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I do actually. I spent all day yesterday playing some beach volleyball with my friends! Good times!

Do you have long hair?
Not really .but not short either .. I just coloured it an hour ago Smile Smilie Dark brown almost black
Have you ever done somethinhg crazy with your hair ?
Yes, at least I think it was crazy. Shortly after I was married I got the notion that I needed to look 'grown up' so I cut my hair short-ish and got a frizzy perm. I shudder at the pictures of me from then! I've come to my senses since and have it back to its normal long plainishness with a little grey at the sides.

Do you suffer from motion sickness and can you describe your worst experience with it?
When I was a kid, I could ride one revolution on those kiddie merry-go-rounds in the park, the kind you push to get started, and I'd be sick to my stomachfor the rest of the day. I've never been car or air sick and have only been at sea in a submarine in calm waters, so I don't know if I'm suseptable to seasickness. Still my eyes and tummy have gotten upset when I tried to play both Decent and Doom on my computer, the images spinning by so fast got to me; so I'm probably suseptable to sea sickness after all.

How flights have you made in airplanes?
i haven't flown on a plane at all. My parents weren't the traveling type, and I'm super poor!

Do you have a cat?
No, husband is allergic to cats.

What are you allergic to?
Do you often go camping ?
I haven't been camping since I was about ten years old. I would really love to take my kids camping soon, though. I do not mean going to a cabin or in a motorhome somewhere, but real camping that involves a humongous tent, lanterns, outdoor cooking gear such as cast-iron dutch ovens, fishing poles, sleeping bags, mosquito repellant, flashlights and a couple of flints to start a fire. That, to me, is true camping and one of life's simple pleasures.

Did you have an imaginary friend as a child, and if so, what was their name and what were they like?
Yes, my imaginary friend was called 'Mr. Useful' and he'd do jobs for my mother that I'd never touch, the silly git. Looking back from a distance of over sixty years, I think my mother conned me into doing those jobs by saying, 'Do you suppose you or Mr. Useful would mind drying the dishes for me tonight?' And then I'd say, 'Well I'd rather not do that job, but I suppose Mr. Useful would do it for you,' and the dishes would get dried.

Do you have anything special planned for the weekend?
Yeah... getting ready for a new school year

are you going to force somebody to do what you want?
maybe through pshycology.

you are nazgul from minas morgul
No I'm an Eagle from MoriaSmile Smilie
Do you believe in ghost?
I have an open mind; though I've never experienced a ghost (pronounced "fish") and hope to keep it that way.

Where are you, where are you going, and where have you been?
I'm at the college, I came from my house and after this I'm going to the comic book store.

How many minutes does it take to fix a monkey's wagon?
Well, honestly, it would take soooooo much longer than mere minutes. It would take an eternity, considering that monkies do not actually own wagons themselves; thus, you would be working on something that does not technically exist, so your endeavor would never be completed!

Are we on borrowed or owned time, in your humblest of opinions?
I believe that we are on owned time and that's why I try to make the best of every day .staying healthy and happy with my family.
When was the last time you made a huge mistake ?
Well, let me see.....I got up this morning, but I've probably messed up a couple times since then. Elf Winking Smilie

Do you know where your children/parents are?
I have no children, and I have no idea where my parents are.

Did it suddenly get really cold where you are in these last few days?
Yes it has barely got above 70’F (22’C) this past week and rain, but not like in the mid-West.

What is/was for dinner?
Cheezburgr.....SOOO Good!

