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Thread: The Khazad-dumish Inn.. Please watch your head coming through the door.

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Before the new elf walked in, Eruwen stepped up to get a piece of Grondy's birthday cake. "Wow, this is the best birthday cake I have ever had," she said as she licked some frosting from her fingers. "What's in it?" After she said these words, she wished she hadn't; she was sure she didn't really want to know what was in the cake.

She glanced at the incoming elfmaid. of my own kind. I hope she hasn't seen me on any of the wanted posters, Eruwen thought to herself.
Eva looked at Eruwen curiously. She vaguely remembered seeing her somewhere before... Guess it's none of my business anyway, she thought to herself. "Oh, how rude of me! I guess I shouldn't ask for cake without wishing the person it's for a happy birthday! So... consider it wished! Happy Birthday, Grondmaster!!!
Amarie greets the new elf. "Now that was a lovely spelling song. Though I don't think many were sober enough to get the message, but I do belive I saw Grondy wipe a tear from his eye. Or maybe it was the a drop from the Khazad khzampagne that was opened and showered us all. That dwarf sure knows how to party!"
Here's a hunk of cake Eva lilith and also a tankard of Gilmli's Finest for your wonderful song. We could use a part time cook and you may ask Laurel if she would like an assistant to help with the waiting, scrubbing, and linen changing. I got dibbs on the bottle washing.
*bows to Amarie* "Why, thank you!"
"And thanks to you as well, Grondmaster, for cake, tankard, compliment, and job. If you will show me wear to stow such gear as I have, I can start pretty much right away... how about it, Laurel, would you like some help?"
"O' Course! More time then for me to partake of the festivities around here, Miss! Right this way, I'll show you to your quarters, then. Pleased to meet you. If you ever need a thing, even some o' that good old liquor I have stashed away for nighttime, just let me know. Oh you'll do fine here! Though not so many gentlemen elves of late...anyway," Laurel went on for ages, hardly letting the elf maid answer her, until she had led her to her room, which was in the back of the Inn. "If you're not needing anything, Miss, I'll be off to cook us up a belated birthday feast for our lovely Mr. Grondy. You can take up the cooking duties tomorrow if you like; tonight relax and have some fun!" With that, Laurel left her to be alone for awhile and settle in.
Drizzt slips quitely into the tavern and sees the sign saying all newcommers have to sing. He thinks back to his childhood and all the songs they used to sing. "well well I don't know if I have a song that wont break up the peace in this fine establishment." he says quietly. he thinks some more and then remembers an old song he read in There and back again.

He sings softly.
"The road goes ever on and on
Away from the door where it began
and I must follow if I can
to where the road meets some larger way
where many paths and errands meet
and wither then I cannot say."

He then sits down at a quiet table near the back of the tavern near the door. He watches for a moment and then flags down a serving person and asks for a cup of tea and a bit of pipe weed as he pulls out his pipe the hilts of his scimitars glitter lightly in the light of the tavvern but he quickly pulls his cloak back over them.
Eva comes out of her room, having settled in to her satisfaction. Suddenly, she notices something rather strange...
"Umm... Grondmaster? Why is that wall turning pink? And is it made of... jelly?"
Elf With a Big Grin Smilie Happy Valentine's Day, everyone!!! I Love You Smilie
Yup, a combination of wild strawberry, rassleberry, beebleberry, and pink passionberry all in a sweetened gelatinous base. 'Tastes Great and It Is Less Filling', though our buttered scones to spread it upon deduct from that latter attribute.

Here's your pot of tea Drizzt, though for the song your due a free tankard of Gimli's Finest. Request it at your convenience.
"AAARGH! ELVES!!! Elves!!! Elves. elves... ELVES!!!!!" said the weirdo dwarf who had recovered from her drunken daze. "Hey, who wants an Elf-tossing competition??? Those are fun!" And she promptly picked up Drizzt and shook him. "What a funny-looking Elf!!!!!" she said. Then she saw that Balrog wings were beeing served, steeped in good strong one hundred percent alcohol. "BALHOL!!!!!! BALHOL!!!!!!" (my name for it) She dropped Drizzt and quickly downed four barrels. And fainted. AGAIN.
Eva stared at the passed out dwarf, looking rather stunned. "I thought that was some weird sort of decoration... she's rather intense when she wakes up, isn't she? Does that happen often?"
"i think so," said Ham as he took a piece of birthday cake and shoved it whole in his mouth, although some of it was caught in his facial hair. "Thank you, and I'll have that free drink now. Surprise me!" Ham looked back at Eva and said, "I wish she'd stay awake for more than a few minutes. She seems quite fun, but no fun for that Dwarf. I wonder if she'll remember this tomorrow..."
Aye-yup, that was a great song Master Ham, if I heard your name right. Here's a tankard O Gimli's Finest for ye. Enjoy!

