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Yep, I love jewelry, especially sparkly jewelry. I even make jewelry with lots of crystal in it.

Do you like sugar in your coffee or tea?
I used to, but I havn't had tea or coffee since I quit smoking.

does anyone know what ever happened to Tammy from the chat room?, think her name was Legolaslass here, not sure though.
Nope....don't know who you're talking about...or as we say in Canada....Aboot! lol

Hockey? or Curling?
Hah! Fellow Canadian naming our two national sports Smile Smilie I gotta say I like hockey a LOT more than curling. I've never tried curling in my life, but hockey is an occasional event in winter for my family. So much fun to be on ice!

Do you get really mad at your computer sometimes?
Nope not very often really
Do you watch the news on Television ?
sometimes on the morning and evenings

do you like cartoons?
Depends on the cartoon. When I was younger, I loved Thundercats, Tiny Toons and Animaniacs. Now, I like Pinky and the Brain and South Park. Smile Smilie

Do you have freckles?
Not least....i don't think they're freckles. I was always jealous of kids with freckles...I thought they were cute!

if your wisdom teeth grew without difficulty, would you still have them removed?
i woud i used to have a tooth more than i shoud!

Do you like mmorpg`s?
WHAT do you mean ?
it stands for massive multiplayer online roleplaying playing games
I'll, I do not really like playing with obnoxious people, so I like to play online games with one or two close friends...easier that way, and keeps me sane! Smile Smilie

Elvis Presley OR Elvis Costello?
Elvis Costello

Do you like playing sports?
I used to love playing sports, but due to complications i cant, but i loved any sport even ones from other lands, (even american football)

Do you find that you can be happy one day, then one little happens and you are immediatly sad?
Oh yeah , but it has to be real serious ( a good friend of me being hurt in an accident or so..)..most of the time Im a happy woman
Do you have a good relationship with your parents ?
yea, I should say so. lucky me.

have you ever been seriously injured?
Not really....broke my thumb and had to wear a cast for the summer one year...When I was figure skating I fell and my skate missed the major artery in my right thigh by about half an inch. any closer, and I would have bled to death. But that's the worst to date.

Cats? or Dogs? or some other creature?
In about ten minutes, too. Wow. Someone was watching out for you, though it might not have seemed like it at the time. Glad it all worked out for you, even if you did sneak in and answer the Two Trees of Gondolin question under my nose.

Someone decided to stick a knife in my neck a few years ago and missed my carotid by about a quarter inch, I think. Close enough that, pressure or no pressure, the docs wanted to shove a cathater in to see if there was a nick. And of course, they decided to enter through my femoral artery and go up through the aorta, so I got to lie on my back with a bandage for a day with the knowledge that if I stood up the pressure would blow the bandage off and I'd bleed to death in about ten minutes. This after they shoot a tube into the second highest pressure and volume artery, through the highest volume (through which all blood leaves the heart) and into the highest pressure one. Fun.

Yeah, so anyway, dogs, soooo dogs.

So, who can fly a plane?
A pilot can, I believe. Not that I'm one.

What's your favourite hiding place?
umm...i don't think I have one....when I'm angry or sad, I like to lock myself in my bedroom, surround myself by pillows, and read....or play my saxophone. i used to live by a creek, and I used to hide in the willow trees down by the was so beautiful and peaceful...I miss it...oh, to be five again! Sad Smilie

do you play a musical instrument? if so, which one, and for how long? if not, what instrument would you like to be able to play?
OOC: Gross, Morambar! But more importantly...someone stuck a knife in your neck! Gee whiz! I hope he/she was prosecuted somehow (but perhaps you did something to deserve it?).

Back to Lemaly's question -- I play the piano, and have played since I was five, so I guess that makes it about 25 years since I took it up. I'm really not that good though. I've never really taken lessons and it's been an "on again/off again" sort of affair with the ivories. I only play songs I like, and have never had any sort of classical training. I do like to play Moonlight Sonata though, that's one of my favorites -- I find it beautiful and relaxing, but it has a dark edge to it that appeals to me.

How do you like to spend your free time?
well i come on here often, does that count??? Apart from that i read (Tolkien of course) and generally think about the world........

Have you ever blown into a Harmonica??? i say this because im holding one now as im typing!!
Yes, I have an M. Hohner 'Echo' in the key of C. It has twenty-four double rows of reeds and you need to suck as well as blow when you play it. It has a wonderfull lower end so while playing the melody you can concurrently play a chord-like accompaniment. I'm not very good at it any more, but my 'You Are My Sunshine' was at least recognizable.

