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yes its a cat and its two years old and called tigger.

if you could change into an animal what would it be?
I would be a Banana Slug. They might not seem like much, but if you try to eat one, their mucus will seal your mouth and throat shut. I just happen to admire such a vengeance by asphyxiation.

If I were you and you were me, what would you have in my pocket?
Probably some scrunched up paper that accidentally went through the wash with your pants.

Huh?!!!!! Uh, okay! runs for his life from something he can't see...

What's a good book to read(cause I'm out)?
Well, I've been enjoying the Septimus Heap series by Angie Sage, the first book is entitled Magyk.

'Where did you get that hat?'
Well, if you MUST know, I swiped it off of the head of some creepy looking guy...It frightened me....if you want it, you can have it, cuz there's no way I'm putting this on my head after it was on Creepy McCreepshow's head.

Have you seen Pan's Labyrinth? what did you think of it?
No I have not made up my mind whether I wish to see it or not. Someone help me please.
If you could spend one day with a person that lived long ago who would it be and why?
How long is long ago?
If, say, fifty years is laong ago, then I would want to spend some time with Sir Winston Churchill. He said some of my favorite quotes of all time, was by most accounts very brave, competent, and comically arrogant.

If, say, one thousand years is a long time ago, then I would want to spend time with William Shakespeare and convince him not to write plays or sonnets. (I know this is going to start an argument, and I also know that he lived less than a thousand years ago.)

Do you like ska?
I do not understand....but I'ma

Have you had typing lessons?

Yes, about fifty years ago. Now I just hunt and peck with one finger on each hand; though I do know where the keys are so I'm not really hunting, but I look at them so I don't come up with an adjacent letter.

What are you going to do/doing this weekend?
Continue packing boxes, our moving day is in one week.

Wanna come help us move? Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

Why not?
If I remember, North Carolina is a tad bit too far to travel and I have visitors from Texas coming next Monday.

What's for dinner?
Chinese take-out, although that was 3 hours ago and the leftovers are in the fridge.

How's the weather where you are?
Cool and wet, unlike most Julys.

How many books have you read this month?
Umm...about four....I'm in the middle of reading Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince again (I read it about 6 months ago) in preparation for when I get my copy of Deathly Hollows...silly mail.

How are you today?
I'm good thanks. Cool Smilie

what's you're dream job?
My dream job would be to work with wovles in the wild. A differant yet similiar type of work done by one of me heroes-Jane Goodall. Dog Smilie Would you read the spoilers before you read the new Harry Potter book?
Absolutely NOT! That's why I created two new threads under Books, so one could be used for spoilers with an early warning, and the other that would be free of them.

How are you enjoying your Summer?
It's winter in Australia now, so it's not really summer because I live in the Southern Hemisphere. Big Smile Smilie

So, how's life going for you?
hahahah, don't even ask! Life is a rollercoaster, some people are gifted enough to be given restraints, my seat however is broken, and every loop we go over I'm holding myself in with all my strength, and it's giving out.
(OH MAN!!!! I can't believe I just wrote that! I'm so making that into a song lyric! YAY! Don't steal it!)

What kind of music do you like?
Rock, classic rock, folk music from the 60s and 70s, alternative rock, classical, symphonies, reggae, rockabilly, jazz, swing, blues, 80s new wave, pop, Big Band, punk rock, soft rock, disco, classic country like Johnny Cash and Patsy Cline, standards from Broadway, crooners like Frank Sinatra and Nat "King" Cole, and hawaiian guitar-influenced. The only kind of music I don't really like at all is contemporary country. It bothers me beyond all else.

Do you have a specific goal for yourself for the remainder of 2007?
Yes, this coming week I start making gifts and then all the way to Christmas as I find the time for our ministry, my sons and mine, to give something beautiful to single parents and their children and those displaced on the street. We use the very best materials and work extremely hard and hope that such gifts will show every one how precious he or she is. So besides everything else, busy busy busy. We hope to get around eighty to a hundred gifts done by December.
Have you been to the ballet or a symphony in the last six months? Did you enjoy it?
No I haven't been out to a live performance in years, but I do listen to Classic KING ( 98.1 FM radio at night while in bed.

Do you still listen to audio tape, or have you replaced them with CDs?
I listen to both. I don't see why I should not listen to my tapes just because I only buy the other now.Hmm, that station sounds very interesting. I wonder if I could pick it up on my short wave set?

