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four, that i can remember, probably more.....

Chicken or beef?'s what's for dinner.

Where does a cat go when it ventures down into the public sewers?
Into the maw of the forlorn alligator that inhabits those environs.

How does this cat get itself into this predicament in the first place? My sister's cats are smart enough to not fall in when they operate the flushing handle.
By trying to falling in while trying to reach the flusher of course.

Why can't sick people stay at home and not contaminate the entire school with pink eye?!
..because they obviously couldn't get tickets to any movie or concert hall where the usually cough and sneeze out their joy to the world!

Why are doctors immune to sickness we bring into their offices?
Because they're all undead and hence, immune to disease, charm and highly resistant to ice, fire, poison and lightning.

What past action of yours do you pity the most in your life?
Not being born some twenty years later than I actually did! Not my action to pity, I blame my mom; she could have waited!

Why do we always try to undo happenings or things we are not meant to control?
Beause we don't hve enough couge to deal withthem.why it's hadrd to find a friend
It's harder to find a true friend, than to loose a couple of mates!

Why do we as a rule prefer to have gifts to give away?
Because when we give gifts, we expect to get gifts in return.

Why is it snowing here already?!
I presume it might be because you're living even closer to Thule than I am.

Why do some people prefer to live in the wilderness?
Because of the adventures of the wilderness I supposeHappy Elf Smilie
What's the last thing you saw on the telly ?
Charlie Rose as he sighned off just before midnight last night.

Who was that lady you were with last night?
That's would be my mumSmile Smilie
Have you ever had any bad experiences on FRIDAY THE THIRTEEN ?
I have not have any serious bad experiences on a friday! Elf Winking Smilie But,if you see a ladder crossing a broken mirror, when you walk under a black cat at the same time, something might happen to you! Ignore Smilie Lighening Smilie If you concentrate on doing such things; you'll be to busy to have accidents, but you may also miss chances to be really happy in life.

Who will meet most of his/her family this weekend?!
Sure will Smile Smilie Today my family will celebrate another 7 year old and tomorrow we'll join with Rafael for dinner Smile Smilie Looking forward to both eventsHappy Elf Smilie
Would you appear in a movie if you could ?
I guess anyone will; if the can. I've spent my fifteen minutes in the limelight; and enjoyed it! Am a bit disappointed that paparazzi don't follow every step I take. Why can't I break a camera or two? I'm seen in three Norwegian movies!!!!? I just wonder? Dunce Smilie Rolling Eyes Smilie Angel Smilie

Which is your attention breaker?
Don't know reallyBig Laugh Smilie
Are you a busy person?
Yes, I would say so.

Are you a member of any local clubs?

no...not anymore. I was part of a community jazz band but I had to quit because of school, but I'm thinking about rejoining again.

Don't you hate it when plans fall through?
Sure , specially when it is something I've really been looking forward to but it seldom doesSmile Smilie
Are memder of a fan club (besides PT..) ?
Well, I'm also a member of the HSK (Harry Stephan Keeler) Society. He was a hack writer of the mid-twentieth century who wrote many oddball novels with convoluted mystery or sci-fi plots. He was the inventer of the webworks method of writing novels in which he diagramed all the interactions between all his characters before he started writing one of his books. Many of his books are out of print, but some have been reprinted by private individuals and Dutton the copyright owner, has recently decided to republish them. My membership is a minor thing in that I find a little of him goes a long way, as he is sometimes hard to read and was a bigot, though I still read about three of his books per year just to see what his characters are going to do next.

What is your favorite dessert? (I think mine remains ice cream of most any flavor, except maybe tomato.) Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
anything with sugar....prolly ice cream and german choco cake......
do you have a scented eraser? (i do...its blueberry.)
Well, if you take the general eraser, it just reminds me of school, so really i have a rubber scented eraser (erasers = rubbers in England Orc Smiling Smilie )

What is red and 10 feet from you???
Ereinion's jacket
What made you laugh today ?
Coming out of seminary to Henry holding a gigantic hawaiian punch slurpee for me with a huge grin on his face...very amusing.