Have you ever wanted to just runaway?
Actually, I did, when I was seventeen. I just decided one morning to not go to school. I wasn't particularly miserable or anything, I just wanted to go. I know that's weird. I took a change of clothes, sixty-five dollars and my car and just began driving up the California coast from Newport Beach, in Orange County. I drove all the way to Seattle up route 1/PCH and Route 101, stopping only three times to sleep and get gas. Gas was only $1.35 a gallon then, so leaving with a full tank, I only had to refill a couple of times and it didn't cost me much at all. I was driving a 1983 Nissan Stanza and it got great gas mileage. What a beautiful drive! I will never forget Northern California, especially the Redwood Forest and Big Sur, where forest meets sea. Nor will I forget the Oregon coastline, with its charming little seaside towns and the gorgeous Tillamook valley. I actually toured the dairy facility there, where they make the world-famous Tillamook cheese, among other things. The lonely beauty of the bridge crossing the river from Astoria, Oregon, to Washington was breathtaking at sunset and the little sentinel islands the pop up just off the coast all along Washington state are really spectacular. Also, Mt. Ranier, in all its glory, towering over metropolitan Seattle in the distance like a guardian, was so pretty. All in all, a very good trip, though I did run into trouble when I got pulled over for speeding in King County, California. The policeman was not very understanding and the ticket wound up costing me three hundred dollars...The majoy drawback was that I worried my poor grandparents, who I was living with at the time, half to death, as I didn't tell them that I was going or where, so I would never take a trip like that under those circumstances again, had I known how much I hurt and scared them. My advice, if you are thinking of running away ever, just to get away from it all, is to tell someone you trust and who will not try to stop you, and make sure that you are coming back and not going anywhere dangerous. That said, I am sorry for my lengthy replies lately. Smile Smilie

Do you like your name?
Aye, my first name was my paternal grandfather's and my middle name was my father's. I use both names in honor of them and try to live up to their expectations.

The Good Humor Man (mobile ice cream on-a-stick peddler) just drove by playing 'Turkey in the Straw'.

Do you have a Good Humor (or any other name) Man where you live?
We did in our old neiborhood but not where we live now as its too rural unless you count the Schwan man who sells all sorts of things not just ice cream. When I was growing up in Illinois there was a real Good Humor truck so this brings back nice memories.

Person below, do you like wearing hats?
Absolutely luv hats. What shoes are to some, hats are my thing. Are you a cat or dog person? Puppy Smilie
More of a cat person.

Have you ever had a bird for a pet?
Right now I have ten birds: four budgies, four zebra finches and two Java Rice birds.

Are you psychic and, if so, what psychic experiences have you had?
No I'm not ..
Do you read biographic books ?
Not any more, though I have in the past. I read tons of them while I was in school.

Where would you like to travel during this coming winter instead of shivering in the snow?
i don't mind the snow...but i would like to travel somewhere...i don't know where, but somewhere interesting would be nice for once. Southwestern Ontario isn't the most exciting place ever.

who is your favorite superhero?
Batman probably because he's not so super. He uses technology rather than enhanced physical/mental/supernatural abilities. I also used to like Captain Marvel and Captain Marvel Jr. over Superman; I don't remember why.

Can you say "SHAZAM!" and do you know where it originated?
yes, i can say that word...and didn't it originate from an old-ish comic book? I heard he's back now, or coming back in some series again. Pretty sweet!

Does your head hurt?
Only when I bash it against a hard object. I haven't had a migraine since I retired way back in nineteen-ought-and-ninety-three. Cool Elf Smilie

Do you or your mother wear army boots?
My dear mother wouldn't be caught dead wearing army boots and I have never ventured to try them unless Doc Martin's count.

If you ran away with the circus, what job would you best suited for?
Big Laugh Smilie I'm not very atletic so I guess I would be the one that feed the animals Smile Smilie
What animal would you prefer as a pet ?
I've had so many pets over the years( fish,lizards,turtles,birds,rabbits, 5 cats, 19 dogs,raccoon,horse). Dog Smilie The one constant is a dog ,though I miss riding a great deal. Are you a traveller or more likely to stay close to home? Wolf Smilie
My travelling days are over and now I stay close to home, too close according to my daughter.

