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Thread: The Khazad-dumish Inn.. Please watch your head coming through the door.

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Thorin goes back on stage:

"Before Grondy delights us with a song I would like to say that Arath is our happy winner. And thus he gets the barrel of Gimli's Finest(TM) as prize. A big clap for Arath please. And BRAVO once again Arath."

"Now the stage is for Grondy to sing us a song and maybe he would like to say a few words to Arath before that! Cheers for Grondy too"
'Well done Arath, you may take your barrel home with you, or you may keep it here behind the bar, where only you will be able to tap into it, whenever you are here. Gimli's Finest’ keeps well through hot weather and cold, it doesn't go flat due to that thing I do with my pink boomershoot.'

And now the song:

The Man in the Moon had silver shoon, and his beard was of silver thread;
With opals crowned and pearls all bound about his girdlestead,
In his mantle grey he walked one day across a shining floor,
And with crystal key in secrecy he opened an ivory door.

On a filigree stair of glimmering hair then lightly down he went,
And merry was he at last to be free on a mad adventure bent,
In diamonds white he had lost delight; he was tired of his minaret
Of tall moonstone that towered alone on a lunar mountain set.'

'Time out to wet my whistle with a tankard of Gimli's Finest’.

The above song is from 'The Adventures of Tom bombadil' found in The Tolkien Reader with the title of 'The Man in the Moon Came Down Too Soon' by JRRTolkien.
when Grondy's song finished Samadhi hang up hands for a clap"well done Arath Orc With Thumbs Up Smilie and a wonderful song "Orc Grinning Smilie
'Anyone want a refill before I start the next verse?'
"ME, ME," Throin shouted nearly falling out of his seat in his rush to have another drink of Gimli's Finest.

"That's nice of you Grondy," he said giving Grondy his tankard. "And your sing also is good, very good."
"Here you go Thorin, I'd leave a pitcher at your table, but as your getting a little rambunctious, I'll probably have to cut you off fairly soon, unless you happen to fall asleep with your face in the middle of your meal," Grondy said with a Cheshire Cat grin.
Sorry its so late, lol, but thank you!!!!

Icefangs made her way inside the lively inn and found her customary stool by the bar. Sidling into it, she grinned, saying, "Lovely party you guys have goin here!"

She sighed and grabbed her head, then turned and faceplanted the bar, whining, "Oooooow...headache, and that didn't help..." She lay there and moaned before finally deciding that wasn't helping either and started digging through her pockets and then her bag for some kind of remedy...

"What about a tankard of Gimli's Finest(TM) to cheer you up, Icefang?" Thorin shouted. "Oh! And enjoy yourself and don't hesitate to help yourself to the food, its free while the party is on."

"And what about the remaining verses Grondy?"
Grondy took another swig and continued singing the song"

He would dare any peril for ruby and beryl to broider his pale attire,
For new diadems of lustrous gems, emerald and sapphire.
He was lonely too with nothing to do but stare at the world of gold
And heark to the hum that would distantly come as gaily round it rolled.

At plenilune in his argent moon in his heart he longed for Fire:
Not the limpid lights of wan selenites; for red was his desire,
For crimson and rose and ember-glows, for flame with burning tongue,
For the scarlet skies in a swift sunrise when a stormy day is young.

'Another time out to wet my whistle with a tankard of Gimli's Finest’.

The above song is from 'The Adventures of Tom bombadil' found in The Tolkien Reader with the title of 'The Man in the Moon Came Down Too Soon' by JRRTolkien.
Grondy took another swig and continued singing the song"

He'd have seas of blues, and the living hues of forest green and fen;
And he yearned for the mirth of the populous earth and sanguine blood of men.
He coveted song, and laughter long, and viands hot, and wine,
Eating pearly cakes of light snowflakes and drinking thin moonshine.

He twinkled his feet, as he thought of the meat, of pepper, and punch galore;
And he tripped unaware on his slanting stair, and like a meteor,
A star in flight, ere Yule one night flickering down he fell
From his laddery path to a foaming bath in the windy Bay of Bel.

'Another time out to wet my whistle with a tankard of Gimli's Finest’.

