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no and I'm not sure I want to because the whole being out in the middle of the ocean thing creeps me out!! I love to swim at my cabin in the lake but I don't like sharks!!!! AHHHH!!

What is your favorite actor or actress right now?

What kind of printer do you have?
I have two: an epson stylus C42 plus and a hp deskjet 690 C. So now you know pretty much everything about my computer and printers... lol

Where are you from?
Beyond the Andromeda Galaxy.

Seriously, from Essex in UK relocated to Berkshire where the berks come from.

Do you put your left sock on first or the right sock?
Left because left is evil and needs to be hidden! I was 7 when I decided this and it stuck. Poor, mixed up child.

Do you still have any of your favourite childhood toys?
Well, i'm way past the cut-off age for my Legos. Very Sad Smilie

Do you play with your toenail clippings before discarding them?

Do you like eating liver ?
with some nice father beans? Nope, hate the stuff!!!

Can you change the tyre on your car if you get a flat? (supposing you drive nad own a car of course)
Nope, never tried - don't drive! But I'd have a bash if I could help anyone in need!!!

Q: Do you sleep with a light on?
never! I have to have the light off and the door shut all the way!! If it's open just even a tad it disturbs me. Probably because my bed is in the opposite corner so if the door is open the light falls right on my face so I have to have it shut all the way!

Do you know who Mike Vogel is? And if you do then do you think he is cute or hot?

*I DO!! I Love You Smilie
Sorry, never heardof him, whats he in?

Have you ever been to a live concert/festival (Glasto etc) before?
I went to a live christmas concert at the target center (if you know where that is, it's a big building where they have stuff going on like this) but it wasn't too exciting. I want to go to a Linken Park concert that would be cool!!

Mike Vogel plays Eric Rivers in Grind and Andy in Texas Chainsaw Massacre!!! You can go to Mike-Vogel .com!!

What is you favorite book?
Oh, that's a hard one! Tongue Smilie Though at the moment I have to say Donna Tartt's "The Secret History". I have to read Tolkien again before I can say he's my favourite book at this moment.

What was the name of your first pet? (assuming you ever had one, and if you never had a pet before, which is hard for me to imagine, but whatever) What would you call your pet if you could get one?

What is the worst song on the radio now?
Oh theres no end of them. Here in Cro there are loads of songs you would call country or folklor, i dont know. I call them stupid.

Do you like Led Zepellin ?
Absolutely.... Since I've Been Loving You is perhaps my all time favourite song.

Describe one of the pictures on your wall.
Its a croatian version of a LOTR calendar with a picture of Aragorn,Golum,Arwen,Sam and Frodo,Gandalf,Eowyn,Mery and Pipin,Denethor and Boromir,Legolas and Gimli,Galadriel,uruk-hai,and Frodo for every month, its very nice.
The other is a old Yugoslavian edition map of Midlle Earth. The third is a Cro poster of Gandalf and the company fighting the worgs near the Moria entrance. And finally a tree of the gods of LOTR (the Valar) which i made myself.

Do you like football?
I have no choice - my entire family is insane over it. Wink Smilie Though I really do like watching it; but playing it is the best! Big Smile Smilie

How old are you ?
Thirty Eight years, Thirty Five months and three weeks.

What do you keep under your bed?
Whoo don't want to know. There's loads of junk but most prominent are dust bunnies - big ones. The kind that make you scared to stick your hand under the bed for fear of losing it. Smile Smilie

Can you walk on your hands ?
no I'm not that hand eye cordinated. just kidding!

Which of the three BOOKS in the trilogy do you like best?

*if you haven't read the books yet then don't answer
Depends on what trilogy you're referring to, HobbitHomie, dear. Personally, I like Out of the Silent Planet in C.S. Lewis' Space Trilogy best... Wink Smilie And, if it is as I strongly suspect, Tolkien's trilogy, I'd have to say Fellowship of the Ring is my fave. Wiggle Smilie

Are you afraid of the woods at night ?
Since the woods don't bite, no I'm not afraid of the woods at night. But I don't particularly like being there on my own at night either. Animated Wink Smilie

What languages do you speak, besides English?
Pigeon English.

Which musical instrument would you like to be able to play?
The Drums.

What is your nickname is life?
Vips or Vibs and Bekka.

How many people do you have to fight off befor you can use the computer?
One, but I'm stronger than he is so it's not too hard.

If you had to choose one book that you wish you'd written yourself, what would it be (other than LoTR)?
The discworld series

Have any brothers or sisters? Do you like them or do you want to squish them?
I have 3 brothers. Lucky me, the only girl and spoiled rotten. Smile Smilie We are a very close family and have left all the sibling rivalry behind us. I can remember some pretty trying times through the teens years when there may have been just a few quarrels.

If you could meet any mythical creature what would it be? Why?
A God.
Fenomenal Cosmic Powers!
Rip through the delicate veil of Space and Time.

If you were a color, what is your favorite emotion?
Purple laughter.

Why is bath water always too hot when you get in but within minutes it isn't hot enough?
You know us people are always changing our minds these days.

What is your favorite movie?
Oh... Tough one! Ehm. At the moment it would have to be... Troy. Haven't seen it yet, but I like everything about it and I'm sure it's a fantastic movie. Looking forward to seeing it after the exams. Can't wait!

What's the colour of your hair?
A the moment its an Aubergine colour but my natural colour is dark brown

If you had the chance to visit any age in time, from Stone Age to Present Day, what age would you pick and where would you be (building of the great Pyramid of Giza or witnessing the very first Olympic Games in Greece)?
I would be there when they where puting up the stones in Stonehenge.

Do you like geting drunk every now and then?
Well, maybe but I'm not sure cuz I've never actually really been drunk......

In a bar/club, would you dance like a moron in front of a hot chick/dude for 20 bucks??

Do you like taking a walk in the woods now and then? (if you have them nearby)
Yeah I do, its a free form of escapism and a chance to get back into touch with mother nature whilst idly imaging 4 Orcs jumping out on you from behind a rather inconspicuos large Oak tree!

Have you ever been out on a blind date?

What did you eat last?
well I drank some juice last but for eating I ate a choc. chip cookie!! Mmmmm it was tasty!!!

What is your favorite website?
Uh, this one! PT!!

What's your favorite video game?
Lord of the Rings The Two Towers and The Return of the King for PS2!! It is so BOMB!!

What is you favorite color and why?
Cerulean! It's a shade of blue. When I was little, I called it blue-blue. It's the color of my car! that I am currently too young to drive...

What's your favorite book?
anything by tolkien duh!
slap you forehead hard for asking such a obvious question as that!
not really
what is your favorite post here
Uumm i dont know...

Did you ever listen Jethro Tull?Do you like them?
Nope. sorry. But i think I might check em out since you seem to like talking about them!! Big Smile Smilie

Did you ever end up good friends with someone you always kind of disliked?
No, but the oposite of that could be hapening to me now with one of my friends.

Would you be spoiled by great riches?
No I would not. I would probably give most of it away.

What color is you hair?

my hair color is dark brown

Do u find the concept of chivalry as an anomaly to the concept of gender equality ? (xplain your POV , dont jus answer in yes or no)

No. When we think of chivalry we are reminded of Knights of the Middle Ages and the qualities that went with the code of chivalry; honour, courage and courtesy. These are qualities that can be, and most often are, shared by men and women in any age, ancient or modern.

If you could time travel, what year would you want to visit and why?
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