Do you enjoy eating out at a really good restaurant? What is your favorite food when you do?
well, as long as its not a fast food joint (I gave up fast food for my new years resolution and haven't broken it yet!), yes, yes I do. I normally like pasta and sometimes a good hand-made burger or something.

How often do you buy new clothing?
Very rarely. In fact, my shoes have about three holes each, but I'm not planning on getting any new ones for a few months.

Have you just gotten back from a really fun, but hard working, camp?
Nope. Just stayed at home and did work. Research. Boring stuff.

Have you seen the cute movie Ratatouille?
Just the thrailer for it but it looks funHappy Elf Smilie
Is is hot where you are right now ?
Right this second, in this nice air conditioned room, no, but outside, yes, yes it is. It's suppose to get up to 30+ today. it's ridiculous. I hates the hot weather. I like winter.

are you wearing blue today?
Nope Smile Smilie It's HOT and my bikini is black and WhiteSmile Smilie
Have you been at the beach today ?
No! But dying to go there...

How long did it take you to finish CoH?
I don't know what "CoH" is, so I don't even know if I have or have not started it.

Do you know what "CoH" stands for?
I believe Clover means Children of Hurin but I have not read it yet
What are your plans this weekend ?
To make travel arrangememts for my upcoming trip to see a rare/special museum exhibit in Philly,PA,USA It's the new King Tut one. Hoping it's worth the 2.5 years I've waited to see it.(Note: heads up's heading your way after September '07). Elf Smilie Do you have anything special you wanted to do or accomplish this summer?
Yes, I decided I would try to wake up each and every morning as I feel groggy when I sleep past noon and the alternative is deadly.

What do you have planned for tomorrow or this weekend?
We are going to the ZOO on Sunday ( In Kristiansand ),it'll be fun coz there are also lot of other things to do
The lions there are named ASLAN and ARAGORN Smile Smilie
What was the last museum you went to ?
I went to the Art Gallery of Ontario last summer...that was the last one I went to.

How are you feeling today?
I am feeling superb because I will get to meet a friend who I haven't seen for two years at the theatre! In like two hours from now. Yippee!

Do your next door neighbouors play drums or guitars that are REALLY loud sometimes?

oh, and btw, Mellon, are the lions really named Aslan and Aragorn?
no, but I have neighbors that have music in some forigen language to me... that if I open my window its like Im listening to the bizzare music in my room!

if you could make your own planet/realm/world how would it be?
I'd outlaw war and any violators would be nuked Super Scared Smilie Not a pretty place to live, so I'd better leave the creativity to someone else.

What are your three favorite reading genres?
Mystery, Adventure, and Romance...

would you ever want to get lost at sea?
Not a chance. I already was but I was too y oung to understand the actual dangers and found the whole thing rather romantic.(The adults looked like Aragorn after things got really bad and he had had no sleep). Then I grew up and the thought of it brings beads of sweat to my brow now.

Would you like visit the valley of the Kings and see all those amazing Pharoahs and parphenalia?
Yes Leelee . that has one of my dreams for many years
Have you ever been to British Museum ?
oh, and btw, Mellon, are the lions really named Aslan and Aragorn?

Yes Clover , I saw them too but I'm not sure who it was
Nope, the only museum as such that I've been to in the UK is Stirling Castle in Scotland. I had a very limited time for touring that business trip and we did Edinburgh that morning and the castle that afternoon. It was even worse than "It's Tuesday, so this must be Brussels."

At least I had three days to tour Victoria BC.

Where is your favorite place to visit?
hmmm, on the beach, listening to the waves and letting my imagination go wild, then later I could write a story about what I invisoned

who is your ultimate hero?
It's going to sound so corny, but my hero is my grandfather. He is the most ethical, loyal and honest person in the entire world. This world could do well with even a bit of his virtues; he gets mad as hell at injustice, always does the right thing without hesitation and is so kind and loving. I think he is the most beautiful human being and a shining example of what potential we humans have for making the world better by simply being forthright and true. Hats off, Papa!

Do you think that we get to see our loved ones someday after we die?
I hope so, for I don't want anyone to have to say, "Is that all there is?"

Have you started your Christmas shopping or your Christmas wish list yet?
Nope. I don't buy much for people, only a few friends and my fiancee, so they can wait. I have sorta started my wish list. I've been hinting a bit about what I'd really like, hopefully the guys will get it!

Have you been sunburnt recently?
Oh yeah, specially today when I was on the beach .
Do you enjoy playing on the beach ?
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