Do you like to wear a hat or scarf?
Neither, if I can. I like to flaunt my hair while I still can! Big Smile Smilie

Are you satisfied with one moon?
no i think it would be better that we had many because then all the rivalry of countries with our moon could be settled, they could have a moon each!!!

When you sneeze do you hold your nose?
Nope, but when I was younger I made fun of the way my mother sneezed (all dainty-like), and now, I sneeze like her...go figure.

Do you look like your mother or your father?
um... no, I don't think so. well, myself can only badly judge it, but noone ever told me I looked like one of them, either.

what's the most stupid thing people did to this world in history?
Many people feel coming down out of the trees was a big mistake; I think coming out of the ocean was an even bigger one. Words to this effect were written by Douglas Adams, but I can't bother to look up his exact quotation at the moment, but he gets all the credit for them as far as I'm concerned.

Have you ever accidentally applied a substance from a tube, to your toothbrush in the morning, only to find out later, it wasn't toothpaste?
no....I don't normally have anything else but toothpaste in a tube by my sink. So normally, toothpaste goes on the brush!

Rice, or Noodles?
im not a fan of either really but noodles i suppose

Why are Australia getting a medal in every event in the commonwealth games???
why not?

Windows 98, Windows xp, apple, Linux or some other operating system?
Ok guys, sorry that one was kinda hard...sometimes I think my questions aren't that hard...and then I come back and realize that they were kinda too difficult! so here:

Do you read any comic books, or comic strips online? If so, which ones?
Nope I do not
What are your plans for easter ?
I dunno. Its still too early.

Why didn't our professor turn up for his class (not that I'm sad about it!)?
because he was busy replying to a post on a LOTR forum!!

haha! dunno where that came from!

what is the point of GCSE's??
As i can analyse the situation, you seem to be still doing your GCSE's well GCSE's are worth anything, al they are there for is to make you look good when applying for Colleges so that you can get real qualifications to then get a decent job Teacher Smilie

Why did Walt Disney have to die? Sad Smilie *tear rolls down face*
Because everyone, famous or not has to die...immortality is something only fantasy contains...

Why do we call crayons crayons?
i think its because Crayola created them so they chose the name Crayons, its made of oily chalk, maybe something latin is in it somwhere, but i found this video about how people make crayons look at this :

um my questions, Why is it that when schools make you watch educational videos in (i think Geography) are all made in the 1970's? its mad i tell you MAD!!! Very Mad Smilie

800th Post!!!!
I dunno, but I cab tell you we watched the strangest things in Astronomy class... Wary Smilie there was a little fuzzy brown thing explaining relativity to us. It was almost frightening. Puppy Smilie -it looked kinda like this, without the ears...

How do they get puffed rice so crispy??? Elf Confused Smilie
They poke a large pipe into each indivdual grain of cooked rice; pump it full of CO2; and then pop it in the oven overnight to dry it out.

Are we there yet and if not how much longer will it be? I'm bored!
We've only just left! It will be quite a while before we arrive! Wink Smilie

What is your alltime favourite colour?! like, the colour you would jump through a burning hoop to get a free t-shirt in that colour?!!?
RED !!! I love that colour but Im not sure that I would go into fire because of itSmile Smilie
Do you often listen to birds singing ?
This morning I awoke to birds singing outside of my window, and I thought, "Ah, Spring is finally here!"

What one item would you want with you on a deserted island?
I would say a yacht with fuel enough to get me home....but right now I kinda want to be on a deserted I would say, a box full of fresh food, OR my MP3 player with enough batteries to last me...Smile Smilie

what is your favorite instrument to listen to?
The violin. It tugs at my heartstrings.

If you could have any occupation, which would you choose?
Sumo wrestler.

What's your favourite Darkthrone album?
Being an archaeologist might be fun if it didn't entail so much dirt. I had enough of that on the farm, of course back then I was digging weeds rather than artifacts.

Can you drive a stick shift automobile without grinding hamburger, jerking, or causing excessive wear on the clutch?

Oops, Virumor got his post in before I completed mine; in answer to his question, I know not of the group of which you speak.
Can you drive a stick shift automobile without grinding hamburger, jerking, or causing excessive wear on the clutch?

Yes, I can.

Are you a Mexican or a Mexican't? (Well it sounded cooler in 'once upon a time in Mexico'.)
umm...I don't know....Big Smile Smilie

what is your favorite kind of iced cream? (that's right...iceD cream!)
um the type of cream thats iceD, thats right iceD!!!!!!! um vanilla to be serious

On average how many times do you stub your toe in a week?
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