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When I was six, Flaps my reddish-brown cocker spaniel got loose and was run over by a car.

Are you a frood? Do you really know where your towel is?
I dunno about me being a "frrod" but I do know that my towel is hanging on the clothes line outside my room.

Do you like Animations or Live Action movies better?
I like both!
I don't think you can beat a good Disney film - animated or live action, no matter what your age!

Did you vote on the last major election? UK, US - whether you're from!
i would if i under hoo

Do you like to express yourself through poetry and creative writing (uggg)?
umm, sometimes, it kinda depends on what is going on in my life right now. And it kinda depends who is around that could be looking over my shoulder reading my work, but i do like to write.

Do you chew gum? if so, what kind is your favorite?
Yes I chew chewing gum and I like spearment - I can make some really great popping noises with it.....hehehe.

The next can type using all their fingers not just a few (using the 'qwerty' method).
umm...I have to admit I cannot type with all my fingers. i'm just a two-finger typer.

Do you get the feeling that you're not so smart after all?
All the time.

What is your biggest pet peeve?

OOC: Grondy, that is so sad about your cocker spaniel Sad Smilie.
Currently missing tag ends on posts. I've had to fix three so far today. Elf Sticking Tounge Out Smilie Really it is only a nusiance except when someone digs up an old topic and I have to wade back through many pages fixing them. I still can't understand why Grep can't just write a subroutine to close all open tag ends when we press the submit buttons. Oh well, the pay is good. Elf Winking Smilie

Do your ears hang low?
No, but they do wobble to and fro.

What is your favorite type of operationg system? For programming I like Linux, if not programming, then Windows)
Windows is the best!

What colour could you be associated with?

What do you often scribble on a piece of paper absentmindedly?
Everything I have to do outside of work. I usually do this when I should be listening to other things in meetings. At least I appear busy.

What's your favorite between-meal snack?
carrot ...Healthy as I am
Do you like chess ?
Not really. However, I did buy my friend a Star Wars chess set for her birthday, and I liked playing it then, because we ended up fighting with the characters instead of playing chess. lol....good times.

do you do meditation? If so, for how long, and do you use any certain 'tools' (cd, candles, etc...) to do so?
Holy Moly...sorry for making that one so hard about:

Do you buy practical gifts (gifts the person can use) or gifts just for the heck of it (gifts not really usable, but cool anyways!)?
Depends on who I'm giving it to. I'd buy practical stuff for family members, but cool rubbish for others. And for your other question. It wasn't so hard. In fact I do meditate. Although for me it's quite simple. I just turn on some nice music and lie down. And then the meditation begins.

Ever dreamed of donning a cloak of midnight blue and going out for a secret walk in the night, where you blend in with the shadows and enter a secret place where you find absolute solitude?
Yes...all the time. I would love to just wander off and find peace....but then I realize, i can't. Sad Smilie
I've actually dreamed of becoming a alone in a forest with no one to bother media, no modern world...just, getting back to the natural world where things are always fresh and new.

Do you become anxious when in a large crowd of people?
YES. It has actually caused some problems in the past... ehe. Not huge things, but I suffered from insomnia when I was little because I would remain so stressed whe I got home form school. hiff.

What do you dream of- like in good dreams, the kind you hate waking up out of but at the same time just make you wake up happy- what is the setting, and the people there with you? Do you ever dream of flying?
i dream of being surrounded by a forest standing or kneeling near a lake---go figure i always thought the beach was my favourite--- i'm there with someone very special and we are in deep moral or spiritual conversation---or philisophical perhaps.... something very important to our world has just ended or bout to begin:and we are a major part....

who is your favourite lotr character and why?
oh, oops.... flying? yes i have dreamt of flying
Sam, because he has all the traits of a good Boy Scout, once he remembered the rope, that is.

Do you dream in black and white or in color?
always in colour.....

i like sam too...

would you have remembered the rope?
Being a map person, I would have figured we'd have to cross the mountains and one should always have rope when hiking in the mountains. So yes I think I would have remembered to take a rope.

When it's cold outside, would you rather have hot soup, hot tea, hot coffee, or hot chocolate?
Ooh... Depends on the day. If it is cold and windy, definately tea (herbal tea Wink Smilie ). But if it is really cold and snowy, I definately go for hot chocolate!

