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I don't...because I hate coffee...but if I had to, with a spoon, left to right.

What name have you always wanted to be called?
PrincessSmile Smiliejust kidding Im very happy with my own name :LIV ,though my father has always called me LEIF ( a boys name )coz he never got any sonsSmile Smilie
I know there is a thread about this somewhere but , who is your star lookalike?
Hmm..I did that heritage celebrity look alike thing, and it said I looked like Liv Tyler! Elf With a Big Grin Smilie how awesome is that?!?!?!?!?

What were you doing before coming on planet tolkien?!?
I was cleaning a toilet.

Have you ever punched someone in the face?
Yes, when I was 6, I punched a boy in the face with my lunch pail and had to sit by the fence through the lunch hour; and somehow, when I was 14-17, I managed to get many parts in my school plays and speech tournaments that allowed me to punch my best friend in the face. I don't think she has ever forgiven me. (I played Helen Keller and Kate in Taming of the Shrew to name two...she was Anne Sullivan and Bianca. There were actually more than that, but that's just to name two that allowed me to beat up on her, he, he.)

What is the most adventurous thing you have ever done?
When I was about thirteen I climbed a small mountain in eastern Washington by myself without any equipment. This included almost fifty feet of vertical rock work. I wasn't afraid until I started back down Super Scared Smilie and it was harder finding toe-holds, but obviously I did, still on my own, with no broken bones or scratches even. After I got back to the lake about 1000 feet below, where my parents were fishing, I never went climbing any rock faces more than ten feet high again.

What is the longest trip you have ever made by bicycle in one day?
I was never really a bike rider. I think I rode my bike to school once so that would be about 4.5 miles. I have ridden my bike more miles than that at one time, but that was merely for exercise.

What is the one dish/food/type of food you hate most?
I've become less fussy about food these days... but if someone were to hand me a big bowl of mushrooms - eeuuuuuk! squelchy fungus Very Mad Smilie
Prawns and lobsters and that sorta thing are equally bad - it's like eating a deep sea cockroach!

What's your happiest childhood memory? childhood wasn't really filled with that many happy events. I'd have to say the happiest day I had before I went to highschool would have to be the day I met my best friend Joy. She had just moved to the area, and had just joined the school (Small little country school in the middle of nowhere) and she didn't have a friend and neither did I, and it turned out she was on my bus and had to get off at my stop, so I 'escorted' her home and we've been friends ever since. After leaving elementary school, the happiest day was when I met my future fiancee. great guy...there aren't many happy times other than those two, but they're definately worth missing other happy times for! Elf With a Big Grin Smilie If it weren't for those two people I probably wouldn't be who I am!

What was the last song you listened to?
'Move to Bremerton' by MXPX which my daughter sent me as an MP3, because I live in Bremerton. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

Have you ever heard a song about where you live?! My 'hometown' isn't anything someday they'll write about all of the chemical plants! haha!

Have you seen the movie "Four Brothers?"
Nope , whats is it about ?
Does your country plays in the WORLD champion ship (football) ?
Yes! But they lost today hoo. I was then hoping that Ghana would beat Italy to give us a chance, but Ghana lost too. *sob* I haven't given up hope yet though! I'm also rooting for England, Australia and Germany.

Have you ever been to a World Cup game?, i live in canada!

(Four Brothers is about this woman in Michigan who adopts these four boys. Later in life, she's gunned down at a variety store, and the boys (now men) have to figure out why she was killed. It's very good if you like's got Mark Wahlburg in it, lol)

have you eaten strawberries in the last two days?!
I actually have. I grow them in my backyard...yum!

Are you an elf-friend?

Where do you usually get your stuff from?
Like....what kind of stuff?! cause i buy stuff that I like from a store called "Green Earth" and stuff that I need from "Shopper's Drug Mart" or "A&P"...and then clothes and stuff I get from a variety of places...'unseens' I get from "La Senza" and everything else normally "Wal-Mart" or "Suzi Sheir"...that's about it. I get my video games from "Electronic Boutique (EB Games)" 'nerd supplies' (D&D Books, Magic cards etc...) from "Future Pastimes". And I think that's all....I don't go anywhere else for..."Stuff"

how much tv do you watch in a week?
VERY little. maybe around 3 hours, probabally less...

Have you ever heard the band, Panic! At The Disco?
No, I haven't, what kind of music do they play/make?

Who do you think will win the soccer world cup?
well i hope that England will win, but i think that Brazil would win, WAIT WHAT AM I SAYING???? COME ON ENLGAND!!!!!!!!!!

Are you going to watch the England vs Sweden match tonight???
Short answer... Nope!

Being, originally from England, I feel I do have the right to comment as follows...

I would like to see - even though this will no doubt gain me some enemies... England Lose!

We'd never hear the end of it!! Come on... 1966... STILL banging on about it, fer heaven's sake!