Where was the most funnest place you ever visited? (I know it wasn't grammatical, but sometimes I use superlatives like 'more better' and 'most funnest' just for the heck of it.) Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
Well I have been to some wierd places, but I would have to say Hazaar, a tiny place near Drumheller, Alberta.I was visiting some relatives that owned an enormous cattle ranch, they specialized in Black Angus for meat and Jersey for dairy. The ladies were so strange to me, on the one hand they were austere and worked from three in the morning until bedtime cooking for the hired hands, taking care of little ones, keeping spotless homes.
But on the other hand they would listen in on each other's phone calls whenever they had a spare moment. Just quietly pick up the phone and have a cup of coffee and a snack while they listened in. Most had party lines, it was too funny watching them making faces and smothering laughter or growing red in the face from anger as they listened to neighbors gossip. They all did it.
And also, after h arvest time, all the families in the whole district would get together and put an entire cow on the spit and have so many different kinds of foods it was exhausting. The men, normally all grouchy and quiet and sullen would drink their beer and th en get up and dance in the most ridiculous fashion. The ladies too and their singing, it made all the dogs h oller and yowl.
And the clothes they wore for hanging about like that, so strange and fu nny. All their antics kept we younger ones screaming into our sweaters so as not to seem impolite. The best part was when the campfires were dying down and they all started falling asleep beside the children.We older teens and young adults would sneak away and grab all the best horses and thunder off bareback laughing and calling to each other under the stars. What a wierd place.

Would you be interested in living on another planet if it was feasable?
No, not really. I think I'd rather stay here and try to make whatever improvements I could to my current planet.

Do you prefer dry humor over slapstick?
Very much. I enjoy humorous things (Leelee, your story really made me smile!) but don't care for standup comedians or movies that have no purpose but to try to force people to laugh.

Have you ever sewn your own clothes?
No but I've knitted a lot of pullovers and socks for my kids when they were little
What did you dress up like on your last carnival ?
I haven't attended one for ages, but the last time I did, for Winter Carnival, I dressed up as a rocker rather like a female version of Sid Vicious, even had a safety pin in my ear. Me, the sedate Victorian type person who taught dance and loves the ballet. Oh well, must have been my hormones, no?
What do you want to do with your life at retirement age?
Great question LeeleeSmile SmilieI would like to write a book ..maybe about life as I've experienced it so far..I'll draw more. And for sure I will be travelling to Irland and Scotland as often as I'm able to.maybe even live there
What is the best advice you've been given so far in life ? Did you follow it ?
"Don't get yourself in debt; be a lender rather than a borrower. And if you lend to family or friend, don't expect to be paid back. Be prepared ahead of time to count it as a substantial gift rather than an outstanding unpaid debt." Yes, I have practiced this and have not lost any friends over money even though there are outstanding unpaid loans. I tell them not to worry about it, pay me when they can and no interest is being added to the principle balance. I don't believe in usury and I don't loan out more than I can afford to lose.

What is you favorite breakfast meal, like what would you like for breakfast on your birthday if you had the choice?
Oh Grondy that is how we live in this famiy as well , well quite similar. We never lend we just give it and ask that person to do the same for someone else who is in trouble down the road when they can. And we buy everything cash only, so we save a lot and yes it does take time but we go to bed without being scared about great debts.

My favorite breakfast is never cereal for the most part. I like a hot breakfast the same as I would eat for the evening dinner, especially Italian or Chinese.
My birthday is coming up this month and I shall make myself and everyone else lasagna,baked potatoes and a lovely sauce, some baked apple with a dollop of cream on it.

If you knew your life would be finished on this earth in five years what great thing would you like to accomplish to be remembered by when you are gone?
I would like to have passed along whatever wisdom I possess, along with empathy and an open mind, to my children, hopefully paving a way for them to do great things for humanity and the earth in their lifetimes. I feel that if they are able to make an impact somehow, then I did my job.

Do you like thick, juicy steaks, grilled to perfection on a charcoal grill with some mesquite chips for good measure?
Steaks are okay, but I still appreciate a homemade burger grilled on an outdoor barbie with a few hickory chips.
Ding -Ding ....You forgot to put a new post Sir : HELLO Orc Grinning Smilie
Why so I did, won't be the last time. Elf Sticking Tounge Out Smilie

Have you finished your Christmas shopping yet? Never put off 'till tomorrow, what you can do next week.
No . Grondy I haven't even started to think about it
Do you like to watch Idol
I do not watch it. About seven y ears ago I gave up watching a certain show for Lent and never went back to teli. My family joined me and we have n ot watched any teli since then, it is great. We buy DVD's we like and that is that.

What is your favorite form of excercise for both fitness in body and for your emotions?
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