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I currently have no change in my possesion, I'm flat out broke! Ha Ha Ha Smilie

Do you like your job?
Pretty much; I've just finished an item to sell on eBay and if it brings a good price I'll be even more pleased!

Person below, when did you start visiting this website?
I think I first came here around about May 2000... Seen a lot of people come and go in that time, but Grondy remains our rock.

Person below, what is your more prized possession?
That's a tough one, I would say photographs of my family and friends.

When was the first time you read Tolkien?
October 1967 on a MAC flight to Rota Spain with a bunch of fellow shipyard engineers and technicians as well as many military people and their families.

What is/was for supper/dinner?
Not sure what I'm having today, but last night it was chicken thighs, peppers and pinapple roasted in a Kung Po sauce, served with mushroom and egg fried rice - kind of a recipe of my own.

What processor do you have in your PC?
No idea, that's for my work and my husband to worry about.

Do you keep a journal?
No, neither in a book or online; and I seldom read blogs.

Do you set aside each day to run, jog, or walk?

Do you like chewing on a tough piece of meat until your feel the satisfaction of the juice seeping out of the dry fibers of muscle in your mouth?
Sometimes...... Ususally only home-cooked meals will I do that, very satisfying.

What is your favorite forum?
This one! lol

What is your favorite place to go hide in, a retreat?
Out on a sandbank in the middle of nowhere, usually. Sometimes I find myself several miles from the boat with nobody around, and just surrounded by flat sand and sky, with the sea in the distance. I feel at peace with the world then.

Would you like to bungee jump?
I rarely carry cash of any kind except perhaps to use one of the shopping carts. At the moment I have only two Looneys in my tiny blue leather wallet.(Canadian dollar).

Is there anything that you are afraid of that sometimes is hard to bear?

RE Bungee jumping: No I have no desire to stretch my limbs that way. If God had meant man to bungee jump, she would have given him rubber knees.

RE Unbearable Fear: No, only of what Fearless Leader in his great wisdom will subject us to during the next twelve months. Super Scared Smilie Be afraid, be very afraid!

Why did the dish run away with the spoon?
To get to the other side.

Do you make wishes on the first star you see at night?
Nope, but I think I will start.

Do you want to make a trip into space one day?
No, I prefer to keep my feet either firmly on dry land or just above water.

When was the last time you cleaned your keyboard?
A couple months ago on my Commodore 128: I had to take its keyboard apart to clean the contacts because the cursor keys had become fouled. Haven't cleaned my PC's keyboard for close to a year.

What color shirt or blouse do you prefer to wear?
Green, grey, or maroon. (I have a gray and maroon shirt on right now)

Do you like to read the comics in newspapers?
Yep. When I lived in San Francisco, I would walk the public transit system looking for newspapers people left behind, and I would hope it was the comics section.

If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you live?
Right where I am. I could move any where if I chose to do so, but I don't.

What are you planning to do this weekend?
I'm not into the Super Bowl, but since my parents are having a party on Sunday, I'll probably go to it.

Do you use a toothpick after you eat?
Not usually, I usually find a place to surreptitiously floss, if I can't work it out with my tongue.

Do you have any suggestions that my daughter might get for my birthday next week? If it was yours, what would you want?
It all depends on her budget. I think she should buy the best piece of steak she can find, and a nice bottle of red wine, and cook you a meal that you can share together. She should also get a DVD of the movie you've been wanting to watch for a while, to follow the meal with.

Personally, I refuse to celebrate my own birthdays and try to be away at sea for a few days around that time of year so that I can avoid any cards, presents or parties. I let my step-daughter have my birthday for me last year and gave her any cards that did turn up.

Do you still receive Easter eggs?
Only on DVDs Elf With a Big Grin Smilie I'm not partial to hard boiled eggs colored or otherwise. However, I actually love Cadbury Eggs and stock up on them after Easter. I like both the caramel and the truffel ones best, but have never turned down the pseudo-egg white and egg yoke filled ones.

Tomorrow, are you going to watch the Superbowl (the NFL championship american type football game) between the favored New England Patriots (18-0) vs the New York Giants (10-8)?
It was on but I didn't really watch it. Husband and his dad watched the ending.

Are you as pleased as I am that there are so many new people on PT?
Yes, new people always bring new questions and new answers for us to ponder. And meeting new friends is so much fun.

Can you see many stars at night from where you live, or is there just too much light pollution?
Yes many many stars. Although I live in a condo in a small city , the back of the condo rests upon an almost mountainous pine tree studded ridge.At the very top of the ridge there is an eagle's nest and in the warm months we can watch her circle and call out, she is magnificent. I love to walk home from the store which is only a couple of blocks away and look above the ridge and their the black sky is studded with stars. When I began to read LOTR I was shocked to realize how much the area reminded me of different places described in the stories. A little way down toward the town there is a section that now is slightly unnerving to me. I think from time to time a party of orcs on those dreaded dog thingys are going to come into view and rage down the hill.

Do you like to be alone, do you enjoy your own company?
Oh yes, I've always been a loner. During the school year when I was a kid, I took my guns and swords down to the creek and let my imagination run wild. None of my friends did such things. And in the summer we live on the farm where my four year younger sister was the only person to play with, so I was still mostly on my own when it came to doing things. I guess that's where I got the habit; I've never been much of a socialite, though I've aways been able to fit in when I had to.

How early do you get up in the morning?
How late would be more applicable. Being seventeen and unemployed, I don't get up at all many mornings. I realized something about sleep. The object of a day seems to be to tire oneself enough in order to go to sleep feeling fulfilled when night arrives. My ultimate aim is to completely bypass the middle-man and achieve the instant gratification of sleep.
I usually get up between six and seven AM for school, though.