Do you have snow yet?
NO....And I'm very happy with the autumn so far
What 's the best game you've ever played ?
Well my partner and I won duplicate bridge tounament one time in the early sixties, but i think the most fullfilling was the first time I beat my father playing cribbage and I then knew I could be competative with him at that his best game. I already knew I could hold my own playing four handed canasta and pinnocle with him. I still think Neverwinter Nights and its sequels are the best computer game.

What is your favorite dish to cook/bake/make/eat? cook, I really like to make this thing my mom used to make, called's Macaroni, canned tomatoes, ground beef and CHEESE! To eat, it's definately most Asian food...or pizza! we eat that a lot. To bake...CAKE! I make cakes a lot! OH NO!!! I was suppose to make cake for my friends birthday today! darn...I fail!

What is the circumference of a moose?
Probably a girth of approximately 113 inches (assuming about one yard diameter times Pi) or if it is a giant moose, approximately 314 cm (assuming about one metre diameter times Pi). Having never had to fit a moose for bib-overalls, I can only come up with these approximations. Bullwinkle, star of stage and screen would have girth much smaller than these, as he wasn't yet fully grown. Of course the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade Bullwinkle Balloon would be about twenty times larger. Teacher Smilie

Where do all the off-duty bunny rabbit slippers gather to feed in the daytime?
I presume they go to a bunny party near the mansion Smile Smilie
What is the highest mountain you have ever been to ?
Mt St Helens Elf Sticking Tounge Out Smilie ...actually, Mt Ranier, but I didn't go all the way up, like I did on Helens...

What makes a 'perfectly ripe' banana?
one that doesn't stay chunky in my protein shake.

coffee or cocoa?
Always Coffee Smile Smilie
Moonlight or Moonwalk ?
Moonlight- definately....especially now that it's Autum here in Pennsylvania(USA).My favorite season that enhances one of my fave holidays(Halloween).
Autum or Spring ??
autumn...cause I like the colours, and my allergies aren't bad

Summer or Winter?
Summer Smile Smilie I'm not to found of snow though I live in a country where the winter is really cold and it snows a lot !Snowman Smilie
Stay at home with friends or go out on the town with friends ?
Home with friends

Do you have a dishwasher and/or an electric pig attached to your kitchen sink?
yup, both! i think, i don't do the dishes or really anything that has to do with housework except for an occasional chore if i get caught doing something...

e-mail or written letter?
e-mail,mainly because it's quicher to send and answer.forest or sea and why?
Difficult to answer because I love both ,but I have always been very fascinated by the SEA and it when mother nature gets going .The waves are beautiful to look upon.So SEASmile Smilie
What is the weather like outside your window ?
hmmm...well....these windows don't belong to me, but outside the windows of the library the sky is quite blue, dotted by some grey clouds threatening to either rain or snow again...tricky little fellas, clouds are!

Do you like doctors or do they scare you?
They scare me, cept for the docs i met yesterday when i went to a cadaver lab. They were knowledgable but still fun.

Have you ever gone to school in a trailer before?
Um no I havn't, but I have gone to school inside a mad lady's car, she was really crazy.....

If you could scream anything on top of a mountain, what would it be???
I'm king of the mountain!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

are you weird or normal?
Oh definately wierd, and I don't think many people would disagree..........

What would be your favourite age to be, if you could choose???

Arwy: Don't you mean, DARK QUEEN of the mountain.........
30 something - I love my life right now .Ive experienced a lot but hopefully I have many years to enjoy life Smile Smilie
What are your plans for the wekeend ?
If the weather permits, take my dog to a small nearby to play in the colorful, crunchy leaves.In the evening,a new interactive haunted walking trail & hayride with bonfire & fireworks. Dog Smilie Pumpkin Smilie What would choose a museum or going to see a movie ?

Why do PT members keep forgetting to close the bold tags?
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