"I believe sir, that you have already had your complimentary drink, sir, so unless Grondy's is handing out free rounds again, you'll have to sing again... or maybe wait until someone else buys around... I believe payment in mithril is acceptable, but that is extremely rare. Of course, I could just put it on your tab..."
OOC: I'd better not wake up so soon after my passing out. I'm come out for longer times from now on, I promise. You see, I used to not be reliable as to how often I'm on PT, but now I can get one each day. I've got the computers room for my classroom so I can go on in peer group time, calling of the roll and all that. Have any of you noticed that I haven't paid for any drink since I first entered? MWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! AND I DON'T INTEND TO!!!!
Lol it's great to have you around so much Loni! Smile Smilie

Lightfoot blinked a bit, watching everything. She sat down in a corner and watched everything after bidding Grondy a happy birthday. She smoked her pipe and watched everything closely.
Never posted my race so no elf tossing me cus you don't know if I'm playing a dwarf
Drizzt brushes himself off as he gets to his feet and heads back to his table and poors a cup of tea and sips it thoughtfully. "My dear dwarf If you must toss elves I would advise you not to toss me for I am not your run of the mill elf." he tosses back the hood of his cloak that had been covvering his face showing the dark skin of his people never seen on the surface in many area's. "I might just have to toss a dwarf." he laugh softly the scimitars sitting against his hips.
"Now, now, there'll be no tossing of any sort if I have any say, lest it be alcohol being released from someone's stomach! Now, since we are seemingly in need of some new excitement, I have a little trick up the old sleeve." Laurel said as she unrolled a cloth on the top of an empty table. What emerged from the cloth were what looked to be old, dried-up claw-looking things that were straight as an arrow and lightweight. "Here are my Dad's old dragon-claw darts. He got 'em while he was serving under King Elessar, when my family still called Gondor home. Found 'em in an old shack just outside the Westemnet of Rohan. Must've belonged to a dragon at some point, though I daresay I would not have liked to be the one who procured them from whatever dragon they came off of! Anyone up for some darts? Whoever is not behaving themselves can have a target painted on their weasely face!"
"There are the darts I was looking for!" said Eruwen. She picked up one of the darts and threw it easily toward a narrow post in which it stuck without a problem. As she did this, the accident that banned her from Thranduil's halls briefly fluttered through her mind, but she was quick to dismiss it. "I love the feel of those, they have a nice weight to them," she said to Laurel while walking over to retrieve the dart. "Now, those are truly genuine." Raising a mischievous eyebrow, she addressed the patrons of the Inn, "Now, who wants to play my favorite game -- dragon-claw darts! Of course, it is tradition that someone hold the target, but I'll be more forgiving here. Are those the targets on yonder wall?" she asked Laurel.
"Oooo dragon claws." Amari’ hurried over to study them. "Nice ones they are. This was one dragon who didn't bite its nails. It is a little known fact that dragons actually loose their claws at a certain age, almost like kids loosing their baby teeth, only the dragons loose all at once. Then the claws grow out in the more familiar curved shape. Quite a few wannabe dragonslayers have simply found such nails, and pretended to have pulled them out themselves. Lets count the rings! One, two, three, mumble mumble, about 2367 years old he was when he dropped this. Great claws."
"Why, thank you, Miss Amarie! And yes, Eruwen, those are the targets. You'll notice the likenesses of Morgoth, Sauron, and Gothmog placed behind 'em...should be quite fun! Now where is that dwarf Loni got to now? Surely she'll be up for some darts. Oy! Loni!" She went over to the crumpled body on the floor and gently kicked her. "Darts, Loni?"
Eva pops her head out from the kitchen. "Is anyone feeling peckish? I believe it's my day to cook, since Laurel is obviously off, so are there any requests? I think Grondy still has some warg left over... I could make sandwiches. And I can make pretty good soup..."
Lord Drizzt : With a name like yours, your reputation has proceeded you. Most everyone has heard of Drizzt, Dark Elf Lordling, Hero of all Faer’n.

