road and pass over the correct mountains you will find people who think a lap dragon and a talking mini-nazgul are quite magical! But I won't tell you where, you might try to steal my customers!" She grinned and winked at Etharion.

Most people would agree that these kind of creatures weren't normal pets for any one, except Sauron perhaps. As all elves, Amari’ loved nature and animals. Though she felt that the biggest, ugliest and strangest were the best and cutest kind.
The Cloveress gulped as she saw the label on the container. "And just as I was gonna make a nest in his beard too..." she muttered sullenly and she curled up her wings and flew, head drooped, back to the attic.
After Cloveress flew from the room, Grondy reached up and removed the overiding label from the can which now read:

ACME Spray Paint
Nontoxic - Metalic Silver
- Drys in 30 Seconds -
For ingrediants call SPRAYPAINT (777.297.2468)
Acme Paint Ltd. By order of His Majesty the King
Linhir, Gondor, Middle-earth

"That ought to dampen her spirit for a couple hours, but I expect she'll be back to her old lovable self in a day or two," he said with a grin.

"You know, Cloveress, one of the benefits of living in the wilderness for as long as I have, is that you develop an immunity to most of the more common afflictions such as poison ivy. You're going to have to try something better than that I'm afraid," he called out, knowing she was somewhere nearby.(by the way, how can you touch his bare neck with the vine if he has a cloak on, with the hood up?)
He started seeing more faces that he seemed to know. Watching the elf who just came in greet Amari’, something struck Fionw’ as being familiar. Putting back his hood, Fionw’ walked up to him, saying "Correct me if I'm mistaken, but I am under the impression that we have met before this. Quite some time ago, during a little expliot in Mirkwood I believe it was."

turned her head and saw her long lost friend.

(Are you refering to Fionw’, or someone else? I'm not quite sure.)
Ice paused and put one hand to her chin, consider Clover's offer of the antidote, and while she did this, Amarie had entered. "Amarie! Good to see you, old friend!" she said happily, while accepting Grondy's offered tankard with a smile. "So how've you been, my dear friend?" Ice asked, while eyeing the green flask Clover had incidicated when she said 'antidote'.
Etharion nodded to Fionwe. "Yes, i belive so.. And i think i saw you once at Rivendell as well. You were still very young then, i dont think you'll remember me. But you have grown." he said with a grin.

O.C.C.( Grondy i need you to do me a favour, if it isnt to much. Im expiriencing some problems with my computer and i cant access the window here on PT for sending PrivateMessages, and some other things...but that dosent matter. I got a PM from Parmastahir asking me about my LOTR calendar, and i cant send a message back to him! So i would like you to just tell him that i still avae it, and that ill try to send him the dimensions of the calendar as soon as i can. Again, its no problem if you cant help me. Thanks anyways.) Smile Smilie

P.S. Im asking you to do this cause i know you always regulary check this thread, so you wont NOT see it. Smile Smilie
Alanon walks through the door stooping so that he doesn't hit his head or the handle of his large heavy blade on the top of the door and slides into a seat hoping not to be noticed havving noticed the sign that said you had to sing upon your first entrance to the establishment. He folds himself into his thick black cloak and lets his eyes wander over all those assembled looking for faces from his past that might cause him problems. Not seeing any of them he relaxes slightly but to anyone that notices him he apears on edge and relaxed at the same time his cold grey eyes seeing nothing and everything at the same time as if he has been to the worst places in the land and knows the value of keeping his guard up. Just in case he was noticed he starts to search his memory for a song that he could sing in order to be able to stay and rest for a while before continueing his journy.
Assuming you are the same Drizzt who was here before and according to the list in the first post, you have already sang in here; though maybe not as Alanon. Anyway, if that was you earlier tell Grondy and place your order; else go a head and give us your performance. Happy Elf Smilie

Etharion: PM to Parmastahir sent. That said, If the problem you are having is you can't find the 'Create New Message' button; you get to it via 'My Account', 'Messages', and then the button should just to the left of the Poll header what says, "POLL".)
The Cloveress blinked her green eyes obstinately and sulked on in the attic (where she couldn't see the new label).
Ooc alanon hasn't entered before though drizzt has so I guess it's time to sing.