What sort of weather do you prefer? ex: windy with a few clouds but generally warm...
I prefer sunny summer weather, when the sky is absolutely clear, or snowy weather during winter.

Where do you feel better: in the lonely majestic mountainous landscapes or on the sunny seaside?
I live in a alpine mountain tourist town, and feal homesick anywhere else.

How many marshmallows can you fit in your mouth at one time? (7 for meSmile Smilie )
well..i have a very small mouth and a very sensitive gag-reflex, so I wouldn't try to stuff marshmallows in my mouth...i'll say, two, at the most..assuming you're talking about the large ones, not the tiny ones you put in hot-chocolate! Smile Smilie

what book(s) have you read lately? Please, review!

me personally, Wicked by Gregory Maguire. It's great, and entertaining, if you liked the Wizard of Oz you will definately like Wicked...and right now, Memoirs of a Geisha by Arthur Golden...only like 20 pages in, so can't review it yet! Smile Smilie
i been reading Narnia.Now im thinking of reding the hobbit again it is very
exiting and funny(actually i woud have prefer the hobbit and not lotr)
AH!!! No question!?!?!?!? I'll put one!

What culture would you like to 'explore' and what is the most intriguing part about this culture?
aw man you post a hard question! I am intrigued by many cultures- in fact, I once wanted to be one of those people whos life purpose is tostudy different cultures and find connections between them and all that. Or I was ready to settle on archeology as the next best thing (think Daniel Jackson-archeologist. culture buff.) Elf With a Big Grin Smilie but if I have to make a choice, I would say one of the really culturally complex areas in the middle east or southeast asia or somewhere like that... Tongue Smilie

The person below needs to tell us about... (...) thier most embarrasing moment!! Very Evil Smilie
okay its kinda sad and embarresing, it happened yesterday, i collapsed (i have a history of hip problems) and had to be basically carried home, you were probably looking for a funny embarressing moment but thats what i can think of haha

Could it be actually possible that Vee is more evil than Gollum???
No, if you look closely, you can not find any horns on her head, rather if you look even closer you will see an angelic golden circle above her bunny ears; though don't get too close, for remember that she has been known to bite. Elk Grinning Smilie

Do you know the Muffin Man?
Yeah. I studied with him in 3rd grade.

What's your philosphy on life?
It's a tool you can use to beautify the world.

Are you going to be watching the Oscars tomorrow?
only if it's on CTV and therefore Grey's Anatomy and Desperate Housewives won't be on!

what was the last movie you watched? In theater, or at home?
The last one was Narnia
Who is your favourite actress ever ?
hmm...probably Angelina Jolie.....i don't know why...I just like her! Smile Smilie

What was the last beverage you consumed?

How tall are you?
Im about 5ft 5, 5ft 6. Hey dont laugh my Aunt and Nan are 4ft 9, 4ft 10, im the tallest of the lot Big Smile Smilie

What colour are your eyes? Mine are deep blue!!
Mine are blue...I've been told they look a lot like Nicole Kidman's, so that makes me smile! Big Smile Smilie

What was the worst injury you have ever sustained?
Toss up between a large splinter under the middle finger's nail on my right hand; and tearing a large chunk of flesh out of the tip of the same finger about ten years later. In both cases the throbbing pain reached all the way past my elbow and lasted for hours.

What is your favorite soft drink?
Chilled Lemon soda.

How good's your math?
okay i guess not amazingly brilliant, i taken A Level Maths does that count for anything (i didnt do that well...)

Do any of you play Age of The Empires?
Nope , but my son does...
What are your plans for today?
read and watch some movies

what did you dream about last night?
Cant Remember !! SORRY
Do you often play cards ?
Sometimes, but im not sad as in i play Solitare for fun!!

Do you say Envelope or Onvelope? (you know what i mean)
Well, acctually, I'd say kuvert, as that's the word in Swedish. ;-)
Otherwise I'd say onvelope. ^.^
What would you do and say if you came home from a nice evening of ale down at the pub, walk through your door, and out of the shadows rushes Gandalf, grabs your shoulder and says: "Is it secret? Is it safe?"
I would be suprised but I would have said :"YES !!Let me show where I keep it!! (just to keep him
staying on )
Do you often wear jewellery ?
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