"Hey Eva lilith, how about making a big pot of barley beef soup with carrots, onions, and lots of garlic?

Meanwhile here is another bushel of hot buttered popcorn and some bowls for them that wants something to munch on while their wetting their whistles."

"Can do, sir. The weather appears to be taking a turn for the worse, so a big pot of soup will be good for any new arrivals to warm up with as well as for those already present..."
Soup? what kinda soup?
Dragons lose their claws, Amarie...that's good...he he.

Eruwen watched as Laurel tried to stir the dwarf, Loni, but nothing happened. "Well, I suppose I'll just have to practice by myself, since nobody seems to want to play," which she was very content doing mind you.

She glanced over her shoulder at the dark elf that had just entered. "I hope he doesn't cause me any trouble," she thought to herself. "I think I've wandered far enough from Mirkwood to not encounter any danger here." She looked at him again and realized that he actually looked very familiar. "Now, where in the world would I know him from?" But perhaps it was just her mind playing tricks on her...more alcohol would fix that right up!

"Grondy," she said while throwing a dart at Sauron, which she hit dead in the center, "How about another drink?"
"I'll play with ya, laddie!" yelled Ham as he approached her with a mug in his hand. The foam overflowed from the top. "Aw!" He ducked to catch the stray ale and sucked up the foam on the top. "Now that's ale." He got back to Eruwen. "Yeah, I'll play with ya. You look like you could be a good match. I never caught your name, did I? Maybe I did, and I just cna't remember if I saw you."
"Yah, you betcha! Coming right up. Here you go my lady. Lemme know if you want to switch to something else."
"Since it's my day off, Sir Grondy, may I have some swig, too?" Laurel said coyly, edging her way over to the bar area. "Unlike a lotta the company present, I will actually pay!" She said, chuckling merrily.
Drizzt chuckles softly and pulls a boot knife out and throws it dead center of the target from accross the room "I would play darts with you lot but I seem to have an unfair advantage since I do not drink anything that might lessen my awareness of my surroundings." He gets up walks over and plucks his knife from the wall replacing it in his boot he goes back to his table and sips his tea solomly before pulling a long pipe from his pocket and lighting it then taking a drag and blowing heart shaped smoke rings at the females in the room.
"Well that was impressive, mr drow, except that that was not the target they played on, so you missed by a meter or so. Even my goblins knows not to throw knives across a room while under the influence of tea. Hmm that reminds me, time to feed the balrog. Add fuel to the fire, so to speak." She grinned at her own lame joke and strolled out humming to herself.
A stranger heard the bussle comin through the window and peered through. A colourful assortment of characters he saw before him plus a roaring fire.
he opened the door and went in. He noticed a Elf blowin smoke hearts and chuckled to himself.
He made his way to the bar.
'anychance of a drink friend?'
Lightfoot growled to herself, swatting slightly at the annoying smoke rings. She sighed, her efforts weren't working. She returned to blowing some of her own smoke rings, watching the newcomer curiously from behind the hood of her cloak.
Eva, coming out with bowls of soup, nods to Kurt and points out the sign...
"Oh, dear, I better talk to Mister Grondy about repainting that... you have to sing before you get a drink, sir."
OOC: Yes, really, go back and check earlier entries if you like (I suggest that anyway- it's hilarious!). A song or poem will do, but if you didn't write it, remember to cite it! Big Smile Smilie Oh, and Laurel, that is a beautiful poem you've got in your journal over there (GOING AHEAD) Thumbs Up Smilie
Its certainly been a while since I sang a song any particular kind that you wish to hear?
"Well your Warriorship," says Grondy looking at Kurt, "something humorous always goes down smoothly, as long as its clean. And how would you like to be addressed, for we haven't had many Uruk-hai in this fair establishment?" "Also," he added as an after thought, "please don't eat the drunken Dwarf; she only teases to to get attention. So if she bothers you, a slight tap on the head should be sufficient to send her back under the table."

