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i am just my opinion.

are you into sports, if so which one?
Ummm, i love watching football but haven't played it in several years due to the fact i don't like the high school team and i seem to be cursed with injuring or breaking various parts of my foot almost constantly.

Are you a mountain person or a tropical beach person?
DEFINATELY a mountain person.

For a girl, I'm not very 'girly'! Sitting on the beach, plastered in sticky sun cream, turing occasionally like a joint over a BBQ... Naaa!!

I'd rather be sitting looking up at a lovely view of mountains - Maybe going for a (not too treacherous) trek through various valleys, towns etc.

Mmmm.... Peace and quiet & general roudiness of a local market at the foot of a glorious mountain!

That sufficient?

Ok - croutons or bacon bits? (in salad/soup etc)
bacon bits - yum yum.

What inspires you?
hmmm...what inspires me?! wow...I really don't know. I can tell you what doesn't inspire know, when they rip out all the beautiful little forests and stuff just to build a new Wal-Mart or a new McDonalds. It always makes me so sad to see that...

are there a lot of trees outside your home?
Yes lots of themSmile Smilie I agree with you about constructions its a shame really...
Have you been swimming in the ocean today ?
No. I don't think I'm near any oceans.

What plants do you have in your garden (or in pots indoors)?
Mostly herbs actually , I often use them when I cook during the summer Smile Smilieand also roses in different colours .NICE heh ?
When were you last at the movies ?
About two weeks ago

Have you ever stepped on a jellyfish?
no...unfortunately I have never been anywhere near the ocean or any other body of water that would contain jellyfish. I am however, located quite nicely by the great lakes, and I do get to go swimming in the wonderful fresh water there, but I have never been to the ocean, it is one of my things to do before I die, so hopefully I'll get there! Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

what was the last time you injured yourself?
Oh it such long time ago..3 or 4 years ago I broke my pinkytoe..Smile Smilie
Whats the title of the last book you bougth ?
the last book i bought was 'a dictionary of Bristle' for my uncle, its a dictionary of all the commonly used words of the Bristol folk, eg, Heart attack = Artack etc etc etc........

When was the last time you shouted???
about 3 mins ago at my comp when it decided to freeze all my im convos.

Do you prefer pork or beef?
I enjoy beef for some though all our Canadian cows have mad cow disease! Shocked Elf Smilie no no....just kidding. Canadian beef is good....yumyumyum...Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

Would you like the fish or the chicken tonight?!
Neither .I ate sandwiches Smile Smilie and salad
Do you feel that TV send to much sport ? ( I dont )
yeah, they broadcast too many soaps and not enough sports, i like some of the minor sports like badmington and table tennis but its all football and rugby (although i do like them) theres too much

Do you have an annoying fly buzzing around your head??? I do and its flaming annoying!!!
Ah....not at the moment...*looks around mysteriously*...but I know they are watching me...*Huddles in corner in fetal position*...*whispers* they want to throw up on my arms... gross...

No, no thank you. Just had tapioca pudding- far better!

Who wants some star fruit?? thanks

attending any weddings soon?
I don't think so...

Do you have a cat?
Three actually!

Besides the Lord of the Rings what is one of your favorite books (assuming that LotR is one of your favorites)?
I really liked the DaVinci Code...great stuff! i've been really into things like that since my anthropology and history courses in college. I also really like the Penelopiad by Margaret Atwood. It's about Penelope, the wife of Odysseyus, and what happens to her during the years that he is gone. it's quite good...she's a great Canadian author, so good!

Reading or Writing?
ReadingRead Smilie
When did you last send someone a postcard ?
actually neverWink Smilie

are you using a laptop or just a reguraly computer
Im using a laptop rigth now
Do you often go for a walk ?
no, im to lazyBig Smile Smilie

Do you live in a city or on the country
Definately in the country...I can't stand not being able to see the stars, or to hear the sound of trees blowing in the wind..I'd go completely bonkers in a city! I NEEDS MY SKY!

Italy or France?
France !!!
Do you often invite friends home for a meal ?
Yes i do,i am not a party animal though but I love feasting with my friends!! what's the scariest thing you have seen or done in your life?
it was this recurring nightmare i had when i was a very small child, i used to wake up screaming, it was so freaky i couldnt breath, it was serious, but alls well now, but wooo it freaks me out still

Where is 'The Wold' on the Map of Middle-Earth???
I feel ashamed but really I do not knowSmile Smilie
Do you ever have a problem sleeping when its hot ?
The Wold is located in northeastern Rohan; it is the grassy upland plain lying between the Anduin and the Entwash.