The above song is from 'The Adventures of Tom bombadil' found in The Tolkien Reader with the title of 'The Man in the Moon Came Down Too Soon' by JRRTolkien.
Grondy took another swig and continued singing the song"

He began to think, lest he melt and sink, what in the moon to do,
When a fisherman's boat found him far afloat to the amazement of the crew,
Caught in their net all shimmering wet in a phosphorescent sheen
Of bluey whites and opal lights and delicate liquid green.

Against his wish with the morning fish they packed him back to land:
'You had best get a bed in an inn', they said; 'the town is near at hand'.
Only the knell of one slow bell high in the Seaward Tower
Announced the news of his moonsick cruise at that unseemly hour.

'Another time out to wet my whistle with a tankard of Gimli's Finest’. (Only four more verses to sing.)'

The above song is from 'The Adventures of Tom bombadil' found in The Tolkien Reader with the title of 'The Man in the Moon Came Down Too Soon' by JRRTolkien.
"Bravo, Bravo, Grondy. They are great! Ha, ha bring on the other verses."

Thorin also took the opportunity to re-fill his tankard and plate of snacks before going back to his table to await the next verses.
Grondy took another swig and continued singing the song"

Not a hearth was laid, not a breakfast made, and dawn was cold and damp.
There were ashes for fire, and for grass the mire, for the sun a smoking lamp
In a dim back-street. Not a man did he meet, no voice was raised in song;
There were snores instead, for all folk were abed and still would slumber long.

He knocked as he passed on doors locked fast, and called and cried in vain,
Till he came to an inn that had light within, and tapped at a window pane.
A drowsy cook gave a surly look, and 'What do you want?' said he.
'I want fire and gold and songs of old and red wine flowing free!'

'Another time out to wet my whistle with a tankard of Gimli's Finest’. (Only two more verses to sing.)'

The above song is from 'The Adventures of Tom bombadil' found in The Tolkien Reader with the title of 'The Man in the Moon Came Down Too Soon' by JRRTolkien.
Grondy took another swig and continued singing the song"

'You won't get them here', said the cook with a leer, 'but you may come inside.
Silver I lack and silk to my back’maybe I'll let you bide'.
A silver gift the latch to lift, a pearl to pass the door;
For a seat by the cook in the ingle-nook it cost him twenty more.

For hunger or drouth naught passed his mouth til he gave both crown and cloak;
And all that he got, in an earthen pot broken and black with smoke,
Was porridge cold and two days old to eat with a wooden spoon.
For puddings of Yule with plums, poor fool, he arrived so much too soon;
An unwary guest on a lunatic quest from the Mountains of the Moon.

'And that is the end of the Man in the Moon's journey to Middle-earth, at least so far as this song tells us. And now to wet my whistle,' and Grody polished off the rest of his tankard of Gimli's Finest’.

The above song is from 'The Adventures of Tom bombadil' found in The Tolkien Reader with the title of 'The Man in the Moon Came Down Too Soon' by JRRTolkien.
this thread is so quiet........after a long time....... Sad Smilie
I guess everyone is still resting after the party! Elk Grinning Smilie
Yup, still sleeping it off. All those songs take a lot out of one's constitution. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
yep everyone is resting(Thorin is having a long rest)..... Shocked Elf Smilie after a long time Thorin..welcome back....
No MORE parties then?.... Orc Sad Smilie
hey Christmas is on the way.......what about a Party? Smiling Santa Smilie
This should be negotiated with the inn keeper, Grondy. Though whether he still has the strength for another one is yet to be seen and also this time it would be better if the old timers were here again!
I'll need help taking down the old decorations from our last party and putting up the Christrmas tree and decorations. The latter are stored in the closset under the back stairs to the inn's third story. We will need a couple bushel baskets of Christmas (and other winter religious/non-religious festival/holiday) cookies decorated with colored frostings, sprinkles, etc. Also a few dozen eggs for the eggnog. And I have an ancient hand-me-down fruitcake that we can soak in rum to soften it up for them what likes fruitcake.