"Here's a mug for you Laurel, let me know if you want something different. "
Drizzt laughs softly, "Now now If I had aimed at the target that they were playing on I might have damaged the dart in the bullseye. We can't have that can we?" he asks softly as he sips his tea. His eyes glow with an inner light.
"Well, Mr. Grondy, Sir, this'll do just fine, thanks! Ah, such a nice evening to be free of duties, and what wonderful company." Laurel hopped up onto a nearby table, raised her half-emptied mug high into the dense, smoke-filled air in the old inn, and shouted,"I PROPOSE A TOAST. TO GOOD COMPANY!!!"

Thanks, Eva. Smile Smilie
Rhapsody leaned backwards and wondered for a moment what kind of soup was on the menu. Many new visitors came and went, but the little dwarf Loni amused her the most. With a merry sigh she searched for a piece of paper, her quill and started to write down another tale; of knights and rangers, of hobbits and floods, of a Thain and strange runes in the leaves. Inspiration in abundance while she dwelt here.
Eruwen tried to ignore the dark elf with his rash knife throwing and brazen heart smoke rings. If it's one thing she didn't need, it was an elf who thought he was Eru's gift to Middle Earth. She had had enough of love and had only one elf on her mind whom she knew she would never see again.

She walked over to retrieve her darts. "My name is Eruwen, and yours is Mr. Ham, correct? It's your turn now. Let's see how you do." She was about to ask him if he would like a stool to stand on, but held back, thinking she had given the dwarves in the Inn a hard enough time already. It was never easy for her to hold her tongue, but she never meant any harm by it (unless it was meant to her first).

She heard the proposed toast and ran over to get her new drink that Grondy had given her. "To Good Company!" she called out, feeling happy for the first time in many years.
Drizzt stops with the facade of false confidence sipping his tea his left hand stroaks the hilt of twinkle the magical sword on his hip. He thinks of everything that has happened in his travles and wonders if he will ever find another to love as he did catibre. "We elves live to long" he mutters.
the little dwarf Loni amused her the most.

OOC: See, Rhapsody knows a good dwarf when he/she??? sees one. AND I'm NOT LITTLE!!! I'm just vertically challenged. But not horizontally!!!!!

Loni woke up from her drunken stupor. "LALALALALA!!! LALALALALA!!!!!!!" she yelled. "GIZZA BEER!!!!!" When confronted with the lack of money to pay for it, she prompted rushed into the kitchen. "BEER!!!! BEER!!!!! ALE!!!!! WINE!!!! CHAMPAGNE!!!!!! MUST GET UNSOBER!!!!!!" For dwarves get unsober and sober rather quickly, and Loni was at this point, surprisingly sober. "BEER!!!! BEER!!!!!" She approached Grondy. "Beer. PLEEAASE??? Beer. Alcohol. PLEAASE?"
A song for ale is it. Then a song which me and my brothers fight to.
The orc kicks a dwarf out of his way.......
Sag mir, wie weit willst Du geh'n
willst Du ihn am Boden seh'n - Ja
willst Du, dass er vor Dir kniet
willst Du, dass er um Gnade fleht

Rachegedanken von Demut gepeitscht
Du siehst und h’rst nichts mehr
Deine kranken Gef’hle
geben ihm keine Chance
Deine Wut will nicht sterben
nur daf’r lebst Du noch

Du kannst, Du willst und wirst nie vergeben
und Du verteufelst sein ganzes Leben
treibst in den Wahnsinn von
ma’losem Zorn, Vernichtung und Rache,
Du bist zum Hassen gebor'n

Meine Wut will nicht sterben
Meine Wut will nicht sterben
Meine Wut stirbt nie
Is That sufficent Bar stewerd
OOC: See, Rhapsody knows a good dwarf when he/she??? sees one. AND I'm NOT LITTLE!!! I'm just vertically challenged. But not horizontally!!!!!