But hey, each to their own - if you are a fan of footie, I wish you & your chosen "supportee" all the very best. Wiggle Smilie

Question... question... Something original... Hmm... Ok, here's one...

If a tree were to fall, yet there was no living thing around to hear it... Would it still make a noise?
Of course it would....the world doesn't mute itself just because humans aren't around to hear it...have you ever heard a tree fall!??!?!?! holy moly! it's scary loud! so i doubt there would be any chance that a tree could fall and NOT make a sound!

Did you watch the Stanley Cup final game?

It's ok edmonton....we are all still proud of you! WooT Canada! o_O
nope...cant say that i did. Im not really into hockey.

When you think of football, do you think of American Football or Soccer?

No, I haven't, what kind of music do they play/make?

umm... kinda punk/pop/alternative...its kinda hard to place them as one certain type of music

Why didn't Togo get a penalty yesterday?
I don't know, could the answer to my question below have any bearing upon it, or were they just blind?

Were the Italians refereeing that game too?
Shocked Elf Smilie NOT THE ITALIANS!!!! j/k...I have no idea!

what is so big about the World Cup?
Franz Beckenbauer's ego.

Have you ever flown an X-wing?

i assume you mean an x-wing from star wars, coz i have!!! only in a game my friend had

Have you heard the song:

I wish i was a punk rocker by Sandi Thom?
no actually i havn't

do u love cookies n cream icecream?
OMG...that is my favorite iced cream ever!

do you like chocolate covered almonds?
Nope ..
When do you start summer vacation ?
I er... don't .. working through!
Wait! I DO have a week booked, last week in August - Does that count?

What colour are your socks?
Black is the color of my true self's sox.

Do you brush your teeth after every meal or just morning and night?
After every meal if possible. And as well as morning and night. ( i just took off my braces so im kind of obsessed with it.) Wink Smilie

Red or Pink?
In What? I preference, neither. I think I have one red shirt in my closet which I never wear, no pink shirts, one pink tie that I never wear (it was a gift from the girls in my graduating class '05 woo hoo) and maybe three red ties that hardly ever get worn. I do wear a tie every Sunday, which is a relief from having to wear a tie every day of high school; private school see. Little known fact, there were only 13 people in my graduating class. Very small school. How did I get on this? Oh color, or colour. I can't think of any other clothes I have that are red or pink. Does that answer your question?

How big was your graduating class or how big will it be? And what year?
13 just like yours in 1958.

Where were you born?
I was born in Michigan.

If you were to look out your window right now what would you see?
houses and tress. a swing set. a fence. grass. sky. rabbit. humans. chairs. tables. basketball net.

what is your favourite childhood television show?
I really liked things like Bill Nye The Science Guy, and of course, the Magic School Bus! Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

what was the last thing you watched on TV?
well im watching the simpsons right now as well as posting, but the last thing i watched was Friends, ya gotta love those guys!

What colour are your socks??? - im wearing odd socks, i just realised Orc Smiling Smilie
im not weraing socks.

what's the lowest mark you've ever got?
hehe....I got a 49 once...and that's the lowest its ever gotten...darn math teacher....failing me even though I passed all the tests and assignments. She only failed me because I didn't go to her class everyday! jerk

what is the weather like where you are?
There are some clouds rigth now but it seems like the sun is shining throughSmile Smilie
What are your plans for today ?
After work and supper I'll do some more drawing/touching up on a group caricature sketch that I'm doing for someone who's gonna give it to their father as a 70th birthday present; if I get that done in time I'll watch Survivor (not very exciting, I know).

What did you do/study after you finished school? And, given the chance to do it over, would you change anything?
i studied A levels in Mathematics, Art, IT, Psychology and if i could do high school again, i would, but just for all my old friends, never for the education, im not mad!!! Merry Christmas Smilie

What was the most wise saying you have ever heard......ever???
"Time is the most important thing I've ever wasted."

Strangest thing is, I came up with that myself many years ago...when I was in highschool...ok, not that many years...only like...6.

What was the last movie you saw in a theatre?
X-men III: The Last Stand, it was really brilliant!

Where's the furthest place you've ever travelled to from home? and where is home?
home is in canada. forthest away wouls be pakistan...but that was long long long ago. i dunt really travel much.

what's your all time favourite movie?
hmmm...all time favourite movie?! lol...I have a lot of favourite movies, but not one All Time Favourite movie...maybe, Return of the King! or Indiana Jones (all three with Harrison Ford)...see, I can't even choose! Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

What was the last piece of food you ate?
Three Eggos with butter and Vermont Maple Syrup about four hours ago and I'm starting to get peckish, will probably have my evening meal (dinner) when I finish here; it is just past 3 pm as I write this.

Are you tall for your weight, or are you height challenged like me: like I'm much too short for my weight? Elk Grinning Smilie
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