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are you a smoker?
no I am not.

what is your ideal job?
To travel all over the world and still get paid for doing it!! In other words A globe trekker
How many languages do you speak?
two, english and Italian....

are you happy?
yeah most of the time , but I can be a bit stressed with work sometimes
What is a perfect day for you ?
nice weather (that's almost any weather, I love rain as much as sunshine, fog and snowstorms), nice food, a couple of friends and a ton of books...

have you ever been seriously injured?
no. unless you count falling 6 feet off the ground and landing flat on you back on mulch serious, but the only thing that happend was the fact that i could hardly breathe for 3 hours. this was when i was 7 too so it hurt even more.

Are you happy that i have appeared again?
That's a retorical question, of course!

Do you have a summer job?
Yes i perform at a dinner theatre.

Do you want to go to New Zealand?
Yeah, but with the war going on, my parents won't let me leave the country to go anywhere.

Have you already been to NZ?

Do you like to sleep in
yup, yesterday I slept till ten, wheew.

Do you horseback ride?
As often as i can which is once every 5 years lol.

Would you just happen to be Rue with whom i am having a discussion with on 2 sites?
Yup! And it's confussing!

Do you ride english or western?
I rode english.

would you be having fun right now?

How long have you been online today?

You rode english? Western Rules!!!
one hour!!

do you have a big family?
sorry rue it was western actually. I was a little forgetful this morning.
no 5 people.

Do you live in an apartment?
Nope, a nice house on the lake.

What's your dream job?

Western riding's the best, compared to english it's much more hands on.
I want to become a biologist

do you like travel abroad?
I used to like being abroad, but the travel was not that much fun; something about my never being able to sleep in the air, no booze on military flights, horrible in-flight movies, and the crying military dependents. Now when I have the money to do it on my own I'm too crippled to even try to enjoy it, so I have to travel via National Geographic, TV, and books. Such is life! Happy Elf Smilie

Do you paint? If so, what medium?
No I do not paint...

Are you artistic in any way? If so what do you do?
Not really
Have you ever written a book ?

if you were a troll, how would you prepare some dwarves and a hobbit for lunch?
I'd probably slice, dice, and saute them with onion in olive oil, add some herbs, serve it all on a bed of penne pasta, with a tossed green salad, some garlic bread, and a glass of chardoney or burgandy. Orc With Thumbs Up Smilie

How many times have you flown: in an airplane? on a broomstick? in your dreams?
airplane: (there and back again) twice
broomstick: everytime at full moon
in my dreams: I usually don't sleep (I use to practise flying on the broomstick)

*the recipe sounds gooood*

do you like speaking in front of a crowd?
Sure , if the topic is interesting and I know what I talk about
Do you like museums ?
I love museums Mellon, but I rarely get the chance to visit one. I love history and a museum is a great way to see tangible things from the past, which makes the stuff you've read in the history books come alive.

Do you prefer sno cones or popsicles, and what is your favorite flavor?
I prefer popsicles...grape to be exact, but I've been getting hooked on orange lately too.

Are you better at math or grammar (writing)?

how often do you go to the hairdresser?
Two or three times a year whether I need a haircut and beard trim or not. Orc Grinning Smilie

Do you wear earphones when you work at your computer?
No. I prefer speakers and annoying everyone around.

How much do you lie?

what is/was your favourite subject at school?
I'm afraid I was too late...

so, I think I don't lie very much... but maybe that's a lie...

same question as before: what is/was your favourite subject at school?
It's a tie with english & history.

What was/is your least favorite subject in school?
anything with economy... I seem to be too stupid for that.

have you ever been to a desert?
Quite a few actually. I grew up in the Sonoran Desert in Arizona, and I've been to the Mojave Desert, which is its neighbor. I have also been to Israel and Egypt, including The Western Desert.

Have you ever been on a camel?
no but I'd like to try!! it seems to be cool!!

how often do you go to the restaurant?
Not very often.

Describe your worst nightmare.
I don't really have nightmares. got a dreamcatcher. Wink Smilie

do you like diving?
No - I only learnt to swim a few years ago, terrified of water - can't walk over bridges

Can you juggle
not very well, but I can.

do you like computer games?
I live on them.

How often do you swear?
in my thoughts... too often. verbally not that often, I hope.

do you like drinking tea with milk?
Only English breakfast tea; though I seldom bother to do it, just settling for half a teaspoon of sugar.

Have you played hop-scotch?
Of course! I used to love it.

Along those lines...have you ever played Chinese jumprope?
No, I think not.

What's your favourite piece of clothing?
all my t-shirts. I've got tons of them and I love them.

if you could uninvent one thing on earth or make something undone, what would it be?
That's a good question, Ithil, and a tough one. I think I would uninvent nuclear weapons. I believe the inventor also stated at one point that he wished he had never invented them.

If you were told that your grandmother or grandfather needed a kidney transplant, and you were the only match, would you give up your kidney even if you were told it may kill you?!

What is the last thinhg you do before going to bed?
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