OOC: she... thankyouverymuch Wink Smilie

Rhapsody glared at the Orc named Kurt.. "Such a strange language." She took another sip of her ale and watched how Loni sang her own drinking song.
Laurel had downed her frothy mug after her ill-received toast, then decided to try her luck with the darts. She thought of old friends that she used to play darts with when she was younger; they had been champion players. But that was long ago and far away now. Suddenly feeling down-hearted and old, Laurel clambered off to her quarters for a night's rest, wishing she had some company in her little, lonely room. Then she remembered her old swig stowed away in its trusty little cask inside of her sack of belongings and lacked for company no more. Maybe she would leave for new scenery tomorrow...she had been idle for too long. Never, since she had left Gondor with her brother five years ago, had she stayed in one place so long as she had here. Yes, it was decided. Tomorrow at dawn, when things would be silent around the inn, she would slip away like a theif in the night. She began to pack up her things.
"You guessed my name correctly, Eruwen, but no need to call me Mr. Ham until I beat you at darts." Ham took a dragon talon from Eruwen's hand and threw it, hitting the bullseye. Ham smiled with satisfaction and threw the two others. One was another bullseye and the other the ring next to it.
Grondy pointed Ms Rhapsody to the spot on the grease covered menu that said the Soup O de Day is barley beef soup with carrots, onions, and lots of garlic, or at least that what his intent when he asked for it.

OOC: Moderator Smilie As we are supposed to use only English on Planet-Tolkien, will someone please ensure that Kurt's song meets our Family Friendly policy before his tankard of ale goes stale. If they can offer the translation, that might even be better. Thanks. Moderator Smilie
OOC: Kurt's song...
Say to me, as far want you geh'n
you want it at the soil seh'n
you want that he before you kneel
you want that he fleht around grace

Revenge thought whipped by humility
You see and hear nothing more
Your ill feelings
give it no chance
Your rage does not want to die
for it you only live still

You can, you want and will never assign
and you disparage its whole life
float into the insanity of
excessive anger, destruction and revenge,
You are for hating gebor'n

My rage does not want to die
My rage does not want to die
my rage never dies

You ram your hate like a stone
into it o Rammstein hinen -
it pursued, hunted and verflucht
and it looked for creeping width

You can, you want and will never assign
and you disparage its whole life
float into the insanity of
excessive anger, destruction and revenge,
You are for hating gebor'n

My rage does not want to die
My rage does not want to die
my rage never dies

You can, you want and will never assign
and you disparage its whole life
float into the insanity of
excessive anger, destruction and revenge,
You are for hating gebor'n

My rage does not want to die
My rage does not want to die
my rage never dies

Well, plugged it in to google and this is what I found... as far as the un-translated words, either google can't translate them or they are inappropriate and it won't... dunno. Is this a correct translation, Kurt?
"Where did Laurel go? She was looking kind of melancholy after that dart game... And yes, Mister Grondy, that is what it is, although you're going to have to restock on garlic if you want lots. We're almost out." Eva is interrupted by a dwarf running past crying out for beer. Putting her hands over her ears, she yells, "All right, all right, I'm getting it already!" and fills a tankard of ale in almost record time, which is amazing, since this is the first time she's done it.
OOC: Laurel! You're leaving? Without saying goodbye? Elf Confused Smilie Very Sad Smilie At least come back once in a while!
OOC: Kurt was speaking German. I think. I'm not so good at my German. But I like to think I can tell German from Dutch when I see it (or hear it)

The orc kicks a dwarf out of his way.......
I hope that wasn't me. GRRR!!!!

"A ORC!!!!" squealed the dwarf. "I DON'T LIKE ORCS!!!! THEY TASTE BAD!!! Hey orc. I bet I kno better drinking songs than you.

Dough, the stuff that buys me beer,
ray, the guy who sells me beer,l
me, the guy who drinks the beer,
far, a long way to get beerl,
so, I think I'll drink some beer,
La-ger is a sort of beer,
Tea? no thanks I'm drinking beer!
And she downs some.
Laurel had made up her mind to leave quietly; she had even packed and managed to wake at first light to leave. Then, without warning, the killer hangover from too much of her liquor came on, and she crawled back into bed to sleep off the effects. She hoped Eva wouldn't mind taking over duties for a while...
She heard Loni's ode to beer through her sleep and smiled even in her stupor.
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