'We never eat fruitcake because it has rum
And one little bite turns a man to a bum,
Oh, can you imagine a sorrier sight
Than a man eating fruitcake until he gets tight?

Alcoholic Smilie - from 'The Song of the Temperance Union'.

Actually I can: It is a man-eating fruitcake! Super Scared Smilie
he he he! Elf With a Big Grin Smilie so we are going to have a party then........................? Orc Grinning Smilie
Other than delving, partying is what we Dwarves do bestest. Orc Grinning Smilie
So we are going to have a Christmas party...........! Christmas Tree Smilie
Yup, I'll start baking the cookies, Thinker and Turin may take down the old decorations and hang the Christmas ones.

What variety of Christmas tree do you want me to cut from the wood lot: Blue Spruce, Noble Fir, Yellow Pine, Balsam Fir, Douglas Fir, Scotch Pine, or Flocked Plastic from Wal Mart? My preference is the Noble Fir, whose beautiful full foliage will accept heavy ornaments without undo bending.
"Hmm nice idea Grondy, though I do not see Turin anywhere. Elk Grinning Smilie Then I guess I may still be sleepy!Any work for me Grondy?"

"And Why not have the Noble Fir as our main Christmas tree and then get a collection of small specimen of the other fir tress to use as decoration?"
Turin was still a no show, so Thorin, would you please accept the tasks I mistakenly assigned to him. I think I ate to much of that spiked fruitcake. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

Yes we will have a twenty foot Noble Fir in the bar room and some of the others on each floors landing plus we can use their greenry for wreaths and swags. Good idea Thorin. Christmas Tree Smilie

OOC: I've just pulled a pan of chocolate chip cookies out of my real oven; I was bored and needed some soul food.
hello everybody i am back.......! you know Grondy about my stupid tooth... Elf With a Big Grin Smilie yesterday i consulted the dentist and he filled the tooth but he said to consult him after a i am happy

"Somehow Grondy i would like to decorate......oh yes your idea is great Grondy. i will start my work then.... and no sign of Turin"
"Ok Grondy. I'll do the decorations with Thinker."

"Oh and by the way are we still using the old wooden ladder or have you got it replaced by a new one Grondy?

"And Thinker could you please go and fetch the small pine trees outside? They are in a wheel barrow in the garden shed."
"OK i will" and Thinker went down.. she saw heap of pine tree...and brought them to Thorin......."here they are.i will bring decoration item" and she went to the down store room.
What do we want to top the main tree and angel or a star? And if anyone would care for some frosted sugar cookies and a mug of hot chocolate while they are decorating, I've put a tray on the bar; help yourselves.
Think went to the store room,she saw Very Big Grin Smilie a big box of Grondy's decorating item....."well i think Star would be great" she shouted.
as Thinker brought the box she saw Grondy was munching a cookie with half smile Elf With a Big Grin Smilie "here your decorating stuff Grondy...."

"and Oh yes i am hungry .....i will have hot chocolate firstOrc Grinning Smilie "
That star will look nice. I also like chains of tiny one colored one cm. diameter glass beads looped around the tree. My favorite colors for these strings are blue, silver, gold, and pink. And I like unique ornaments rather than many of the same kind out of the box; however, for the size of this tree we better use all the ones in the boxes and just try to keep the colors separated.
i also like Gold and silver much Grondy.if you like we could put a Gold or Silver one on the top?....and there several questions for me...we could decorate this tree with angles,stars,bells, and anything else Grondy? How many trees are we going to have .............?
i am glad that Grondy have got a collection of these decorating items in his stuff......!
I think the gold star will look better on this tall tree. We will have the three eight foot (2.4 m.) trees on each the three landings at the head of the main stairways on the second, third and fourth floors of the Inn. With green garlands drooped over the balcony railings.