Do you consider yourself lazy?
On weekends for going out- i'm not lazy...But for work in the week, i'm definatly lazy!

Do you love to watch the Olpympics or do you just hate it?
When I cross the Warren Avenue Bridge on a clear early morning just after to sun has risen, and I look west, the view I get is one that I love. The Olympics our local mountains look like they could reach up to heaven, and the glaciers on them really stand out. (So far the Olympics’ haven't been able to force the renaming of the Olympic Peninsula, with its Olympic Mountains, its Olympic National Park, and its Mount Olympus. But they have challenged many small businesses around here for using 'Olympic' as part of their name even though they have had those names for decades. The stupid jerks.) I actually stopped watching the Olympics when the TV Networks started wasting my time with the 'close up and personal' bits and all that figure skating and gymnastics.

What do you want to be, if you have to grow up?
I've always wanted to be a cowboy Smile Smilie Guess its too late now, though. One of the local stores gives me the senior citizen discount... Hmmm...

Person below, do you have a long list of things to do tomorrow?
Nope, I paid all my monthly bills this morning, so all I shoud do tomorrow is this week's dishes. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

What is/was for dinner? It is after 5 pm here and I'm getting hungry.
I'm going to be cooking a chicken stir fry in about 30 minutes

Do you have to put up with any offspring/partners climbing over you while on PT?

edit... Actually, the partner next to me has asked... Do any of you have to put up with snoring partners at night time
As to the first question, no I usually plan my sessions for when I'm alone, even when have overnight visitors.

As to the second: No, but if I had a partner they would have to listen to me. I often wake up with the back of my throat very dry which is a symptom of snoring.

Have you read any good books or seen any good movies lately?
I saw Michael Clayton on Thursday night -- a very romantic Valentine's Day movie Wink Smilie. As of Valentine's Day, my husband and I have been married nine years. Anyway, the movie was pretty good. They didn't dumb anything down; they just let it happen. My husband liked it better than I did though...he likes these types of movies. He especially likes the ones where they don't wrap up anything at the end.

Do you get colds often?
Congratulations on your nine years. Smile Smilie

I do not get colds very often, but when I do it is something to take seriously and I do all I need to do so it does not travel down to my lungs.

Do you prefer sweet or salty things to eat and if you could only choose one what would it be?
I like salty things better, but they cause my feet and ankles to swell, and sweet things cause my weight to increase. So I try to eat them with moderation and drink lots of water to dilute them. This never works of course, but it helps me better rationalize their intake.

Are you down (pooped) or up (raring to go) after your evening meal?
I'm usually down after my evening meal, but it's the only time I get to do things, so I force myself to be "up."

What's your favorite genre of movie?

Thanks, Leelee. Smile Smilie
Well, I have to admit I'm partial to classic quest tales, whether westerns like High Noon or The Seven Samurai or fairy tales like The Wizard of Oz, Neverending Story, Star Wars, or Pan's Labyrinth.

Do you sleep best in a warm room or a cool room?
Oh definitely in a cool room. Sometimes where I live it gets so unbearably hot in the summer that all the forests, we are surrounded on all sides by them erupt into terrifying fires and there has to be all that evacuation and the parched dryness and the smelling deep in your lungs of all that smoke and soot. Once even downstairs where it is usually cold , it was so hot and I was desperate. So I played Donkey Kong, we collect ancient games and I played one where it was pouring rain. Even if it was in my mind it was soothing.

Oh the joy joy joy joy of being back one Planet-Tolkien!

Do you live close to lakes, if so how close?
I live probably within five miles of a small puddle of a lake, though I also live about a mile from the Port Washington Narrows that is connected to Sinclair Inlet that is connected to Admiralty Inlet that is connected to the Strait of Jaun de Fuca, that is connected to the Pacific Ocean; and that is one big puddle of water.

How often do you go swimming?
Every week in our local swimming pool in the village
When did you last write someone a letter ??
Sometime in the Fall of last year, while my brother was not online and thus was out of email contact; and he lives just out of cell phone range. I seldom write to my sister and her husband who each have a computer, but aren't connected to the internet. Instead we communicate by phone, except for the occasional check I send her towards my share of the family farm expenses, and I hardly ever attach it to a letter, I just call her and tell her 'the check is in the mail'. Then at the end of March she sends me a breakdown of those expenses which her accountant has equally split between the three of we siblings for income tax purposes. We are absentee landlords and each net just a few thousand a year when the price of wheat is up. This was a very good year for us; so Uncle Sam will get an even larger cut than normal.

When was the last time you went to see live theater, like an in-person play?
A couple of nights ago, a circus performance that's part of the arts festival.

If you could only read one chapter of LotR ever again, which one would it be?
Ooooo, that's a hard one; I can't yet decide. It is so hard that I think I'll turn it into a discussion thread so everyone can get a crack at it. See Can Read But One LotR Chapter

How often do you wear a hat?
Hmm, sometimes. Mainly a woolen one when I'm out doing something that might make me cold!

Had you noticed the spelling mistakes in the below text? (click reply first!)
If you mean "bottow" and "completly" then obviously not, until I just ran them through our spell-checker, which we didn't have when I wrote that gibberish for Taz back in December of 2003. After all, I are an inganear, not an Anglish measure. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

Have you ever participated in a Spelling Bee?
Nope. I can spell, but I never got over the fear of being in front of people and doing so.

It makes me all warm inside to see this thread still going. Big Smile Smilie Ilove being back on Planet-Tolkien!

What is your earliest childhood memory?
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