Alanon stands slowly knowing he will need to sing to get a drink in this establishment and starts softly singing his voice getting stronger with every note.
"You left me standing in the rain.
You broke my heart and made it whole again.
with you by my side I felt like I could do anythin.
Then you broke my heart again."
At this point he breaks into a coughing fit and sits down quickly.
Grondy hands Alanon the other end of his clean bar towel which he had used to dry his eyes, "You like you might need this too. Such a sad song." Then he presented him his tankard of Gimli's Finest’ with which to wet his whistle; and a plate of Hot and Spicy Balrog Wings to fill the void.
(OOC: Etharion: if you didn't get my PM and still can't access that feature, send an email to so I can pass on the info from Parmastahir.
"'Broken hearts are best filled with bitter ale', as m'da use to say... " Galenhir rose from her chair, allowing it to be vacant for the first time in about a year. "I'm off Grondy, but I better have an ale before I go, and pray", she said with a wink, "make it a bitter one, or I might be tempted to stay longer."
"Here here!! Ill have one as well Grondy." he said. Looking at the rest of the inns patrons who were all somewhat quiet for a long while, he said "Oy!! You all dozed off or what? Comon..a round on me. That should wake em up!" he said, and at the last part he winked at Grondy.
Okay folks, I'll start filling tankards an sliding them down the bar, sweet ale on the near side, bitters on the far. Grab your pleasure, thank Etharion for it, and enjoy. And he started filling and sliding tankards down the bar. When he finished he picked up a tray which he loaded and arried it around to those patrons who hadn't yet made it to the bar for their freebie. He also refilled the popcorn bowls and checked to see if there were any more Bar-B-Qed Warg Ribs in the kitchen.
Fionw’ started in his seat as he heard something outside that sounded a lot like a horse galloping away. Looking out the window he cried,"Grondy, keep a drink for me while I get my horse!"
Running out the door, he yelled "Get back here," to his horse who just had gallopped off.
Razing her glass to both Etharion and Grondy in turn, Galenhir proceeded to down the tankard.
"Another day!" she said in parting, and on her way out grabbed a handful of popcorn, munching on it to nullify the taste of the ale.
"Icey, dear friend! I barely recognized you, however did your ears change like that? I quite liked your old wolf look, though the blue is a nice touch."

She leaned over and looked as Fionw’ hurried after the horse. "I do wonder if my wargs had anything to do with that... they do love to play with horses."
Bursting through the door, Fionw’ said, "Amari’, are those your beasts out there?" He walked across the room and, grabbing his sword where it stood by the fireplace, said "If not, I'll have to deal with them." He then started walking towards the door, where he stopped and looked at Amari’, waiting for her to respond...
"Did they break their chain again? Those silly puppies, they love to run and play... I'll go get them." She pulled some kind of dry meat from a pocket and strolled out. A lot of growling and noises which sounded like flesh being ripped and eaten could be heard, but she came back unharmed and humming a little while later.

"I gave them some food and a couple of Orc Feet to nibble on, they should be calm for a while now. I'm sorry they scared your horse." She looked thoughtful for a while. "There was a kid by the stable. He just pointed at us and said something like 'Hawa wa warwaaaaarg'. Like he had never seen a girl with two wargs before. I think he might be a bit special, if you know what I mean. He just ran away when I asked if he wanted to pet my pets. Terribly shy he was. Or maybe he was allergic?"
"Thank ye good sir." Alanon says as he takes a long pull from the ale though his eyes are dry he looks thin and hollow as if something is wrong with him. The large warrior unstraps his blade from his shoulder and sets it gently lovingly against the table.
until future reference, you guys, I won't be able to get online on weekends, because my computer at home's acting all...weird. So I'll only be able to check in while I'm at school, and have no work to do. Anyway, I'm back for the day!

