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like? I LOVE it!!

Do you live near the sea?
I wish! desert... horrible

would you like to live in the mountains or by the shore?
I live at both the places! Among the mountains and by the shore too. Orc Grinning Smilie So I wouldn't know. But I think it'll be with the mountains. Its cooler there!

What kind of music do you like?
I like all kind of music...maybe not very much jazz....

what is your favourite TV programme?
Whose Line is it Anyway?

What's that thing you'd give everything to do?
a difficult question... maybe playing a rivendell elf in the hobbit movie? Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

how is your pet called? / how would you call your pet if you had one?
how would you call your pet if you had one?

I would call him as everyone else does, by shouting out its name.

What is the funniest thing you've ever seen?
On my way to work a few months ago, stuck in traffic, I saw 2 girls walking their puppy. The puppy suddenly stopped, put it's bum down and refused to moved. The girls tried to pull the puppy (gently) but it was not going to move - why - because there was a few leaves in front of the puppy blowing about in the wind. You had to be there to see the little puppy who was scared of the leaves. I was almost crying in the car. Well as I said you had to be there.... Wink Smilie

Have you ever been sunburnt
Yes, but only once per year when I was young, and never bad enough that I couldn't sleep. Jumping Flame Smilie

Have you ever encountered frostbite?
Not yet!

How long have you been a member of PT?
12 days...

What's your profession?

How much do you earn?
some pocket money... I'm still going to school...

can you cook?
Horribly, but yes!

Would you like to go bungee-jumping.
I'm too much of a coward.

Which languages do you speak?
I'm still a student and don't work...

what are you studying or plan to study if you go to college?
Sorry... I answered the wrong question!!!

I am fluent in English, Spanish... but I am learning French and German... and trying to learn Elvish!

what are you studying or would like to study if you go to college?
Computer Science and Programming.

Are you afraid of the dark?
not of the dark itself, but of things that might lurk there...

do you have many brothers and sisters?
Well... I have only one brother and one sister... and both are younger.

Where do you feel safest?
In my bed, buried under all my blankets (I think I've got 5 ones Big Smile Smilie )

Are you a good actor?
I'll flatter myself by saying "yes"!

What is your favourite means of transportation?
This old damaged thing on the verge of breaking down being called bus which I have to go to school in.
My second favourite would be the train.

Have you ever met a celebrity?
yes... I met the Sum41 guitarrist, I also met all of the Kiss guys and we e mail from time to time... I have also met the Dream Theatre band and the members of local bands...

what kind of ice cream do you prefer?
I prefer ANYTHING that looks like ice cream... Big Smile Smilie My favourites are stracciatella, yoghurt and hazel nut.

Do you like taking walks?
Yes, but did perfer runs up until Osgood Shlater, now I can't do much of anything as my knee can't support the rest of my leg.

Have you ever broken a bone?
Aye! At two places in my right arm and the ankle joint of my left leg!

What your ideal vacation?
Tough one...almost any vacation is nice for me. I would say as long as I am somewhere that I can meet new people, relax, see new things, and learn about the past and the present, then I am happy. I love to lie on the beach as well as spend time in the mountains; I love to drink coffee at a cafe in a very urban location as well as pitch a tent in the middle of nowhere with beautiful pine trees and clear lakes...yup, I can be happy almost anywhere...

If you could visit one place in the entire world, where would you go? (pick one...unlike me) Smile Smilie
Gosh... that is a hard one... I would probaly choose New Zealand, or someplace in Europe... England, Austria... hmmm Africa... sheesh... okey somebody else choose...
Has to be middle earth..... Ha Ha Ha Smilie

Sorry but I don't want to offend anyone who lives in a place I don't mention.

Whats the best meal you've had
Breakfast cereals! Nothing can beat that!

What's your favorite part of a day?
Would you like to visit space ?
Being a huge sci-fi fan my answer is absolutely! It would be a dream come true, especially if I could meet someone from another world. In keeping with that thought...

If you met someone from another galaxy, what would you ask them?
Could you please tell me about your galaxy ? How are you etc..
If a you were a pilot , what would be your destination ?
New Zeland or Australia.....

what's your favourite kind of film?
Mystery or adventure
What is your favorite sport ?

how many members are there in your family?
5 including myself... 8 including my pets haha!

What are your plans for the summer? full-time, do research, etc. I'm done with all my coursework for my Masters (hip hip hooray!), and now have to work on my thesis. I will be asking for a lot of help from all of you, since it is on LOTR!!! I'll also be applying to doctorate programs.

Fun stuff? Let's see...this weekend I'm doing the San Diego Marathon, next month I'm in my best friend's wedding, and the month after that I'll be heading to Vancouver for my brother-in-law's wedding.

Do you believe in love at first sight?
yes but it's never happened to me.... Shaking Head Smilie

do you belive in Fate?
Not very much.

Do you like heights or depths? standing on a mountain looking all around
seeing a film on the movie or TV ?

have you ever done a crazy thing for love?
Indeed I have. I was on my way back to London from Edinburgh, and I randomly jumped off the train, leaving my sister to head back to London on her own, to see a guy to whom I had written for three years, but had not seen since. It's a long story (that was actually published) Smile Smilie, and ultimately, was completely worth it.

Do you think appearances are important?
Not at all, but it's good to look your best when your up to something important...

How do you like to eat your meat?
Very well cooked - with no red er juices

Have you ever read any of Wilbur Smith's books I love them
Nope, can't say that I have. I suppose I'll have to give them a try Smile Smilie.

Would you rather walk somewhere or take the bus? (a fairly short distance)
loud or silent

do you like classical music?

Do you like lasagna with meat sauce?
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