Yes, I sleep much more bettah when the temperature is closer to 50’F (11’C) rather than above 80’F (27’C). The temp today, at 3 pm, is a very loverly 75’F (24’C) which means good sleeping tonight.

So, are you going fishing Sunday or are you going to watch the World Cup final game for the championship between France and Italy? (What happened to favored Brazil and Germany)?
Hi. I am going to watch the World Cup game. I think it is an especially interesting World cup because, as you said, Brazil and Germany are both out of the final round. I am excited to see who is going to win the cup!

when did the look of change? And why did it change? I have been gone for the last 2 years, and was a little shocked when I logged on again. Maybe whoever answers this post can tell me what went on in the last two years. (^-^)
well, first, welcome back! okay we had a massive re-vamp to the site, i think for the best, dear ole Grep has done a fine job, we needed a change of colour, and im glad we actually have a home page and with a marvelous picture of our dear creator of Arda on the front. Welcome back

Have you heard of Evanescence???
Unfortunately, yes

What's your favourite Iron Maiden album?
none of them....Boo

what is your favorite beverage? non-alcoholic please...for the chilluns
water. lol

whats your prefered type of music?
Baroque, Rococo, and early Classical (written from about 1600 to about 1810).

And yours Question Smilie
Jazz...and I like cultural music...stuff from China and Japan, some stuff from different from the 'norm' I love it! Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

have you ever gotten something stuck in between your tooth and gums which made the entire one side of your mouth swell up? what did you do about it!?
Rock mostly, an odd bit of Classical Guitar, hmmm with a bit of Violin Orc Smiling Smilie

What do you think of Nuclear Power???

edit: oopsy you beat me grrrr, Orc Grinning Smilie

i once got a piece of meat stuck there and it was agony i tried everything, then i slept on it and i woke up and it was rolling around my mouth, disgusting, but my mouth felt sooo much better

What do you think of Nuclear Power???
Nuclear Power is fine, except there is no free lunch! The cost of its waste disposal will probably result in it historically being considered the most inefficient source of power.

This might be different were we able to safely shoot all the waste into the Sun without any chance of the rocket exploding or crashing back to Earth resulting in the pollution of the atmosphere, the ground, and/or the oceans. The same holds true for the possible sinking of the waste into the bottom of the Marianas Trench, where it would eventually be ground into the Earth's mantle where it would be safe; however, getting it there could pollute the ocean.

Will we run out of petroleum oil in your lifetime?
I don't know...what is petroleum oil!? I'm assuming its some sort of fossil fuel, and I would not complain if we did run out of fossil fuels in my lifetime. I'm only 21, so it could happen. hopefully when it does happen we have already figured out a way to harness a fuel less intoxicating to our world and running out of fossil fuels will be a happy day for the world. getting rid of fossil fuels will bring a smile to my face for sure

Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

Have you ever been bitten by a bug or something and not noticed, then, a few days later, noticed the bite mark/wound and gone "what the heck is that?!?" not knowing what bit you or when!?
Yes I have,3 days ago and that particular bite was very painful, I had to put a special cream on it then and I hated it!!Have you ever woken up in the middle of the night after a nightmare trermbling from fear thinging that your dream was true?
Yes, once. At the time, I slept on a futon on the floor. Lying on my side, I could see all the way to the other end of the apartment (a worm's-eye view). I had dreampt that a creature was crab-walking it's way towards me at an unbelievable pace. It had rows and rows of pointed teeth, claws and an evil red light was in it's eyes. Typical of nightmares, I woke up right before it reached me.

Opening my eyes in the deep darkness of middle night, I saw a red glow coming from the far end of the apartment. I jumped out of bed and turned on the light. I didn't see any creature, and a quick check revealed the red glow to be the smoke alarm.

Have you ever gotten lost in the woods?
No,I never got lost but I would if the woods were not known to me because I go on holiday there every year.This forest is vast!!What's the weirdest food you ever tated?
Well, I remember one time at a church potluck supper, I sampled some luscious looking rasberry jello; it turned out to be tomato aspic, yuckers!!!

Do you spend more time listening to the radio or watching TV?
probably watching tv...I'm lazy, I know! Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

does your back hurt?
yeah...but i was sitting a rather abnormal position at the movies...and it didn't hurt til today.

Do you prefer coffee or tea?
Tea,especialy when it is hot!!What's the most recent movie you have seen?
Well..most recent in theaters....PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN DEAD MAN'S CHEST!!!!! most recent at home, The New World...staring Colin Ferrel. It was pretty good....its about was alright, I wouldn't recommend it...unless you like slow moving movies...about a story pretty much everyone knows!

Why are fish scaly?
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