"'What happened to my ears,' you ask? The resident fairy happened to them, that's what," Ice said with a grin and gesturing up towards the attic. She grinned once again at Eth, and slapped him lovingly on the back. Suddenly there was this slight mewl coming from Ice's bag discarded against the wall. "Great shades!" she exclaimed and leapt off her stool, where she dashed to her bag, plucked it up off the floor and fished around inside for the maker of the sound. She found a device, much like an amulet of some sort. Pulling it out, Ice stepped outside the inn, where she was at once attacked by a large white and blue-striped cat! "SELEN!" she screamed.

(tis be da kitty I didn't remember I had...heh heh......)
*As Gimli came to the door of his inn a smile came across his face. It had been a long time since he had stopped by. His good friend Grondy had been running the Inn for several years now and to be honest the Inn really did belong to him more than to Gimli at this point. It was Grondy, not Gimli that had been serving the drinks and keeping the customers happy. Gimli was proud that it had lasted so long. He was never one to stay in one place to long. There was far to much mischief to get into. Caves to explore, bearded wimmen folk to chase, and most importantly, fine dwarven malt beer to consume. Now naturally, this inn served the best tasting stuff around, but Gimli had managed to convince Grondy to send him off with enough of a supply to keep him happy for a long while. The real problem was the orc toes. He had run out months ago. How one could possibly consume large amounts of malt beer with out orc toes who knows, but Gimli managed. Blasphemy some would say. They were probably right!

The Inn had started as a place for Gimli and his friends to hang out and sing songs. It was truely a miracle that people actually returned after the first night of Gimli's singing. Grondy always had a wonderful voice though he would never admit it. Gimli on the other hand. Well, lets just say he got better after each pint. Or at least HE thought he did.*

Oi!!!!! Anyone know where a dwarf can get a pint around here????
Etharion stared at the big cat that jumped Ice. " that the kitten i gave you for your birthday??!!" he asked stunned. As he watched Ice and the "kitten", he saw a dwarf coming in. "Wait a sec...i know you. You'r the owner of this inn!! Gimli isnt it? Tis a pleasure to meet you master dwarf! Your friend Grondy is doing a marvelous job running the inn...just so you know. And might you tell he going to continue managing the inn, or are you going to stay for a bit longer? Perhaps you can both run it! That would be great! Grondy would take care of the food and stuff, and you could...take care of the...of the..singing?" he said slower and slower. "Oh no...i just remembered your singing...." he said with a shuder. Smile Smilie
"Hey Boss, welcome back. Here's you a tankard of Gimli's Finest’ and some Deep Fried Watcher Rings. Sorry about the lack of Pickled Orc Toes, shipments out of the Misty Mountains have fallen off as Elrond's Twins have been hunting them near to extinction."
aah.. I guess I am going to have to have a word with them than aren't I.. Damn elves!!

No no, Grondy will continue running things. I am just passing through as always. Besides, he pours a muuuuuch better pint of malt beer than I do. Just don't tell the misses!

So what have I missed eh?
"You missed our pesty pixie or spiteful sprite, or frightful fairy, or whatever catagory Cloveress wishes to be placed in. So if your beard suddenly appears to be a filled with tri-leafed greeness, you will know you have been visited by her. Actually she can be friendly and helpful if given a chance, but she usually soon violates her parole. Last I heard she is skulking in the attic; though my wrath has abated since her last trickery."
Did that have anything to do with the rumor I heard about polka dots above the door outside? Please tell me that was only a rumor.....
"You bet!" The Cloveress appeared with a "poof" beside Gimli. " Everyone really loves my decorations, you know. They're all charming." She seated herself in Gimli's matted hair. "Nice braids you have in this tangle, eh? Let me spruce it up for you..."
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