Put all those fancy ornaments on the large tree, and then after you add the silver ice icicles, you might ask the blinking pixies to take their places on it . Thank Eru we no longer need candles to light the trees, now that we've hired the pixies to do that job. Were our tree to catch fire from those candles, I'm sure it would take the Inn down with it, so pixies at thrice the price would be a bargain.
"all right then i will put the Gold one on top.....few bells,colorful angles,pixies and star would be enough for the main tree......." so Thinker started her work while havening the hot chocolate....soon she has finished her cup of hot i am thirsty Grondy .....don't know whether i could keep some for Thorin.......!
I can make another batch for Thorin, if you drink all this Thinker. Enjoy!
he he he! it's finished........Grondy come and have a look! our main tree is you said the pixies have to do there job. they are very sweet. Pixie Smilie as the inn keeper it's your idea to say where to keep this...and Grondy what about the Christmas cakes and all?

if you don't mind that would be so good if we can put a Christmas banner. i saw a banner in your store room.....i could hang it front of the inn........
Good thinking Thinker, so put up that banner. Everything looks wonderful. I'll bake a Christmas cake for Twelfth Night (06 January, also known as Epiphany) which will have all the little tokens hidden in it. (Some say this should actually be celebrated after sunset on the evening of 05 January.)

We still have another ten days to celebrate Christmas here in the Inn, so everyone is welcome to drop in for some hot drinks or punch, and cookies (biscuits), song, and good cheer.

A very surly-looking green man mutters something about humming insects and trudges heavily out the door, knocking down as many decorations as he can along the way.
Grondy, ignoring the obviously drunk who was taking down the decorations a week early, shouted, "Happy New Year everyone, a free round of drinks on the house to toast in the new year."
the door busts open and a large falcon fly's into the room landing on the bar and stops all sound with a single loud cry. corgon stumbles into the doorway leting his body sag against the door frame and cloak blowing in the harsh wind blood dripping from his left hand and face his right hand griped the hilt his broken longsword and an arrow shaft sticking out of his right side. after getting his breath back he limped into the bar and grunted as his legs gave way and he put arms on the bar

" bar master im hurt there is a large bag of gold on my belt take it in payment for anything needed for my stay here"
Grondy hoisted the wounded Elf onto the bar and grabbing his med kit jammed a patch of leather between the Elves teeth and proceeded to extract the arrow with his knife; then clean and sew up all he wounds; and finally to apply poultices and bandages as needed. When he finished he carried the Elf to a room on the second floor. "Sleep now and I'll look in on you later."
" thank you grond but you must be ready to fight for 1,000 orc's are comeing to this place equiped for another war it seemed to me i cant rest long but i will untill the others are ready to fight." corgon said as he pressed the bag of coins into his palm as he laid down on the bed under him.
Grondy grabbed his pink umbrella and caused a wall of thorny plants to grow around the Inn towards limiting the number of Orcs it would let into the area around the Inn to three at any one time. Then he ensured that his Gatling arrow gun on the roof was supplied with bushels of arrows and he topped off all the sand and water fire-buckets. And after running up a 'Quarantined Due to Plague' flag, he sharpen d his axe and made sandwiches for the defenders.

'I think we're ready for them now.'
slowly rose from his bed and straped his armor on strung his bow restocked his quiver with arrows dipped in viper venom sheathed his longsword and two daggers and made his way to the main hall of the inn and took stock of grond's fortications then looked for him for his orders and where we was needed to go once the orc's arived.
" i am ready to fight along side you inn master what would you have me do?"
Start out in the left window and pick them off as they come through the gap in the hedge; they'll have to come in single file or the thorns will remove their arms. Meanwhile I'm setting up 'Old Margery' the pseudo-dragon flamethrower towards getting their attention in case they don't get the point your arrows are implying.
alright i just hope we can hold the inn there are more of them than us" grabs alot of extra arrow bundles and set them at his feet strung his bow and nocked an arrow and readied himself for the attack.
Psst! I thought I saw something move in the gap. Did you see anything? If they don't hurry up and attack, I'm going to have to go fix our lunch for I'm getting a bit peckish as well as down right thirsty. That's what I don't like about this man's army, the 'hurry up and wait'.
it was a bird ill keep an eye on things here but make haste with it and if you could bring me a little something to wet my lips i thirst something tearable " corgon said without looking away from the thorns
"Okay, hang in there and I'll bring you something."

"Here's a mug of Ale and a sandwich made with thinly sliced roast Perfectly Normal Beast."
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